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‘Going Clear’: Mike Rinder helps us understand a Scientology document that will creep you out

We have another screenshot from Alex Gibney’s new documentary as we count down the days until Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief airs on HBO Sunday at 8 pm. This time, we’re featuring former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder.

We’ve written extensively about Rinder in the past. We continue to get a steady stream of emails and comments about a series of video interviews we did with him in 2012 at his home in Florida. That piece contains a substantial amount about Rinder’s background and early years in Scientology, including his time on the yacht Apollo with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

If you want to catch up on Rinder’s role in Scientology, please read that piece. Today, however, we have something really amazing that we have been waiting a considerable time to spring on you. It’s a document we obtained some time ago that is as strange as it is rare — it’s a memo written by Scientology leader David Miscavige himself.

Our longtime readers know that we have heard plenty of Miscavige’s words during his interminably long stage extravaganzas at Scientology annual events. But written down communications? It’s not common to see a document written out by Miscavige himself. We often suspect that the letters written to HBO or Vanity Fair or other publications that go out under the name “Karin Pouw” have actually been drafted or heavily edited by Miscavige. But an internal letter that reveals how Miscavige thinks? This is a rare treat.

The letter was written in 2007, and it indicates that it was copied to Mike Rinder. We showed the document to Rinder recently, and he confirmed its authenticity. It was a letter written by Miscavige and copied to him, he says.

It’s a really strange document, filled with allusions and references to past events, and so we’re going to give it to you a few lines at a time, and we hope it gives you some idea of what it’s like to work for Scientology’s head honcho.

May 31, 2007

cc: MR


Dear Bob,

Thank you very much for your report.

Rinder explains that a Sea Org executive named Bob Keenan (“BK”) had sent Miscavige a daily report on May 30, and in this message, Miscavige is responding. He’s “cc’d” to Mike Rinder (“MR”), who was in London at the time, having come out of The Hole in Hemet to help handle BBC reporter John Sweeney. Sweeney had completed the first of two documentaries about the organization, “Scientology and Me,” which had aired on May 14. Rinder had been helping to surveil Sweeney while he was filming, and the church had also filed an official complaint about the documentary with Ofcom, the Office of Communications, a sort of government ombudsman for UK media. Scientology had also produced its own response video, which focused on the way Sweeney had exploded at Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis during filming.

Glad to hear the Ofcom complaint is complete and I look forward to seeing it after it is fully reviewed.

I’ll try to make it by to see that DVD as well.

Here, Miscavige reveals to Keenan that he hasn’t seen the response video yet himself, but he’s hoping for a good result from Ofcom after the church complained about Sweeney’s behavior.

What I’ve been trying to do is get the rest of the ACCs done (so I’m done all materials on the entire Guide Chart — a single-hand, meaning, the likes of that vampire that is occupying England who never was involved in a single ounce of it — sort of a good thing because who would ever want that on their whole track!). I’m continuing to get together the Maiden Voyage OT Summit events which will be held at Flag and I am doing all of the events.

Miscavige now explains what he’s been up to, which is to finish work on Scientology’s big new reveal that year, the “Basics,” of which the Advanced Clinical Courses (ACCs) was a part. Scientology relies on the written works of L. Ron Hubbard, who died in 1986, and Miscavige can’t technically come out with new material on his own. But several years earlier, he had a brainstorm. He had all of Hubbard’s early works re-edited and redesigned, claiming that there had been “transcription errors” which made the books hard to read. Removing thousands of semicolons, for example, was one of Miscavige’s bragging points. Rinder has told us previously that he was enlisted in this effort, working around the clock to help edit what would be put into the $3,000 package of books and lectures that every Scientologist was expected to purchase in multiple quantities. But here, Miscavige is complaining that ultimately, he had to do everything himself to get things done, and he’s denying that Rinder, “that vampire,” had ever been involved. And a good thing, he adds, because Rinder would have just messed things up, resulting in Scientologists then relying on faulty materials that could affect them through eternity (their “whole track”). Here’s our first sense that Miscavige is writing this letter and copying it to Rinder as a way to let him know that Miscavige considers him a traitor, and lets him know it not by addressing him directly, but in a very passive-aggressive way.

New initiatives would normally be revealed first to the wealthy donors who attend the summer “Maiden Voyage” celebration on Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds, but because the Basics was such a huge collection of materials that had taken a couple of years to produce, Miscavige held Maiden Voyage that year, 2007, at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida — the town known as “Flag” to Scientology.

As for your comm on what happened, I don’t doubt for a second you wouldn’t have engaged in these things.

Rinder says he can’t remember what this response to Bob Keenan might have referred to.

When the Ofcom complaint is completed, how long do you think it will take for you to get MR on a plane to the furthest outreach of Western Australia? I’m not that unkind. I’m willing to give him 10 quid. He thinks I’ve been joking the whole time. What he doesn’t know (and I want you to know) is that I know exactly what he’s been up to for the last month and a half with his fellow workers in the ethics zone. You sent a message a few weeks ago on a place. It seemed about right. If he can’t earn a living on whatever job he gets, he can always sell his body. I could care less. You see, I really do know what he’s been up to. And, when you find out, you’re going to know what a 1.1 is to the extreme.

Here Miscavige continues to complain that Rinder has been betraying him — what Miscavige accused all of the executives he had imprisoned in The Hole — and explains to Keenan that Rinder only thinks he’s joking about sending him to some far-flung location like Western Australia. This is a reference to a strange incident that gets good play in Gibney’s film, the “Bohemian Rhapsody” game of musical chairs at The Hole, which had executives fighting for chairs so they could remain in the prison and not be shipped off to remote Scientology locations. In the film, Rinder explains that once the game was over, Miscavige didn’t send anyone anywhere — it was apparently just a psychological game intended to break down the inhabitants of The Hole like everything else. But here, Miscavige is saying he’s going to show Rinder that he wasn’t joking, and soon, after the Ofcom complaint is resolved, Rinder will be on a plane to some remote location and dumped to fend for himself. Once he’s there, Miscavige says Rinder can “sell his body,” if he needs to, and Rinder’s “covert hostility” (1.1 on the Scientology Tone Scale) will be revealed. He also seems to indicate that Keenan had already suggested some desolate place where Rinder might be dumped.

