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Clare Bronfman tells judge she wants to stick with Mark Geragos

 Correspondent VillageDianne snapped the photo above of Nxivm defendant and Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, right, and her attorney Mark Geragos, left, as they left the Brooklyn courthouse yesterday. And she gave us her thoughts on how the hearing []


How Keith Raniere’s attorneys are pushing back against the new charges in the Nxivm case

[Keith Raniere and his attorney Marc Agnifilo]

The big news from yesterday’s court hearing was that three additional Nxivm defendants are negotiating plea deals, which, if it actually happens, would leave just Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman facing trial scheduled to begin April []

Times Union piece on Nancy Salzman’s fall from Nxivm ‘Prefect’ to guilty plea is devastating

[Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in happier times]

The Albany Times Union really uncorked a beauty today. Written by Brendan J. Lyons, it does a great job tracing Nancy Salzman’s involvement with Keith Raniere and Nxivm now that she’s pled guilty, the first of the Nxivm defendants to do so.

A few excerpts from the piece…

— For []

Nxivm prosecutors still skeptical that Mark Geragos and daughter can avoid conflicts

[Teny Geragos and her famous father Mark]

The other day we noted that one of Keith Raniere’s attorneys, Teny Geragos, had assured the court that there would be no conflict if her famous father, defense attorney Mark Geragos, represented Raniere’s co-defendant, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, in the upcoming Nxivm trial. []

What is Nxivm? The summary in this court document is actually pretty good

 We jumped right into things with this new blog, and the Nxivm story is moving fast as one defendant, Nancy Salzman, pleaded guilty on Wednesday and trial for the other five defendants is still scheduled for April []

Keith Raniere: What does the smartest man in the world sound like?

[Keith Raniere and Allison Mack]

We’re still just settling in here at our new blog that will be watching the Nxivm trial unfold in the coming months. Some of our readers are asking us what this Nxivm thing is all about, not having been caught up in the fascinating coverage that’s appeared in places like Vanity []

The new Nxivm superseding indictment is here — and this is what’s new in it

[Keith Raniere]

Nxivm watchers have been anticipating this for some time, and today the new superseding indictment landed and we have a copy. One of the biggest changes from the previous indictment is that Nancy Salzman has been removed as a defendant now that she’s pled guilty. []

Nxivm’s Scientology-like targeting of critics outlined as Nancy Salzman pleads guilty

[Nancy Salzman leaves court today. Photo by VillageDianne]

NEW: The new superseding indictment hit the court file the same day Nancy Salzman pled guilty, and we have it here.

Some additional very interesting documents have been unsealed in the Nxivm case even as one of its chief defendants, Nancy Salzman, pled guilty today in a Brooklyn court []

Press reactions to Nancy Salzman pleading guilty in Nxivm case

[Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman]

Hey, we just got off a long flight and saw that the Nxivm story blew up in a big way while we were in the []

Nxivm: Prosecutors provide some details of sex slavery in unsealed memo

[Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman]

In January, prosecutors filed a memo with the court in order to counter arguments by Nxivm defendants that their upcoming six-defendant criminal trial should be broken up into multiple []