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Let’s help out a couple of former Scientologists who could use your attention

[Ian Rafalko]

We’ve been pretty busy with the Danny Masterson trial over the last few weeks, but now that it’s on pause, we want to bring your attention to some other important []


Dr. Eric Berg gaming YouTube? Ian Rafalko with more revelations about his Scientologist dad

It was great to hear from Ian Rafalko again this week. If you remember, we were first blown away by his viral announcement on TikTok, explaining that he was the son of Dr. Eric Berg, the YouTube phenom with 8 million subscribers who dispenses a lot of diet []

YouTube king, chiropractor Eric Berg, sued for forcing Scientology on employee

[Eric Berg]

Chiropractor and OT 8 Scientologist Eric Berg, who has a YouTube following 5 million strong, was scheduled to be deposed this week in a lawsuit filed by a former employee who says that working for Berg meant being subjected to constant pressure to take Scientology courses.

Then, we got involved and apparently it caused everything []