In the last few weeks, it has not been nice. Do you know that pimple you saw? Well, I popped it. We’re talking two guys buying X-rated movies and masturbating simultaneously in the same room with one being the husband and one being the wife, going through Dean and Deluca (a gourmet mail order catalog) catalogs as husband and wife and the bald-headed guy buying the other one cheese as a favor.

Rinder tells us that the “pimple” Miscavige is referring to here is The Hole, and specifically, two inhabitants of it who were constantly coming in for abuse, Sea Org executives Marc Yager and Guillaume Lesevre. Multiple people who were prisoners in the Hole tell us that Miscavige, for some reason, took particular delight in accusing Yager and Lesevre of being a homosexual couple (which wasn’t true, our witnesses say). Miscavige would refer to the balding Yager as “Cue Ball,” and the aging Frenchman Lesevre as “Cheese-Eater.” Miscavige was obsessed with outing Yager and Lesevre as gay, we’re told, and here he imagines them inhabiting male and female roles in their “relationship.”

We’re talking about the guy who was on the finance lines and refused to get you the finance issues, waiting for R to come back so he can be permanently appointed for the rest of the universe as the International Finance Dictator.

Here Miscavige is referring to another Sea Org executive in The Hole, Wendell Reynolds, who held the position of International Finance Director. Reynolds told Amy Scobee that he wasn’t interested in escaping from The Hole because no matter how bad it got, he had to stick it out until L. Ron Hubbard returned. Miscavige appears to know this, and belittles Reynolds for waiting for Ron (“R”) to show up and make Reynolds International Finance Dictator.

We’re talking about me finding out exactly what Mike was doing in 1982. We’re talking about Marc’s op. We’re talking about me knowing exactly what MR has been doing on his sympathizing for all the SPs who got nothing done.

More Miscavige griping about what a traitor Rinder and Yager are, and how Rinder’s problem is that he has sympathy for the other executives in The Hole, who are “SPs,” suppressive persons — Scientology jargon for evil people who must be expelled from the organization.

Right now you are living with a snake. The thing between me and you, buddy, is you don’t need to tell me all this other stuff. I know you know. And you know I know. And what he doesn’t know is we both know.

The really remarkable thing about Miscavige’s conspiratorial tone here is that he’s copied this to Rinder just to reinforce that he’s no longer in the “we both know” club.


This is excellent.

Miscavige is apparently happy with some feedback Keenan gave on the response video.


Looking forward to getting the final complaint.

Looking forward to working together and starting the next frontier. Man, wait until you see what I’ve got coming. And it’s going to keep coming and coming and coming and coming and coming. Do we really want this decadent crap around us who wanted to do everything to make sure it never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever would come? (And who, despite it all, couldn’t accomplish that?)

This is classic Miscavige. He’s about to reveal a $3,000 package of materials he wants every Scientologist to buy, but he’s already thinking of other initiatives that he’s going to throw at the membership. (And he did, everything from Super Power to GAT II to the constant pressure of the Ideal Org program.) But as always, he’s sure that his own lieutenants are incompetent and want to hold him back, or worse, are secretly working to sabotage him.

If you think I’m giving you free reign, well, interpret it as you wish…. Cheers mate.

Much love

In signing off with the usual Sea Org salutation, “much love,” Miscavige gives Keenan “free reign” to handle Rinder how he sees fit. Rinder tells us the message was very clear, and he didn’t wait around to find out what Miscavige and Keenan would cook up for him. A few days after he received this letter, he tells us, he made his escape, walking away from his post in London and wandering until he reached a train station. He’s never been tempted to go back.

UPDATE: Jefferson Hawkins put a comment on this story that we wanted everyone to see. So we’re adding it here…

If Scientologists had any clue what David Miscavige is really like, they would run for the nearest exit. This letter is just one small example of the crap he spews out constantly. We had to carefully preserve every one of his memos in large binders, and study them, “word clear” them, and so forth. Having to try to make sense of his rambling, illiterate, contradictory instructions was torture in itself. And it all had the same tone: I have to do everything, I am the only one doing anything, I am surrounded by Suppressives who are trying to sabotage everything I do. And the constant stream of sick sexual fantasies about what he imagined other people were doing.

Miscavige hates and despises everyone. He is paranoid to the extreme. Everyone is out to get him. That’s why he removed every major executive and put them in the Hole. They were all SPs. If he seems to favor someone, it is only so he has an audience to spew his venom to. But eventually he turns on anyone, and there is no more dangerous position than to be Miscavige’s temporary “friend” and confidante, as Keenan is in this example. He will inevitably turn on you.

I know people who spent years trying to get on Miscavige’s “good side,” only to realize that he doesn’t have one.


Bonus photos from our tipsters

Actual caption: “Please welcome to post our new staff member at Seattle Day Org, Class V Graduate Auditor Kenny Gagon!!! Kenny, who is currently on New OT VII, is on post now as an HGC Auditor in the Seattle Day HGC and is available to audit you, your family and/or your selectees all the way to Clear. Kenny has had a long and successful career as an Auditor to this point and with Golden Age of Tech II can take you up the Bridge faster and smoother than ever.”


Youth for Human Rights doing…something…in Querétaro, Mexico.


Scientologists are using social media more than ever. Drop us a line if you spot them posting images to Instagram or Facebook!


Posted by Tony Ortega on March 23, 2015 at 07:00

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      What can one do.

