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LEAKED AUDIO: David Miscavige Declares Scientology’s Golden Age at LRH Birthday Event

David Miscavige

David Miscavige

Another exclusive for the Underground Bunker: One of our tipsters dared to conceal an audio recording device while watching David Miscavige deliver the annual L. Ron Hubbard birthday event, which took place at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida on March 16.

This is one of Scientology’s biggest events of the year, and much of it involves presenting vignettes about the life of Hubbard to a large audience of church members wearing their finest.

Miscavige talked for hours about the church’s supposed advances in the past year as well as upcoming plans. The audio we received doesn’t sound great, but we’ve managed to transcribe it, giving us a brief slice of the three-hour event and an idea of what Miscavige revealed to pump up the troops.

In this first clip, Miscavige tortures the English language in order to give some sort of justification for why he’s raising so much money to open new churches — called “Ideal Orgs” — in cities that already have facilities. Opening so many unneeded new buildings is bringing Scientology to some kind of new plateau, he explains…

Here’s the transcript, which we put together with the aid of one current and one former church member, doing our best to decipher Miscavige’s odd delivery…


…meaning, a postulate for causative actions in Tone 40 creation of future realities when the eternal dreams come true.

When we rang in the new year, closing out the most epic year in history, I said that nothing you had thus far seen was but a shadow of what we were going to unveil in 2013. To be sure, whenever we pause to celebrate it’s really just a pit stop, at which point it’s full throttle, pedal to the metal, a flagrant disregard for MEST universe speed limits.

It begins with Ideal Orgs, and lest anyone forget, in this golden age, nothing is acceptable but ideal. With what you’ve seen tonight, not to mention Ideal Orgs in years past, you already have some reality on that. But let me give you a further reality adjustment.

If you think you’ve already grasped the full significance and importance of an Ideal Org, well the fact is that you can hardly imagine — no eval intended — just put that under the category of “not know.”

Because the point is, what’s already manifest in terms of public information centers and all introductory routes, not to mention ideal facilities… Well, the truth is what those facilities will soon present will blow you away. Or perhaps I should say, blow you fifty feet out of your head. And since this recent big push, where I know a lot is demanded from all of us, you, in terms of providing energy and wherewithal to lay down the eternal foundation of Scientology, we can be in terms of all else that comprises the LRH legacy to achieve the advancement of Scientologists up the Bridge, thus by extension in working together to in turn multiply dissemination in the (…) levels, commensurate with what is provided in planetary clearing, well, in light of all that, I should also tell you this. There is indeed a transitional make or break point, meaning a new plauteau which later makes possible something more.

Let me put it this way. No matter what I did promise regarding Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 — and believe me, I could promise a lot — the fact is that we had to get beyond the transitional main break with sufficient number of Ideal Orgs until we actually make that golden age a reality. And the truth is, we are now at that point…

Of course that doesn’t mean that we’ve got it all made. But it does mean we have sufficient numbers of ideal central organizations to launch a global training machine working all of the existing Ideal Orgs in exponentially increasing the rate of expansion for the creation of still more new Ideal Orgs, plus missions, plus field groups, not to mention every other sector of activity.

So yes, it’s all about to launch. No, by no means should you feel you are catching your breath. Tonight is something special — Padova, Cambridge, Pretoria — these are not cities that slip off the tongue as if we speak them every day. And yet that these now happened in those places, which means it can be done anywhere. To be certain, the next Ideal Orgs you will see are of both local significance, and as diverse as you can get. The first, in Portland, Oregon, that’s the center of our original religious freedom crusade, and that says it’s an Ideal Org significant to every Scientologist. For make no mistake, that is where we coalesced as a group and forged our winning tradition. You’ve heard enough about it, it was a situation of winning or else. And what says it all is simply this: here we are today and so we’ll be here forever. And more to the point, Portland, Oregon opens next month.

(Miscavige was referring to the three Ideal Orgs opened since the new year, in Padova, Italy; Cambridge, Ontario; and Pretoria, South Africa. When he talks about a religious freedom crusade in Portland, he’s referring to a concerted effort by church members to hold demonstrations in that city following a $39 million judgment against the church in a 1985 fraud lawsuit. Pressure applied by church members, including John Travolta and Chick Corea, appeared to work as the judge declared a mistrial after the jury award.)

We asked former church spokesman Mike Rinder to give us his thoughts on Miscavige’s speech.

This is such classic Shermanspeak [Miscavige’s speeches are written by Dan Sherman, the church’s official L. Ron Hubbard biographer]. It says absolutely nothing. I will shortly be doing a post on my blog that blows the BS about the “Ideal Orgs” to pieces. It is from a staff member currently in one of the Ideal Orgs that was one of the first ones. The place is a desert. Staff can’t afford to eat. They have less than a third the number of staff they had when they first “opened” as an “Ideal Org.”

