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Stanley Clarke, Scientology celebrity

Current lifetime: Born June 30, 1951 in Philadelphia
Most famous for: A hugely influential career as jazz bassist
Joined Scientology: Brought into it by fellow musician Chick Corea in the 1970s
Fun Scientology completion: Clear, 1976

Stanley shattering suppression: “[The PTS/SP Course] was a real life-changer for me because I tended to invalidate myself. After I did that course and gained a complete understanding of education, I was able to move onto many other very meaty courses in Scientology.”

Says our Celebrity Centre source: “Stanley was out for a while. His first wife was antipathetic to Scientology, and so he drifted away for years. Return to Forever had its first reunion tour in 2008, and for Chick to make it work he needed to get Stanley solidly back on lines. He was successful and gradually Stanley eased back into Scientology. Now he’s a full on shill for the church.

“His musical career took off with his participation with Return To Forever in 1973, and he was definitely a Scientologist then. His album School Days (1976) established him firmly as a solo artist. In the 1980s he worked with other great musical talents, and was pretty much off Scientology lines. His growing film composer career kept him busy and away from the church. In my humble opinion, his creative peak as a bassist was in the 70s, his composer peak in the early 2000s. I saw a photo of him playing recently on Scientology’s cruise ship, the Freewinds, and he didn’t look like he was having fun. He looked miserable, in fact. I’m speculating that his career before reuniting with Chick had stalled, and he looks up to Chick as a mentor. So it wasn’t too hard for Chick to hold out Return to Forever as the carrot to get Stanley back in the church fold. And the result was him playing on the ship, wondering, what am I doing here with this cover band?”


August 16, 2018: Stanley Clarke turns out to be as deep into Scientology as we feared, all these years later


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