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After Scientology’s 9-11 fakery, a Sea Org slave makes his dicey run for freedom

[Bruce Hines at the time he was in the Sea Org, with his sister Lindy]

Over at the Daily Beast today we have a story looking back at Scientology’s reaction to the 9-11 attacks in New York for the 20th anniversary of that infamous day. In the story, we featured Bruce Hines, who was actually on []


Escaping for the second time: Cathy Mullins on forsaking Scientology’s Florida swamp

[Scientology’s Florida mecca]

I had been sucked back into Scientology after 30 years. As I said last time, I was a Ronbot through and []

How insidious is Scientology? Cathy Mullins on how she got sucked back in after escaping

[“I set up the tent every weekend…I had become the perfect Ronbot.”]

Last time, I mentioned that when my mother went off to Saint Hill in the mid-1960s, she left me the phone number of the Scientology org in Phoenix and I began taking courses there. But I left something out: I met the love of []

A Scientology escape saga, which includes serving L. Ron Hubbard a bad meal

 I read this website every day. For a while I even commented (nobs and nobs2). But I’m not particularly good at social interactions and may even have a bit of envy for the camaraderie, so I stopped. Now I’d like to tell a few []

My family followed Scientology from the start, and here’s how I managed to escape

[L. Ron Hubbard and his flagship]

Recently we heard from Pamela Williams, who told us she was working on a book about her life, titled “Clearly, Lies Are True.” She says that a part of her story involved Scientology, and she sent us the prologue. We told her we thought she had put together an interesting []