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LEAH REMINI BLOWBACK: Kirstie Alley Calls for Scientology Celeb Strategy Session

Kirstie_AlleyOn Monday morning, we broke the news that Leah Remini was leaving the Church of Scientology over David Miscavige’s “corrupt management” of the organization.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning that the New York Post picked up the news and made it catch fire with the rest of the media.

But well before the Post printed its story, celebrities in Scientology were scrambling to figure out how to deal with Remini’s departure.

In particular, we’re told, Kirstie Alley was livid at Remini.

On Wednesday morning, at 9:14 am, Alley took to Twitter with this statement:


Our sources tell us that Alley worked the phones that day, raising a stink with the personnel at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre — what were church officials going to do about Remini’s defection?

A meeting was called for Alley and other celebrities to get a briefing from church executives about what was going on and what they planned to do about it.

The meeting was held at the home of Melinda Brownstone — a longtime Scientologist.

At 3:26 pm, Alley tweeted…


…and a minute later followed that with…


(@minmin1008 is the Twitter address of Melinda Brownstone.)

We’re learning that Alley’s tweet was a well-aimed arrow at Remini.

Our sources tell us that Brownstone was one of Leah Remini’s first and best friends after Remini moved to Los Angeles at only 13 years of age.

(We reached Brownstone by telephone, but she told us, “You know what? I have nothing to say.”)

Brownstone is the godmother to Remini’s daughter, Sofia. Remini’s sister Shannon is married to Brownstone’s brother, who Melinda cut off ties with earlier.

For years, Brownstone worked for Remini, but then they parted ways in 2008 after a dispute. They haven’t spoken since, our sources say.

They also tell us that Kirstie Alley and Remini are not close.

When Remini was working to raise support recently for Hurricane Sandy relief in New York and reached out to Alley for help, we’re told Remini never got a return phone call.

It seems very significant then, that Alley, after calling for a briefing of celebrities, not only held that meeting in the home of Remini’s former best friend, but also tweeted her location publicly in what looks like a taunt.

Since the news of Remini’s departure from the church went wide on Thursday, our sources tell us that Leah has been inundated with media requests and an outpouring of support from fans.

But she’s also heard from friends in Scientology who tell her that they’ve been ordered to “disconnect” from her immediately. That campaign is being orchestrated by a church “ethics” employee at the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA) on behalf of the church’s Office of Special Affairs, Scientology’s intelligence division. The employee, Julian Swartz, is ordering people to cut off all ties with Remini. (In 2011, at his website, former top church official Marty Rathbun revealed documents in a previous OSA operation run by Swartz to disrupt relationships of a Scientologist who was targeted after she asked questions about fundraising and disconnection.) Our sources inside the church tell us that Swartz is calling people down for interrogations about their connections to Remini and what she has said about Miscavige.

We’re told that Remini is shocked that her former friends are complying with the instruction to cut her off rather than calling her to ask how she is, or even to discuss the concerns she has raised.

Remini is telling close friends that the church has designated her the condition of “Enemy.” In 1967, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard laid out how such a person should be treated by other Scientologists…

SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

Remini has been uninvited from at least one event that was coming in only days. Other friends have let it be known that they’ve been told that Remini is a liar and a “suppressive person,” and that she’s attached to a “squirrel group.”

(In Scientology, being declared an “SP” is something like being excommunicated — SPs are considered evil, and members in good standing must disconnect from them if they want to remain in the church. Scientologists who leave the church and continue to use L. Ron Hubbard’s processes are labeled “squirrels,” Scientology’s word for heretic.)

We’ve reached out to Remini’s publicist, hoping to get a comment from the actress. Our sources say that Remini is heartened by the overwhelming public support, but she’s also emotional and upset about longtime friends turning their backs on her.


Posted by Tony Ortega on July 14, 2013 at 16:45

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  • JonathanRoberts

    Please just as a thought consider using scientology, narconon, ABLE, etc spelled out instead of CO$ etc. By spelling out the terms it increases the odds Google’s Search engine will find them and populate searches increasing exposure. Just a thought people are free to do what they want I am not trying to be the thought police.

