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Testimony by the World’s First Real Clear, part two: ‘Scientology is designed to entrap people’

[John McMaster]

Today we’re continuing to bring you highlights from a stunning new document found by historian Chris Owen, a 30-page affidavit by the “World’s first real Clear” — John McMaster. After our highlights, we’re posting the entire document in text and pdf forms.


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EXCLUSIVE: The rise and fall of the ‘Pope of Scientology’ — in his own words

[John McMaster]

Historian Chris Owen just keeps coming up with gems. He notified us this week that he’d made a killer find digging through some British government files — a 30-page affidavit submitted by the “World’s First Real Clear” — John McMaster — for the defense to use in a 1977 libel lawsuit filed by […]

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First person: Four Scientologists have been shot, and you’re being sent to audit the pain away

[An arrest on a day of carnage at Scientology’s Portland Celebrity Centre, 1996. Photo by Maxine Bernstein]

Sunny Pereira’s experiences in Scientology continue to knock us out. Once again, she’s written up an incident that stunned us for what she’s been through. And we’ll say up front, we condemn in the strongest terms the despicable […]

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When rabid Scientologists got into a fistfight with US marshals to protect L. Ron Hubbard

[Lancaster Dodd’s Philly arrest in ‘The Master’]

After we got a fun new look at the early days of Dianetics through the never-before-published letters of Don Rogers recently, it motivated us to dive back into some similar documents that our fearless researcher, R.M. Seibert, located for us.

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Scientology’s founder in 1948: Dianetics was ‘unfrigidizing’ women into ‘nymphos’

[Hubbard in 1948]

A 1948 letter written by L. Ron Hubbard that Lawrence Wright quotes in his 2013 history of Scientology, Going Clear, is going on the auction block in New York on June 14, and it’s really fun to see it in its entirety on the Christie’s website.

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How much do the Don Rogers letters shake up early Dianetics history? Two experts weigh in.

  Over the last two days, we’ve seen some fascinating letters made public for the first time which were written by Donald H. Rogers, an eyewitness to the earliest days of Dianetics. Rogers wrote the letters in 1984-85 to Jon Atack, who was researching his book, A Piece of Blue Sky, and who generously […]

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Early witness Don Rogers on Hubbard and ‘prior lives’: ‘Nothing but a parlor hypnosis trick’

  Today we have the second and third letters sent in the mid-1980s by Don Rogers, an early witness to Dianetics, to author Jon Atack, who has generously allowed us to make them public for the first time. Please see historian Chris Owen’s introduction to these letters in yesterday’s first installment.

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Witness to Dianetics: For the first time, the letters of key Hubbard ally Donald H. Rogers

  Jon Atack has provided us a marvelous exclusive. He’s provided us with copies of letters he received from a man name Don Rogers in the mid-1980s. And we’ve asked historian Chris Owen to help us understand just how valuable these letters are and what’s in them, followed by the first of three Rogers […]

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Hana Whitfield’s book excerpt: L. Ron Hubbard’s amidships meltdown over ‘Xemu’ and OT 3

[Hana Whitfield, from her appearance in ‘Going Clear’]

We sure have a treat for you today. On Thursday, after we posted excerpts from L. Ron Hubbard’s most notorious lecture, his 1968 lesson about Xenu/Xemu and a 75 million-year-old genocide, we heard from someone who served with Hubbard at the time, Hana Whitfield! We hope you […]

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Scientology’s greatest lecture of all: It’s finally time we look closer at Xenu in all his glory

[L. Ron Hubbard, surrounded by the crew of the Apollo]

Over the last few months, we’ve made an occasional series out of bringing you Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in his own words. On its new television network, Scientology itself has a program it calls “L. Ron Hubbard: In His Own Voice,” but that’s the […]

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