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TEXAS SHOWDOWN: Can Monique Rathbun Get an Order to Depose Scientology Leader David Miscavige?

MiscavigeRomeA week from today, on December 11, the next dramatic chapter in Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit against Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, will take place in the Comal County courthouse in New Braunfels, Texas.

In August, Monique filed the lawsuit, accusing Miscavige of orchestrating a years-long retaliation campaign against her husband, Mark “Marty” Rathbun, that had the effect of subjecting her to harassment, surveillance, and distasteful pranks. Miscavige argued back in something called a “special appearance” that he has nothing to do with the state of Texas and should be let out of the lawsuit. That jurisdictional question has been scheduled to be heard on December 11.

Earlier this week, Monique’s attorney, Ray Jeffrey, asked for a continuance to delay the hearing, arguing that the people Scientology has made available for depositions didn’t adequately address the question. It’s Miscavige himself who should answer questions about his involvement in Texas, Jeffrey says. Judge Dib Waldrip has indicated that he will consider that continuance request at the previously scheduled December 11 hearing, and Jeffrey will get a chance to argue for deposing Scientology’s leader.

In the motion for a continuance, Ray Jeffrey argues that what is at issue is the assertion by the Rathbuns that David Miscavige has obsessive control over Scientology, and would necessarily have overseen the harassment campaign of the the Rathbuns. The church argues that Miscavige is an ecclesiastical leader with a limited role. But it’s only Miscavige himself who can testify to that, Jeffrey argues — after deposing two of Miscavige’s lieutenants, Warren McShane and Allen Cartiwright, it’s obvious that they have little day-to-day contact with their boss.

If Miscavige wants out of the lawsuit based on the facts of how he does his job, then he should testify to it, Jeffrey argues…

Neither Mr. Cartwright nor Mr. McShane are in a position to testify reliably concerning Capt. Miscavige’s involvement or lack of involvement in Texas activities. Only Capt. Miscavige can testify as to his involvement in the particular facts and circumstances of this case, or in Texas generally. Capt. Miscavige is seeking dismissal of this suit against him, and he has the burden of proving the alleged lack of jurisdiction over him. It would be procedurally and substantively unfair to make Mrs. Rathbun respond to this motion without being able to question his factual basis for the motion. As Capt. Miscavige proclaimed in his sworn declaration in the federal case of Fishman, et al v. Church of Scientology International, “I am visible and I testify.” There is nothing inappropriate about having him testify concerning his activities relating to this case and to his claim that this Court has no jurisdiction over him.

Jeffrey also makes the point that per the instructions of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the church is an obsessively bureaucratic organization, and yet it hasn’t turned over any substantive documents in relation to the years of alleged harassment — even though the church has now admitted that it sent the “Squirrel Busters” intimidation squad to the Rathbun home to stage protests for months.

If Waldrip doesn’t grant the continuance and doesn’t compel Miscavige’s testimony, Jeffrey will be prepared to argue the jurisdiction question on December 11 based on the evidence he’s been able to gather. And in order to bolster that case, today he submitted a massive collection of declarations by former Scientology employees. The filing includes declarations from John Brousseau, Michael Fairman, Chris Guider, Steve Hall, Jefferson Hawkins, Marc & Claire Headley, Mary James, Don Jason, Bert Leahy, David and Mercy Lingenfelter, Mark “Mat” Pesch, Mike Rinder, and Amy Scobee as Monique aims to prove to Judge Waldrip that David Miscavige controls Scientology, and uses that control to target former members in harassment campaigns.

We’re posting those exhibits in two bunches. In this first half, there are declarations from Brousseau, Fairman, Guider, Hall, Hawkins, the Headleys, James, Jason, and then the first part of the entire Debbie Cook proceedings from February 2012…


Monique Rathbun vs. Scientology: Affidavits Declarations Part 1

In this second part, there’s the remainder of the Cook testimony, and declarations by Leahy, the Lingenfelters, Pesch, Rinder, and Scobee…


Monique Rathbun v. Scientology: Affidavits Declarations Part 2

The December 11 hearing will also take up Scientology’s anti-SLAPP motion, and we hear that by Monday Monique will file another set of documents to respond specifically to that motion.

We’ll grab those when we can.

There’s a lot of material. Help us pick out the most remarkable statements from this huge collection of evidence.


Posted by Tony Ortega on December 4, 2013 at 17:40

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  • sizzle8

    I think forwarding these affidavits to the IRS and to your congress persons wouldn’t hurt.

    • Jimmy Threetimes

      It certainly wouldn’t hurt, but it won’t accomplish anything. One of the downsides to two-year terms on Representatives is that it forces them to constantly campaign for the next term. That is if they are not gerrymandered in or are not focused on aligning themselves for a higher office. In any case, Scientology is not an issue that garners votes, so they don’t care. It sucks to hear, but it’s the truth.

      • Barbara Angel

        Damn…. the IRS and Congress people are only interested in covering their own arses. That’s how LRH and Davey continue on and on and on, reeling in the dollars.

  • DodoTheLaser

    Marty posted this a few hours ago:

    “I have been a little consumed of late dealing with a psychopath who insists upon forcing himself upon our lives.”

    I wonder who is he talking about…

    • KJP in Portland

      Marty and Mosey have a well-earned, very comfortable retirement ahead of them courtesy of DM, when all of this done!

      • DodoTheLaser

        They might not settle…

        I wish them well regardless.

        • Barbara Angel

          Ditto x 1,000 I think EVERYONE here wishes them well. Most importantly if ‘wee Davey’ has to testify, this could really be the fatal Blow, that so many people have been waiting for. All those disconnected families; all those people forced into bankruptcy and then discarded, all those ‘Other’ victims of the fair game policy etc. A Lot is Riding on this case. I Really hope Miscavige FINALLY has to Answer to the LAW for all the Terrible, terrible Crimes he and his gang have committed.

          • DodoTheLaser

            And not accepting settlement money to shut down the case is the key.

            • Barbara Angel

              Yep, make ‘wee Davey’ have to face a Court of Law. Even if its only some of his Mis-deeds/Crimes, that’s better than none. And its been NONE for toooooooooo long.

            • Lurkness

              First the court will have to order that DM should be deposed. They could try to settle the case at that point then to prevent the deposition from happening. Even if order to sit for deposition, it will be limited to the question of jurisdiction over him (control over defendant corporations and his connections to Texas). Of course some good zingers could still be tossed his way at the deposition. To be required to answer for some of his crimes, particularly to Monique, will require this going to trial and him being called to testify.

