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Scientology takes out full-page ad in the New York Times to attack Alex Gibney

UPDATED: Scientology’s ad is now in the post, as well as a response from Alex Gibney. See below.

This is a fun one: New York Times staffer Michael Cieply reporting on an ad in his own newspaper.

Cieply reports that the Church of Scientology has taken out a full page ad in the Times to slam Alex Gibney, whose documentary about Scientology, Going Clear, premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25.

You just knew Scientology was going to make this fun, didn’t you?

As soon as we have the ad itself, we’ll add it to this piece (we have it now, see below), but here’s what Cieply says about it…

On Friday, the Church of Scientology is expected to strike out at the movie — which its members and leaders have not yet seen — with full-page newspaper advertisements in The New York Times and elsewhere detailing what it says are journalistic lapses by Mr. Gibney.

In a pointed reference to a much-challenged magazine article about a campus rape at the University of Virginia, the ads ask whether the movie, called “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” is “a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux.”

In its ad and in an interview with representatives, the church said Mr. Gibney had rejected its 12 requests for an opportunity to address accusations, while asking instead for interviews with the church leader, David Miscavige, and celebrity adherents that include Tom Cruise, John Travolta and others.

In a statement, Mr. Gibney on Thursday said he had “requested interviews with various people — including current church members and officials — who could shed light on specific incidents discussed in the film.” All of those asked, he added, “either declined, did not respond or set unreasonable conditions.”

Well, that’s such classic Scientology we could practically dictate that ad in our sleep. Of course they’re going to say that Gibney didn’t respond to the church’s questions. That’s the same thing Scientology has always said, after Lawrence Wright’s book, and Janet Reitman’s book, and the exposes in the Tampa Bay Times. And it always rings false.

Of course, this ad blitz is only going to make people more curious to see the film. HBO has been handed a gift on a silver platter.

Scientology, when are you going to buy a clue?

Another part of Cieply’s story made us smile:

Speaking on Tuesday, several church representatives said the refusal to disclose the film’s assertions was unusual and unfair. “In my 40 years of experience, this has never happened,” said Anthony Michael Glassman, a lawyer who has represented Scientology in media-related cases.

Ah, Glassman. For years, he’s been assigned to your proprietor, watching everything we do. And when we help out a documentary crew, it’s Glassman’s job to send letters about what a pitiful excuse for a journalist we are. You have to figure that’s easy money.

Poor Glassman doesn’t know what’s in the movie. Hey, Tony, buy a ticket!

On the more serious side, it’s irritating to see Scientology attorney Monique Yingling do her best Tommy Davis impression as she tries to mitigate Scientology’s toxic policy of “disconnection”…

Monique E. Yingling, a lawyer for the church, said shunning was practiced by a number of religions, has been upheld as legally permissible by courts and, in the case of Scientology, is reserved for those who have started “attacking the religion.”

It would be nice if the New York Times, instead of simply peddling Yingling’s obfuscations, countered it with some actual evidence of how cruelly Scientology uses leverage to split up families in disgusting ways. “Shunning” just doesn’t capture it. “Disconnection” is political and destructive. What, for example, had Cindy Plahuta done wrong when Scientology instructed her daughter to cut off all ties with her? What about Lori Hodgson? What did she do to deserve to lose all contact with her children? Derek Bloch lost all contact with his family simply because he posted anonymously about his frustrations to a web forum with no intention of harming his loved ones. Why did he have to pay that price, Ms. Yingling?

We expect that Mr. Gibney’s films will explain in stark terms why Ms. Yingling is full of it.

UPDATE: By the way, when 900 authors took out a full-page ad in the Times in August to decry the practices of Amazon against their publisher, Hachette Books, the newspaper also ran a story about that controversy, and revealed that the authors had paid $104,000 for their full-page screed. Now, that was a Sunday, which might cost a little more, who knows. But it gives us some ballpark for what Scientology paid (and we hope the Times was savvy enough to jack up the rates when they saw moneybags Miscavige coming through the door). We have a feeling additional copies of the ad will show up in USA Today and elsewhere, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Scientology ends up paying more than a million for this salvo at Gibney. What’s money when you have whales like Bob Duggan to foot the bill?

UPDATE: And here’s the ad, on page A11 of this morning’s New York Times…


Here’s what it says…

Is Alex Gibney’s Upcoming HBO “Documentary” a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux?

Rolling Stone has been widely criticized for not checking the facts on its recent reporting on the University of Virginia. National Public Radio reported, “…[T]he editor [of Rolling Stone] now admits the magazine never confirmed several details central to the story.”

Now HBO is planning to air a documentary about the Church of Scientology, and like Rolling Stone, HBO is not confirming facts central to its film. Yogi Berra would say, “It’s like deja vu all over again.”

Twelve times Alex Gibney and HBO have refused the Church’s requests for questions, assertions and statements about Scientology that will be included in the film so that we can comment on the “facts.”

Mr. Gibney and HBO documentary chief Sheila Nevins have rejected multiple requests to meet with executives of the Church, including those with individual firsthand information.

Mr. Gibney confirmed that the foundation for his film is a book by Lawrence Wright. As he stated with respect to an earlier project, “I trusted Larry [Wright]. I wasn’t looking for holes in his story.” In fact, a little homework and due diligence on this project would have revealed the following holes:

— Primary sources for the Wright book have not had any involvement with or firsthand knowledge of the Church for approximately 10 to 30 years.