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      According to The Sun, Kirstie and Keith are among the latest famous faces volunteering to grub up for the series, which will see the contestant who copes the best crowned Ultimate Time Crasher.

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    It’s 10:15pm Eastern Time, there is someone on talking about Scientology and Going Clear.

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      Saw the Hayes interview. Another great bunch of info, but now I notice Gibney rushing like CRAZY to hit all the important points and cram everything in! There really is so much insanity to shove into a two hour movie, never mind a 10 minute interview.

      • aurora50

        Thought Tony managed his hour on radio tonight (recorded earlier) brilliantly! Covered so much, balancing his audiences so well; new stories for the old faithful and good coverage of the sweep of underlying history of the whole thing for those just learning about the CoS!

        (Is there some kind of Radio Emmy we can put him up for?)

  • Sergeant Pepper

    Talking about the Lisa McPherson case and how the introspection rundown probably killed her, Tony mentions Lawrence Wright’s observation that L Ron Hubbard’s ideas about the human mind and how to treat mental illness amount to medical folk art. That’s perfect.

  • Snake Plissken

    I never pictured Hubbard and Parsons with wizard hats on while doing their silly Crowley rituals until listening to Tony just now, the thought of it in their goofy costumes and birthday party hats has me laughing out loud, even more so than Hubbard in his Sea Org costume.

    • TonyOrtega

      That’s what Nieson Himmel said he saw when he was Hubbard’s roommate in 1945-46. I thought it was a fun detail.

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        Thnx Hole! It was very taxing but once the pics were done it really came to life. I’m too tired to post all pics now, just got done putting it on fb. Susan Meister, Bilge tanks, chain locker, peanut race, Kali ceremony, Mission into Time, student course room, LRH cabin and more are posted there! I’ll put more here tomorrow

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      It kind of looks like Noah’s Ark, now that I think about it Hubbard’s Sea Project was kind of like a Scientology version of Noah’s Ark, except going to sea didn’t seem to solve Hubbard’s troubles, they were still waiting for him when he got back to shore.

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      ((((((((((((((big Hugs)))))))))))))))) Job well done!

      • flyonthewall

        It really came to life with the pics, it surprised even me! Think of what I could do if I had a real space to work with, controlled lighting and a camera! This is all natural light and a smart phone. Thanks for the insightful compliment. I thought it would be good to release a few scenes here everyday until GC airs.

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      Impressive!! Beautifully detailed.

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  • what’suppressive

    As a proud Western Australian(sandgroper) it fills me with joy that Miscavige thinks it’s Scientology’s Timbuktu. It means this is probably the last place he’ll show his rat face.
    The “Cheers mate” bit is surely directed at Rinder as well. Yeah the English say it but not like we do. Miscavige probably picked it up up from Rinder. And Keenan might not himself see being sent to W.A as that bad a thing. Perth has the highest rate of English immigration anywhere in the world.
    They”re everywhere and we love ’em. But then again that’s in the Wog world.

  • MaxSpaceman

    Boffo interview of Tony O on WBAI. Catch it if you can. Web links downthread. 🙂

  • Snake Plissken

    That was a really good interview, I’m really looking forward to the book

  • Mymy88

    Wow that was awesome. I learned some things too. Congratulations to Tony Ortega for an exceptionally well done interview!

  • beauty for ashes

    That was a hell of an entertaining and educational interview. I laughed out loud many times. Especially Hubbard being *the scribe* during the sex magick rituals. What was he writing?!
    Such a great storyteller Tony!

    • TonyOrtega

      According to Larry’s book, Ron was vigorously manipulating his “pen” so that its fluid would be applied to a piece of parchment.

      • Sherbet

        Laughing, laughing.

      • Snake Plissken

        I just threw up in my mouth a little.

      • Illinoisian

        At least he didn’t have to roll it into a typewriter . . . the parchment, I mean the parchment.

      • Eileen


      • beauty for ashes

        Oh no! I’m sorry I asked, but can’t stop laughing!!! Poor Tony, you have way too much L Ron information in your brain!

        • Sherbet

          I’m wondering if, while describing the sex acts being performed, he added in his trademark “and so on and so forth” and “you see” and “things of that nature” — and all the other cliches he used frequently.

          • beauty for ashes

            This brings up an important point, if you get dragon, you have to show us what it types out when someone makes you laugh as I just did. …I can’t even Sherb!!!

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        Message received.

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            Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!

          • EnthralledObserver

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            • Free Minds, Free Hearts

              No we do NOT need a picture!

            • EnthralledObserver

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      • Anonymous Confused Person

        Oh, Tony, YUCK!

        That image will linger. : (

      • Free Minds, Free Hearts

        Tony I just downvoted you. That is disgusting. Ew. Please make the image stop!

  • stillgrace2

    Wow. I am so glad I caught that radio show. True serendipity … I just pulled up the bunker for the first time in 12 hours and the show was starting in three minutes. Covered more topics than I was expecting.

    • beauty for ashes

      maybe some latent OT powerz? 🙂

      • stillgrace2

        maybe … I think I was drawn here because I miss hanging out during the day.

  • Mat Pesch

    It sounds like beating, torturing and imprisoning people was starting to lose its satisfaction for Miscavige. He was actually manipulating Keenan to go a step further. To send Mike to the far reaches of Australia with no money where he could easily die and never be heard from again. A potential covert act of murder. Mike escaped. There could easily be others that didn’t. Who would know? Their families would just think they “disconnected”.

    • Mymy88

      Jesus that’s bone chilling!

      • Dale A.

        My thought exactly.

    • Panopea Abrupta

      C’mon, Mat.
      Perth ain’t that bad.
      Beats the Hole.
      And having to put up with that asshole.

      And you get 10 quid.
      How much Fosters d’ ya need, mate?

