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Valerie Haney facing new court hearing: why hasn’t Scientology ‘arbitration’ happened yet?

 On June 24, a hearing is scheduled before a new judge in the lawsuit filed three years ago by Valerie []


Ukrainian refugees might think twice about Scientology offering ‘help’

[Scheduled to perform: Ukrainian singer Maryna Odolska]

Ireland is such a strange animal in the Scientology universe. In the last Irish census, only 87 people — yes, 87, in a country of 5 million souls — identified themselves as Scientologists. But that hasn’t prevented church leader David Miscavige from spending tens of millions there in recent []

Scientology’s new hype video is off the charts, kids. Prepare to put the pedal to the metal!

 Let’s establish this from the beginning: Scientology has a lot of money, and it will never give up the idea that it’s the fastest growing, coolest religion on Earth (despite all evidence to the []

Brighton rocks! Joy Villa provides her version of some great days of Scientology outreach

 A few days ago we discussed a photo of Joy Villa that placed her in Brighton, England, working a Scientology “Stress Test” table and promoting Dianetics in that fair seaside []

Spend enough on Scientology, and you too can bend the universe to your will!

[It’s a steering wheel and an OT symbol. Clever!]

We know you, like us, can’t get enough of Scientology’s “OT Phenomena.” These are the ghost stories that Scientologists submit to Advance! magazine which prove that their promised Scientology super-powers have arrived with the secret (and very expensive) upper level “OT” auditing []

Recent controversies & financial crimes of Scientology: Katherine Olson interview, Part 2


Scientologist chiro gets 5 years probation for fraud after settling sex harassment suit

 In 2018 we first noted that Joseph ‘Ben’ Barton of South Carolina was a real piece of work. []

Joy Villa recruiting for Scientology in Brighton: The photographer’s tale

 In the last few days you might have seen a photograph of Joy Villa, purportedly at a Scientology table in Brighton, England. We were curious about it ourselves, and so we asked around and found the person who had snapped the []

Claim: Scientology is lying about who visited the most destruction on psychiatry in Russia

[Malchikova and her Freedom Medal, and Dorinskaya]

In 2011, the Church of Scientology celebrated two of its members in Russia for destroying the psychiatric profession’s long stranglehold on the mental health field in that []

Scientology will turn your town’s eyesore into a gleaming cathedral when it feels like it

 Recently I went through 20 or more of our old Toronto Scientology friends’ names and checked their Facebook pages to see what they were up to currently. It’s amazing how few mention Scientology at all on there. Paris Morphopolous of Clearwater One Stoppe Shoppe fame has a brother George who at least as of a []