— The book’s sources include individuals who admitted committing and suborning perjury and obstructing justice; are known associates of a cyber-terrorism hacking group; and in recent deposition testimony admitted to lying under penalty of perjury and have admitted lying to the media. Two of the sources made a claim in a lawsuit that was so outlandish it was not only thrown out of a federal court, but so frivolous the couple was ordered to pay $40,000 in costs to the Church.

— The book’s sources also include individuals who left the Church after admitting to such things as malfeasance that cost the Church significant amounts of money; violent outbursts; and initiating sexual relationships with those they were purportedly counseling in the role of Church minister.

— Not only is the credibility of these sources utterly lacking, each one was expelled from Scientology for malfeasance, lying, and conduct unbecoming a Church member.

Given those facts, the Church asked Mr. Gibney to share statements and allegations being made about it and its leadership so the Church could comment on their accuracy — or lack thereof — as well as provide evidence to support what it was saying. Mr. Gibney refused.

Mr. Gibney’s film has been in the works in secret for two years. He and HBO never bothered to tell the Church it was even being made until recently.

Hasn’t Mr. Gibney or Ms. Nevins learned anything from what occurred with Rolling Stone’s University of Virginia reporting?

As Edward Kosner wrote in the Wall Street Journal, reflecting on the Rolling Stone controversy, “Desperate times call for disciplined journalism.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The Church of Scientology is committed to free speech. However, free speech is not a free pass to broadcast or publish false information. We have all seen what happens when facts are not checked or those being reported on are not given a chance to respond. The Church is taking a resolute stand against such actions — both on its own behalf and for others who either cannot or will not do so.

Presented as a Public Service by the Church of Scientology International — made possible by members of the Church of Scientology.

And here’s a look at part of the web page they’ve set up about Gibney at Freedom magazine’s site…


Yes, they have letters from Karin Pouw! Oh, they are a laugh riot. We’ll excerpt some later today.

UPDATE — STATEMENT FROM ALEX GIBNEY: Mr. Gibney has responded to our request for a statement about Scientology’s newspaper ad. Here’s what he sent us…

“What I find so fascinating, from having studied the church for more than two years, is how eerily predictable it is. It’s almost as though all the voices from the church were channeling the views of a single individual…”

(For those new to the subject, what Gibney is referring to there in a sly way is that Scientology, originally built around the ideas of a single person, L. Ron Hubbard, now is under the thrall of its current leader, David Miscavige, who is really behind all of the statements put out by spokespeople, and letters put out by its lawyers. Clever.)

UPDATE: KARIN POUW’S LETTERS to GIBNEY AND HBO: We’ve pulled some of the best parts of the letters that Scientology has posted at the website of its propaganda magazine, Freedom. We now get to see what Gibney has been dealing with over the last couple of months. (And we’ve highlighted some phrases in bold for their humor value.)

Nov. 6

Dear Mr. Gibney:

Are you joking?

In the letter you sent me, you state that your work “examines Scientology, building on the foundation laid by Lawrence Wright” in his book. You told the New York Times of your “interest” in Wright’s description of Scientology as a “prison of belief.” You have also been quoted as saying, “Every time somebody tweets a positive note about WikiLeaks they rain hell on them. I guess that is their way of trying to stamp out criticism, but it’s not what you would expect of a transparency organization. It’s the tactics of Scientology.” These statements and others you have made demonstrate a pre-set tainted and bigoted view—certainly not one of an objective individual.

Your letter has not provided sufficient information for me to determine anything other than your documentary is yet another predetermined vision of my Church blinded by bigotry and bias that relies on the same handful of bitter, discredited sources.

So, since you are just coming to me now for the first time, please tell me:

Who are your on-the-record sources?

What is being said about my Church?

I will expect to hear back from you soon.


Karin Pouw

Nov. 14

Alex Gibney
Jigsaw Productions

Dear Mr. Gibney:

We would like to know when you began working on this documentary. As we understand it, you have been working on it for approximately two years, which is why it is inexcusable to only now contact the Church with a disingenuous request to respond to unspecified allegations from anonymous sources.

As for your letter and statements:

“For your information, my film focuses on a group of individuals who were once members of Scientology and have since left the church.”

Please list them out exactly. We know about this self-proclaimed “posse” of lunatics that has been spreading the same stale lies and myths about the Church in an orchestrated campaign for five years. They are littered throughout Wright’s book. We have many materials that demonstrate these witnesses are utterly unreliable and frequently change their stories over time. You have an obligation to tell your audience about the uncontroverted facts affecting these sources’ credibility. The same goes with the new sources you claim you have—please provide their names and allow us to respond.

As for:

“Various questions have been raised about the administration of the church,”

We cannot answer ambiguous charges. Please provide specific allegations, per your journalistic duties.

Your sources are unqualified and know nothing about the Church today given most of them were dismissed by the Church a decade or more ago.

“I believe that some of these questions can be answered only by David Miscavige.”

Give us the questions and we will determine who can answer them. It is impossible that only Mr. Miscavige can answer them. In fact, it’s a ridiculous assertion. Please provide the questions and the Church will provide timely responses.

Dec. 16

Alex Gibney
Jigsaw Productions

Dear Mr. Gibney:

This letter follows my letter to you of November 14, 2014—which you never answered—asking you to provide questions and allegations. You have a responsibility to your viewing audience to uphold the journalistic standards of the profession.

You have been relying exclusively for two years on former members to talk about my Church. Relying only on a single point of view—in this case, anti-Scientologists, some of whom have been out of the Church for as long as 30 years—makes your film no more accurate than Rolling Stone’s University of Virginia debacle.