    • Bleuler

      It’s OK, I spoke to Google and Microsoft, they will make sure only links critical of Scientology comes up when the term i searched.

      • JonathanRoberts

        I did not write that only that objective search related terms will give the proper search engine results. I never used the word critical links as objective writing and results are more important.

        If scientology gave say $50 million to the poor of their estimated $1 billion dollar war chest that would be a positive result.

        • aquaclara

          Bleuler, I think, just made a funny joke about an earlier set of postings here. The Scientologists tried to influence the rankings and see only positive Scientology articles posted, not negative ones!

          I am trying to use the full word for for the cult. Tks for the tip. It is painful right now, though!

    • L. Wrong Hubturd

      Good idea. Thx.

  • Someone here gave me the most amazing advice for someone like me just starting out in trying to understand Scientology. The said it was a rabbit hole and suggested only entering if one has a lot of energy. Right of the bat it makes so much sense. It seems to be one contradiction after another, yet unlike other cults I have researched this one seems to be full of really smart people.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      A lot of very smart people got conned by one of the most massive international scams leeching out of from the Wall Street insiders in our long history. A lot of very smart people fall in love with the very kind of person their mothers warned them about since puberty. A lot of very smart people wake up addicted to something somehow. A lot of very smart people get caught in financial traps of varying depths.

      You don’t have to be smart to con most of the people, but to con for the longest runs with the greatest haul of ill gotten gains, you have to target a lot of very smart people.

      • Bob

        People are very trusting. It is human to trust and inhuman to betray that trust.

    • aquaclara

      It IS filled with many really smart, amazing people. It also happens that they bloom brilliantly when they are out of the cult, free to be themselves.

      • Bob

        Very well stated.

        • aquaclara

          Thank you. I hope you’ll be free to join us soon. You have a story waiting to be told. In the meantime, please stay safe. We do all worry about you.

  • Jgg2012

    What’s funny is how this is backfiring. Kirstie’s bursting has made Yahoo’s front page and doesn’t make her look good.

    • lukebandit

      I think its great. Hopefully, in time Kristie will be kicked out. And they will do her the same as they have done other members. I think it is strange that the “squirrel busters” did not terrorize Katie and Suri (which I am glad they didn’t) and Tom was allowed to see Suri. They make people that are considered suppressives have to cut all ties from family members that are still in Scientology. What if you have a woman who leaves with her children and wasn’t able to get her teenage son out. According to THEM, she would never see him again. Do you really think a billion year contract would hold up in court? lol what a joke. #WhereIsTheFBI #WhereIsShellyMiscavige

  • lukebandit

    With so many accusations of abuse, kidnapping, disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, why hasn’t the police, sheriffs office or the FBI not even go there and do something about it. The guy that was in the office when DM jumped on the table and attacked him and pounded him on the floor should of as soon as he could got away he should of went to the ER and had them call the police! They are super mad that Leah left because she was one of the big donors to their cult. And they are treating her so badly. Tony Ortega you keep up the good work!

  • Lark Smith

    Sorry still pissed- Lyingtologists if your self help religion benefits you- cool. However, if it benefits you at others expense, misery, and suffering then all bets are off. I hope Kirstie is prepared for the shit storm that awaits her. The wogs are not indoctrinated, we will not forget, we will not be handled, and as you try to communicate your true intent of your comments (lie), we will shake our heads in disgust. As I relate this story to friends and family they too will be horrified by the methods employed by The Church (cough) of Lyingtology and you personally Kirstie. Honestly, what was she thinking, this kind of freaky behavior reaffirms everything said about the Lyingtologist belief system being corrupt, dangerous, and manipulative. No one condones this type of bullying- really. Sorry, I got on a roll couldn’t stop myself. On a positive note this shitbomb she released gives people the correct impression of how Lyingtology treats others. Please join us- meet friends that want your money, loyalty, unquestioning obediance, monitor and limit your contact with others, blame you for illness or tragedy in your life, and then abuse and abandon you after you can’t take it anymore. Lyingtology it is the place to be.

  • Eric Jordan

    Kirstie Alley is rising up to the imaginary fire wall of damage that Leah Remini could cause if she decides to speak the public. I hope Remini makes the best decision for her health and her general well being, however I do believe she could make things happen if she spoke out. Once again it’s her decision though.