    • Toni m

      How different is the life of Mr Rinder compare with the one dm had in his sociopath mind for him. Now he is happily married, two beautiful kids, a women that is by his side in this fight against the abuses of dm. He is in the company of Oscar and Pulitzer winners, more important he is out of the “Prison of Belief”. Not only him many ex are living a decent happy life too.
      Are you inside and thinking of coming out? Just do it, things are getting worse, you are not alone. Maybe your family have doubts as you do.

      • PoisonIvyHerself

        Mike is actually REALLY running with the Big Dogs in the Tall Grass! Mike too! And I’m sure little the Demented Mephistopheles has not missed this detail and is BURNING green with toxic envy.

    • Toni m

      Your beautiful wife’s book was the first I read about the abuses of dm/scio.

    • EnthralledObserver

      Has there been a point in time where a wog family member would say/has said… ‘you know, Angela would be 120 years old today… maybe we should get the police to investigate what really happened to her’?

      • Sarah James

        I’ve got one. My grandmother died at age 98, and my mother died at age 84. Which one practiced dianetics/scientology? You guessed it.

    • The “far reaches of Australia” sound a lot better than within the grasp of Miscavige.

      • EnthralledObserver

        You haven’t watched ‘Wolf Creek’ have you?!

        • Sounds like Deliverance: Western Down Under.

    • Anonymous Confused Person

      As if Australia is a bad place to be. One, it’s wonderful. Two, it’s next to New Zealand. Three, it’s on the other side of the planet from Miscavige. What’s not to love?

  • Mymy88


    • Todd Tomorrow

      This music always reminds me of the above video.

      • Mymy88

        Benny Hill lol.

      • Mymy88

        I sent this to you from an old post due to it has a little bit of personal info. I plan on deleting it after you see it.

        my God! I would have so much loved to see that Air France roar back up.
        Oooo! Yes! I grew up 1.5 miles from the Detroit Metro airport.
        Sometimes the planes coming in would fly really low over our house. Oh
        man, that was so exciting. All the kids in the neighborhood would scream
        and yell (and I was one of those kids lol). It was a big deal when that

        But you know a lot people say Oh no. I would never
        want to live that close to an airport LOL. Why not! lol You get so used
        to the sound of overhead planes, you don’t even notice it ha ha.

        Northwest plane that crashed in 1987 near the Detroit airport and had
        that one 4 year old survivor, crashed 2 miles from my house, but I no
        longer lived in Michigan at that point in time.

        It is SUCH a
        shame that they had to retire the entire fleet of Concords. I couldn’t
        believe it. I heard it would not be financially feasible considering the
        age of the planes, the maintenance and repair they would need, the
        dropping number of customers, which I believe had a lot to do that that
        horrible crash they had and some other incident where a tire or something blew up and sent shit into the cabin, if I recall correctly. And they would not be able to afford to make
        new planes either. Oh well, it was glorious while it lasted.

        You got the royal treatment. That sounds just fantastic. That was the
        “ultimate class” experience, far above the 1st class designation lol.

        I have flown a lot (but not compared to you), but never
        overseas except for Hawaii. I flew to Cancun once or twice, but other
        than that, all within the US. If I had to estimate, I’d say I’ve
        probably flown 11 or 12 round trip flights? I’m really not sure. I need
        to check those records.

        Of course I love to see new places but I
        can no longer afford it anyway, and I am content with my life now, and I
        have no feelings of disappointment that I did not get to travel more in
        my life.

        But isn’t it odd that there is nothing more majestic
        and beautiful to me that watching the commercial jets do their thing,
        yet I’m terrified to fly on them? I’m not into military planes at all. I
        don’t know why. I’m just not.

        If I am in a bad mood, I’ll go watch some flight videos on YouTube and it uplifts me every time.

        really think the reason I no longer like to fly is just because of the
        accumulation of air disasters that I would see on TV throughout the
        years. Each flight I took, I would be more scared than I was on the last,
        and it kept escalating like that until I was actually, you could almost
        say terrified at the thought of flying again.

        Nothing bad ever
        happened except this one time, I was sitting in the very back of the
        plane in the very last row of seats. Actually there were only two seats
        on my side of the plane. No one was in the second seat.

        All the
        sudden I hear this loud very high pitched whistling noise coming from
        some where behind me. I was not too freaked out about it but then I see
        this flight attendant walking down the isle toward the back kitchenette
        thing which was directly behind me.

        No problem, but it became a
        big problem that the second she thought she was out of view of the
        passengers, except not me, her eyes got very wide and she put her hand
        over her heart in fear, and mouthed to the other flight attendants back
        there, “Oh my God! What is that!” Well I saw that and of course it made
        my nervousness 10 times worse. But finally the noise stopped. I was
        worried it was a seal to a door coming loose or something like that,

        I really hate turbulence, it has always scared the crap out of me and I would just keep telling myself over and over… it’s perfectly typical.. it’s perfectly typical… lol

        Meditation sounds like a good idea too lol.

        Now I live in Atlanta and guess what? I heard something on
        the news last night and I’ve been wondering when it will be brought up
        at the Bunker.

        Tom Cruise is in Ball Ground, Georgia, which is a
        town about 40 or 50 miles, north of Atlanta, and he’s filming a new
        movie apparently. If I understood correctly what they were saying, he’s
        already there LOL.

        After you see this post, I’ll delete it since
        it has some of my personal info on it. Thanks for replying. I was
        afraid you were going to miss the post.

