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Eric Idle and Kirstie Alley discuss Scientology!

EricVKirstieWe’ve been discussing some awfully serious issues this week. From the suicide of a talented young woman who was memorialized at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, to the odd disappearance of a prominent 40-year member of Scientology, to the grinding arguments of a court hearing in Texas.

Oh, how we’d love a little comedy to lighten the mood. And thankfully, one of our all-time favorites of comedy was there to supply it for us!

We’re talking about the diverting little Twitter tussle between comedy legend and Monty Python member Eric Idle and Scientology actress Kirstie Alley.

On Tuesday, as we noted earlier, Idle posted a message referring to a man named John Wood who has been recognized in the press as Python’s most dedicated fan. But he’s also one of the UK’s most ardent Scientologists, and after some help exposing Wood by Bunker reader Media Lush, Idle publicly distanced himself from Wood and his latest endeavor, a dating site…

Later that same day, Idle mentioned that he was watching Steve Martin’s 1999 film Bowfinger — which features a send-up of Scientology as “MindHead.”


On Wednesday, Scientology actress Kirstie Alley did what she does best — play the victim — and accused Idle of using a “religious slur.” Did he? Anyone see a slur anywhere?


This was her very next tweet, two minutes later.


Naturally, Eric Idle had a brilliant comeback to Kirstie’s suggestion that she didn’t expect a “slur” from Idle…


And then, he had one last jab…



The Gary Weber story, part 2

Another interesting episode from Karen de la Carriere, J. Swift, and Angry Gay Pope…



Posted by Tony Ortega on January 24, 2014 at 07:00

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  • Shirley Eugeste
  • Jo

    Jason looks a bit like Davey?

    • Artoo45

      I can’t tell which one is Jason, wouldn’t that be the flushed one in the sweats and tee? Not sure who Poindexter is . . .

  • WhamBham

    Just watched Rock of Ages with TC….threw up in my mouth a little bit….

    • Guest

      Half of the 44 movies Tom Cruise was associated with were amazing. I recommend PT Anderson’s “Magnolia” or Michael Mann’s “Collateral” if you want to get the taste of “Rock of Ages” out of your mouth. When you act in as many movies as Tom Cruise has, there are going to be a few flunks.

      • WhamBham

        It wasn’t the movie, it was looking at Tom Cruise, who is a member of the disgusting cult of Scientology….

        • Sandy

          This person is trolling this site. Please ignore.

  • pronoia

    How’s everybody doing today? Ready for the weekend? Me too.

    And who believes Kirstie even gets the reference to the Spanish Inquisition? Or has the curiosity to look it up?

    • aegerprimo

      I’d place my bet that she does NOT get the reference, and thinks she knows everything about everything. She is a know it all, just like all other Scientologists.

      • TXCowgirl

        She stands by her convictions of ignorance.

    • Sydjazz

      How come she is such a huge fan but doesn’t know the life of brian. Religious slur? Monty python? Muahaha

  • sugarplumfairy

    Finally listened to Gary Weber’s story.. jeeeez.. How many forced abortions? “2 vans, going twice a week for months..” Jeeez..

    • Cat Daddy

      Scientology: The Baby Butcher Factory

  • Tony Ortega

    Bonus Friday post coming soon

  • Funnybroad


    • Funnybroad

      What the heck… another re-run

      • Cat Daddy

        a blue moon

    • Cat Daddy

      allways sweet

    • vistaril_LOL

      there is enough to go round:)

  • media_lush
    • vistaril_LOL

      sterling verk ML!

  • DeElizabethan

    Gary what he went through. I’m so glad that he decided to leave and did. Maybe, just maybe his daughter will get to know her father someday, when she see’s the light, since it’s in her genes and some hope there. Meanwhile I’m happy that he is living a normal life with a new cherished loved one now.

    • aquaclara

      Such a lovely note. I agree….and wow, what an incredible person to speak up, share and talk about the tough stuff. I admire Gary so much.

  • Sydjazz

    Lol that was the best ever

  • Sydjazz

    I think i need a smoke after erics comment here . Lol. Bloody legend

    • media_lush

      he didn’t resign as admin but he has lost a few members

  • cambriasvision

    Now I have to watch Holy Grail again…and Bowfinger, too!

  • Deeana
    Kirstie has received a new “honor”. She’s listed at the above link as a “celebrity who has aged horribly”.
    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer gal!

  • Clarity

    I’m very curious if Kirstie Alley has ever addressed the abuses of Scientology…..? The work for no pay, the RPF, the forced abortions, disconnection…all the stuff that many, many people have come forward and shared stories of their own experiences…..has she ever addressed any of that? Have any of the celebrity supporters ever acknowledged the rampant abuses of their “religion”?

    • Toni m

      They are ignoring the true about their “religion” (cult). So.. they are morally responsible for the abuses.

  • Sejanus

    Has Kirstie ever opened her mouth and not spewed venom, hate or intolerance in the name of Mindhea….er Scientology?
    I enjoyed her in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan, where she said very little and had yet to develop her anger to full bloom.

    I can understand very well now why she is single. A shame her looks are behind her with her best years, otherwise she could have married Tom Cruise and fullfilled her dream of CoS super couple.

    She claims to be enlightened, yet she routinely ignores the abundances of evidence and proof of the abuses and greed within her cult. Just not that smart I guess.

  • Feather

    Love this. Eric Idle is my hero. Hilarious.

  • Xenu Was A Nihilist


    How could Kirstie NOT expect (the always marvelous) Eric Idle to stick “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition….” in a tweet??? He prob did it while sleeping.
    LOVE that Eric Idle didn’t back pedal or let her fan the flames either.
    Sorry, late commenting on this one, the stupid flu has got me down, haven’t read a thing in days!!

  • mpl


  • Hekki

    He stated a FACT. And then said he didn’t support a website. How is that a “slur”? See, a SLUR would be calling them “$cientoloonies”.

    Because I’m not as classy as Mr. Idle. Who did nothing wrong, AFAIC.

  • GrandEclectus

    This is priceless! Krusties slip, Idle’s brilliant responses! For someone of superior abilities through the practice of her “religion”, she sure don’t show ’em. I thought she could levitate and zap people with her brain power. Defeated by an interior wog. Makes me warm and fuzzy! Xenu wins again!