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Scientology ‘Ideal Org’: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wibautstraat 112
Amsterdam 1091 GP

Went Ideal: October 28, 2017
Miscavige quote: “Before that ribbon falls, let’s take a moment to contemplate your place in Dutch history—not to mention mythology. For you are no longer sailing seaward and windward, and you’re no longer skirting headlands homeward. On the contrary, you’re outward bound on a course to eternity itself.”

[Since 2003, Scientology leader David Miscavige has been on an ambitious quest to upgrade every one of Scientology’s “orgs” — its name for churches. One after another, orgs are being replaced by “Ideal Orgs” in what Miscavige claims represents an expansion of the church’s reach. Local members are under intense pressure to raise funds for the multimillion-dollar projects, but there’s no evidence that fancier facilities are bringing in new members. We’re maintaining pages for each Ideal Org, and we’re hoping you’ll help us keep up to date about these places by sending us information about them.]


Scientology’s caption: “MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE with (left to right): Mr. Maarten Lubbers, Chairman, Together One Amsterdam; Ms. Sheela Vyas, Chairperson of the Women’s Council of Amsterdam; Ari Van Buuren, Chairman of the United Religions Initiative Netherlands; and Mr. Michael Van Gils, Former Senior Police Officer & Founder—Thalamo Orthomolecular Center.”

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