        • Todd Tomorrow

          Hi, Sorry to take so long to write back, I just saw this. I actually watch all of those air disaster shows and actually take time to figure how I’d get out in the dark by counting my steps to the two closest exits. It bothers me when people will be fussing with their children and ignoring the flight attendants when they go through their safety demonstrations.
          I think I mentioned I had a rough international flight out of Madrid on Twa that was really scarey. We were 1/2 way through our flight on a packed 747. The flight attendants were going through selling duty free items, which they do on international flights. All of a sudden the plane just dropped instantly and everybody who was not buckled in was thrown up in the air. Then the captian came on and told everyone to get their seat belts on and stay in their seats. Then it happened again except it was worse. We were like in a straight down free fall. The big bottles of duty free items started flying around and a bottle of tequila broke. Then we hit 30 minutes more of severe turbulence. A cute little Asian girl who didn’t speak much English asked if she could hold my hand. I held her hand and then she said,”I prefer to die this way.” I said,”I don’t and we are all going to be OK.” I then glanced at a flight attendant and she had a portable oxygen mask on hiding in the back of the plane. You could hear people screaming and throwing up and you could tell the pilot was trying everything he could to get us out of it but nothing worked. Finally, we evened out and they found a couple of Dr’s to go around and make sure we were all ok. That’s when I started to meditate that every time we’d hit turbulence I’d go into a relaxed but alert state. And 20 something years later it still happens when we hit rough air.
          I always thought it was funny that when you are up in the air at 35,ooo feet going 500 plus miles an hour they tell you to get up and stretch your legs, we’ve turned off the Fasten Seat Belt Sign. But then when you are on the ground going 4 miles an hour taxing up to the gate they say. “My god, sit down for your personal safety.” LOL I read that you have more chance of dieing from eating the food on a plane than you do in an accident. But I always have my seat belt snuggly on when even when I’m asleep in the beds they have now on international flights. Have a great day!

          • Mymy88

            Holy shit! Are you kidding me! I wonder what made the plane act like that. Oh man, if it had of been me, I would have been

            100% positive death was coming! Wow, you were strong and that’s good cause the little girl needed that. Wow holy crap!!! I would have been having a heart attack and praying I would die like RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

            I never knew anyone that had an experience like that.

            I remember one of those air disaster shows and I’m pretty sure it was the one where they started to experience some kind

            of problem, but inexplicably, one of the pilots, instead of doing what he needed to do, to help get the problem worked out,

            he did the exact opposite which was pulling on the lever or whatever you call it, to go up, when he should have been

            pulling down and it’s what caused them to lose complete control of the plane. He had been pulling up that whole time they

            were trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

            Then right before they crash, the other two pilots realize what he was doing but it was way too late and you can hear one

            of them saying NO NO NO! telling the guy that’s not what you were supposed to be doing. Then the last thing you hear is a

            pilot saying “PULL UP! PULL UP! PULL UP!” but too late and I noticed, that’s a lot of pilots last words right before they crash


            But anyway, in that episode they showed someone floating because of the plane falling so fast. It looked so weird and I had

            no idea something like that could happen in a plane. It amazed me!

            They said it was inexplicable why the the pilot was pulling the lever the wrong way because they said that would be like someone

            rolling down their car window when it starts to rain. It was that insane of a mistake, and not only did he make the mistake,

            he kept continuing to pull the lever incorrectly though the whole thing.

            The other 2 pilots had no idea he was doing that.

            • Todd Tomorrow

              We just hit dead air which caused the plane to drop on our way into turbulence. I was in my late teens or early 20’s, but I could tell we were not diving. It made me think how well those are put together. This is my favorite, I thought i’d share. Hope you enjoy.

            • Mymy88

              Oh God I know! I remember watching that one! It’s one of the best as far as recreation and suspense. It’s a total shock toward the end when you hear the specifics of what technically happened and why. Amazing! I think it was a Russian kid. Yeah, I’ll watch it again. Can you imagine that all those people died because they put a kid in the cockpit. Okay, I’ll watch it and let you know what I think. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen it. Thanks!

            • Mymy88

              Okay, I just finished watching it again. Wow, that one is so good. Jesus, it was hard to watch because you just know those passengers were experiencing a living hell, and you know all the death and destruction to come is so sad.

              I have a question. Maybe you can help me find the answer. The investigators concluded that when the pilots lost control of the plane, all they had to do was let go of the yoke and the plane would have corrected itself. Did the pilots not know that because they did not know one of the automated components had been disengaged or was it because they did not know it would be the solution in a situation where a plane is behaving like that? Or I guess it could have been both or some other reason altogether. What do you think?

            • Todd Tomorrow

              On that model of airbus it would have attempted to correct itself, although the auto-pilot was off and the plunge already started. That much stress might have been too much for the aircraft to hold up physically. Sadly, nobody knew how to fly those first Airbus 300’s. At their first showing they had some contest winners and VIPs on board. It flew right into a mountain killing all. Every pilot I’ve ever talked to prefer Boeing aircraft over Airbus. They are more pilot friendly. I’ve seen so many vids of Airbus problems and since they’re so automated they can’t figure out what they do since they rarely,”Fly” them. Back then they had to be tweaked before they found out that pilots had to learn what to do when one went crazy. I’ll do anything not to get on one but sometimes have to. The G-forces made it nearly impossible to get to their seats. And then trying to figure out why you are in an accelerated dive. I don’t think they had the time or a chance.

            • Mymy88

              OMG I remember that one. Air France’s showing of the Airbus, with a long line of spectators. It barely got off the ground and flew straight into the wooded area to its doom. Gah! Horrible!

              They said there is still controversy to this day on what the cause was. They said they think it had to do with some kind of automated function taken precedent over something the pilot did. Fuck! If you ask me, that’s why half the fucking planes go down right there!

              It’s just like the Titantic. When you hear someone say an airplane is the most modern, safest, most advanced fully automated, impossible to crash, don’t believe it for a second.

              As far as the kid in the cockpit episode, it’s always the same thing, a perfect storm. That seems so strange to me. I’m not sure why. I always tend to think it was ONE reason, but it never is ONE reason, or rarely.

