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Scientology ‘Ideal Org’: Milan, Italy

Viale Fulvio Testi 327
Milan 20162

Went Ideal: October 31, 2015

Miscavige quote: “I am supremely honored to join you on this day transcending all days before it. For if ever was a city destined as the seat of an Ideal Org, then this is your Milan. This city of age-old splendor and new-age vision. This city of lords and city of glory. This city, where energy pulses from her streets and creativity issues from her soul. This original ‘Ideal City.’ Indeed, today we celebrate as Ideal an Org as any. And thus an Org as the living embodiment of that LRH maxim: ‘The Sun never sets on Scientology.’ And so I dedicate this building to a future emblazoned with a Scientology renaissance—a renaissance of eternal life.”


Scientology’s caption: “MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, with (left to right): Mr. Fabio Bergomi, of the Executive Council for Volunteerism for the Metropolitan City of Milan; Mr. Gelek Yakar, President of the Mandala Center for the Cultural Preservation of Tibet; Mr. Gianfranco Tucci, Milan City Councilor; Mr. Carlo Proserpio, President of the Council of Trade Associations—North Milan; and Mr. Marcello Arena, Sports Activities Director of the Milan Municipal Police Force.”


Ideal Non Existence in Milan?

Our thanks to the Italian reader who sent us a letter from the Milan Ideal Org with this message…

After almost 50 years in existence, the Milano Org has just admitted that their condition is “non existence,” even though they are located in a regional area containing more than 11 million inhabitants.

I just read a recruiting letter from org which says: “We are preparing ourselves to confront a period of great expansion due to the biggest ‘non existence campaign’ ever accomplished in Italy. It will start a big flow of new public in our org, as the marketing campaign will make us known in all town. The team of staff members is now less then 300 and we have to arrive to 500. This will give us the possibility to deliver our tech to thousand of persons…”

Do not forget that Milano has 2 Ideal Orgs in the same building: Milano Day and Milano Foundation. This new building opened with the presence of David Miscavige a few years ago and 8,000 Scientologists came from all parts of Italy as well from Europe and a few from the States. (in reality they were not more than 2,000, according to local newspapers.) But after almost 50 years their stats are crashing…


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