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When Scientology was pouring on the ‘religious’ angle very thick: A video mystery

Sci1972Jonny Jacobsen, our man in Paris, sent over a fun item today. We’ll let him explain what it is.

I stumbled across this 20-minute reportage on Scientology, shot mainly at their Saint Hill base and broadcast in January 1972 on French television.

This two-minute extract introduces you to a number of people occupying important positions at the time, but they are not all identified by name here or even in the complete 20-minute piece. (Some of them don’t even appear beyond this introduction.)

So I thought I’d appeal to the hive mind of the Bunker to see if we can put a few names to faces.

Of the six people who step up to the camera and introduce themselves, the first is David Gaiman (father of Neil) about whom Tony has written fairly extensively in the past.



Gaiman was one of Hubbard’s most capable lieutenants at this time and gives a good interview later in the report. Gaiman died in 2009 and you can find an official tribute to him here.

But who are the others?

Help me fill in the blanks.

— The spokesman for Scientology is David Gaiman;

— Commanding Officer; shorter guy, English accent;

— A communicator: blonde woman, couldn’t catch the accent;

— Commanding officer of the college; English accent;

— Deputy for Policy Knowledge: English accent;

— Registrar: a Scottish woman.

Perhaps you can also identify the members of the choir and the rather uncharismatic Scottish minister.

I’ll be running a lengthier piece on this programme over at Infinite Complacency a little later, with screen shots from some of the other people interviewed in the programme.

(Among them is a certain Jane Kember, who regulars will know was another big-hitter of the day – much good it did her in the end.)

Feel free to drop in there too and try to put names to those faces.

Thanks, Jonny. We especially like the “religious” show they put on for the French film crew, complete with clerical collars and a choir! That’s good stuff.

UPDATE: And here’s Jonny’s full post about who’s who in the video, at his blog.


Chris Shelton answers your questions!

With his following expanding, former Scientology Sea Org worker Chris Shelton starts up a new feature, answering the questions that come in at his YouTube channel…



Bonus photos from our tipsters

Actual caption from Scientology Birmingham UK: “Noel just finished his Golden Age of Tech Phase II training as a Supervisor and is now ready to help you get through your course with speed! Come to the Org to find out what course would be best for you.”


“Dianetics, which is the company that publishes the book ‘Dianetics,’ is our sponsor.” So eloquent. Thank you, tipster for this 2006 clip.


Scientologists are using social media more than ever. Drop us a line if you spot them posting images to Instagram or Facebook!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 21, 2015 at 07:00

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