This whole concocted story started with Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun, discredited sources for you and Lawrence Wright. Wright’s book is a compendium of lies threaded together with the psychotic ramblings of a bunch of obsessed anti-Scientologists kicked out of the Church years ago. The book itself is nothing less than an example of corrupt, unethical journalism. Compared to Wright’s book, Rolling Stone’s debacle is Pulitzer-worthy.

We’re not going to guess at each of the sources you are using. Regardless, if you claim to not be using all of the sources in Wright’s book (because they are so heavily discredited), it means that you are even more dishonest than we already think.

How can you base a documentary on a book where virtually all of the sources of those allegations can not only be shown to simply have an ‘axe to grind,’ but to be complete liars? Did your marching orders from HBO include overlooking Lawrence Wright’s blatant falsehoods in his book, his lack of honesty, his absent journalistic integrity and his violations of basic journalistic ethics? How can you make a film about a book exposed as a fraud because it included so many discredited sources? Now do you want to see the documents that prove this? Do you want to see the judicial rulings that prove this? Or do you want to ignore them entirely?

Make no mistake, I definitely want to push you into a corner. I have repeatedly told you that I will answer allegations and provide you documentary proof they are false. I absolutely intend on having you on record as being offered these documents and either ignoring them or having seen them. And if, after having seen them, you ignore these materials, then I will also have a record of that.

I reiterate again: meet with us and we will present you the information.


Karin Pouw

Dec 16

Sheila Nevins
President, HBO Documentary Films

Re: HBO documentary on Scientology, pure anti-Scientology propaganda

Dear Ms. Nevins:

HBO commissioned Alex to produce a “documentary” on Scientology. For two years Mr. Gibney avoided and even hid from the Church the fact that he was producing one.

As an example of Alex Gibney’s bias, one of his anti-Scientology sources, Mike Rinder, is his Facebook friend. Rinder was kicked out of the Church for severe malfeasance as an external affairs officer. We later learned he was part of a trio involved in the subornation of perjury, not to mention a documented wife abuser.

So let’s get this straight:

— HBO commissions a documentary based on a book by Lawrence Wright, who has this entire posse of anti-Scientologists that he used as sources on his Facebook page as friends.

The filmmaker of HBO’s documentary, Alex Gibney, not only has Mike Rinder as a Facebook friend but follows him and others of this anti-Scientology posse, the sources, on Twitter.

— HBO is reportedly flying these and other zealots into Sundance to promote the film, and paying for their hotel and accommodations, according to rumors on the internet. Is this true?

For all intents and purposes Alex Gibney is now part of the social group of anti-Scientologists who provided the source material for Wright’s article, his book and now Gibney’s HBO film.

My colleagues and I insist on meeting with HBO to present you documented evidence that discredits the sources and the story being told. I will give you information you do not have. It also is information Mr. Gibney is obliged to see and present unless he wants to openly admit that he doesn’t have a molecule of journalistic integrity.


Karin Pouw

Dec. 24

Alex Gibney
Jigsaw Productions

Dear Mr. Gibney:

I am writing you again as I have yet to receive a reply from you. Instead of answering my correspondence, you turned it over to your attorney to answer.

Sources in Wright’s book—who are your sources as well—have criminal and arrest records, have suborned perjury, have been found not to be credible by courts of law and have admitted to lying about their “personal experiences” to the media. Marty Rathbun, their self-appointed leader who boasts of being a source for your film, just this week under oath referred to Mr. Miscavige as “Hitler,” “Stalin” and “the Ayatollah Khomeini”—certainly not “personal experience” but disgusting hyperbole from a crazed individual obsessed with the leader of the religion.

Mea Maxima Culpa dealt with numerous concluded legal cases. By contrast, we have won each and every legal case brought by your sources. In fact, at least five of them have state and/or federal court rulings against them.

Your analogy with the Catholic Church pedophile issue is offensive. You wanted the Pope to justify why priests committing crimes remained in the Church so long. Yet with us, you want Mr. Miscavige to answer for why he cleaned house by removing individuals who have confessed to crimes, are admitted liars, committed financial malfeasance, stole from the Church, committed acts of violence and engaged in other unacceptable behaviour. If anything, it’s the opposite.

Your sources were dismissed for cause and expelled. Why aren’t you asking them to defend their behaviour?

Using the courts and the media, these zealots claim as their goal to reinterpret the religion and take over the Church. So you absolutely are asking us to defend the Church’s tenets and faith.

In summary, do you want all the information you need in order to do a fair and complete job, or would you rather look foolish by putting out a documentary that places all its bets on admitted liars with transparent agendas willing to say anything on camera? If you proceed in this manner, I assure you we will expose your journalistic dishonesty and ineptitude. We have volumes of materials and dozens of individuals ready to meet with you who can provide you the information you need. Unless you have a stake in this bigoted agenda, then you owe it to yourself to get the true data. And you have a duty to be honest to your “audience.”

We are not seeking special treatment, only equal treatment. What are you afraid of? We will be in New York after the holidays and will contact you.


Karin Pouw

Jan. 7

Alex Gibney
Jigsaw Productions

Re: HBO documentary on Scientology

Dear Mr. Gibney:

I am writing to you as once again you refuse to answer my letters and refer all my communications to your attorney.

You avoided the Church for two years and still refuse to provide us an opportunity to respond to allegations you will make in your film. Yet you have no problem with HBO picking up the entire travel and accommodations tab to send a professional anti-Scientologist like Mike Rinder to Sundance for your screenings. Of note, Rinder admitted that in a sworn deposition just yesterday. Two weeks ago we also deposed another of Wright’s principal sources, Marty Rathbun. Both depositions, under oath, contain incontrovertible evidence about the bias of your sources, not to mention their monetary incentives, which in accordance with journalistic standards you must disclose to viewers and film critics.

