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Rizza Islam defiant as his trial on Medi-Cal fraud begins today

 It’s been more than seven years since we first broke the news at the Underground Bunker that several Scientologists were facing felony charges for an elaborate scheme to defraud California’s Medi-Cal health []


October showdowns: After years of delays, Scientology-related trials are looming

[Rizza Islam and Danny Masterson: Trials and tribulations]

Way back in 2015, we told you that a Compton, California family had been charged with Medi-Cal fraud for sending the state insurance program fake reports of treatment from a jackleg Scientology “Narconon” rehab working out of the notorious World Literacy []

Rizza Islam’s sisters plead no contest, leaving him last facing trial in Medi-Cal fraud case

[Rizza got a boost from ABC last year]

Nearly seven years ago — seven years! — we broke the news that several members of Scientologist Hanan Islam’s family had been charged with felonies. California state investigators alleged that the Islams had been ripping off the Medi-Cal program with the use of a jackleg Scientology Narconon drug []

What is it going to take for the LA Times to take the threat of Rizza Islam seriously?

[Rizza Islam gets the Alex Jones endorsement, August 3]

Alex Jones admitted that he was envious. On August 3, the guest on his Infowars program was Rizza Islam, who, we told you earlier, had been named one of the 12 biggest sources of online disinformation about []