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Scientology ‘Ideal Org’: San Diego, California

1330 Fourth Ave.
San Diego CA 92101

Went Ideal: November 19, 2016
Miscavige quote: “If ever was a day when ‘California Dreaming’ assumed a whole new meaning it is now with the inauguration of this Ideal Church of Scientology. And if ever was a place predestined for this moment, then it’s your San Diego. So as we dedicate this Ideal Org, we do so in the name of our Founder and in honor of this city where he once lived. And thus, we pledge our commitment to employ his technology for life—broadly, unsparingly and indiscriminately for this ‘Finest City in America!'”

[Since 2003, Scientology leader David Miscavige has been on an ambitious quest to upgrade every one of Scientology’s “orgs” — its name for churches. One after another, orgs are being replaced by “Ideal Orgs” in what Miscavige claims represents an expansion of the church’s reach. Local members are under intense pressure to raise funds for the multimillion-dollar projects, but there’s no evidence that fancier facilities are bringing in new members. We’re maintaining pages for each Ideal Org, and we’re hoping you’ll help us keep up to date about these places by sending us information about them.]


Scientology’s caption: “Mr. David Miscavige with (left to right): Dr. Beatriz Villarreal, Education Advisor to the County of San Diego; Mr. John Redman, Director of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program (HIDTA); Ms. Estela De Los Rios, member of the National Steering Committee for Human Trafficking; and Colonel Bart Billings Ret., National Guard Medical Directorate.”

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