Furthermore, your attorneys stated my “correspondence are simply bluster” for not providing you the relevant court documents that undermine allegations made in your film. Balderdash. I have evidence—documents and court judicial rulings I told you I would present to you when we meet.

Moreover, you really don’t want to be caught in the same position as you were on the Armstrong documentary where, after initially completing the documentary, Armstrong confessed and you openly admitted that you felt like you were “part of an elaborate con.” Have you learned nothing?

We will be in New York next week to meet. We come with facts, judicial decisions and documents (you know, documents—as in that word documentary). And unlike Rinder, you don’t have to pay our airfare and accommodations. We aren’t in bed with you or Facebook friends.


Karin Pouw

Thanks to commenter Nottrue for this classic…



Your proprietor talks The Unbreakable Miss Lovely

Hey, we got to talk to one of our favorite media people, Allison Hope Weiner…



9 days until Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief opens at the Sundance Film Festival at 2:30 pm on Sunday, January 25 in Park City, Utah


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 15, 2015 at 20:15

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          Roy had a dream in which Elvis had a new song. He wrote it down and then asked his Mom the next day whether Elvis had a new song out. She said no.

          Roy had a big hit with it. “In Dreams”.
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          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            Cool story!

  • PreferToBeAnon2

    All that bloviating about “journalistic standards.” First of all, a documentary is not journalistic reporting. It has a point of view, a premise. Not the same requirements.

    Actually, this nails it for me that lil Davey authored all those letters. When he did the Koppel interview, he slipped and called his ads in response to Time, “articles.” Koppel rightly corrected him.

    • Bury_The_Nuts

      Huge bingo!!!!

      • PreferToBeAnon2

        Hi Bury! Haven’t seen ya in awhile. How are things in the land of clam bakes?

    • EnthralledObserver

      I wondered about this myself – this makes more sense ^^^

    • Observer

      So he probably thought the advertorial in the Atlantic was really a news article simply because it was published?

      • noseinabk

        Why not? He and those in the bubble think Freedumb magazine is actual news. Even though I grinned at all the footbullets today, I am still a little shocked at how delusional little Davie is.

      • PreferToBeAnon2

        Seems to be…in his world that would be Pulitzer-worthy.

  • Sir Hemet TC Burlwood, VIII

    Good gracious! What a delicious day. There is simply not enough popcorn.

    Quick update on two exemplars of Scientology (which may have already been mentioned somewhere among the 2100+ comments today): James Barbour has teamed up with Grant Cardone and is hosting his little show “James Barbour Now!” on Cardone’s “What ever it takes” network. How perfect they are for one another.
    Also, Gary Cardone has taken down most of the videos on his YouTube channel, including that horrid documentary exposing the abuse they inflicted on their own mother.

    BTW, Barbour’s video has no comments. Yet. Please, can someone help him out?

    • Bury_The_Nuts

      “James Barbour has teamed up with Grant Cardone”

      They deserve each other….SOoooo Muuuucccchhhh!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      No, Sir, No. NO Cardone today. Cardone Free Friday! Nooooooooooooooo This is Too Good a Day for Cardone to shat all over the lulz.

      • Mrs. V.

        I just threw up in my mouth a bit….and I am drinking wine that is a tad more than cheap.

      • L. Wrong Hubturd

        Don’t worry, no Cardone, just Barbour. It’s gross too, knowing what we all know about him now.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Whew. I’m not looking – back to the kitchen. blechh

      • thetastic

        I second this.

    • beauty for ashes

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      If Barbour is so tight with “Ol’ Gold Bar” Cardone then why is he having to stoop to begging for funds on Indiegogo?

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      • Frodis73

        Only 7% raised. Lol.

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        • Todd Tomorrow

          His bitch of a wife didn’t do much with her frontgroup Delphi school.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      I see comments!

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      Birds of a filthy feather…

    • Eclipse-girl

      It is posted by Grant Cardone. As of now, there are two comments that remind people of the cild molestation that James Barbour was guilt of.

      I think we should wait til Grant removes these two and continue to to SLOWLY bombard the vid.

      • Todd Tomorrow

        Click on Barbour’s youtube page. Writing above and to the left of his name:)

    • Frodis73

      He sounds just like Grant…like he’s trying to imitate him or something. Gag.

    • ed inthehouse

      This is probably the kinda crap they plan on broadcasting from their new “$cientology Media Productions” (old KCET). These turkeys are all showing off, hoping to get a $lot on the schedule. This Barbour show should be a real success. I mean, how may times has the average non-scilon viewer said, “There’s just not enough convicted child molesters talking about entertainment on TV”. I suggest a title change from “James Barbour Now” to “James Barbour NOT!”

    • noseinabk

      noseina bk
      1 second ago · Shared publicly

      Posted by Grant Cardone? What kind of sick father hosts a video and endorses a pedophile? Oh Wait! Maybe Grant agrees with Barbour and scientology that they are just big thetans in small meat body’s. Elena, please grab those girls and run. 

  • Todd Tomorrow

    Off topic but I chat with my Mother once a week. Last Christmas I bought her an ipad, which she uses mainly as a kindle. Told her about Operation Freakout and OP Snowwhite. She marked down the date Mr. Ortega’s Book comes out so she can but it the day it comes out. She volunteers to help prisoners find housing and employment and recently attempted to get a trans gender ex-con hormones. They kept denying the request until my Mom found a Dr. who wrote a letter to the state demanding it be done for the ladies psychological health. She’s so happy of her victory. Such a great thing to have a Mom a son can be proud of!

