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When it was revealed that Scientology has the DA’s documents in the Masterson trial

[Scientology attorney Vicki Podberesky and Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller]

We’re still stunned at what happened yesterday morning at the Danny Masterson retrial in Los Angeles, and we’re still working to find out what the implications are going to []


What in the world is Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon up to?

 We expect another full day of testimony at the Danny Masterson retrial in Los Angeles, and you can expect our reports to start hitting your inboxes at the usual times later []

Former London staffer tells his story: ‘Abuse is fundamental to Scientology’s very nature’

 You can’t leave the room until you’ve written down everything you’ve done wrong. “Have you ever masturbated?” I was asked. “Write down every instance you’ve done this in as much detail as you can: when, where, how many times. Did you watch porn? What type? How long for?”. These were my last few moments in []

What Marc Headley’s ‘Blown for Good’ says about Scientology ‘expert’ Hugh Martin Whitt

[Hugh Martin Whitt, Claire Headley’s stepfather, in a Scientology propaganda video]

After yesterday’s historic day, with Claire Headley testifying as an expert on Scientology for the prosecution in the Danny Masterson retrial, we went outside the courthouse and did our usual end-of-day video []

Judge Olmedo nixes defense claim that door was opened to Danny Masterson’s own report

[Philip Cohen and his client, Danny Masterson]

During yesterday’s full day of cross-examination endured by Jane Doe 1 at the Danny Masterson retrial in Los Angeles, we were reminded about defense attorney Philip Cohen’s idiosyncrasies that were on display throughout the first trial last []

Plaintiffs in Scientology trafficking case ask permission for appeal after getting derailed

 Attorneys for Valeska Paris and Gawain and Laura Baxter have made their first filing to Judge Thomas Barber’s court since the shocking and disappointing March 31 decision by the judge derailing their lawsuit and granting Scientology’s motions for []

Defense opened the door to hacking allegations in Danny Masterson retrial

[Was an email from Jane Doe 3 to Danny Masterson about his then-new wife Bijou Phillips hacked? Photo by @meghanncuniff]

First for you today we have a programming note: Today’s session of the Danny Masterson retrial will begin a bit later this morning, so the first report you may get from us will be at the []

Jane Doe 3: Scientology required a victim to get her attacker’s car washed

[Danny Masterson, happy that his car is clean?]

Even more Scientology content came in yesterday as direct examination of Jane Doe 3 was completed at the Danny Masterson retrial in Los Angeles, and there was one moment in particular we wanted to highlight before what we expect is going to be a full day of cross-examination []

DA led Jane Doe 3 through devastating testimony yesterday, today cross begins

[Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller and defense attorney Shawn Holley]

Jane Doe 3 once again provided devastating testimony about what it was like to be in a relationship with That ’70s Show actor Danny Masterson at his retrial in Los Angeles yesterday, describing in detail incidents of abuse and sexual assault. And what a difference it was []

Opening statement a big improvement for prosecution at Danny Masterson retrial

[Another great shot by Meghann Cuniff: L to r, Philip Cohen, Danny Masterson, Shawn Holley, Mackenzie Phillips, Bijou Phillips]

After opening statements yesterday at the Danny Masterson retrial, the journalists we talked to were pretty unanimous: They said that Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller had done a much better job presenting the government’s case this time than []