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Scientology ‘Ideal Org’: London, England

146 Queen Victoria Street
London England EC4V 4BY

Went Ideal: October 22, 2006

Miscavige quote: “As every Londoner knows, just across the road stands St. Paul’s Cathedral where some 400 years ago John Donne declared: No man is an island unto himself, that every death diminishes us if we are involved in Mankind, so ‘never send to find for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.’ Which, as every Scientologist knows, is quoted in the famed L. Ron Hubbard chapter on responsibility in Advanced Procedure and Axioms. All this organization represents as a force for preserving and bettering lives—our gift of literacy to disadvantaged children, restoring self-respect to those who have gone astray, easing suffering, eradicating racial prejudice and repairing the bonds that bind men together. All that and more is about responsibility. It is about never sending to find for whom the bell tolls, because we know it tolls for us, and we know it because we are involved in Mankind. I want you to remember what LRH himself wrote in the wake of forming the first Scientology Organization in this city: ‘Our goal, with what we have, cannot be less than our knowledge demands.’ And so it is today. You have the full knowledge of his legacy in the Church that stands before you. I implore you to use that legacy to the hilt, and the next time you hear the bell tolling, it will be ringing out in celebration.”

[Since 2003, Scientology leader David Miscavige has been on an ambitious quest to upgrade every one of Scientology’s “orgs” — its name for churches. One after another, orgs are being replaced by “Ideal Orgs” in what Miscavige claims represents an expansion of the church’s reach. Local members are under intense pressure to raise funds for the multimillion-dollar projects, but there’s no evidence that fancier facilities are bringing in new members. We’re maintaining pages for each Ideal Org, and we’re hoping you’ll help us keep up to date about these places by sending us information about them.]


Scientology’s shills…

[Ian Luder, City of London Alderman]

[Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Ayaz, UN envoy]


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