    • Frodis73

      That is so wonderful! Big cheers for your mom-that is not an easy fight to take up. Aww, I want to give your mom a hug for that. That person is lucky to have her as an advocate. I shudder to think how that could have turned out due to the shortsightedness of other people. Happy dance for both of them!

      • Todd Tomorrow


    • Eclipse-girl

      Your mother sounds like a wonderful person person and I would cherish as a friend.

      I know you cherish her as well.

      • Todd Tomorrow

        Thanks she is. Never had it easy but always made sure we were fed and loved.

        • Eclipse-girl

          THAT is what parents do.

    • thetastic

      Your mom is awesome!

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      your mom is beyond awesome Todd we definitely need more like her in todays society BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!

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      …and to have a son who is proud of his mother!

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    Just frickin wonderful! I clicked into the ‘Bunker some 40 minutes ago after a bear of a long day… and I have done nothing but chuckle and laugh. A bunch of “oh mys”. The stories and Little Nero’s foot bullets and the awesome comments (way over 2000) have really brightened my day. Thank you Tony for all that you do and the courage to bring it. I can’t wait to read your book. Thank you commenting pilgrims for all the things you bring and share. My cup runneth over.

    I hope Tony gets booked on Stephen Colbert’s new show this year. I can’t wait for Colbert to really jump in with both feet in the Joking and Degrading fest that will be 2015.—colbert-on-religion—scientology

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      Yea, Tony needs to be on both Colbert’s show and John Oliver’s!

    • DannyBoy

      Just got home from a sixteen hour day myself and can’t wait to dig in.

      SPs been busy today 🙂

  • Friend of Alex

    Superb play Alex.
    Tho do need to point out that you’ve been ‘Declared’. Disconnection in your future.
    “For all intents and purposes Alex Gibney is now part of the social group of anti-Scientologists…”

    Feeling bad yet?

    • Eclipse-girl

      I would be proud to call Alex a friend.

  • Frodis73

    OT for all the cat lovers here. I hope this works because I’m posting it from facebook and I really hate fb and don’t use it anymore, so I’m not sure if I am doing this right. If it does, the kitty lovers will enjoy! Now, I am going to try and drag myself away from the Bunker…G’night all!

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      remember that we love you

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    • beauty for ashes

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  • Cosmo Pidgeon

    I hope the documentary show’s some of the “observation ” being done by the “church” during the compilation and filming ..

  • Cece

    2205 Comments! Yay!!!!

  • AintMizBahavin

    waving hello to all the bunkeroos hoping everyone is well and all if going great.. now to comment on the ghost named karen pouw even in the letters you can count her lies first she says the sources for the books were dispelled five years ago then in the same letter she turns around and says they were dispelled a decade ago

    so karen pouw aka the 8th dwarf which one is it? 5 years or a decade? boy oh boy i love how the cult of lyingtology paints itself into a corner every time. hey karen why dont you explain to the people how the lyingtology center in harlem is quieter then a ghost town? at least in ghost towns they get breezes and there are buildings standing which attest to the fact that at one time there were HUMANS WHO ACTUALLY LIVED IN THOSE TOWNS in. the lyingtology center on 125th you can hear a mouse piss on cotton its so empty and quiet lml i can’t wait to see how this is going to end.. i predict that slavid misvitch will begin transferring all the money into a dumb site( deep underground military base before this year if half over because he knows his time has come and the ride is over i know for a fact he isnt going to leave the money for anyone else to spend not after he has beat up, imprisoned, stalked, lied to, and mentally abused to run after he is gone.

    • Baby

      Wow.. great post Ms. Aint.. ” Mouse piss on cotton..” hahah I am so stealing this .xo baby

    • Shelly Britt Corrias

      lyingtology. ^^

  • AintMizBahavin

    oh wait i forgot one more thing how exactly does he keep looking a lot younger then 54? lml there is no way you go from looking like that in march 2013 to nov 2013 then suddenly look even younger in 2014

    • Sarah James

      Looks like his botox adventure turned out better than Tom’s. Or could he have gotten fat from his ass as filler?

      • Todd Tomorrow

        Ass filler.

        • Sarah James

          Yeah, I guess that explains his ass head.

    • Baby


  • Enturbulated Masterbator

    Der Mini-Weinerschnitzel has spoken and eleventy billion heads will roll if these Pouw letters don’t successfully stop this documentary. The King’s Peach has ripened!
    Observation — a friend told me years ago, “you ever notice that people with oddly spelled names are usually a pain in the ass?” No truer words ever spoken “Karin”

  • Two new blog posts from Jeffrey Augustine:

    Anatomy of Scientology Lies: The Attack on Alex Gibney and HBO

    Fleet Admiral David Miscavige Declares a Cosmic Emergency!

    • Mark Foster

      Almost 8 am here, so…Good Morning, Dodo!

      • Good morning, Mark!

      • Ella Raitch

        Where are you Mark?

        • Mark Foster

          GMT zone on a beautiful island(really)…

          • Ella Raitch

            Hmmmm. I’m feeling almost hungover-ish from the excitement of the last 24 hours. A scholarly Jon Atack piece is in order for me for this Saturday evening.

      • anonsparrow

        What’s going on Mark. I was that smart ass protester at the DC org always giving you a hard Glad to see you out and about.

        • Mark Foster

          Dude, I am sooooo glad you reached out! THANK YOU-AND RADIO PAUL(I got his name right, yes?)-for standing out there and saying your piece. Thanks for fucking with me-every little bit helped crack the scientological somnolence. Hope all is good with you.

