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The Axioms of Dianetics: L. Ron Hubbard’s science-y foundation of Scientology ‘tech’


Former Scientology ‘Sea Org’ executive Chris Shelton has been diving into L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” lately, making videos about basic Scientology ideas. In this piece for the Bunker, Chris helps us understand one of Scientology’s bedrock concepts — the []


Scientology TV wins a boatload of awards, and is the ‘fastest-growing TV network in history’!

With Leah Remini’s third season of “regular” Scientology and the Aftermath episodes coming to an end last night (we think there’s still more in the way of “special” episodes to come), we thought it was time to pay some attention to that other great television experiment going []

Thirty-three years later, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is still surfing the galaxy

 It’s a major date on the Scientology calendar today, even if the church itself doesn’t actually celebrate it. And you know, they really should. It was 33 years ago today that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard voluntarily left his hale and fit 74-year-old body in order to continue his upper-level OT researches without the burden []

Scientology sells miracles, and we can’t get enough of them

[Mr. Ed’s knockin’]

 As much as Scientology wants the public to think of it as a totally not weird self-help group that offers things like improved communication and business acumen, the reality is much stranger and, frankly, a lot more []

Kansas City: Don’t panic. Your skyline is screwed, but Scientology isn’t taking over.

 Ah, Kansas City. One of the best places we have ever lived, and one of the most underrated cities we’ve ever known. What a helluva []

Uh-oh. Someone trusted a whole bunch of money to a wealthy Scientologist.

[David Gentile, Founder and CEO of GPB Capital Holdings]

Jeffrey Augustine has an intriguing report about a Scientologist who appears to be heading for a big []

Tonight, Leah Remini makes it clear how much Scientology worships money above all else

[Carol Nyburg]

Is it already time for Leah Remini’s second episode of 2019? For some reason we’re still a little discombobulated after the holidays, and this episode came up on us awfully quick. Well, the tree is put away, the decorations are back in the boxes, and Leah is here to get us all enraged []

Leah Remini asks ‘Where is Shelly’ as the Church of Scientology turns 65!

[From tonight’s episode]

We have quite a two-fer today, campers. December 18 is an anniversary of some import, which we describe in our second item (and happy birthday, Church of Scientology!). But it’s also the day that Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is finally taking the story of Shelly Miscavige []

Finally, Scientology spells out its crazy ideas in a video you weren’t supposed to see

 On Thursday, we told you that an Underground Bunker reader in Greece revealed to us that an entire Michael Chan lecture had been uploaded by Scientology to YouTube. This was something we were very excited to get a look at, we explained, because Michael Chan is just about the only thing Scientology has in the []

Finally, L. Ron Hubbard’s first ‘Clear’ — Sonya Bianchi — found again after 68 years

 We’re sad to report that on December 5, Frank T. Hulswit died before we had a chance to talk with him. He was []