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In 1949, psychiatrists wouldn’t touch Dianetics — so L. Ron Hubbard invented one who would

[Author Alec Nevala-Lee and L. Ron Hubbard]

What an amazing treat we have for you today. To celebrate the publication of his book Astounding, author Alec Nevala-Lee is helping us bring to you a stunning document made public for the first time. We’ll let him describe it, and then we have it in its entirety in []


Scientology’s cruise ship the Freewinds: Why OT 8 needed to be delivered off-shore

 Jeffrey Augustine continues his look into the history of Scientology’s private cruise ship, the []

Dispatches from our far-flung correspondents agree: Scientology still sucks

[The Birmingham Ideal Org]

We were super fortunate to have reports come in this weekend from two of our great correspondents. In England, Graham updated us on the Birmingham org, and in California, Erin Hodges Plumb had another of her upstart adventures. We hope you enjoy them []

What a train wreck: The ignominious fate of Scientology’s original flagship, the ‘Apollo’

 Before continuing on with the history of Scientology’s current vessel, the Freewinds, Jeffrey Augustine has an interesting aside about its []

Scientology rewards the celeb who bolted when her co-star went rogue

 Our thanks to Nottrue for sending us the latest Celebrity magazine, which features Scientologist soap opera actress Michelle Stafford on the []

Scientology’s private cruise ship had a fitful history before becoming a floating cathedral

 Jeffrey Augustine dives into the background of Scientology’s private cruise ship the Motor Vessel Freewinds, which has quite a colorful history. Rod Keller has the week []

Some countries force Scientology to open the books: Here’s one report on how bad business is

Narconon Holland

Once again, the Netherlands gives us a rare opportunity to see inside the financial health of a Scientology entity, in this case the Narconon Holland drug rehab center. The Netherlands is one of only a few countries that force Scientology to open their books, and once again we have numbers man John P. Capitalist []

Scientology TV is the best thing to happen to television — says Scientology

 Our thanks again to Rasha, who sped the latest copy of International Scientology News to us. You’ll be thrilled to hear that this issue contains startling information about Scientology’s new television []

In Scientology, going Clear is like leasing a car, and David Miscavige is Repo Man

[“I take back Clear certs from dildos who don’t pay their bills.”]

Jeffrey Augustine was so excited about a software upgrade to his podcast, he immediately used it to interview Karen de la Carriere, his wife! And although Underground Bunker readers are pretty familiar with each of them, we think you’re going to get a lot []

Testimony by the World’s First Real Clear, part two: ‘Scientology is designed to entrap people’

[John McMaster]

Today we’re continuing to bring you highlights from a stunning new document found by historian Chris Owen, a 30-page affidavit by the “World’s first real Clear” — John McMaster. After our highlights, we’re posting the entire document in text and pdf []