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Scientology Metaphysics: After Death, Will You Go to Mars or Venus?

MarsThis promises to be an amazing week here at the Underground Bunker. On Tuesday, we’re told, the Oklahoma legislature may finally approve a new law that will put Scientology’s drug rehab flagship center in that state, Narconon Arrowhead, under stricter state control (and may actually put it out of business). Another big story we’re following — Luis Garcia’s federal fraud lawsuit in Tampa — may produce a huge finding from Judge James Whittemore about Scientology’s insistence about religious arbitration.

And in the meantime, of course, we’re still excited about Friday’s police raid of Scientology’s drug rehab facility in the Atlanta region, the first raid by law enforcement of a Scientology facility in the U.S. since the FBI swarmed church offices in D.C. and Los Angeles in 1977.

These are exciting times! But let’s not forget the founder of our feast, L. Ron Hubbard, and his wise words. Keeping up on Scientology’s beliefs is not an easy proposition. Take the publication Slate this week, for example, which included this whopper in an otherwise quality piece about Tom Cruise…

“Scientologists deny any belief in reincarnation,” the story asserts, but that’s a major error. Actually, belief in reincarnation is one of the few things that Scientologists are happy to divulge. It’s what happens between lives that Scientologists are more shy about revealing.

Thankfully, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard spoke very plainly what he says happens after you die and take up another body. He revealed it in a 1963 lecture as part of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, which church members flocked to in order to go “clear.”

Wouldn’t you know it — we found a lengthy excerpt from Hubbard’s 1963 lecture, and we’re happy to share it with you. This is really amazing stuff: Hubbard begins by telling of his amazing experiences hanging out in the Earth’s Van Allen Belt, which he says is actually toasty warm, even though scientists believe the temperatures several thousand kilometers above the planet are low enough to freeze off your dangly parts!


In this excerpt, Hubbard begins talking about your experiences after you die, then there’s a break, and he takes up later what it means for Earth. After the excerpt, we’ll do our best to summarize what he’s talking about…


The recording begins several minutes into the lecture, when Hubbard explains that recently, he’s been exploring the solar system in an exteriorized state — in other words, as a thetan, separate from a corporeal human body. He’s been hanging out in Earth’s Van Allen Belt, where scientists say the temperature is about -450 degrees Fahrenheit, or just above absolute zero. But Hubbard claims that while he was hanging out there, the temperatures were quite warm.

He then reported that he felt less than in control of himself, and that things appeared odd — suddenly he found himself on the planet Venus. Hubbard determined that after a person dies, he or she then travels to Mars or Venus to undergo a “between-lives implant.” In other words, your inner soul — a thetan — travels to a way station where your memory is erased, and a hellacious implant is put into your mind before you take up another body on earth.

“Of all the nasty, mean and vicious implants that have ever been invented, this one is it. And has been going on for thousands of years. It’s the most complete memory wipeout system and the biggest bunch of lies that anybody ever had anything to do with,” Hubbard says.

He then asserts that time spent between death and your rebirth takes longer than previously expected — more than 69 days, he says, because the tricksters running things on Venus or Mars are filling you with images of your death that actually didn’t happen. The nefarious bastards!

The recording then skips past about twenty minutes of Hubbard cogitation about your “whole track” that would probably motivate most modern listeners to commit suicide for the boredom.

Then the recording picks up again, and Hubbard notes that this kind of implanting has been going on a long, long time. And it was Mary Sue — his third wife — who pointed out that it was a lot of effort by “them” to keep an OT (high-level Scientologist, an “Operating Thetan”) from keeping his or her awareness of themselves from life to life.

“Hey, now, that’s quite a thought! Isn’t that quite a thought?” Hubbard asks.

For some reason, he says, the powers that be whisk you away between lives to places like Mars, which appears to be a nicely-maintained place, for your heavy between-lives implant. (Earlier, he had said that he’d been compelled to go to Venus, where he was almost run over by a locomotive.)

Hubbard says he’s simply relaying what he found on his travels around the Solar System: that someone is making sure that human beings have their memories erased after they die, at relay stations on Mars and Venus, and that they then take up new bodies having no clue what they went through before.

“I don’t pretend to have the answers to these questions…I’ve seen the room. And you’re just beginning to look at it,” he says.

As he explains in other parts of this lecture, Hubbard says only Scientology can help defeat this implant, so that a high-level Scientologist can go through lifetime after lifetime while retaining the memory of what he’s gone through. And isn’t that possibility thrilling? Now, perhaps, you can see the appeal of Scientology!


BREAKING: Kerry Kennedy Appearance at Scientology Front Group Delayed

Well, isn’t this interesting. After we broke the news that Kerry Kennedy, daughter to RFK and a human rights advocate, was scheduled to schmooze with Anne Archer in her house at a May 1 meeting of the Artists for Human Rights — a Scientology front group — now Kennedy has postponed and Archer has moved back the event to the fall. We are sure our readers weep with her…



Two Very Heterosexual Males Bond at the Stonewall Inn

In 1969, the gay rights movement in the United States started on a fateful night at the Stonewall Inn, a bar in New York’s Greenwich Village. And last night, two heterosexual males with enough confidence in their sexual orientations decided that the best damn place to get roaring drunk together was at this monument to human rights. And hence, we offer this photograph to commemorate this event, which involved a lot of future planning of enturbulation which we hope readers of this blog and fans of the BBC will be looking forward to for months and years to come. To wit….


And yes, a damn fine time was had by all. Especially the planning of future events…


We only wish the loyal readers of the Underground Bunker had been along for the good times.


Posted by Tony Ortega on April 29, 2013 at 07:00

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