            • DodoTheLaser

              Thank you, Mr. Lurkness!
              What would it take for the case to go in trial and for him to testify?

            • Lurkness

              Long way to go! In sum, we are still just figuring out if the proper parties are joined and can be legally sued in Texas. Then we will have discovery (getting records, more depositions, etc) and then trial, presuming no settlement and other problems along the way.

              Throughout there will be pre-trial motions trying to derail or dismiss the litigation, such as the pending anti-slapp motion. No doubt we will again see “we are a religion, this is beyond the jurisdiction of the courts” type stuff being tossed in as we go forward. We all know CoS will treat this as war/scorched earth, as LRH scripture dictates.

            • DodoTheLaser

              Thanks again!

            • Robert Eckert

              If Miscavige offers enough money, plus a consent decree forbidding him from all kinds of harassing conduct, Monique could take it and end the case. There is no particular amount of money that she is required to take, however. And Miscavige is very unlikely to make a sufficient offer. Money he would be willing to spend, but a ban on future harassment is what Monique is particularly insistent on, and admitting guilt in that way is just not Davey’s style.

            • DodoTheLaser

              Thank you Robert.

    • Barbara Angel

      Oh Dear; me thinks he may be referring to our, ‘wee’ Davey. I’m guessing ‘wee’ Davey will have no teeth left after gnashing them down to STUMPS, over Marty’s posts.

  • DodoTheLaser

    Mike Rinder posted his declaration on his blog.
    It’s more readable in that format, imo.

    Mike Rinder Texas Declaration

    Thanks, Mike!

    • Jerseygram


    • OrangySky

      Mike’s done a good thing. And methinks he ain’t done spilling the beans.

  • Graham

    Just signing on for the morning shift here in the UK. I see Disqus continues to ‘play silly beggars’, sending me up to the top of the page if I try to open a new post.

    • DodoTheLaser

      Yeah, same here still. Yet even when Disqus is broken, it works and helps people. 😉
      Hoping they will fix it soon.

  • Markthehungarian

    Please oh please make it so that Miscavige testifies.

    That way we will get to hear them call DM “Captain Miscavige” the whole time.

    Hah ah ah ah h ahah ah ah hah.

    You know they have to have had their tongue firmly in cheek when they wrote that. Seriously, I can’t stop laughing.

    H ah ahh ahh a

    • DodoTheLaser

      Judge: Captain Miscavige, please explain your title.
      David: I was appointed so by Commodore Hubbard.
      Judge: Thank you. Please take a seat.
      (The judge and almost everyone in the court room are bursting in laughs uncontrollably,
      while trying to act like they are sneezing, coughing and face palming).

      • hansje brinker

        After being under oath: “Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

        • Tory Christman

          That’s a good point….as I doubt “Dave” believes in any “God” except delusionally

          So…….he promising to tell the truth ‘so help me God” is a bit lame in this case.

          • hansje brinker

            Hay Tory,
            Nice to meet you here!

            Some day he will pray to god……if it is not already!

  • Kevin Woolard

    Damn this legal terminology – when you said depose, I thought you meant depose …

  • DodoTheLaser

    So the next event is the New Year celebration, which starts on December 27th and ends on 31st.
    In Clearwater, Florida, Ideal Tent (with another delightful draping covering it, I assume).

    Two questions:

    – Will it even happen, considering the hearing on December 11?
    – Will it last more than 8 minutes?

    • tetloj

      I like your thinking….

  • Sibs

    Oh dear, oh dear, so many declarations that all agree that David Miscavige micromanages and controls every aspect of Scientology regardless of the nominal corporation/organization. You can’t scream “conspiracy of bitter defrocked apostates” and “I have no business dealings in Texas” then turn around and brag about how you have to do all the work because nobody else knows what they’re doing!
    (I’m only up to Mary James, for the record)

  • tetloj

    I posted link to this article on Reddit – give it some click love people.

    (link coming)

    • DodoTheLaser

      Where’s the Reddit link?

  • DodoTheLaser

    I wonder if Tommy Davis got deposed yesterday…
    Hopefully it will be in Tony’s next post this morning.

    Oh, and may be even Leah Remini too!
    Thank you Santa for December 2013!

    • tetloj

      Did we stop giving enturbulatey names to the months e.g. January = Bamuary? What would be a good one for December?

      • DodoTheLaser

        December = Dismember? Figuratively speaking.

        • Graham

          Decimember? As in ‘to decimate’.

          • DodoTheLaser

            As in “dismantle”.

        • OrangySky

          PS – Nice to see you Dodo.

      • tetloj

        dev-t’ember (dev-t + ember)

      • Artoo45


      • aquaclara

        And uh oh, can we recollect our great names for the other eleven months now? There were goodies in there.

  • EnthralledObserver

    And I’ve finally finished the second half – whew, what a read! I have to confess, I usually skim most of these long winded legal documents, but these I had to read word for word – what a titillating blow by blow preview of the cause of the impending downfall of Dave’s stolen empire…

    • DodoTheLaser

      It’s Captain, not Dave.

      • EnthralledObserver

        Captain Makemerich… got it… my bad :p

        • DodoTheLaser

          Don’t make him angry, real angry!

          • EnthralledObserver

            I don’t have the fucking rank to make him ‘angry, real angry’, I know… I just KNOW. 🙂

        • tetloj

          Or Captain Dildo Dave

          • DodoTheLaser

            It’s a fringy hearsay.

            • EnthralledObserver

              Google porn…
              Well, that’s what I heard you say…

            • DodoTheLaser

              It was prone.

            • EnthralledObserver


          • hansje brinker

            Or Captain “Caveman”.

      • Snippy_X

        Or Monsignor or Reverend or Imam or Rabbi or any other “ecclesiastical” title, especially not Pope. It’s a military title and a fake one at that.

      • Tory Christman

        It’s “Dave”…he HATES being called that. HA HA Dave….come break my picket signs! LOL

        • OrangySky

          I prefer “Davey”, Tory! 😉

  • DodoTheLaser

    I’m gonna miss Scientology and MK Ultra shiny meter.

    Same goes for 1984. If a nightmare can be missed.
    And what a fucking learning curve it was. Dear God.

  • patriotchick

    Will the judge himself read these documents or will that be the task of a clerk or someone who will then summarize the materials?