  • Michael Doyle

    Hey Kirstie, Twinkies are back on the market !

  • SP ‘Onage


  • Nevermore
  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    Tony Ortega’s Bunker gets more links and credit. Seeing these pictures of Kirsty Alley from this weekend, and reading her comments, all I could think of was “trading addictions”. She seems to still be addicted to food, scientology woowoo, to attention and fame. I see someone that probably needs to see a real AMA doctor/specialist for a number of possible conditions and most definitely psychiatric therapy wouldn’t hurt. Reminds me of Larry Wright’s title, the part about scientology being a Prison of Belief. I look at her facial expression and she does not look to me like a compassionate, humane free being or person of spiritual enlightenment, personal joy and happiness. She doesn’t look healthy in any sense of the word so I hope she can put her cell phone down long enough to take a moment and reflect on her own family and their future, like Leah Remini did, and Paul Haggis and Lisa Marie Presley and Katie Holmes. It’s never too late for a personal day of reckoning, but you won’t see the writing on the wall if you’re texting to the OSA bots all day long.

    • shasha40

      How can I pretend to get a life this way, the comments are blowing up still ! All the enturbulation ! Tiny dick, ya hear the clock?….Tick…Tock …

    • SP ‘Onage

      Meh…not at Radaronline they are monitoring the comments. Here is mine they didn’t post. Wrote it an hour ago.

      Give the nefarious cult some time, before you know it, they’ll be pressuring ABC to sack Leah from its sitcom Family Tools. That’s how they roll, they’ll try to destroy Leah’ s life. I’ve seen it happen time and time again to ex-scientologist who leave the church/cult and speak out against them.

      If you don’t believe me, go read Tony Ortega’s blog, The Underground Bunker. I guarantee you’ll be shocked at what you learn about scientology. Very informative and addictive!

    • Lark Smith

      You speak with the voice of reason and humanity. I guess I’m still shocked by this public attempt to taunt and intimidate an individual using social media by a religious organization. As a mere wog I don’t understand the open hostility Kirsty directed at Leah for choosing to pursue her religious beliefs outside of Scientology. I don’t understand the need to empower yourself through harming others. In my limited understanding of Scientology it appears to be focused on personal growth through self awareness. But the actual practice appears to be gaining power over others be it: financially, intellectually, spiritually, secrecy (gathering your info), or even physically. The more powerful you become the more you assert that power on others. The victims strive to become predators. Profoundly sad and disturbing. I doubt anyone can leave with a clean conscience, just another obstacle to overcome before leaving. What unbelievable mess. May those that leave find compassion and kindness in the wog world, I doubt they have had much where they were.

    • Shows LasVegas

      While I don’t agree with fat-shaming Kirstie (name-calling etc.), I do agree a thoughtful discussion on her weight issues as they pertain to the scientology woowoo is interesting and enlightening.

      • DanBizzle

        Dude, she’s fat as fuck. And its gross. Shaming? Yeah, she should be very ashamed. Goddamn heffer.

    • DeElizabethan

      Good photo’s and article. Seems the UK people comment much more nicely or hold back, than the US.

  • SP ‘Onage

    I’m in this for the long run, 2000 comments in support of Leah and The Bunker.

    Thanks again, Tony! Everyone is picking up this story.

    • DeElizabethan

      This is huge, right, still workin’. Nice train wreck.
      Kudos to you Tony, again.

  • Bradley Greenwood

    This “little” pig insists on staying in the house of straw…

    • Shows LasVegas

      fat-shaming detracts from the subject at hand. This woman has plenty of issues without bringing her appearance into it.

      • Bradley Greenwood

        Just call it “projection”… I am fatter than her. I needed a “pig” for the straw house analogy, and “OINK” there she was! I will say, at least, I don’t have “cankles”.

        • Shows LasVegas

          I did like the analogy.

          • DanBizzle

            I don’t know about analogy… but that girl is FAT.

      • JonathanRoberts

        The photo which shows an adult female with Extremely excessive adipose tissue deposits should be a lesson for all. Diet with exercise are sound life choices for male and female alike. Also it is astounding with an estimated $20-30 million dollar net-worth she has not had some work done.

