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Scientology's "Disconnection" Policy: Music Lovers, This One Will Break Your Heart

Mario Feninger

Mario Feninger

Scientology’s reputation for cruelty, for embodying the concept of a “bully,” is well earned. But few of its acts of inhumanity have affected us like the story we have for you today.

It involves a man who is renowned for his skills at the piano, a teacher who has been hailed for his technique by such well known students as Chick Corea and Tom Constanten.

And now, at the age of 90, the man’s church has compelled him to cut off all contact with a pupil who had been helping to support him financially. Why? Because that pupil dared to walk away from Scientology.

In order to tell this story, we first need to revisit briefly our previous pieces about the late legendary acting coach Milton Katselas and the man who replaced him at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Allen Barton.

Allen Barton

Allen Barton

As Barton told us two years ago, Katselas spent the last few years of his life bewildered by the attacks being made upon him by Scientology through a wealthy church donor named Grant Cardone.

Katselas was a Scientologist, and his acting school became a famous recruiting ground for actors into the church. But Barton told us that Katselas wasn’t really interested in recruiting for the church, and as he grew older, Katselas also became less involved in Scientology. In 2003 or 2004, he says, the church went on a kind of “jihad” against Katselas, as former students like Jenna Elfman began to cut off ties with him because he wasn’t, in the eyes of Scientology leader David Miscavige, sufficiently devoted to the cause.

Milton Katselas, 1933-2008

Milton Katselas, 1933-2008

Barton himself stopped his involvement in Scientology in 2002, and he watched in dismay as Katselas was subject to increasingly vitriolic attacks, particularly a 2007 smear campaign led by Cardone. The next year, Katselas died.

Barton, who had started working at the Playhouse in 1993 and became its CEO in 2003, took over as its majority owner after Katselas’s death. Barton says the Playhouse is going very well as a business, and Katselas would be happy to know that it is still thriving. A few of the actors associated with it are Scientologists, Barton says, but the days when the Playhouse was a recruitment center are long behind it.

Besides running the Playhouse, Barton is a theatrical director and a pianist. And he ascribes much of his success as a musician to his teacher, the legendary piano instructor, Mario Feninger.

Born in Cairo, Feninger became a celebrated performer in France and Italy. He also became involved in Scientology at a very early time, and got to know L. Ron Hubbard personally. Barton believes that Feninger was involved with bringing Scientology to Paris and opening up the original “org” there.

Feninger has long lived in Los Angeles, and in the late 1990s, Barton went to him for lessons.

“He changed my way of playing. And he changed my life,” Barton says. “He’s a sweet guy, and we became very close.”

Here’s a sample of Feninger’s superb playing, showing that he’s maintained his skills late into life…

After 2002, Barton says, Feninger was aware that his pupil had decided to stop participating in Scientology.

“He knew that I’d pulled away from the church. And we were open about that with each other. He’s a tolerant person. It didn’t affect our relationship at all.”

When Feninger ran into some trouble, Barton says he was glad his teacher came to him.

A young Mario Feninger, from his website

A young Mario Feninger, from his website

“Six weeks ago, he came to me, needing money. I was glad to provide it. He said they were shutting off his utilities, and he needed food. So I put a check in his hand and told him I’d send money every month,” Barton says. He also offered to get others to help, but he warned Feninger that they, like Barton, were people who had left Scientology.

“He said, ‘that may cause problems for me.’ So I told him, if that causes you problems, then I may cause you problems,” Barton says.

“He said, ‘I understand. Let’s try this.’ So I sent him another check since then.”

On February 10, however, Barton received a card from Feninger. Inside it were the two checks, uncashed, and this message: “I can no longer communicate with you. Please come back [to the church].”

“I know that’s money he desperately needs,” Barton says, but he blames the church for ordering Feninger to “disconnect” from him because Barton is no longer in the church, and has been “declared a suppressive person” — church jargon for excommunication.

“It shows what a lie it is that people decide on their own to disconnect from other people. The truth is they will force disconnection on people, even a 90-year-old man who needs the assistance,” Barton says.