The Golden Age of Tech II is going to be the release of the “New” Grades that have been delivered at Flag for nine years, but have been forbidden to be exported to other orgs. Tech staff from orgs around the world are being ordered to report to Flag on 20 April to be “trained.” Maybe he will try and “release” the “new” old Mark VIII e-meters that have been sitting in a warehouse for seven years and pretend this is a magnificent accomplishment for “standard tech” (so why not make it available when you had them built if they are so good to help people attain spiritual freedom?).

After pumping up the Ideal Org program, Miscavige later turned to what everyone was anticipating — the Super Power Building. Is it finally going to open? Well, here’s what Miscavige said about it.

We had a harder time transcribing some of this one, particularly near the end. But we didn’t hear anything more specific about an opening date than “just months away”…

Finally and also just months away, let’s not forget where we celebrate tonight. If it seems a long time coming, I have absolutely no doubt, in fact I guarantee it: you will say it was all worth the wait when the doors finally open to our new flag building. In fact…

In fact I’ll go one step further. When you finally walk through those doors to behold what lies within, you’ll say just occupying the space is case gain and going into session, and for that matter, maybe even an intensive.

And if you’re already waiting with bated breath in anticipation of all new LRH rundowns — Super Power, Cause Resurgence — yes, if that’s all you’re anticipating, then it’s once again a case of “not know.”

Because what’s going down behind the scenes is something that impacts every level of the Bridge. By way of just one example: if you could peek behind the doors and see our Class XII course room, you simply wouldn’t believe it. And it establishes a future beyond anything in our history, then go ahead and dub in what else you need to know …

Because that’s right, it means everything will be in place to bust open the very top of the bridge … afterwards

“Just months away”? That’s what he said last year, when he promised that Super Power would be open “before summer dawns.”

Well, that routine has worked for years and years, and judging from the reaction of the crowd, Miscavige may as well keep feeding them the same line.

(In the 1970s, L. Ron Hubbard came up with a series of “rundowns” — counseling processes — that he collectively called Super Power and intended to reinvigorate burned-out employees. Since the early 1990s, however, David Miscavige has promoted the idea of a massive new Super Power facility to energize followers on various parts of their spiritual training. Ground was broken for the new building in November 1998, and something like $50 million has been spent to complete it. However, top former church members — like Mike Rinder — say that as much as $200 million has been raised for the project as the Super Power building is used more as a cash-raising phantom than a real project that may actually open some day. We’re still the only ones to have brought you hundreds of renderings for the building’s interiors on all floors.)

We found it interesting to listen to the reaction by the crowd. Are these folks really this excited about the opportunity to give more donations, or is there a North Korea kind of thing going on, and it’s important to be seen cheering heartily in front of your peers? Give us your thoughts.



Last July, we broke the news that Karen de la Carriere had lost her son, Alexander Jentzsch, whose father was Scientology’s president and Karen’s former husband, Heber Jentzsch. Alex had died of a drug overdose, and the church prevented Karen from hearing about it or seeing his body because she had been excommunicated. Now, Karen is telling her own story in a video series professionally produced by church critic Angry Gay Pope. Give the first installment a look…




NPR has picked up a story that a Phoenix radio station first broke about a charter school that caters to underprivileged kids making use of materials supplied by Scientology’s education front group, Applied Scholastics.

It’s a somewhat puzzling story, because the school superintendent, Robert L. Duffy, claims not to be a Scientologist even though he is pushing the thoroughly debunked (and simply ineffective) Hubbard educational materials, which dumb down learning in order to promote Scientology concepts. Is Duffy really this clueless, or does he have some other agenda with the church?


SMERSH Madness: Sowing the Seeds of World Domination!

As we announced on March 1, we’re joining bracket fever with a tournament like no other. It’s up to you to decide who should be named the new SMERSH, the traditional nemesis of Scientology. Cast your vote for who’s doing more to propel the church down its long slide into oblivion!

Our third regional final, to determine the champion of the Diana bracket!


David Miscavige is the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, but don’t let that confuse you: Miscavige rules every corner of the Church of Scientology with absolute authority. He would say he’s just carrying on the wishes of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, but the large number of longtime members leaving the church these days tend to blame Miscavige for turning them away and putting the church into crisis. Some would say he’s driving it into the ground with extreme fundraising and harsh “ethics.” But what do we know. (Previously: Miscavige defeated Vance Woodward in the first round and Tory Christman in the Sweet Sixteen.) is an online forum for the Anonymous anti-Scientology program, Project Chanology. Wild and woolly, the site became less about the worldwide protests that started in 2008 and more about the research being done by scores of vigilant Internet sleuths. Like any forum, its cast of characters is always changing, but document releases seem to have been particularly good in recent months. (Previously: WWP defeated Anderson Cooper in the first round and Paul Haggis in the Sweet Sixteen.)

Go to our March 1 post for the latest tournament results.


Posted by Tony Ortega on March 27, 2013 at 07:00


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