  • sleeper
  • Hingle McCringleberry

    Lots of comments today! Anyway, I’m thinking of making a documentary called David Miscavige is an Asshole. I’ll set up a new email address and you all send me short video clips saying that David Miscavige is an Asshole. Feel free to wear a mask or a costume, involve your pets, celebrity impersonations, different accents, exotic locations, etc. Full details out later this weekend. Thank you.

    ETA- No need to identify yourself or anything- just David Miscavige is an Asshole.

  • valshifter

    “Make no mistake, I definitely want to push you into a corner” hoooooo getting gansta here. Relax lady don’t take it personal. I know that is the scientology way but remember you guys claim is easy to use the court system to harass, did you forgot? getting trashier and trashier every time sound like you want to turn this into a street fight. next thing they will be coming into the court room dragging a leg and wearing a gold tooth.
    oh my are they sore about Marty Rathbum and Mike Rinder!!!, shees they mention them every time and whenever possible. It just shows how sore they are, that’s all.

    • This is what Dave thinks he looks like compared to what he actually looks like.
      (But not as cute.)

  • 8 days

  • Sydjazz

    Muahaha thems fightin words from scientology.ohh good for a giggle.

  • valshifter

    I wonder if they will try to pull another “scientology top management in action” on the 25th when Alex Gibney and all other attendees arrives at the airport, that is going to be good, everyone attending should have their cameras ready, oh gosh I can’t wait I just can’t wait.

  • Sydjazz

    Made possible by the members of scientology. How much did they get hit up for this?

  • Sydjazz

    (You know documents as in that word documentary) omg i can’t stop laughing. This is gold.mhow long did it take to word clear

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+** The new QuickFlag ** +–+ RED X *** Saturday 17th January

    Good morning Night Owls and Early Birds,
    See Graham instructions for the QuickFlag :
    The Regional List with the QuickFlag column is only updated once a day at 5am EST. fresh ads from 12:30pm EST & later are to be found and flagged in the Daily Wip tab.

    The score for yesterday,even 95 new/refreshed ads bringing the Last 4 Days DOWN from 432 to 378 and the 7 days Regional List DOWN from 664 to 646.
    RedX write up :
    RedX spreadsheet:
    For those who do not have much time but would like to send a message to Tony Chen do Sacramento with the QuickFlag in the Regional list TAB of the RedX spreadsheet. (see link above).

    Princess Monoke by Serafleur, enhanced by DodoTheLaser for RedX & flickred by Aegerprimo:

  • Shelly Britt Corrias

    So. Much. Media. From The Telegraph, Gibney’s film is one of the top 5 recommended:

    “Sundance Film Festival 2015: best of the line-up
    “We run down the best films at this year’s Sundance, featuring Scientologists, murderers, ex-gay Christians and Ewan McGregor playing Jesus

    “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (dir. Alex Gibney)
    “Alex Gibney’s documentary is based on Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lawrence Wright’s exposé of Scientology, a book which started life as a New Yorker profile of the ex-Scientologist director and screenwriter Paul Haggis. This is the tenth film that Gibney has brought to Sundance, and focuses on the stories of eight former members.”

    • Ella Raitch

      It seems we have confirmed Mike, Marty, Paul Haggis and Jason Beghe…wonder who the other 4 might be….?

      • I hope Karen and few other mothers..

        • Ella Raitch


        • madame duran

          In addition to Leah Remini, would like to see Jenna Miscavige-Hill, Marc & Claire Headley and Hana Eltringham-Whitfield in it.

      • valshifter

        I would love to see Paulette Cooper, and definitely Karen

        • Ella Raitch

          Claire Headley would be great

          • HillieOnTheBeach

            Chris Shelton would be nice too, though he’s said a few times he’s moved on in his life. Not quite what someone would say if they were one of eight people profiled in a high profile documentary, but who knows.

            • Chris Shelton would be terrific, period. Oh, Jefferson Hawkins is a must.

          • Robert Eckert

            The letters imply that Scientology thinks (with reason?) that Marc is among those interviewed (the accusation that one of the sources “stole money” from them is what they always say against Marc).

            • Funny thing is, Marc probably saved/made money for them.

            • Robert Eckert

              Very true. It is one of their bigger loads of “balderdash”.

            • As usual.

          • Claire rocks every time.

      • Juicer77

        I bet there will be some fresh faces, who have recently left.

  • Alex Gibney is Xenu reincarnate. We are all doomed.

  • Newiga

    Wow, 2284 comments.. That ad really shut the SPs up… 😛

  • sookiesookie

    I’m reading about the protests in Islamic countries over the latest Charlie Hebdo cover, and thinking about the violent reactions fanatics can have to simple words, pictures, the peaceful expression of another’s ideas.

    How could Scientology management be so, so tone-deaf, at a time when support for freedom of expression is riding this wave of emotion, to take out a full-page ad and website attacking it? If they had tried to come up with a *more* unpopular characterization of themselves, I don’t think they could have done any better!

  • madame duran

    I’m glad it’s the weekend so that I can take my time to savour every comment (all 2285 of them!) and take in Scientology’s delicious downfall. The cult’s panic, seething rage and shrieking is like music to my ears. The cult has no control in squelching this documentary and that delights me to no end.

  • Ella Raitch

    I think we need to raise the tone of discourse of the Bunker a tad. Forthwith, I would like to see much more use of the word balderdash. That is all.

    • sookiesookie

      I think you can count on that – indubitably.

      • HillieOnTheBeach


      • Ella Raitch

        Lovely. Now pass the cucumber sandwiches please, dear. I’ll be mother.