    These documents take quite a while to get through, but they are riveting. Just ONE of them is so damning — I don’t have a word that describes the totality of these multiple declarations. Wow.

    Why, with this information at hand, doesn’t the FBI or some law enforcement body doesn’t go in and clear out The Hole? I bet that the people who might be in there today have no chance of ever getting out and possibly blowing, b/c DM can’t afford to have any more people leaving there. He can’t possibly survive many more of these kinds of declarations.

    • Robert Eckert

      The judge is supposed to read all this himself. In practice the clerks go through lengthy filings first to highlight for the judge what is really important– but in this case I bet the judge reads every word.

      • Bury_The_Nuts

        I am totally immersed in this stuff.
        Just so good.
        This poor judge has got to read this and just have his jaw drop at the audacity of the whole scam.

      • Ardent

        I agree. I think in this case the judge will certainly want to read every word. There is so much that contradicts my memories of statements made by SciLiar lawyers in the hearing so far. The judge must be filling his notes with invective!

  • And I’m Cute, Too

    A question for everyone at the Bunker: Yesterday, when I tried loading up this site, I got redirected immediately to a strange YouTube page, written in German. I got here just fine the next day, but it got me wondering whether someone might have hacked Tony’s blog.

    Just wondering if this happened to anyone else. So glad the Bunker is here, and still going strong!

    • Robert Eckert

      Others have reported the same strange redirect.

    • Ruby

      yes. it was an issue with wordpress or disqus, something, but got fixed. Tony commented to let us know there was no hacking.

  • shasha40

    Wow , those affidavits are packed with horror . I hope the Judge reads every one of them ! In honor of the Sooper Powerz & IAS gala successes I had to expand my usual mantra, Enjoy ! Sung to the tune of London Bridge is falling down.

    Scientology’s going down , going down , going down !
    Scientology’s going down
    Capt Davey !
    Build it up with tons of ” whales ,
    Increase stats , Do Not fail !
    Build it up with tons of ” whales “, Capt Davey !
    They’re not buying our shit no more
    New Org Openings , such a bore !
    They’re not buying our shit No more
    Capt Davey
    SP’s running all around ,
    on the net , entheta bound
    SP’s running all around
    Capt Davey !
    Bunkerites are spreading the word
    ” Bridge to Freedom ” , How Obsurd !
    Bunkerites are spreading the word
    Capt Davey
    Now it’s time for you to go ,
    it’s your turn , In the ” hole ” !
    Now it’s time for you to go
    Capt Davey
    Life is gonna be such a joyNo more regging Ever more !
    Life is gonna be such a joy
    Without you Davey !
    Everybody sing !

  • Bernard Leahy:
    “14. After returning home to Allen, Texas, my house was under surveillance on several occasions by persons driving in a white car in the alley behind my house.”

    Didn’t John Allender try to sacrifice himself for DM? John said that it was his personal decision to do the “Squirrel Busters”. But he would not be able to pay for surveillance and organise all this, would he? And would he be so professional to follow someone who did not like his job? This can only be the fingerprint of DM!

    • sizzle8

      To have ANY connection with an ‘SP’, including protesting, a Scientologist has to have official approval or else be guilty of a High Crime.

  • Guest

    why is counterpoint so frowned on here?

    • Karen715

      Because there is no counterpoint. To paraphrase a greater mind than mine: You are entitled to your own opinion; that does not make those opinions facts. The facts are this: Even if some people get some good from the “tech”, sometimes, the very core, the very conception of Scientology is evil. Scientology destroys lives.
      Scientology enslaves
      Scientology abuses
      Scientology lies
      Scientology steals
      Scientology kills.
      These things are all documented, by multiple people, multiple times.
      If you think can come up with a counterpoint to that, feel free.

      • Guest

        How is how your attitude towards criticism any different than Scientologys? Scientologists are delusional and convinced that they are in possession of THE truth and THE answer and there is no counterpoint to what they are saying, Scientologists reject the underground bunker families criticism and point of view. Clearly the underground Bunker family acts in a similar way when it comes to criticism. And for advocates of criticism, the underground bunker family sure shows a very low tolerance for reasonable criticism themselves. Anyone who does not agree with the underground bunker family must be a scientology spy or troll or a person to trying to “derail” the conversation here, or some other accusation or fiction meant to protect and reinforce the underground bunker family’s point of view and cast doubt on even the smallest counterpoint. The underground bunker family refuses to look at itself for even a second. I find it hypocritical and strange.

        • Karen715

          The difference is opinion versus fact. My opinion has always been that Scientology is bulls**t. However, that does not give me a leg to stand on. If Scientology was just about the beliefs, and their practices respected human rights and human dignity I would just shake my head and ignore them, just like I ignore all the other religions I don’t believe in (all of them.)
          Scientologists can reject all the facts they like. That doesn’t make those facts less factual.
          If someone came along with objective fact proving, not opining, but proving that Scientology is not what we believe it to be, then I’m sure that most Bunkerites would give a listen.

          • Guest

            Are you aware that your unspecific, general, vague, conclusions, charges, accusations and statements listed below, are not facts:

            – Even if some people get some good from the “tech”, sometimes, the very core, the very conception of Scientology is evil.

            -Scientology destroys lives.
            -Scientology enslaves
            -Scientology abuses
            -Scientology lies
            -Scientology steals
            -Scientology kills.
            -These things are all documented, by multiple people, multiple times.

            There is not a single fact in anything you said. Not one. The only facts is that you said those things.

            • aquaclara

              Today, Guest, is the anniversary of the death of one of your own. Scientology kills. It is a fact. It is beyond sad, and it is the truth.
              Scientology lies. It is a fact. I am sorry that they have trapped you in, too, but I hope that one day, you will feel free to doubt. Feel free to look around the internet. Look at the court cases that are public information, and document the abuses, the fraud and the destruction caused by Scientology.
              And maybe you’ll find your way out to a safer place.
              Good luck to you.
              December 5th. RIP, Lisa McPherson.

            • Guest

              I took your advice “Feel free to look around the internet. Look at the court cases that are public information”, and read through this:


              I am not sure what to take from it, the conclusions expressed are not black and white. A person died but there does not seem to be any agreement that Scientology played the part in her death that underground bunker family argue.

              I would describe any death as tragic for those who are left behind, especially those deaths that seem to have been preventable. I think of the 15 million children who will die unnecessarily this year. And the 100 million who died unnecessarily in the 1990’s and no one is outraged at these little boys and girls died and are dying slow painful deaths year after year.

