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Leah Remini Takes Another [Muffled] Shot At Scientology On DWTS (AND SURVIVES!)

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars had a theme — contestants were asked to describe their most memorable year, and then turn that story into a dance, or something.

Anyway, during the week, Leah had revealed that this year was her most memorable, and we can imagine why — it’s been a big year for us, too, ever since we broke the news in July that Leah was ditching the Church of Scientology. “You can’t let anybody dictate to you how you should live,” Leah said in tonight’s preview, and so we prepared for another unloading on Tom Cruise’s weird church.

But she did so without actually using the word “Scientology.” And we think we know why.

Leah’s segment was introduced as her “celebration of independence.”


Her partner, pro dancer Tony Dovolani, asked her which was her most memorable or important year. “The most important year I would say is the last year,” Leah answered. “It has been hard. You’re raised in something, and you don’t even realize,” how little strength she had.

“You could be a victim or choose to do something about it. I chose to do something about it,” she said.

Well, we all know what she’s talking about. She got into the Church of Scientology as a child of six or seven, and her mother was an OT VIII auditor. In July, she left the church, bringing out her family with her.

“It’s always scary to make a major change in your life but you gotta do it,” she said. “I dedicate this to anyone who is going through change…to find your strength and find your own power.”

It was a strong statement, but she never actually used the word “Scientology” or explained what her big life change was — even though we all know what it was. During the dance itself, she acted out being a puppet that cuts its strings, a pretty explicit message of independence.


So why didn’t she go there? Our sources tell us that Leah’s professional advisers weren’t thrilled that Scientology came up in a previous episode of the show. We figure it must have been tough for Leah tonight to walk a tightrope between the changes in her life and her career advisers. And on top if it, she didn’t seem totally thrilled with her performance.


And…she’s through! Wow, listen to the boos in the ballroom — Christina Milian and her partner had received the first 10 score of the competition. But apparently she didn’t have the fan support to stay in.

Leah dances another week!


Posted by Tony Ortega on October 14, 2013 at 20:40

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