        Also the look of the female specimen pictured seems to lack good hygienic skills as it looks as though no one has taken the time to pull a hair brush through her scalp. I am sure she has a PA who would happily comb her hair if she only asked.

        • Bradley Greenwood

          Good advice. I NEVER weighed more than 157 lbs (which made me feel “fat”) until I was 40. I have had various health disasters, including cancer, that GREATLY effected my mobility.

          I had to retire in June, at only 52 years old. It’s not like I was a longshoreman… I was a teacher…my whole adult life. I couldn’t even hack that anymore. Continuing to work was cheating the students.

          What I CAN/SHOULD do, is put heavy restrictions on what I eat… but Americans eat when bored. I also am convinced either cancer, or something else, will take me down early… so motivation is a big deal.

          What I am doing, in effect, is attacking MYSELF when I see other people who are fat that should be able to take care of it.

          • Only 3% of people who attempt to lose weight succeed in the long term, and to do so they have to treat food in a disordered way for the rest of their lives. You should not, in fact, put heavy restrictions on what you eat. That is incredibly unhealthy, no matter what weight you are.

            Please go here and read the archives:

      • Anonymookme

        I agree. Being porky is the least of her issues

      • April Walsh

        I agree (and am a plus-sized woman myself). I actually wanted to like Kirstie almost based on her having a struggle I face myself. It’s a shame she’s not a nicer person or she could be a good role model for women who struggle to fit H’wood standards.

        • Bradley Greenwood

          “Plus-Sized”? I guess if the euphemism helps you escape reality…

  • Leave Comments

    it is always very brave when someone breaks free from a cult. Especially this one, since they have no morals and are out to destroy the people who leave. It is so evil. I just do not understand how people fall for it. One of my former dear friends is deep into it and she does not talk to me anymore. Really sad and so creepy.

  • Bob

    In the picture of Kirstie, in her left hand should be pistol pointed at her foot, going off. Never have more celebrities made a fool of themselves trying to defend the church of Clamatology.

  • Spanky

    Maybe Scientology makes these women fat and unable to lose weight, both were very heavy when on their shows and involve in this “religion” we have Clinton and the IRS to blame for the resurgence of this as a not-for-profit religion…I think I will start a religion on the beliefs and teachings of Lucas, much more believable that L. Ron Hubbard…please a science fiction writer creates a religion and these idiots follow…they are bullies and morons but have been endowed with much money and are deeply entrenched in large cities…the DOJ needs to back off protecting this cult especially in the Middle District of California


    Kirstey appears to be fundamentally, profoundly insane. What a nut!


    “Brownstone is the godmother to Remini’s daughter, Sofia.”

    Don’t you mean “Xenumother?”

  • Lark Smith

    Ouch, not a good day for Kirsty. After her barely veiled comments about Leah she chose to apply her Knowingness to the Trayvon Martin case. Let’s just say her Knowingness and communication skills are extremely flawed. Check out her Facebook. She has absolutely no filter. This will end up an epic fail.

  • Nevermore

    Methinks someone’s had a word in Kirstie’s shell-like…

    Kirstie Alley ‏@kirstiealley4h

    thank U lying “news” outlets for thinking I have ESP & write tweets “BEFORE” events OCCUR.I accept that compliment. Ur “sources” don’t exist

  • Nevermore

    This was in reply to people asking her about her being unhappy at Leah leaving the Cult:
    Kirstie Alley ‏@kirstiealley4h
    lying news outlets. I do NOT care what religion ANYONE is or isn’t. I respect religions & would fight for your freedom as well as mine.

  • whingeybingey

    It was kind of you to use a flattering picture in the OP, Tony. I’m really unimpressed with Kirstie Alley, but I think that’s a very human gesture that does you credit. When she rants and raves and froths at the mouth about suppressives like Leah and yourself, I wonder if it ever occurs to her to consider the small things like that. Everybody else is having a field day with the fat pics but you featured one of her looking quite attractive. I wonder if she is capable of noticing such a manifestation of compassion from an avowed critic. Somehow I doubt it.