            • Suppressive Tomato

              From that Wikipedia entry you cite, this is enough for me to conclude that Scientology played a very central role in her death. And this doesn’t even touch on the fact that she was being held in solitary for a long period leading up to those final hours:

              “However they passed a total of four hospitals along the way to their ultimate destination. When they arrived at Minkoff’s hospital 45 minutes north of Clearwater McPherson arrived without vital signs.”

            • Guest

              I got that Scientology were involved, definitely, it states that the women was in their care and so that is pretty straightforward. If you were there, you were involved. No grey area.

              But negligent or that Scientology caused her death? While the underground bunker family may be invested and biased and want to have that be the official story, that is not what I got from wikipedia.

              Fact: A person died.
              Opinion: The culture of Scientology was probably at fault in some way.

            • Suppressive Tomato

              I respect your fact vs. opinion viewpoint, but don’t you think that negligence is factually culpability, at least in some degree? If a person is in your care and is in obvious, dire need of medical attention and you inhibit or delay access to that care, I don’t consider it an opinion to conclude that you are at least a contributing factor to the outcome.

            • Guest

              People die and it is painful when people die other people go totally crazy to try and find blame. It is human nature. It is in the news every single day, a person does and others want answer others want a person to take the fall for their pain. The blame game is our of control IMO. Maybe no matter what the people who were involved did she would have died? We will never know.

              Do you think someone should get a lethal injection for her death? Do you consider it murder? Manslaughter? All I can say is I hope I am never around anyone when they are dying, I don’t want to be sued or blamed or have my life ruined because of their death. Like these drug addicts who die in the care of rehab facilities. It is a gruelling thankless risky job where one is taking care of at risk people who are on rails to fail.And then they die and families want someone to blame? Hey maybe, just maybe it was the person’s drug addiction that brought about their untimely tragic death? Could it be?

            • Guest


              People die and it is painful for the people that love them.

              When people die, other people go totally crazy to try and find someone to blame. It is human nature.

              It is in the news every single day, a person dies and others want answer others want a person to take the fall for their pain.

              The blame game is out of control IMO.

              Maybe no matter what the people who were involved did she would have died? We will never know.

            • Suppressive Tomato

              I understand you and get your viewpoint. But unless you’re doing some A to E’s or working on next week’s stats, you’re wasting your time here. Some of the Bunker community were never Scientologists, some were publics, some were high-ranking Sea Org … and pretty much everyone here has had the cognition that the current church is quite evil. You can raise questions, but you’re not going to convince many otherwise – especially those who have experienced the abuses first hand.

              Signing in as a “guest” for some posts and using “Ray” for others isn’t helping your credibility as a reasonable dissenter. Regular commenters here don’t always agree, but we keep consistent user names so we have some history and therefore orientation on who we’re in comm with.

            • Guest

              Some people have their profiles set to private, probably so they do not get stalked and trolled, I could not figure out how to set my profile to private that so I mickymoused my own solution, deactivate account and then reactivate it. There is no nefarious evil strategy in play nor any attempt to full anyone. If the underground bunker family wants to cast doubt on a person they will do it no matter what they do. I have no interest in conforming to the group think here and that makes me a threat in certain people’s view.

              I have posted scathing criticism of Scientology and said over and over, it is a bankrupt entity and will probably disappear sooner than later and so it should. But the drama queens here ignore that, and prefer to keep a war zone environment with a perception that there are threats around every corner, so they can bond with the others as they face the evil threat together.

              It is an american tradition to imagine enemies out there and have that be what drives your identity, so I understand that.

            • Suppressive Tomato

              OK. I guess the disconnect for me is that if you hold scathing criticisms of Scientology, on what do you base them if not on the abuses and illegalities alleged here daily? Anyway, I think it’s important to understand that for many regular commenters, this is a therapeutic experience to share stories and get validation from other who have experienced similar things. Sometimes hyperbole, sarcasm and outright anger play a role in that. I don’t begrudge anyone their viewpoint, even if I think it’s over the top or misguided. Personally, I love this place for all the humorous contributions.

            • Guest

              I base my opinions on their consistently horrid reputation. There is just too many upset people for there not to be some bullshit afoot. And a close friend of mine was harassed by Scientology. My own intersections with Scientology only lasted about one minute each time. Both times people approaching me on the street to get me to take a personality test. Both times, I politely listened and said no thanks and that was that.

              As for this place being a “therapeutic experience”, that raises an interesting point. I am well and “winning” as Charlie Sheen says and I always assume that the people I am talking to in any comment section on any topic, while I might find them “over the top or misguided”, are well and adjusted and “winning” as well. It is a flawed assumption on my part. I would never knowingly argue with a person who was using the conversation as a therapeutic experience. If what you are saying is true, I am at fault for not considering others in this way. On that note I am retiring from all posting. I appreciate your sober lingo free comments.

            • OrangySky

              Excellent TR-L’s, Ray. Very convincing.

            • Guest

              I googled “TR-L’s” and Scientology. Found this:

              “Scientology trains its members to lie. … criminals. TR-L — Training Routine-Lying — “trains the student to outflow false data effectively”, i.e., to lie convincingly.’

              Calling people a liar does not make them a liar, it only means that you are saying they are a liar. Maybe you perceive that they are lying maybe you don’t. Only you know. I don’t care one way or the other.

              All the tough guy talk that happens here, like casually calling people a liar, or telling people to “fuck off” is garden variety tough guy internet behaviour, saying and acting in ways you would not say to anyone’s face. Most of the people I have had the opportunity to meet who presented big loud personas on the internet were shut down little mice in real life.

            • OrangySky

              “People die”.

              In the words of your great COB.


            • Anonymous

              He’s trolling you.

              He’s an agent provocateur, probably here on a mission.

              Do not give in to what he is trying to lure you into, which is a response.

            • OrangySky

              Okay. I just wanted to call him out on his troll-i-ness, which is poorly done and tragically obvious.

              Done. Love you Anonymous.

            • Anonymous

              Back atcha.

            • Guest

              You are like a bunch of teenagers playing dungeons and dragons and buying into each others important fantasy worlds with utmost seriousness.

              Troll this and troll that. “oh no the evil one is trollliinggg youuu, run for your life, save the horses, runnnn”

              “omg you are so right – thank- youuuuuuuuuuuuu but he was tragically obvious to me and my super keen super internet powers”!!!!!!!