“I called Mario this week. He confirmed to me that he had to disconnect because I’ve been declared suppressive,” Barton says. “I told him I loved him, told him he changed my life as a musician, and after I hung up, I knew it was probably the last time I’ll ever talk to him.”

The Underground Bunker has tried numerous times in the past several days to reach Mario Feninger by telephone at his home without luck. We also sent a request for comment to Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw. If we hear from her, we’ll add her statement to this story.

“It’s so indecent that they would interfere with a relationship like this,” Barton says. “I got out of this church in 2002 for the same reason. They told Milton, you must disconnect from these people. It was outright thuggery. That’s when I took myself out. It’s just outright thuggery. It’s insane.”

Barton says he couldn’t keep what had happened to himself. “These bastards told him he can’t talk to me and can’t use that money. I was so pissed, I put that thing on Facebook.”

On February 11, Barton went public on his Facebook page: “My 90-yo piano teacher of the last fifteen years just sent me a note saying he’s cutting all communication, because his church doesn’t like me. Good thing my Steinway isn’t a member, or I wouldn’t be able to play anymore!”

As Barton’s friends began to react, it was clear some of them didn’t know which “church” was being referred to.

Then, soon enough, some people still in the church showed up and began criticizing Barton for going public.

Said one person: “I’m thinking this probably didn’t need to be shared on Facebook. Just a thought.”

Said another, an actress: “Wow! Just to be uber clear, the Church of Scientology has NO ‘Disconnection Policy.’ Wherever you have heard this, that is a lie. They offer a tool to YOU, if YOU decide that someone in your life is harming you and you can not HANDLE the problem using communication or various other ways to solve the situation, then you perhaps can consider disconnecting from them to prevent your own survival from being damaged. If your piano teacher is ‘officially disconnecting’ from you before trying to solve the situation, he’s missed the point. That’s his issue and not the Church’s. I’m tired to the bone of people spreading erroneous ‘data’ about Scientology based on a few people’s personal complete misunderstanding of tools therein.”


Barton responded to the actress, saying that he’d seen many people forced to disconnect, and that it’s very clearly a policy in the church.

She answered back: “I have never heard of anything like you mention ever from anyone at the Church. If you’ve been declared an SP you probably have an inkling why, and there are things you can do to rectify it, should you so choose. Good luck with whatever path you take. I’ll bow out here.”

A day later, the woman disconnected from him, Barton says.

“One Scientologist told me privately that of course disconnection exists, but you shouldn’t talk about it publicly. It’s upsetting to Scientologists and confusing to the public,” he says. “The other Scientologist denied that disconnection exists, but within a day had disconnected from me.”

Two weeks since his announcement on Facebook, Barton still hasn’t heard from his old teacher, and he wonders how Feninger is getting along. And his anger over the incident hasn’t dissipated.

“I’m very pissed. It makes me want to communicate it in as brutal a way as I can. It’s all just so unnecessary,” he says.


CODA: The Bunker just wants to add, on a personal note, that back in the day, this was the kind of story you would find on the front page of the LOS ANGELES FREAKING TIMES, and not on the blog of some dude in New York City.

We know things are tough at the formerly great newspaper out there, but it was once the leading journal of all things Scientology. Doesn’t it bother anyone there that so many Los Angeles Scientology stories are broken here rather than in the city’s supposed paper of record?

Somewhere, Sappell and Welkos must be shaking their heads.


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 26, 2013 at 07:00


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  • John P.

    I really like this rationalization for disconnection:

    Wow! Just to be uber clear, the Church of Scientology has NO โ€˜Disconnection Policy.โ€™ Wherever you have heard this, that is a lie. They offer a tool to YOU, if YOU decide that someone in your life is harming you and you can not HANDLE the problem using communication or various other ways to solve the situation, then you perhaps can consider disconnecting from them to prevent your own survival from being damaged.

    In other words, the cult doesn’t tell people to disconnect. They merely offer a helpful “tool” to you that you can use in your constant quest to preserve your eternity. Even if that means you can’t get money for food or shelter. Kind of like car insurance companies offer a helpful “tool” involving a free rental car if yours is dented in an accident, or something.

