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Vance Woodward’s appeal fails as Scientology has the L.A. attorney on the hook for $90,000

 Vance Woodward is one of our favorites here at the Underground Bunker. We greatly enjoyed the book he wrote about his time in Scientology (now no longer for sale), and he helped us write one of our favorite series, as we blogged L. Ron Hubbard’s 1950 classic Dianetics from cover to []


Jefferson Hawkins provides Scientology a way to happiness that actually works

Jefferson Hawkins is a man who is very well known to our readership. We’re big fans of his terrific book about his experiences as a Scientologist, Counterfeit Dreams. We learn in that book how Jeff was Scientology’s top marketing expert, and was responsible for the famous “volcano” television commercials of the 1980s that helped the []