            • Anonymous

              You are probably right, so let me make it simple for you.

              Fuck off.

            • riotgrrrl

              as a mentally ill person i can tell you that hubbard says i am condition 1.1, and should be destroyed with no compunction. the facts are that she was on the street half naked and asked for help when the paramedics apporached her. i have been in bad psychotic episodes similar to that and the police took me to a mental ward, where she was taken. in the mental ward she would have been stabilized with drugs similar to hubbard’s preferred downer drug. she would have been fed a square meal and someone would have sat with her and TALKED TO HER. She would be in a safe place, with plenty of water and no dangerous vitamin crap to kill her liver. INSTEAD the church took her to the hotel and never spoke to her, but gave her an imposed silent treatment along with force feeding of vitamins and she wouldnt take water or food. she became unsure of who she was and the lack of eating made it worse. believe me, my psychosis was much worse when i became anorexic. psychiatry saved my life and it would have saved hers. she didnt pull it in. the psych drugs work, theyre safe when taken as directed. i was that little girl on psych meds and i was more alive for it. i found friends, even came out of my shell and became lead singer in a punk band that did well. and i didnt die even though i took pills every day and still do. i have a family, IM 39 AND I’M STILL HERE!!!!! you dont know the elation i feel just saying that. i recommend you read the handwritten notes made by her caretakers and delivered to miscavige. the care takers were forced into a scary situation they couldnt handle. read the notes. she would be alive today if she stayed in the mental ward. if she would have been put on a good antipsychotic. as a mentally ill person i feel you misunderstand me and all my brothers and sisters. its a lonely place, the you are silenced and ignored, shoved off while ‘otherr’ humanitary organizations claim to speak for us, but they dont. CCHR was instrumntal in closing down mental hospitals all over the country. these hospitals housed patients for decades, some their whole lives in these places. then they closed down their home, the hospital, and kicked them to the street. now being homeless sucks, i’ve known many homeless people even my husband was without a home. its cold, your hungry and your a living target for any bully that wants to beat you, kill you whatever. your only hope is to get the cops to arrest you because in prison your safer. it hurts my heart to have you treat us so.

            • OrangySky

              I’m so sorry you went through that riotgrrrl. I understand mental illness because it’s run through my family and a little in my own life. You are blessed you’re not in Scientology. You can get the help you need. God Bless.

            • OrangySky

              “The Underground Bunker Family”: you repeat that every chance you can. In the grown-up world of real media, we call that a ‘meme’. You are repeating that meme in order to give it meaning and power so you can use it against Scientology critics, who are growing more powerful and creative every day. It’s becoming as useful to you as the “Bitter Defrocked Apostates” meme. (And working just about as well, I might add.) Your ultimate goal is to subliminally equate the “Bunker Family” with the “Manson Family” – creating the impression of an intolerant cult that is as bad if not worse as the actual cult the site serves to criticize.

              The facts are not fitting into your meme, however. The Bunker has brought together a group of people from vastly different backgrounds – never-ins, exes, some courageous Indies, critics; lawyers, public policy professionals, ex-pats, Wall Street analysts, nurses, accountants, ex-military, computer geniuses, housewives, moms and dads, grandparents, teachers, media professionals, writers, authors, film/TV producers, journalists, farmers; Republicans, Democrats, Independents; Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists and atheists. These people share one thing in common – a sense of outrage at human rights violations and a horror at the concept of the imprisonment of the mind. Some of us like the Indies. Some of us don’t. Some of us want COB in prison. Others would be happy if the IRS just revoked CO$’ tax exempt status. All of us want disconnection ended. All of us think “Fair Game” is an abomination and has no place in any business let alone one that calls itself a religion.

              And because this isn’t a cult, we can voice our differing opinions. We can come and go as we please. We help each other out when we’re in need. We share one another’s joys and pains. But if someone leaves, we don’t chase him/her down and train cameras on his/her house.

              Your false equivalency is laughable. You need to take a class in persuasive logic. Then come back and try again. If Scientology is still around by the time you finish, that is.

            • Qbird

              ^^^^^^ well said O Sky

              “What was said to the rose to make it open, was said to me,

              here, in my chest.” ~ Rumi

            • Casabeca

              If we ever have a family reunion, sign me up 😉 !

            • DeElizabethan

              Very well stated. Thank you! (from a former scio.)

            • OrangySky

              You want FACTS? Would you like a “single” fact for each of your examples?
              – Scientology destroys lives. Let’s talk about the Sons of Anarchy actor who flipped out and killed his landlady and himself.
              – Scientology enslaves. Let’s talk about the executives in The Hole. I refer you to Debbie Cook, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Marc Headly, Claire Headley, and other affidavits from yesterday.
              – Scientology abuses. Let’s talk about Nancy Many being forced to sleep on the floor of a gasoline-stinking parking garage when she was 8 months pregnant. Even the MAA’s and Ethics Officers enforcing her punishment felt this was cruel and inhuman, and some were punished for saying so.
              – Scientology lies. Please read any Scientology published account of LRH’s naval career. Then compare it to the actual government documents.

              – Scientology steals. Please read about the credit card fraud at the Georgia Narconon.
              – Scientology kills. Today is the anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death.

              These are single examples off the top of my head with no reading.
              Don’t even bother to try and call these subjective.
              Your TR’s are in and they are impressive, but they are not up to par with those of us who do persuasive rhetoric for a living. You’d never make it a day in my line of work.
              You also haven’t REALLY read the ‘entheta’. You’ve skimmed it with your mind made up.

              You’re lost. And you’re failing here, except to get us to respond to you.

              Scientology – stick a fork in it, it’s done. It’s just going to be a long time before the final coals burn out.
              Oh – and belief-wise? If people still want to audit or talk about TR’s or the tone scale? Then let them. I’m happy for them.

              Just do no harm.

            • Guest

              “These are single examples off the top of my head with no reading.
              Don’t even bother to try and call these subjective.”

              Single examples? There is not one single fact in your post.

            • Jimmy Threetimes

              Fact: immediately after any post, you “delete” the comment, which does not remove the text but removes your name from it.

              Opinion: you are a fucking coward. Your Disqus display name, Ray, is probably not your real name, so why delete the posts immediately? What are you afraid of?