              The Tenerife episode! Oh my God. I watched that one over and over trying to get a real good understanding of what exactly went wrong. I ended up at a website that explained it pretty well, but it was still kind of tricky to get it to play back accurately in my head. I know that part about how one transmission happened the same time as the other and cancelled it out was key, but so were some other things that went wrong, or at least they could have been key.

    • Baby

      88 OMG hahhha Isn’t that funny? My favorite part is at the end when the CAT bats him one..hahhaa She had had it with the shenanigans .. Thanks for thinking of me sweetie..haha

      • Mymy88

        Ha ha. The cat sits there watching the dog and you know that cat is thinking “And that’s WHY you’re not allowed on the bed. What an idiot!” lol

        • Baby

          Hahahaha.. You can just see it..can’t you.. I laughed at the cat more than the dog..cause I see my dogs do that all the time..

          But the Cat.. ” STOP IT RIGHT NOW! STOP IT! ” hahah

  • Intergalactic Walrus

    Any SPs grab one of these bricks? Hehe

    “Scientology building demolished for downtown Phoenix apartments”

    • SkyBill40

      I live in Chandler and knew nothing of this. What a shame. It would have been fun to grab a brick or two. You just never know when a new Co$ window might need them back.

      Xenu building? How about a little of Xe-old building? *heave*

      • Intergalactic Walrus

        Makes me think of chunks of the Berlin Wall. Maybe one will show up on eBay, sold as vanguard evidence the old CO$ is a tumblin’ down.

    • madame duran

      The apartment complex is named iLuminate (pronounced “Illuminati”)? *raised eyebrow*
      The news report says the apartments will be rentals, not owned units (which sucks in the long run, IMO). Are we sure that Baron Properties isn’t connected to Scientology in any way? The old Scientology building may be gone but I don’t want to later hear that the cult is making a profit from the site through its new tenants.

  • FOTF2012

    Methinks the Dwarf doth protest too much, thus revealing his latent homosexuality and homophobia.

    And, what a toxic and hostile work environment. The Wee One should consider studying some “Wog” tools on human resources, best practices in supervision, leadership vs. management, and then trundle himself off to Oz to find a brain, a heart, and courage — maybe the Wizard “R” could grant him those missing items.

    Much admiration and gratitude to Mr. Rinder for displaying those same three things that he himself quite clearly has — courage, a heart, and a brain.

    • PoisonIvyHerself

      Bingo to paragraph one. No wonder the female wives/concubines are disposable.

  • Pedro Peligroso

    DM projects onto other people his own inner fantasies…DM Hearts TC

  • Intergalactic Walrus
    • Sir Hemet TC Burlwood, VIII

      Tweet of the year…make that decade.

  • I really like this Fred G. Haseney dude and his updates:

    Body Routing NOT—March 23, 2015—Vermont Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

    Today, I tried something completely different, something much more direct in disabusing the general public from ever seeing a “free” Dianetics movie or getting a personality test, and the results were
    nothing less than spectacular.

    As I exited the bus at Vermont and Sunset, I quickly checked out all four street corners, and found only one corner on which two Scientology Inc. Body Routers stood. I decided not to approach their target (I’ll call him “Jim”) until after the Body Routers had handed Jim a ticket and tried to get him to go with them to Scientology Inc’s complex. When the light turned “green,” Jim came my way as I crossed to street to join him on the crosswalk.

    “Those guys who just gave you that ticket are Scientologists,” I declared. Holding Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief in front of him, I continued, “This book is an expose on Scientology. In fact, the expose can be seen on HBO this Sunday at 9:00 PM.”

    “Really?” Jim asked rather thoughtfully.

    “Yes,” came my answer, “and I if I was you, I’d throw that ticket out. Don’t go near Scientology.” He looked rather convinced, so I took off down Sunset Blvd., heading west.

    I noticed a gaggle of Body Routers and Scientlogists at the north east corner of L. Ron Hubbard Way and Sunset. One of the Body Routers had attempted to interest a public person I’ll name “Tom,” who stood
    waiting for the light to change so he could cross Sunset. Again, with the Body Router just a couple of feet away, I walked right up to Tom.

    “Did you know that those people who just gave you those Dianetics tickets are Scientologists?”

    “No.” Tom replied innocently. His eyes spoke otherwise, because deep down inside my statement brought to this surface the guy’s own knowledge that something with the Body Router’s pitch didn’t seem right.

    I held up Going Clear for him to see and pointed to it.

    “This book is an expose on Scientology. A movie based on the book will be released Sunday night at 9:00 PM on HBO.”

    “It will?” he asked, his eyes widening.

    “Yes, and if I was you, I would throw those tickets away. Don’t go to Scientology because all they want is your money.”

    Rrriiippp! Tom tore the Dianetics tickets in half as his jaw dropped to the ground! It looked like something had dawned on him as we spoke and had come to fruition when I mentioned the word “money.”

  • Sibs

    “Sibs, you have to promise me you won’t go off on a tangent…” my friend says, before proceeding to complain about a lack of Jeremy Renner and way too much Tom Cruise in the MI:5 trailer.

  • Kao Eye

    Another great video Chris. i have a great deal of respeckt for your open mimdedness.

  • ComeToPresentTime

    Quick side note here.. What’s the likelihood of video of the LRH Birthday celebration at the Dolby Theater from a week back making it to the wog world? Would it even exist now that they know any video they do make will always get out?

    • Intergalactic Walrus

      My understanding is that they recorded the Clearwater birthday event (w/Miscavige) and that was played at the other birthday events, the following week.

  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!
    • Rita Gregory

      Geez! Miscavige is such a creepy little fuck. Yo Danny Masterson, I think your dear leader may have a problem with all those tons of gay people in your chult.

    • PoisonIvyHerself

      This man is so repressed and in the closet, he’s dangerous. Like Jeffrey Dahmer dangerous.