  • Nevermore

    More wisdom from Kirstie:

    Kirstie Alley ‏@kirstiealley4m

    It’s a NEW day!!! I get to make amends for the mistakes I’ve made & add to the good things I’ve created!! Busy day!! XXOO

  • princessavenger

    But Tom Cruise still hasn’t disconnected? What about his daughter’s fiance/boyfriend? Didn’t he leave Scientology?

    • Bella Legosi

      No her boyfriend just routed out of the Sea Org. They don’t like it when people leave SO, but he did and since he is dating the daughter of Big Being #2 I doubt he gets much shit said to his face about it.
      As for Tom……well he is Big Being #1’s best freind and also gets special treatment because of their totally non homosexual bromance.

  • tatoo

    Who are these people?

  • johncullison

    What exactly was Remini expecting? I can’t think of a single writing on the importance of friendship in Scientology, but I can think of plenty on what to do if someone publicly leaves Scientology.

  • dognut

    This is eye-popping stuff coming from an adult who’s enjoyed quite a bit of privilege in her life. Apparently Alley – and quite a few scientologists – never quite made it out of the third grade. Some childishly offensive, self-indulgent behavior on display. Twitter is not your friend, Ms. Alley. You might might want to remove the foot from your mouth and stop simultaneously taking aim at your other foot. Your tweets are most certainly earning your beloved organization no points in my book. Instead, they continue to keep me convinced that scientology needs to go the way of the dodo, and soon.

  • Michael

    It’s very tragic that anyone would get mixed up in this Cult! I understand that folks are vulnerable and do get mixed up; but I’ve been vulnerable in my past and would never let Common Sense go out the door when it comes to groups like Scientology. I’m not trying to put down or be negative for those who do get out of it: I am glad for them! I fully support anyone who Escapes such Oppressive groups like Scientology who are vultures when they see folks who are just looking for Answers in Life! Well, I am here to tell you folks: The Creator of the Universe: Jesus Christ wrote a book called the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God found in the Holy King James Holy Bible! The Answers are in there! To fully Understand God’s Word you must Rightly Divide it according to the Revelation given to the Apostle Paul in his 13 Epistles Romans to Philemon! While all the Bible is For us, not all of the Bible is Written Specifically to US!~ see on the web.
    Pray for these lost souls that they come to know the Truth: that Jesus Christ Died for your Sins, was Buried, and Rose Again the Third Day! Simply BELIEVE this to be True! It’s a Gift from God~ Just Accept it to be True, and the Gift of Salvation is YOURS!

  • kdlhouston

    Never much liked Ms. Remini’s abrasive ways but now I LOVE HER for standing up to this CULT of people. Whether you agree with me that it’s a cult or not is not important. What is important is that Ms. Remini lost much of her friends and some of her family to be true to herself. How many of you all could/would do the same?

  • Gary K

    The Church of Scientology is no “Church” at all but more a controlling organization that seeks to control every aspect about an individuals life and take it over. The response of Kristi Alley just indicates the desperation that Remini’s departure brings because it’s a serious threat if someone that large and popular leaves. Remini has good reason to worry about the missing leader’s wife that, as far as I know, still is missing and unheard from, who knows where she is or even if she’s around anymore.

  • paitwilliam
  • alaskadaisy

    Leah i admire your courage. Glad to see that you finally saw the true light of Scientology. its a pay as you go cult not a religion. They prey on children and the poor to do their manual labor and they get dumbass celebrities like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley to donate large amounts of money and encourage fundraising so they can make even more money and they hide behind the words “church” and “religion” to keep from paying taxes and get away with spying on and bulling the people they have basically brainwashed. No true religion would ever separate families or demean people for thinking for themselves. So good for you Leah! O and Kirstie Alley y dont you go eat another dozens donuts and shut THE FUCK UP you washed up has been of an actress.

  • Clarity

    I’ve always wondered why the celebrity defectors seem so shocked at losing friends and family to disconnection. Are the celebrities still under the delusion that disconnection is a lie? Or is it so rare that Leah has never seen disconnection happen to someone she knows, or that she’s never been asked to disconnect from someone? Or is it one of those things that you are aware happens to other people but you think it will never happen to you?

  • firemanjack

    None of those morons are friends//