            • Guest

              Fact: I do not delete any comments.
              Opinion. you are the one who is afraid, threatened, looking for a fight

            • Mrs Libnish

              Kyle Brennan
              Alexander Jentsch
              Lisa McPherson
              Stacy Dawn Murphy
              Annie Broeker
              Operation Snowhite
              Operation Freakout

              “There is not a single fact in anything you said. Not one. The only facts is that you said those things.”

              The above are real people and documented situations. People who have DIED at the hands of Scientology. You have to be able to look at all sides before you make the types of comments that you make here.

              Did you know that Shelly Miscavige hasn’t been seen since 2006? Do you even know who she is?

              Heber Jentsch. Missing for a very long time. President of IAS.

              I can’t figure out if you are doing your A-E’s or just a volunteer OSAbot. But it will be revealed soon. Keep coming back!!!

          • Ray

            Here are some examples of what I would consider “facts” with no spin or analysis added to the fact. I will make up fictional event and names for the example.

            -The coroner determined that John Smith died of a heart attack inside a Narcanon facility on june 1st 21012 at 6:00 pM

            -Mary Smith said she “felt like a slave at Scientology” from June 1st 2000 until June 1st 2010

            -Between June 1st 2004 and June 1st 2010 Bill Smith spent $300,000 on Scientology programs and now says “it was a rip off and that I wasted my $”

            -On june 1st 1985 at 3:00 PM FBI found a file in a raid on a Scientology office that included a paper –signed by Tim Smith, an employee of the church, saying “infiltrate the government”

            On April 1st 2001 at 4:00 pm Kim Smith said that her daughter Tina Smith said “Now that you left Scientology I am not going to talk to you anymore”.

            I made all the above up but that is how facts sound when spoken. Facts are excruciatingly specific, facts state what was said and when and what actually happened. No spin or analysis or conclusion added on top.

            • IASREG

              You mean what Scientology believes to be truth…Hubbard’s definition of “truth” is the exact time, place, form, and event. This means you are full of shit.

            • Guest

              I did not and do not “mean” what you are suggesting and where did you get that from? I do not consider Scientology’s belief system (or any *religion’s belief system) to be factual.

              *If there even is such a thing as a “legitimate religion”, I do not recognize Scientology’s as a legitimate religion.

            • IASREG

              “Facts are excruciatingly specific, facts state what was said and when
              and what actually happened. No spin or analysis or conclusion added on
              top.” Fact, Ron Hubbard lied. No need for when and what specific lie of the thousands of lies. This false equivalency argument of the Bunker/Scientology seems mentally ill and irrational. You just seem too butthurt…

              Bunk, Flunk.

            • Guest

              “Fact, Ron Hubbard lied. No need for when and what specific lie of the thousands of lies. ”

              This is not a fact and is not even in the domain of factual. What I conclude from your statement is that you are not interested in facts or do not know what a fact is.

              “This false equivalency argument of the Bunker/Scientology seems mentally ill and irrational.

              How things “seem” to you is how things seem to you. Fine.

              “You just seem too butthurt…”

              I do not know what that comment section jargon means and am not interested enough to look it up on urban dictionary.

            • IASREG

              That is a fact. You could easily add dozens of incidents of supporting evidence to prove that fact. You are confusing known facts with supporting evidence of proof.

              Flunk, you will never get anywhere with these weird false equivalency arguments, circular arguments, and other assorted nonsense. It is great that you can’t engage in the nastiness anymore here though, isn’t it? Do you delete now because of the screen shots instead of editing?

            • Guest

              “That is a fact. You could easily add dozens of incidents of supporting evidence to prove that fact. You are confusing known facts with supporting evidence of proof.”

              Ok, I get that in YOUR world that is what a “fact” is. Fine. Let’s leave it there.

              As for your insults and accusations, what can I say, when people have nothing else to say, that is what they must resort to.

            • OrangySky

              You’ve learned your TR’s well, Grasshopper. Tragic that they are so tediously predictable.

              Now let’s talk about Mike Rinder’s declaration. Line by line. How about analyzing those FACTS for us?

            • Mrs Libnish

              “Fact, Ron Hubbard lied. No need for when and what specific lie of the thousands of lies. ”

              This is not a fact and is not even in the domain of factual. What I conclude from your statement is that you are not interested in facts or do not know what a fact is.”

              BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA…HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA!! Holy shit, are you kidding me? Read Piece of Blue Sky and Bare Faced Mesiah. Then come back and we can discuss. Oh wait. You aren’t allowed to let that entheta tarnish you. Right.

            • riotgrrrl

              i agree. yer fact oriented i see. i understand you right? i also believe in looking at facts, opinions and even eyewitness accounts are bullpoop. im just trying to understand.

            • OrangySky

              How about the documents posted at the Bunker last night for “facts,” ‘Guest’/Ray?

        • Straight Diet of Kerbango

          This is getting repetitive, Guest.

          1) You never give specific ‘counterpoints’ or facts to discuss. Vague and cagey bullshit every time. That is why we are tired and irritated with your posts.

          2) There is no singular, unified “the Bunker family.”

          3) “”how your attitude towards criticism any different than Scientologys”” For one, we don’t fair game Scientology, lock ’em up, take away their children in their teens, force sec checks.

          • Guest

            1) your opinion
            2) I can show you people here talking about the underground bunker and referring to each other as a “family”
            3) I said attitude not what you or they do. Both do not allow criticism, you have different unique ways of enforcing that.

        • Tory Christman

          Here’s the ultimate checkmate re any discussion of critics vs C of $:
          WE (Any Ex’s, Critics –peeps never “in” but exposing $cientology abuses,
          Anonymous and even peeps who still call themselves “Scientologists) ALL of us
          can say: “Come on over, let’s talk this out”.
          $cientology can NOT…ever.
          THAT, my friend, whomever you are………………..IS

          My best to you, and if you’d like to prove me wrong, please let us know
          a time and place you and any of the members of $cientology will be at.
          We will be there 🙂

          • Guest


            What are you talking about? So much condescending self righteous incomprehensible cryptic gobbledygook. “Prove” what “wrong”?

            If you want to read what I wrote again and would be generous enough to respond to all or some part of what was actually written that would be swell, otherwise, use it for your silly old self congratulatory rants/monologues if you must.

            • riotgrrrl

              chill dude maybe you should take a step back away from the computer and come back when you arent so upset. then we can talk

            • Guest

              chill lady maybe you should take a step back away from the computer and come back when you arent so upset. then we can talk.