  • Todd Tomorrow
    • valshifter

      how many crimes? not as many as Scientology, thank you
      what are your crimes? answer : what are your crimes? how come nobody ask scientology what are your crimes?
      criminal trespassing as if scientology wasn’t guilty of that.

  • mockingbird

    Jefferson Hawkins description and the other very consistent accounts of Davd Miscavige all contribute to paint a picture of an extremely insane man . I am not exaggerating . A true portrait of a man who lacks compassion and empathy is perhaps the best descroption I can think of . His insanity makes him operate with a severe liability when it comes to strategic planning and humility and learning . There are in my opinion more efficient ways he could have carried out his criminal activities particularly when it comes to eliminating enemies earlier in his rule over the terrorist mind control cult Scientology .

    Now it is far too late as thousands are coming forward and the internet will carry a record of his crimes for a very long time no matter what he does . He cannot make it snow white . His gross incompetence as a criminal mastermind has left alive and kicking many vocal critics a competent murderer would have easily removed quietly and without sorrow .

    He is surely guilty of many murders as he has worked for years to conceal the truth about the medical fraud Scientology routinely and continuosly perpetrates . Unfortunately this involves lying to cult members about the OT levels and the fact that he knows that exorcising 75 million year old fake alien spirits does not cure cancer or anything else . He , like Hubbard before him, has to hide the true statistics regarding the utter failure Scientology is in actually helping anyone . Particularly when it comes to medical miracles .

    Plainly , in a close examination of Dianetics and Scientology , its lack of results , the plagiarism Hubbard practiced and the overwhelming evidence all the research he claimed never occurred combined with the fact that he always continuosly employed countermeasures specifically designed and intended to hide the lack of results , the harm Scientology inflicts and the true nature of his group, its “technology” and his own behavior and character the only conclusion I can see reaching is that he always – despite immense epic legendary insanity- knew it was a con and fraud . You do not perpetually hide wrongdoing with thousands of orders and policies if you are not aware of what you are doing .He always knew it was a con . The trouble he went through to hide it and avoid being exposed and going to prison proves he knew his “technology” never worked to the benefit of anyone .

    Not to mention having a conventional espionage branch – a true believer would not need to send spies and hire PIs . He would use his vaunted “OT powers” . He knew there were no OT powers ever . And a detailed analysis of the rhetorical methods he used shows a very human conman playing the same game conmen have run for all of human history .

    Margaret Singer famously said all cult leaders are conmen and Hubbard epitomizes that .No messiah or demigod here – just a very complex con that has thousands of fake mystical experiences to confuse ,enthrall and enslave . They are all explainable with science and cultic studies . Sorry indies and freezoners – you have been fooled . And do not waste your time with the “if you do not get the magic it is because you did not cast the spell properly ” line . That is a fallacy . No one ever got the magic – because there is none to get .

    I can sympathize with you far better than most – I spent 25 years in Scientology and sacrificed much and did much harm to benefit our dark messiah . It was unsuccessful at making the future he spoke of with the very generous empty promises and counterfeit dreams he lured us with . I am sorry , I see no other way it could be .

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Always wondered about how the overt murders and suspicious suicides get swept under the carpet.

      • mockingbird

        Well that has a lot of info to collect and examine to get an honest accounting of . If you put aside the blatant undeniable murder via medical fraud of untold victims . It may be in the hundreds by now and despite the religion lie covering it in the US please always remember many of the victims are not US citizens so their countries- particularly those that do not recognize Scientology as a bona fide religion – are well within their rights to prosecute the cult for fraud , conspiracy and murder .

        Now if that huge issue of the defrauding and callously murdering probably hundreds of innocent people is avoided somehow you still have far too many suspicious deaths . I asked for info on Scientology’s crimes several months ago and got buried in a deluge of stories . I quickly realized taking them all on would be beyond my ability and so encouraged those sources to turn to Tony Ortega and law enforcement .

        I know there is a list of 600 deaths linked to Scientology and it is growing .Some are suicides that seem impossible if the reported evidence is true . It is hard to shoot yourself in the back or in some of the ways described .
        Some theorize DM blackmails government officials or bribes them . I do not have absolute proof so I leave it to your judgment.

        No smear campaign here – I only want him sent to prison for several hundred years for crimes he can be proven to have commmitted -we have no shortage ,

        • Todd Tomorrow

          I’m with yah! On Gerry Armsrtrong’s, sight a guy talked about kids killing themselves in $cion schools. Some just badly beat in front of them. Flo, I doubt shot herself twice and Lonsdale, seems like another suicide coverup. I wish two that are in the know would speak up.

      • Mymy88

        OMG I remember that one. Air France’s showing of the Airbus, with a long line of spectators. It barely got off the ground and flew straight into the wooded area to its doom. Gah! Horrible!

        They said there is still controversy to this day on what the cause was. They said it had to do with some kind of automated function taken precedent over something the pilot did. Fuck! If you ask me, that’s why half the fucking planes go down right there!

        As far as the kid in the cockpit episode, it’s always the same thing, a perfect storm. That seems so strange to me. I’m not sure why. I always tend to think it was ONE reason, but it never is ONE reason, or rarely.

        The Tenerife episode! Oh my God. I watched that one over and over trying to get a real good understanding of what exactly went wrong. I ended up at a website that explained it pretty well, but it was still kind of tricky to get it to play back accurately in my head. I know that part about how one transmission happened the same time as the other and cancelled it out was key, but so were some other things that went wrong, or at least they could have been key. (EDIT TO ADD) The website I mentioned was a bird’s eye view of the scenario (animated) that showed where the planes were and how they were moving, while matching everything with all the transmissions. Who knows how accurate it is, but it helped me to understand better. I’ll see if I can find it again and send it to you.