    Reading this story makes me mad enough that I almost want to figure out a way to publicize people involved in Scientology (like the author of the above comment on Barton’s Facebook page) so that the “wog world” can disconnect from them. I wonder how long people would stay in Scientology if they saw significant portions of their business evaporate. Many those dentists, chiropractors, etc. who earn a significant portion of their money from culties might have a larger percentage of their business from people who live in reality.

    And once again, the cult has engaged in a piece of stupidity so remarkably awful that they have made an enemy of someone who apparently merely slipped away from the clutches of the cult, but, once they crossed the line, became an active opponent.

    • When I read that quote my mind went straight to a scene from “White hunter, Black Heart” and the Clint Eastwood (John Huston) line “”Madam, I have dined with some of the ugliest goddamn bitches in my time. And I have dined with some of the goddamndest ugly bitches in this world. But you, my dear, are the ugliest bitch of them all.” Great movie moment and seems appropriate here. 5 minutes for the whole scene.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        Great clip from a great flick. Thanks.

      • Unex Skcus

        How apt that quote. LRH and his stalwarts are just sickening.

    • monkeyknickers

      The CoS is copping the NRA’s “Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people” thing. The policy enforced “tool” of disconnection doesn’t splinter families – people splinter families. The “tool” just happened to be innocently lying there. Probably dusty from disuse even.

      • WhatWall

        When the use of disconnection is instructed & enforced by an entity outside the individual (e.g., church, government agency), I’ve observed that the use is usually towards a bad end. When used by an individual, the consequence depends on the knowledge and rationality of that individual.

        It is the CoS policy of enforcing disconnection that is evil. On top of that, they lie about it. The NRA having & enforcing a policy that all home invaders must be killed and then claiming to have no such policy would be analogous.

      • q-bird

        btw ~ regards past posts Monkeyknickers & your beloved sister:

        • monkeyknickers

          I don’t even know what to say after reading those. I am sick to my stomach. I don’t know what to say. Layla is smart and able, despite everything, and I’m so afraid she has been promoted up the ranks to a place where she might have to interact with this . . . . thing. This hideous, awful monster.

          And I honestly believe that it would take one person to stand up to him, to break the spell. I know this is ridiculous and I’m not being flippant, but it reminds me of this movie I was obsessed with in 1st grade . . . “Labyrinth” with David Bowie. The protagonist goes through all these trials to get her brother back from an evil dictator, and finally realizes that he simply “has no power” over her. He’s all made up, all bullying, all suggestion. And she only had to recognize that, to believe it, to defeat him.

          I wonder – has ANYONE stood up to David Miscavige? Has anyone said – enough. You’re a tiny little man with absolutely no power at all. WE are the reason you live as you do, and without us you’ll be nothing.


          • athrueliability

            I feel for you monkeyknickers. I remember that movie, You are exactly right. That’s basically what got me out of the cult. I never heard of anyone standing up to COB. He would crumble I bet. I only met him once thank God when I was assigned to set up chairs for a meeting at FLAG and I put more than one on his side of the table. He screamed at me, but I heard later that I was quickly forgotten because he started hitting other people. I’m embarrassed to say that I felt lucky I was just a lacky. As for me, one day we were getting off the bus and someone had left a poster on the wall of the Fort Harrison that said “It’s okay to doubt. What they are doing to you IS WRONG. We are here for you.”

            I was lucky I saw it. It got removed right in front of me. I really don’t know how they didn’t see it before. Sometimes protesters wait for the busses to unload so maybe it just got put up, but I was very thankful. Something in my head snapped awake.

            That is why even though I am thankful for anonymous, I think that yelling at people to account for the crimes of the church is the wrong approach. Like “scientologists are all criminals and nazis” kindof stuff. AT least if you’re protesting the Sea Org. They should say things like “the way people scream at you is wrong. The way you are forced to eat is wrong. We understand. It’s okay to doubt and your life will be so much better if you leave and we will be here to help you do it.” Like, love. That’s what we were all craving in there. Understanding.

