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Henning Heldt, 1945-2020: Scientology’s 1970s spymaster went to prison for L. Ron Hubbard

 The Underground Bunker has learned that 1970s Scientology spymaster Henning Heldt, the target of one of the largest raids in FBI history, died Sunday of cancer. He was []


When Scientology is caught spying, it always pretends it was the victim

[Scientology kids protesting the Snow White prosecution in 1978, Denver Post photo]

Yesterday, Chris Owen gave us a wonderful dive into Scientology’s history as an intelligence agency. We thought we’d follow up with a fun document today that helps illustrate what he’s talking []

Cops, soft porn, and psychiatry: The curious origin of Scientology’s Snow White Program

[Hubbard in his Queens hideout, 1973. Photo by Jim Dincalci]

Chris Owen once again dives into Scientology history and comes up with new evidence and new perspectives… []

New government docs show Scientology trying to snow the Justice Dept after Snow White

[Randy Levine and Lawrence Hoffheimer]

Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of researcher R.M. Seibert, we have more government documents about Scientology that have never seen the light of []

He was Scientology’s most famous spy, then he turned witness and vanished. Now, here he is.

[L. Ron Hubbard and his wife Mary Sue — undone by Snow White]

In 2014, while we were working on our book about Paulette Cooper, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, we got a fascinating []

A Scientology spy comes forward: Now he’s ready for ‘war’ with David Miscavige

[San Diego Police Lt. Skip Young, left, in 1976.]

 Skip Young’s involvement in the Church of Scientology’s notorious “Snow White Program” was only a footnote, but it was a memorable one. It was the summer of 1976, and Scientology’s chief Washington DC spy, Michael Meisner, was in hiding after he’d been discovered that June using a []