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And Now For Something Completely Different: Scientology Stand Up!

ValleyOrgThumbYou just have to hand it to the folks in the San Fernando Valley. They’ve tried raising money for an Ideal Org with bowling nights and by selling doorknobs. And now, well, apparently it’s time for a little old-fashioned show biz.

For those just joining us, the Church of Scientology is in the grips of crisis, and is losing members in part from the endless rounds of fundraising to purchase new buildings dubbed “Ideal Orgs.” Church leader David Miscavige has made these projects a priority even though they’re replacing facilities that weren’t full to begin with. So local members, like the trio in this video, have to come up with creative new ways to convince wary parishioners to come on down for another round of heavy fundraising pressure.

In the Valley, that means trotting out reliable Nancy Cartwright and Jim Meskimen for a night of hilarity!

First, enjoy this new entry in the pantheon of epic Scientology music videos…



And here’s the flier it came with…


In that roster of spectacular talent, we noticed a reference to “Laughworks.” What’s Laughworks, you ask? Well, imagine the hilarity that ensues when you have a comedy troupe made up of high-level Scientologists who perform skits without curse words and without references to sex. Talk about a night of laughs!

Laughworks is the brainchild of a Scientologist named Tom Solari, who has performed for many years, in particular with a fellow church member named Clark Carr.

Hmm, Clark Carr. Doesn’t that name sound familiar?

Sure, you remember — two weeks ago, it turned out that Scientology’s drug rehab in the Atlanta area was not only the subject of a criminal probe of insurance fraud, but also an investigation of credit card fraud. Multiple former patients told law enforcement that Narconon Georgia had fraudulently taken out credit cards in their names, and then had maxed them out.

Well, it turns out that Carr is the president of Narconon International, and when he was asked about the allegations, here’s what he said to WSB Radio reporter Pete Combs:

It would, of course, be contrary to Narconon’s policy to engage in the conduct you are alleging and I am unaware of it ever happening. Narconon International and all Narconons are bound by strict state and federal privacy laws. Therefore, we cannot discuss any details about any individuals or their loved ones that claim to have been involved with our program without their written authorization.

Is that so? Actually, former Narconon official Eric Tenorio tells us that taking out credit cards in the names of patients is nothing new for Narconon. He shared with us this Michigan Narconon e-mail from 2008, which he said would have been shared with high-level executives, including Carr…

His son started in the program 5/9/08 and when it came time for financing he spoke to [official] about getting his own financing with his own Bank. This was the agreement as to the payments of the program. [Official] went against his original agreement and with [patient]’s personal information; Name, address, social security number and birthdate he had several credit cards open accounts under his name and since then he has received about six credit cards of Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. He said he has received two Visa cards, two Master Cards, one American Express and two Discover Cards. He has received cards from companies like Capital One, Bank of America and banks he has never heard of.

The e-mail goes on to explain just how difficult things have been for the patient as he struggled to cancel the cards.

Well, maybe Carr is better at comedy than he is at running Narconon. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Thankfully, Laughworks has a website with examples of its comedy stylings. In this video, that’s Carr on the left — he’s tall and balding…


Isn’t that wholesome fun? And in this one, Carr is playing a wealthy man named “Thurston”…


Well, there’s no doubt about it, those Valleyites are in for a big night of laughs!


Posted by Tony Ortega on May 17, 2013 at 07:00

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