        • sookiesookie

          Right you are, two lumps, if you’d be so kind.

        • Illinoisian

          Thank you! (I love a good Darjeeling.)

          • Ella Raitch

            I’m a bit of a rooibos girl myself

            • Illinoisian

              Veddy healthy, and bracing, I’m told. But difficult to spell.

    • Mark Foster

      Scientology: Cult of The Balderdashians, an adjunct of the 4th-or is it the 5th?-Invader Force…

    • Eivol Ekdal

      Oh, and please pass the poppycock.

    • Miss Cabbage

      Hear, Hear!


  • ScooterLibbby

    I’m sure the readers & employees of the New York Times want to thank $cientology for helping the NYT stay profitable & in business.

  • I was surprised to see a Scientology ad airing during the Tonight Show last night. Don’t know if it was just WNBC or national, but it focused on their “volunteer” work.

  • Tj Jacobberger

    Do people still read newspapers?

    • PoisonIvyHerself

      Don’t forget, Scientology is permanently ensconced in the cold war 1950’s of LRH. A full page NYT ad would really be something back then. Now, meh. If it’s not trending on Twitter, forget it.

      I have to say, though, I WAS impressed that little Davey knew enough about what’s happening in America 2015 that he could write about the UVA/Rolling Stone Rape Story scandal. Wow! He reads Rolling Stone! “Gonna see his picture on the cover/Gonna buy ten copies for his mother” (or rather, Shelly, who has lots of time to read these days….)

  • Tory Christman

    Having been one of OSA’s pawns, I can tell you this, without a doubt: 1) OSA tells their members they are merely the “PR and Legal end of Scientology. “Fair Game” …a policy stating: “You can lie, cheat, steal, destroy someone utterly” by L Ron Hubbard) has been CANCELLED: FALSE! The name only was cancelled. Fair game they proved with this article they use to this day!

    2) They use members such as myself when “in” (a “True Believer” per academics who study Cults) to call in radio stations distracting OFF of “Scientology”. I also wrote to magazines telling them how happy I was, how Scientology works, how wrong their critics are. Of course their members (Self included when I was “in”) are NOT allowed to read or talk with ANYONE critical, except to “prove” they are wrong. It’s actually a “High Crime” per L Ron Hubbard to even LOOK at facts they insist, as above, are “False”.

    3) They say they’ll meet…..but will they meet with “dave”? HELL NO. All they can do is spread false generalities. I know, they’ve done it about me for 14 years now. Their lies about me are up to this day. How can you tell who is telling the truth? *I* (and most ex’s and critics) will meet and talk with them, any day. They will ONLY talk with whom they choose and when.

    4) They claim a “couple” tried to sue them and lost. Naturally they ignore the FACT that people are locked up, to this day. L Ron Hubbard said: “Get them in court, keep them in court, bankrupt them”. Did they answer about the people in the Hole?
    Read Marc”s book, “BlownforGood” from cover to cover and come back here and tell us what you think. The truth is, they CAN’T read his book. The people writing those letters are people who CAN’T actually LOOK, and LEARN the FACTS: I was one of them. I speak from 20 years of experience with these people. The worst part is the vast majority (Myself included when I was “helping them”) have NO idea of their dark side.

    One of their standard “Handles” for critics is “That’s old. That happened a long time ago….we don’t do that any more”. Really? WELL THEN WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE UP FLAT OUT LIES ABOUT PEOPLE AND REFUSE TO SPEAK WITH THEM? Answer that and you know they are brain washed liars who have no clue about the FACTS.

    $cientology says: “Not only is the credibility of these sources utterly lacking, each one
    was expelled from Scientology for malfeasance, lying, and conduct
    unbecoming a Church member.”

    First off, this is another of their new tactics:
    “We kicked them out” (they were “expelled”): BS. As an example, I left Scientology on my own. I ended up
    having to ESCAPE OUT as they:
    a) Cancelled my van to LAX

    b) The Vice President of $CIENTOLOGY
    was at LAX and told me: “We know where you are going and you are NOT going there”.

    c) The Flight I was going on was cancelled (coincidence? Maybe, maybe not).

    d) She followed me, carrying my suitcases
    around LAX until my new friends bought me a 1st class ticket so I could “Go into a special lounge she cannot get into and thus be able to safely get onto the plane”.

    e) Had my then husband meet me in Chicago O’Hare—saying “We need to go on a vacation” while I was changing planes

    f) Had a gang of OSA ops and Scientologists meet me at Tampa Airport, at 1:45 am, as I got off the plane, screaming. Thankfully, my new “SP” friends had called the Tampa Police, predicting this and the POLICE and my new friends helped get me safely out of the Airport.

    g) They have written FLAT OUT LIES about me since July 2000 when I escaped out.

    h) They declared me “SP” without ANY of the tools Hubbard said someone was supposed to have before being declared “SP

    i) On my SP Declare it says on the back “Her ONLY terminal is the IJC” (International Justice Chief). In 14 YEARS no one will answer me who is the “IJC”. I doubt it even exists. They are liars, phonies, mind controlled people who actually have NO idea about the FACTS they are trying to “Dead Agent” (Make dead, per Hubbard). Good luck, $cientology.

    As I always remind people: “Trust me on this, $cientology will ALWAYS prove what we do and say to be TRUE.
    This article, where they try and fail to once more slime someone exposing FACTS and true actions about them, does just that. Love to all of you 🙂 Tory Christman aka; Magoo!

