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Jon Atack puts us on the spot at the Toronto Scientology conference

This morning, Paulette Cooper and your proprietor will be on the hot seat at the Scientology conference in Toronto. Jon Atack has asked us to speak about Paulette’s legendary harassment by the Church of Scientology as a way to discuss the Guardian’s Office and the Office of Special Affairs — the spy wings of the []


LIVE-BLOGGING: The Toronto conference on Scientology kicks off and we’re on the scene

It’s day one of the Scientology studies conference that’s been organized in Toronto by Jon Atack, and we’ve already had a blast. Yesterday, we arrived and began hanging out with a stellar list of people who appear regularly in stories here at the Underground Bunker.

When, for example, do you expect to find Gerry Armstrong sitting []

‘Book ’em, Danno’: Just for fun, L. Ron Hubbard’s fingerprints, revealed!

Thanks to researcher R.M. Seibert and the MuckRock website, we’ve been receiving some pretty great original documents about L. Ron Hubbard and his family lately, some of which have never been seen in public or put online before.

Much of it is also very serious, and is having us rethink some of the historical record []

RFK Jr’s anti-vax activism hits lowest spot ever — with Scientology and the Nation of Islam

[RFK Jr. flanked Thursday night by Dr. Brian Hooker, left, and Rev. Tony Muhammad]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. insists that he’s “pro-vaccine,” but his actions and writings say otherwise. However, even we didn’t think the once respected public figure would sink this low — peddling his anti-vaccine message at a Scientology facility Thursday night in order []

LEAK: ‘Crappy stories’ about Scientology are driving more people to the church than ever!

Andres! It’s time to take your final bow! Today we have the last section of the lengthy, secretly-recorded briefing that Scientology Sea Org official Andres Rodriguez gave to a gathering of Scientologists at an org recently somewhere in the United []

Scientology’s slush fund: Jeffrey Augustine takes apart the fictions of the IAS

We’re privileged again to have another contribution from Jeffrey Augustine, who continues his deep dive into the underlying legal structures of the Church of Scientology. Today he looks at the fundraising arm of the movement, the IAS, that takes in so much money for the use of David Miscavige. How, exactly, does the IAS []

Another document trove on L. Ron Hubbard’s troubled son, Nibs, the Scientology flip-flopper

[Nibs and his grandson, Jamie DeWolf]

Last week, we told you we’d found yet more interesting and previously unseen documents about L. Ron Hubbard and his family in records that have been released lately by the FDA. Researcher R.M. Seibert has been doggedly pursuing the records with the help of the MuckRock website, prying out of []

O Canada! All eyes in the Scientology-watching world will be looking north next week

Hey, this really sneaked up on us. After a stop in Chicago on Saturday, we’re going to the great white north next week! Oh, Canada!

We just wanted to remind you that we’ll be crossing the border next week, and helping Jon Atack by participating in his swan song, a weeklong conference that should be a []

The Scientology spy who came in from the cold: Len Zinberg, who apologized to Paulette Cooper

One of the things that made The Unbreakable Miss Lovely more than Paulette Cooper’s account of her years being harassed by Scientology were some of the other people who provided their own narratives of those events. And none of them provided quite so much impact as Len Zinberg. []

Good morning, New York! Paulette Cooper is dishing on Scientology in the Big Apple today

On Wednesday, Paulette Cooper and your proprietor sat down with local New York TV legend Marvin Scott to record a show about our book that will be running this morning on WPIX []