            • grundoon

              +1 for Comment of the Week

            • villagedianne

              Yes, many of the Anons are very young, and very young people can be judgemental. You have to be kicked around a little by life to know that almost everyone falls for some kind of scam, sometime. And yes, it is good to doubt. The philosopher Krishnamurit says that when you stop doubting, you stop thinking.
              As for Miscavige, he seems to be very good at reading people and knowing who he can bully and who not. When Jesse Prince stood up to him, Miscavige immediately became conciliatory and persuaded Prince to stand down. That was a decision that Prince would come to regret. There is another story somewhere on the net of Miscavige about to hit somebody, but backing off when he saw a look in this person’s eye that they would hit him back. It might have been Marc Headley but I don’t remember. I think Miscavige’s guards were not with him?
              However if Miscavige is hitting the bottle every night, he may have lost his edge.

            • athrueliability

              IT might just be my opinion and I only saw him once but he looks awful. Always smoking and the way he walks is even aggressive. I was surprised he was so little.

          • MarionDee

            (formerly cultwife) Monkeyknickers, your unconditional love for your sister inspires me every day. Thank you.

            Re DM: If someone could say the right thing, at exactly the right moment, it would be like a rock smashing glass that people had always thought was bulletproof. Or, you could say that it’s like the moment Dorothy smacks the Cowardly Lion on the nose when he starts to chase Toto and the Lion, shocked, goes from ferocious to tears (though of course, DM wouldn’t turn out to have tears or be tenderhearted)… I imagine things have to reach the tipping point for the illusion to at long last fall. It reminds me of the moment when a congressman said (I’m ashamed I don’t know his name) to Joe McCarthy: “Have you no shame, sir? At long last, have you no shame?” Or (also a tipping point) it might start with something quiet, like Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat at the front of the bus, and from there all the dominos start to fall.

            • monkeyknickers

              i completely agree Marion! It just takes one person to call bullshit on someone, and thus start a . . . .hmmm. Bullshit snowball I suppose. Though it’s likely better when it’s in full public view. The Wizard of Oz is a perfect example ๐Ÿ™‚ Funnily enough, in Oregon that used they used to play that every year around Easter, and we were always super psyched.

              And of course I do love Layla, and continually hope she might see this blog, might see her name . . . maybe she’s in OSA? I don’t know. Her safety is my main concern. But I’m also completely pissed off with her. She stole from me, and has caused me no end of torment trying to find her, and trying to get my money back from that fucking “church”. I understand why, and that’s why I pitched in to this movement, but I’m not a saint or anything. I’m angry with her, but loving her is more important to me.

              It’s funny – I’ve started wondering why the CoS doesn’t actively target reservations. God know we’re ripe for it.

            • It was Joe Welch, not a congressman but a lawyer for the department of the army, responding to McCarthy’s attempts to smear a blameless and honorable young soldier.

            • MarionDee

              Thank you. Essential information.

        • monkeyknickers

          Oh, and thank you for the link, Q – I needed to see that.

          • q-bird

            Hiya MK ~ I forgot to direct you to a particular post on that thread – about the 8-9th one down – a detailed strategy (names, #’s, addresses)… a direction perhaps, a legal way maybe, to aid you in getting in touch with Layla… to just be able to see her with your own eyes & talk, yes?… to make sure she’s ‘all good’… When I came upon this link I thought of you (and MarionDee too – hello & love & kind regards to you too MD btw)… and your conversation from only a short while ago.

            I want for you to be able to CONNECT with your sister; there must be a way. Enabling connection/communication ~ this is what we share with each other here. This is our goal.

            Ganawenjige. Minwaabamewizi. Indaangwe.

            Ojibwe language ~ She takes care of. She is respected. She’s my friend.

            which really means, Friend Monkeyknickers: you go girl !!! keep on doing what you can.

        • Captain Howdy

          Great link, great info. People should check it out.

      • Gregg Somers

        Gotta take exception with your analogy…

        Good people can and do come down on differing sides of debatable issues related to the NRA, gun control, and the second amendment.

