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Clare Bronfman, who funded Nxivm’s attacks on enemies, gets 6.75 years in prison

[Clare Bronfman during the trial]

Today Clare Bronfman was sentenced to 6.75 years in prison, which was more time than the prosecution was seeking. She was handcuffed in court and taken away.

I was unable to be in court today, but here are my thoughts on her sentence. Letters written to Judge Garaufis in Clare Bronfman’s favor paint a picture of an extremely hard worker, perhaps even a workaholic. Possibly her extreme dedication is an inherited trait from the family patriarch, Samuel Bronfman, who built his business into a powerful international conglomerate. Certainly Clare had the same ambition for NXIVM.

According to the FrankReport, high-ranking NXIVM member and reported current NXIVM leader Edgar Boone wrote to the judge, “I saw her working very hard. Once Clare made a commitment, I would see her work at it, day in and day out, until she would complete the project.”

Former Battlestar Galactica actress Nicki Clyne wrote, “I will explain why. Clare is one of the most hard-working and disciplined people I have ever met. As a showjumper, she worked tirelessly at her sport and put all of her mind, body and soul into being excellent. That meant doing everything from training to mucking stalls, and no type or amount of work was beneath her.”

Clare’s sister Sara Bronfman went even further, writing, “She lives a rather ascetic life – she would probably be well suited to being a nun.”


Clare’s dedication was clearly reflected in the victim statements in court today. Clare bankrolled expensive litigation against NXIVM members who defected, particularly if they spoke out. Some of them spoke in court today. According to the Daily News, Toni Natalie, former lover and business partner of Keith Raniere stated, “I was not scorched. I was incinerated.”

In her letter to Judge Garaufis ex-NXIVM member and Keith Raniire’s former girlfriend Barbara Bouchey stated:

Your Honor, this has been 20 years of having NXIVM in my life in a significant way. Most years were wrought with enormous abuse and devastating effects resulting in damages of $14 million as documented in my Declaration of Victim Losses submitted December 12 2019.

I am a victim of Clare, who has:

made false allegations bringing five civil lawsuits in two state against me·
had my Certified Financial Planning (CFP) Ethics Board perform a year-long investigation;
had me arrested under a false felony charge
made attempts with five government agencies to have me arrested under a false extortion demand
but got one filed in Mexico (still pending);
and dragged me into six litigations against detractors labeled a “hostile witness” accused of being the ‘ring- leader” conspiring with their adversaries and the media to destroy them.
NXIVM and Bronfmans each filed $10 million defamation claims

It is important to note that my CFP Ethics Board had a Tribunal Trial and closed their investigation ruling in my favor. All civil lawsuits were dismissed with no wrongdoing cited.

The criminal charge was dropped. This litigation lasted eight years costing me $700,000 to defend myself. At times, I was unable to afford an attorney, and represented myself in five litigations – which was a frightening, daunting task.

Letters to Judge Garaufis in Clare’s favor depict many acts of generosity toward her NXIVM friends. In one instance, NXIVM member Jim Del Negro stated that Clare paid for his plane ticket to come from California to Albany in order to play an important volleyball game. Del Negro does not state if this was game organized by Keith Raniere. But the reference to volleyball does not do Keith or Clare any favors. NXIVM watchers know that Keith’s late-night volleyball games were a chance for NXIVM members to meet with Keith, particularly young, attractive slender female members.

I believe Clare thought she was benefitting humanity, and following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather’s philanthropy. However, Clare doesn’t help her cause in her own letter to the judge by writing, “Many people, including most of my own family, believe I should disavow Keith and NXIVM, and that I have not is hard for them to understand or accept. However, for me, NXIVM and Keith greatly changed my life for the better.”

NXIVM loyalist Suneel K. Chakravorty wrote to Judge Garaufis, “I humbly request that you grant her the most lenient possible sentence so that she may use her considerable skills and resources for the betterment of others.”

That is just what I am afraid of. That is exactly what her victims fear. Bronfman supporter Edgar Boon stated that Clare would work day in and day out until she completed a project. Clare’s project for the betterment of humanity hurt many people. I hope, for the sake those hurt by Clare, that her future behavior follows more along the lines of what Sara Bronfman ended her letter with, “Clare has made errors in judgement, yet rather than blame the people or circumstances she misjudged, seeks to learn from and correct her mistakes. Furthermore, knowing her as I do, she will likely go on to dedicate the rest of her life to helping others not make the same mistakes she has.”

However, the longer than expected sentence implies that the judge was well aware of the danger of Clare being a free woman anytime soon. Clare, with her considerable financial resources, will probably appeal. But no doubt her victims are breathing a huge sigh of relief right now.

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