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Eric Idle and Kirstie Alley discuss Scientology!

EricVKirstieWe’ve been discussing some awfully serious issues this week. From the suicide of a talented young woman who was memorialized at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, to the odd disappearance of a prominent 40-year member of Scientology, to the grinding arguments of a court hearing in Texas.

Oh, how we’d love a little comedy to lighten the mood. And thankfully, one of our all-time favorites of comedy was there to supply it for us!

We’re talking about the diverting little Twitter tussle between comedy legend and Monty Python member Eric Idle and Scientology actress Kirstie Alley.

On Tuesday, as we noted earlier, Idle posted a message referring to a man named John Wood who has been recognized in the press as Python’s most dedicated fan. But he’s also one of the UK’s most ardent Scientologists, and after some help exposing Wood by Bunker reader Media Lush, Idle publicly distanced himself from Wood and his latest endeavor, a dating site…

Later that same day, Idle mentioned that he was watching Steve Martin’s 1999 film Bowfinger — which features a send-up of Scientology as “MindHead.”


On Wednesday, Scientology actress Kirstie Alley did what she does best — play the victim — and accused Idle of using a “religious slur.” Did he? Anyone see a slur anywhere?


This was her very next tweet, two minutes later.


Naturally, Eric Idle had a brilliant comeback to Kirstie’s suggestion that she didn’t expect a “slur” from Idle…


And then, he had one last jab…



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Posted by Tony Ortega on January 24, 2014 at 07:00

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