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NXIVM: Keith Raniere objects to pandemic plan of being sentenced by video on June 23

[Judge Garaufis, Keith Raniere]

Former Nxivm sex slavery cult leader Keith Raniere was found guilty last June of crimes that could put him away in prison for the rest of his life, but numerous delays have put off his actual sentencing while he sits in jail in Brooklyn.

Two weeks ago, Judge Nicholas Garaufis delayed the sentencing again until June 23, but this time he said there would be no more delays. If the pandemic keeps them from holding the event in a courtroom, the sentencing would happen by video.

But now Raniere has objected, filing a letter saying that his rights would be violated if he could not be sentenced in a courtroom with his attorneys present.

“There are no legitimate reasons to proceed with a remote hearing and sentencing when Mr. Raniere cannot sufficiently consult with counsel. Indeed, proceeding via video in a case where the defendant will be sentenced to at least fifteen years is itself harming the interests of justice,” the letter states.

Submitted by Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, it argues that Raniere shouldn’t be sentenced until he gets better access to his attorneys, and then the sentencing should happen in court.


No word on whether Raniere would then wear a mask or not. We’ll see what the judge thinks about another objection.

Here’s the document:

Raniere: Sentencing Objection by Tony Ortega on Scribd

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