            • riotgrrrl

              lol yer so silly. boobs. blue footed boobs. the best boobs ever. checkmate!

            • riotgrrrl

              no im chill. you need to smoke a bowl or something. no worries. it could change your life, like derek said. thanks for calling me a lady though! real sweet thanks!

            • Mrs Libnish

              You totally remind me of Magoo….I can’t WAIT until you wake up, blow and join our “family”. You are the only OSAbot who has named us as “family”…it’s sort of mobish and cool.’s Friday so you Thursday stat deadline is up. See ya next week…

          • riotgrrrl

            tory i am new to posting but i wanted to let you know that when i first found your youtube videos i went through 500 videos soaking up all the info you put out. i think you are awesome and adorable and very kindhearted. thank you for helpng me understand scientology and for standing up for the NIS; your video has been viewed by many of them i heard and hopefully it will save them from falling victim too.

          • OrangySky

            Tory I adore you. Can I ask you a “technical” question? Now that you’re out, have your official SP Goldenrod and are outspoken about your opinion that pretty much all of CO$ is a crock dreamed up by a world-class con man, what does that make you?
            Even though you’re an OTVII, are you technically busted down to “Wog” again? 😉

          • i-Betty

            You rock, beautiful Tory.

        • OrangySky

          Typical troll line of argument. Yawn, sigh, straw man argument, false equivalency, yada yada yadha. Go back to rhetoric class. You clearly FAILED the first time.

  • Chains of Mind

    Wow! They are going in for the kill!

    • Guest

      Humans are inate killers. We have not changed much in two million years. We have invented toilets that can flush both ways but still kill when we perceive that we are threatened, real or imagined. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      • riotgrrrl

        breathe in and out your nose deeply. close your eyes and listen to your breath, the birds outside, stop thinking of killing. do this once a day and take a healthy dose of antipsychotics and you wont be so prone to be violent. there is no reason to attack or kill. we r all the same. realize that and namaste….

        • Qbird

          sweet riotgrrrl ~

          • riotgrrrl

            oh my gosh! squeeeeeeee! thank you!

      • i-Betty

        Oh for the days when we were but simple clams 😛

  • Peter Robinson

    Captain Calamity? Apologies if it’s been done already! Or perhaps Captain Cockup?

  • Minion Gayle

    I think I’m going to have to arrange to have a really bad allergy attack and have to stay home from work on Dec. 11th.


    *cough, cough*

  • Suzy

    Bamboo cages and autopsy dummies…too much to absorb in one sitting

  • Mrs Libnish

    I’m going to jump on my soapbox now.

    For all the Marty-bashers out there…the day has finally come. Marty has said many times that he has given in-depth details to the FBI, to the media, etc. What they chose to do with it was up to them (mostly nothing).

    He has no responsibility to give details of his past to anonymous (little “a”) people online who demand that he come clean with his crimes and do time for them. None.

    He has, however, chosen to spill the proverbial beans to the interwebs now that he has some control over how it is used, and to make sure that it is used to the utmost effect. WHY would he give details, upon demand, when that would show all his cards and do nothing but bolster DM’s deffense and let him know how far Marty was willing to go?

    He’s been out for a while now, he heavily drank the kool-aid and was in for almost all of his adult life. It’s taken him sometime to decompress, and watching it unfold has really been interesting. He is taking a stand in defense of his wife and small child and using the ammo he has including asking other would be “criminals” in the upper echelons of CO$ to come forward and share their details, as well. I see no better reason than this for him to choose this time to whip out his cards and throw them on the table. Unfortunately for David Miscavige, I see a Royal Flush.

    So shut the fuck up and get off his ass. He probably has hurt you and yours, in the past. I understand the emotions involved with that. Heal thyself…don’t be dependent on someone else to do it for you. And counseling could help too.

    Ok, I’m done. Let the flogging begin…

    • DeElizabethan

      Hear, hear!

    • Guest

      So you personally want to choose who gets held accountable by the court of public opinion and and for what and who does not? How does that work exactly? Who gets the Mrs. Libnish Free Pass Card and who does not? Maybe you could post an extensive list of whose past is all forgiven and who still has to give a pound of flesh. The World According To Mrs. Libnish.

      • Mrs Libnish

        Ya Guest, I do. It’s called Freedom of Speech. They don’t tell you about that in the cult.

      • i-Betty



        1-866-XSEAORG – The call is completely free and can be made from any public telephone

        If you’re a Scientologist reading this and you are having doubts about your religion, whether it be the doctrine, the incessant, relentless regging, or the leadership, but are afraid to leave because it’s all you’ve known, or you’re afraid of what to expect on the ‘outside’, please give the number on Baby’s sign (below) a call; it’s totally free. You can speak anonymously and in strict confidence to somebody who can help you, and will receive non-judgmental moral support, as well as real advice for setting up your new life and getting back on your feet.

        I promise you, the outside world isn’t the enemy. As in all walks of life, some people are idiots, but most people are kind, hard working, honest, loving individuals, just living their lives. Many, many people have already left Scientology and are living happy, fulfilling, peaceful lives filled with family and friends – old and new – who love them. They, too, felt your fears as they began their break away from the church. Some took a leap of faith and discovered that the landing was soft, welcoming and forgiving. Some needed to take baby steps. But they all moved in one direction: towards the door.

        For them, every day is now an adventure and they are the architects of their own lives.

        You may be feeling:

        Sadness and loss over saying “goodbye” to those ideals in the group you thought you could admire, the fellow members you thought were your true friends, or the time and money spent following something which turned out to be false…

        Fear, that this may have been your last hope for happiness, success, enlightenment, or your eternity; that you are no longer protected by the powers of your leader and are vulnerable to evil; that you will make bad decisions for yourself without the group’s guidance, or that you will be punished for leaving…

        Loneliness, at the thought of leaving intensive relationships, and now needing to reconnect with family and friends who live in a manner that your religion criticized…

        Confusion, about what to believe, and how to make good decisions for yourself and your future…

        Guilt, possibly associated with having broken ties to loved ones, or for having recruited others into Scientology…

        Shame, when realizing you were involved in an organisation that maybe made you behave in a way that you’re not proud of…

        If Auditing and Training are still important to you they are both available outside the church, but without any of the hoops attached which you are currently expected to jump through…it is cheaper, and there will be no sec checking.

