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VIDEO: Danny Masterson on the best way to make a move on a woman

 Last month, we brought you a couple of painful minutes from an appearance that accused rapist and Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson made on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show in []


Danny Masterson wants rape charges thrown out, citing our jury foreman interview

[Danny Masterson and his attorney Philip Cohen during the trial]

Ahead of Tuesday’s hearing in Los Angeles, Danny Masterson’s legal team has filed a motion to dismiss his rape charges based largely on what was said in an interview conducted with the jury foreman from the first trial, which ended with a hung jury on November []

VIDEO: If Danny Masterson had testified about ‘DJ Donkey Punch’

 We want to thank the reader who brought a 2012 video to our attention that we hadn’t seen before. We’ve taken an excerpt from it that we think you might find interesting, because it answers the question: What might Danny Masterson have answered if he’d testified in his trial and was asked about his notorious []

PODCAST: If Scientology expert Claire Headley had testified at the Danny Masterson trial

 We’re still going through the wreckage of the Danny Masterson Trial, which ended with a hung jury on November 30. And one thing that surprised us about the interview we did with Chris Shelton of the jury foreman, was the revelation that the jury had largely ignored the Scientology component of the []

PODCAST: Part 2 of Tricia Vessey on testifying as Jane Doe 4 in the Danny Masterson trial

 We’re continuing our conversation today with Jane Doe 4, the actress Tricia Vessey, who testified as a “past bad acts witness” at the Danny Masterson trial on November 9 and []

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: Jane Doe 4, actress Tricia Vessey, on testifying in Danny Masterson trial

[Tricia Vessey and Cillian Murphy in 2001’s On the Edge]

Yesterday, we brought you the first interview with a juror from the Danny Masterson trial. Today, we have the first interview with a Jane Doe witness since the case ended in a mistrial on November []

EXCLUSIVE: The Danny Masterson jury foreman speaks in first public interview

[Your proprietor and Chris Shelton, interviewing Earl]

On November 30, the jury in the Danny Masterson rape trial in Los Angeles informed Judge Charlaine Olmedo that it was hopelessly []

Scientology leader David Miscavige unloads epic rant about Leah Remini after mistrial

[Scientology leader David Miscavige and his nemesis, Leah Remini]

We want to thank the reader who brought something rather amazing to our attention that we had overlooked.

Immediately after a mistrial was declared Wednesday in the Danny Masterson trial in Los Angeles, a Scientology website posted a statement that has to be seen to be []

EXCLUSIVE: What the Danny Masterson jury didn’t hear — The Jane Doe 1 eyewitness

[Actor, singer, dancer, producer — and former Scientologist — Damian Perkins]

When the Danny Masterson trial began, both sides issued witness lists that we publicized on October 13. The list for the prosecution included 13 members of law enforcement, 22 civilians, and 1 expert.

Of those, the prosecution actually called 4 members of law enforcement, 9 civilians, []

After Danny Masterson mistrial: Transcript of the press conference and more reactions

[Philip Cohen with Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson after the mistrial was declared. Photo by Brian Melley/AP]

Once again, we want to thank the readers of the Underground Bunker, who have been so supportive during the eight weeks we were covering the Danny Masterson []