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Monthly Archives

David Miscavige will be in Africa on New Year’s Day to mark an actual Scientology expansion

 Rod Keller has the scoop on David Miscavige’s first real expansion in three []


How to finance a Scientology church in a city without any Scientologists

[Current Adelaide org; Mike Rinder’s brother, Scientology donor Andrew Rinder and his wife Pat]

Rod Keller gives us a glimpse of Scientology fundraising happening on the other side of the []

Kirstie Alley calls on her fellow Scientologists to pounce on another disaster

 Rod Keller keeps his eye on Scientology front group operations, and he landed a doozie this []

Someone doesn’t want you to see this rich Scientologist act like a rich Scientologist

[Tom Cummins in Stuttgart with an admirer]

Rod Keller told us about some shenanigans aimed at his old website. We asked him to write it up, because we think you’re going to want to hear about the attack he fended off so []

Michigan Catholic couple appears to open a Scientology drug rehab without a permit

 Rod Keller digs in to a small mystery happening in Michigan…

In early October this sign appeared on a property in Birch Run, Michigan. Residents noticed; some began to Google “Narconon” and found it to be associated with Scientology. Township officials became concerned. They had received an application for an alcohol and drug rehab facility in []

Scientology is pulling out all the stops for its next gleaming Clearwater landmark

[The future L. Ron Hubbard Hall]

Rod Keller has a great report for us today on David Miscavige’s next precious object, the planned performance hall in Clearwater right next to the Super Power []

Scientology so desperate for Narconon patients, new offer drops all pretense of separation

[Narconon quackery: It’s continental!]

Rod Keller finds that Scientology’s Narconon scam can get, yes, even []

Scientology and hurricanes: Providing storms of comic relief in one disaster after another

[Volunteer Ministers pose with Sumter County deputy sheriff]

Rod Keller can’t get enough of Mirit Hendrickson and the hapless Scientology Volunteer Ministers, and neither can []

US Sheriffs, dead or alive — Scientology is happy to use them for self-promotion

 Rod Keller once again gets the drop on Scientology’s sneaky front []

Exploiting Tony Bourdain’s suicide or giving out weird massages, Scientology never rests

Rod Keller has a couple of different dispatches from correspondents for us this []