        It might help you to hear stories from others who were in your exact same situation. There is a great website called The Big List That Left Scientology. Here is the link: Click on the alphabetical letters across the top to find people you may have known, and to read some inspirational stories.

        You might also like to look at the “Dear Scientologist” series of letters written by ex-Scientologists which are specifically tailored to be free of any reference to OT materials. They are beautifully written and might begin to help you make sense of your questions and confusion. Here is the link:

        Last, but by no means least, the Freeloader Debt is NOT legally enforceable – that means they can’t make you pay it.

        Call the Toll Free number. It might just be the first step to the rest of your life.

        And call your family. Please. They never stopped loving you and hoping that one day you would come back to them. The Christmas holidays are near. Give them a call, send them your love. No guilt, no shame.

        We wish you so much luck and love.

    • OrangySky

      Mrs. L, I believe Marty and Mike are in a long-term process of making amends to a lot of people. And I believe they are doing it honestly and to the very best of their ability. A year ago I never would’ve believed Marty would come out and say “I don’t consider myself a Scientologist.” A year and a half ago I never would’ve believed Marty would’ve ever said a negative word about Sir Flappylips, LRH, but he has. And so has Mike!

      If Marty has indeed given all he knows to the FBI (and I hope he has), then shame on the FBI for not taking it to the wall and nailing COB with it. Of course, I don’t expect much of the FBI or the IRS in regard to Scientology; the former because they have all their budget tied up in “War on Terror” red tape and the latter, because they are scared s#@*tless.

      I DO believe they are both watching the legal events from afar and will step in with vigor if they perceive it’s an easy win and all the hard work has been done for them. That’s why I’m so happy about these documents filed by Ray J that are now in the court record. These statements have been made and they can’t be unmade. Every little bit of evidence adds to the big picture.
      I believe it will happen in our lifetime. Tick Tock, Davey.

      • Mrs Libnish

        He has shared with the FBI. Tony reported on it extensively. I’m too lazy to dig up the link. Sorry 🙂

    • Whoknew

      I don’t know much at all about how this would work within the church, but in the real world (at least mine), admitting wrongdoing can boost your credibility. It would seem to me that honesty would ring true for people. If David just quoted Marty’s confessions…not much different from attacking his character the way he does anyway. If the FBI knows all, and victims know too much, and random others know enough…Idk. Does he really need to list all the specifics to issue a sincere general apology? That would be a big step. I’m just confused about why it is such a hard thing to say.

      • Mrs Libnish

        There are a lot of people who won’t forgive him until he puts his laundry list out for all to view. Some have been personally attacked by him, so emotions run high. It’s a real tightrope…but you can’t make everyone happy all of the time.

        • Whoknew

          I agree. He’s in a difficult spot. There has to be a middle ground…an attempt. But maybe he’ll get there with time. It was sort of mind-boggling to me when Mosey said in a video that he would not apologize. I get that he was in a horrible situation, doing what he was told to do. And he’s still got plenty of trauma no doubt. Maybe he can get to the place one day where he can say, “Even though I felt I had no choice to do the things Miscavige wanted me to do, I still feel badly that I was the tool that he used to hurt people. I’m really sorry I hurt people. We were all pawns in a cruel system. I hate that I caused some of that pain, even though I did it without wanting to…or realizing how much damage I was causing.” Something like that would help some people and probably be freeing for himself too.

          • Mooser

            The problem seems to be that Davey just don’t share. Maybe if he spread it around a bit he wouldn’t end up with so many former associates dedicated to seeing him undone.
            To get within, to struggle up , to hope for a spot at the very top, and then find there’s a ceiling, that all your work and devotion won’t pay off, can make a person into a very resolute and determined enemy.

          • Mrs Libnish

            I have no doubt he does feel that way. You can see it in his blogs and responses to comments. Some people, Scientolgist or not, just can’t make those steps.

  • Suppressive Tomato

    I’m postulating that Sir Hemet TC Burlwood, VIII, needs to head on over here and meet “Guest”

  • Happily, when “Capt” David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige is deposed, he will not be able to steer the conversation away from the topic. Which is what the trolls are trying to do. And some of you people are letting them (simply by answering you are doing what they want).

    Don’t feed the trolls!

    Savour the anticipation of DM explaining how he is terrified of even thinking about the consequences of breaking the law (quoted on the splendid and worthwhile )

    “Wait a second, I’d like to note for the record that Mr. Ward here, said he
    was doing TR 1.1. And I would just like that noted here. That is probably not
    understandable to someone who is not a Scientologist, but it is definitely an
    attempt to demean the religion[sic] of Scientology and I’d like that noted for
    the record. This TR 1.1 refers to a writing by Graham Berry, where he states
    that he will start up a 1.1 Club, including, qualifications for this for non
    homosexuals, is that there will be a public buggering of the leaders of Scientology.
    Buggering of course I think you know that it refers to sodomy and that is I
    understand what the 1.1 Club is. I think that’s what Mr. Ward was stating that
    in reference to. “

    • Mooser

      “Don’t feed the trolls!”

      No troll even comes near the place when I am around, they know better. I go away for a day, and here they are again. Oh well, at least they know who to be afraid of. Gotta give ’em credit for that much sense.

  • i-Betty

    This is incredible. I’ve been really busy the last 2 days but I’ve had the Scribd declarations up on my PC for both of those days without shutting down my computer and every so often I come back a read a few more pages. It’s so absorbing, and so damning. Great work from all involved.

    • Mooser

      I’ve never seen the trolls as frightened as they are by this thread. Gosh, I wonder what it could be that’s got them all “het up”?

      • i-Betty

        I’ve finally finished reading all the declarations and my head is spinning. An extremely well-informed legal team has been hard at work here ensuring that each declaration complements the last. Taken separately each person’s testimony is extremely damning. Taken together as a whole it is utterly devastating. Excellent work!

        • Sandy

          Betty – it took me, also, until now to work my way through all of this. Wow. Some very damaging testimony for sure. Who knows how this will play out in court, but super interesting info to get out into the public domain.

  • Jgg2012

    In the Debbie Cook and Pat Broeker PI cases (which Jeffrey also argued), did the Church deny that Miscavige does, in fact, run the Church? Does anyone other than him ever hold the opening ceremony for an org (there are at least 2 orgs in Texas)? From the Church’s own site, I got this:

    Davey’s name is even in the url, if you look.

  • Sydjazz

    Dang wow. Go get em girl