    • Stacy

      Thank you for your post Tory. It’s always wonderful to hear from you, even though the story you tell is so sad. It’s great to know (from your video posts) that you’re doing well. You’ve inspired so many people, either to escape from CoS or to fight against this criminal organization.

      Thank you.

      • Tory Christman

        You are most welcome, Stacy!! I don’t consider my story sad….it’s an adventure that certainly made me LOOK and face up to many things I did not want to see. However, doing so has given me great pride and has also helped many people—ironically the goal I had for joining Scientology. LOL 🙂 MY best, Tory/ Magoo

        • Stacy

          You have a lot to be proud of.

      • Tory Christman

        Thank you very much, Stacy and others who commented on this. I’m not sure
        why your comments are not showing up on the main page. Anyone know? Anyways,
        thank you for reading it and letting me know your kind thoughts. 🙂

        • Stacy

          Disqus probably being weird. I noticed last night it was having problems loading properly. Maybe my comments will turn up eventually.

    • Wogalistic

      Thanks for your post!! I always love hearing about your escape!

      • Tory Christman

        You are most welcome, Wogalistic. Thanks for letting me know how you feel….it means a lot to me. 🙂

    • PoisonIvyHerself

      Tory, you’re a hero. Always.

  • alxj

    Can’t the Church students and staff remote-view that the Church top management have been committing a lot of High Crimes against their own Church on both their own staff and public? It is so sad that so many people are brainwashed just to go along with the Church but fail to background-check (which should really be the first step in any field) on the Church staff and their actions. With all these ESP abilities (if any) they gain from the Church for unnecessarily high prices, they still fail to put them to good use. So sad!!

  • BeeTee

    In one of those crazy Karen Pouw letters at the Freedom mag site, she asserts that “one of Wright’s primary sources was subjected to a judicial ruling that you can’t believe a thing he says and that he is entirely not credible. ” Huh? Who and what is she talking about?

    • And I’m Cute, Too

      Does it matter? She’s obviously making it all up.

      • BeeTee

        I don’t think she’s uncovered some smoking gun that will destroy the credibility of “Going Clear,” if that’s what you mean. But I do think it is interesting, and potentially enlightening, to look at the real information that gets transformed into these fevered claims, which most observers seem to agree are authorized if not directly authored by David Miscavige.

        I can’t imagine what a judicial ruling that “you can’t believe a thing he says” looks like.

        • And I’m Cute, Too

          Oh, wait, I just figured it out! Karen must be talking about Mary Reiser!

          Juiciest part:

          Judge Stacey Hydrick also concluded that Narconon Executive Director Mary Rieser lied in as many as ten depositions when she “repeatedly failed to produce, and on multiple occasions falsely denied the existence of clearly relevant, responsive documents and information.”

          Finally, Hydrick concluded that, when she asked Rieser on the stand about the omissions and false declarations, Narconon’s leader was simply not credible in her responses. In other words, she failed to tell the truth.

          • BeeTee

            Ha! “Simply not credible” does come close to Pouw’s claim. But something tells me that Mary Reiser isn’t the “he” that Pouw wants to discredit.

            • And I’m Cute, Too

              Oh, darn. Missed that little detail.

      • PoisonIvyHerself

        “She” is David. Channeling a single voice. “Eerily predictable” is a perfect way to put it.

  • Tory Christman

    $cientology says: “Using the courts and the media, these zealots claim as their goal to
    reinterpret the religion and take over the Church. So you absolutely are
    asking us to defend the Church’s tenets and faith.” The truth is $cientology nor L Ron Hubbard (founder and author of “Scientology Policies and technology” ) believe in “faith”. Faith in what? I’d love to hear this. (And spare me the “8th dynmamic: supreme being whatever you believe that to be”.) The truth is “God” and “higher powers” are rarely if ever mentioned in any of the writings of Scientology.

  • GrandEclectus

    Typical of this pathetic cult, they have created an entire website intended to discredit the book. It’s verbose. I wouldn’t even attempt to read the tripe.

    Of course it’s from Scamtology themselves. A poster at Amazon found the Whois info, before the webmaster must have masked it. Clumsy!

    • PoisonIvyHerself

      I’m sure those lingering die hards who are left will devour it with gusto!

      BALDERDASH! (I just love writing that!)

      • GrandEclectus

        YES!! Great word. Much more succinct.

        If you search this site, there is an article about that site. Very cool.
        Geez, they actually read it! Bless ’em.

        Scientology seems to think that throwing tons of words at people will suffice as defence. The more people babble, I figure, the less they have to say.

        I’ll see your BALDERDASH and raise you SHENANIGANS!

        See, scamtology, sometimes one or two words is much more effective.

  • Pier Paolo Caselli

    Why don’t support protest against Alex Gibney’s discredit with sheets like “JE SUIS CHARLIE” but written “JE SUIS ALEX” to show at premiere on Sundance Festival 25 january? I think it’s a great idea to show everybody that it’s time to stop the arrogant Scientology policy against freedom thought. Sorry for my english, I am italian.

  • Tory Christman
  • PoisonIvyHerself

    “Balderdash!” Indeed!

    Priceless, vintage David Miscavige. That man could talk a ruler into a circle.

    God, wish I had time to fully dissect. This is too good to be true. David, David, David. Tut, tut, oh là là. We can see you becoming more and more unhinged as you struggle to fight the realization that 1) the world already knows exactly what Scientology is and 2) the world could care less who YOU are and what bluster comes out of your mealy little mouth.

    Seriously, his pretzel logic should be taught in an abnormal psychology class. Wow.

  • afterallthat

    I wonder if the Koch Bros. are Scientologists.