    • giggler

      You put it very well, thanks

  • valshifter

    There is a lot of doing in scientology if you don’t know what to do with your life. Other than that working for them is a waste of time, you will be dumped penniless no matter what.

    • Rasha

      I think many were enlightened, just not in the way Scientology promised. The Enlightened Ones make up a huge part of our family here in the Bunker – they blew.

  • Freedom mag has a new editor in chief and at least 3 writers – all claim they are not scientologists. Money must be really good.

    • KNMF

      So you think the previous freedom mag staff are running around a pole or scrubbing dumpsters?

      • Probably. John Sugg was previous “wog” editor for a minute:
        I wonder where he is now.

        The current one is Jennifer Johnson-Lankheim

        • KNMF

          If Sugg ever had a shred of honor he’s probably leaning over a sink somewhere muttering “out damn spot.”

          • L. C. Spencer

            He sold his birthright for pottage a long time ago. Back when he was here in Tampa at Creative Loafing, he did no investigative work on the Cherch, published only one article on them in general which was a very short puff piece dismissing the “misconceptions,” and took reams and reams of their advertising. I know multiple people who wrote letters-to-the-editor protesting this and demanding that CL do a serious piece on Scientology. He wouldn’t even acknowledge those requests, the old chickenshit.

            My speculation is that he was on their payroll for years before he showed up on Freedom’s masthead.

    • chukicita

      Really? Sugg’s gone?

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+** RED X ** +–+ RED X *** Tuesday the 24th of March
    Good morning Early Birds and Night Owls,
    Houston is leading with the removals followed by Boston and Sac.

    Do not forget your daily vote in the Milner’s jumpstart competition: . The consensus is that we should vote for “Wounded Warrior” AND “Humane Society”, it is your choice.
    US citizens, consider joining this petition to revoke co$ tax exempt status:

    1. Concentrate on your region and /or your adopted regions.(The closer to home the better).
    2. Use the reboot router method to acquire a new IP,
    3. Do not do the blues only, RE-FLAG the previous days.
    4. Check the Daily Wip regularly and flag new/refreshed ads.
    5. If you have the time: extend your reach to the rest of your area and even the rest of North America.
    6. Complaint to CL about spams, see how to here :

    RedX Tips and links at wwp:
    RedX spreadsheet:

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    (F5, …for) Tony Chen by Narapoid , flickred by Aeger Primo

  • Ella Raitch

    Congrats Kiwis in the final of the World Cup…hopefully we’ll have a trans Tasman match for the final

    • Andrew Robertson

      And some people say that cricket is slow and boring! What an exciting match, decided on the penultimate ball.


      • Ella Raitch

        The shouts from the menfolk in my household grabbed my attention – respect for the undefeated Kiwis.

  • PoisonIvyHerself

    That email is remarkable. What pathology. I think the Evil Psychs could hold an entire convention weekend taking apart that disgusting diatribe. The guy is insane, paranoid, if not purely socipathic, the most toxic narcissist who ever lived (I vote sociopath.)
    Mike, you’re out, you’re free and you have a great life. And THAT is the ONLY revenge!
    (Well another nice outcome would be the Devious Midget in an orange jumpsuit….)

    • Emmanuel Goldstein

      “Living well is the best revenge.” – George Herbert

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    The clock is ticking for $cientology. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and the day of reckoning is coming for the schemers at the top who are responsible for the systematic defrauding and infliction of misery on its own members.

  • valshifter

    Scientology will be dismantled, and psychology will still be there as a subject to be studied, as proof that scientology was only a cult and a global scam. go psychs!!!!!

  • AintMizBahavin

    waving hello to all the bunkeroos hoping everyone is doing awesome…. been gone for a few days dealing with a health issue but feeling better.

    as for mispsychage the great news is he will always be paranoid because he knows the dirt he did to great people for no reason. and he also knows somewhere out here is someone much smarter , stronger and definitely taller then him coming for him soon enough.. as my mama used to say ” karma is a itch that will get scratched”
    and he’s got a billion years worth of karma coming his way plus some.. ok off to do some more reading and red- xing

    everyone have a great day afternoon evening night . im trying to will sunday here so i can close and lock my door and watch “Going Clear” lol

  • girdyerloins

    wow……, I mean WOW….
    Reynolds told Amy Scobee that he wasn’t interested in escaping from The Hole because no matter how bad it got, he had to stick it out until L. Ron Hubbard returned.
    How many generations have passed since the first proclamations declared some figure would return to avenge everyone’s slights? Coupla thousand years?
    One has to be struggling with reality to accept this and other related nonsense as remotely valid.
    Sad, sad comment on humanity. That, in a time when enough is known, and increasing by leaps and bounds, about what can charitably be called reality (given quantum physics, heh), not only do people continue to adhere to gnarled and twisted logic and barbaric credos, but INVENT new ones to foist off on nincompoops.
    It’s no wonder ETs won’t bat an eye when the time comes to build that hyperspace bypass through this system.

  • Sally Atwater

    How do others not see it? The vitriol that Miscaviage spews…that alone is enough to turn folks off. It just doesn’t make any sense why folks would disconnect from their family in order to pursue happiness? Really hoping Cruise steps up to the plate and takes a stand. He owes it to the followers to open his eyes. It’s really getting ridiculous. Cruise thinks Miscaviage is totally loyal right? He should try dipping out for a while and see the whirlwind that happens. Maybe tell the guy…. hey I’m gonna take a break…then watch the venom. If someone can turn on you that easily…then what is the point here. Would love to see that play out and see this whole thing come crashing down. Sadly OUR goverment sanctions this with tax exemption. How the heck did that happen?

  • Vanns40

    Looking for information on Joan Stevens who was present in the hotel room with Lisa McPherson when she was restrained and eventually died. Does anyone know her ranking or whereabouts?