        Good people do not come down on both sides of the issue of Scientology’s forced disconnection. There is no debate, because it is wrong and evil. Good people can and do agree on this.

    • richelieu jr

      I hear you, Jjohn P. Of course they’d be screaming ‘Religious Intolerance’ and ‘Persecution’ in half a second…

      And the problem is: They’d be right. This is the problem when you try and address totalitarian enemies with democratic means. They take advantages of all our rights and use them against us, so they can go on violating those same rights.

      But what choice is there? We certainly don’t want to ‘become like them’ as the clichรฉ goes…

      • Observer

        Except that Scientology isn’t so much a religion as a criminal business …

        • HeatherGraceful

          Or both.

        • richelieu jr

          Oh, I agree,but from a legal POV…

      • It is not religious persecution to refuse to give money to people who do things you find grossly immoral. Religion does not make terrible things no longer terrible. We have allowed the cloak of religion to cover far too many crimes in the U.S.

      • monkeyknickers

        This is off topic richelieu, but I saw this and thought of you:

        Or anyone else might be interested, obviously, it’s subtitled ! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • richelieu jr

          Argh! Whattaya know? ‘M6 has blocked this video in your country for copyright grounds’

          Hmm.. M6 is French TV station, I have worked for them on occasion… What was it, exactly?

          • monkeyknickers

            A documentary on the secte (in Paris), with footage of the course rooms and other interesting stuff. Given that CoS okayed the cameras, it should’ve been a bit of a puff piece, but it’s not . . . . you can’t view it? That’s so discouraging. I’ve watched it twice with no problems.

            • richelieu jr

              Thanks, MoneyKnickers, I’ll see what I can do–

              Where are you located?

            • monkeyknickers

              I’m in Hollywood . . . Scientology central. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • richelieu jr

              Ah yes, I used to live in Hollywood.. Quite near the Celebrity Centre for while on Beechwood, then in Silverlake.

            • monkeyknickers

              Beechwood canyon is my fave secret dog-walking spot – during rainy season it’s filled with little creeks and all KINDS of animals. Deer, coyote, frogs, etc. That’s a really pretty part of Los Angeles. Poor LA gets such a bad rap for being ugly and smoggy and fake, but I actually love it here.

            • richelieu jr

              Yeah, if you know where to go, it’s great! People come for a couple f days and then slag it off.. I still miss it! The Bat Cave is up there, too!
              I remember dogs being walked on Beechwood (but lower, where I lived, towards Franklin) and it was always gorgeous mode and actress-types with big huge, VERY visibly male dogs (ahem!).. They all came out at 5pm sharp, all long legs and beautiful bodies and hair..
              then, about two weeks later, they would come out, right on schedule at 5pm and at 5:05 would arrive twice as many guys, also with dogs, but little mini ones they’d bought as a pretext to talk to the ladies.. Ah, Hollywood…

            • monkeyknickers

              Dog parks the world over are pretty successful pick-up joints. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I LOVE the bat caves. If you go in the opposite direction for five minutes or so, you can trek back through the canyon to a waterfall – I’d duck in there for some privacy . . . . tho once I met Allison Janney, who I love, hanging out in the bushes back there. Plus she has a cattle dog too!

            • richelieu jr

              Ah yes, I know that waterfall well! You tell most people there is a waterfall in LA and they think you’re lying…

            • richelieu jr

              I may have found it- Is it about their recruitment?

            • monkeyknickers

              Yep! With the kid (Michel?) that stands in front of a rented empty shop, saying Vous aimez lire? Vous aimez lire? over and over.

            • richelieu jr

              Well, I’ve found a clip- Where they show that the guy doing the free emeter reading doesn’t have the right to say ‘You’re OK, you don’t need Scientology’ or he’s a traitor..

          • Captain Howdy
            • richelieu jr

              Yeah, the only proxy I have is Swedish and it didn’t work…

              Know any US proxy sites?

              If I knew exactly what it was, I might be able to find it here (presuming it is, as I suspect, French)…
              If I’d has a US proxy I’d have been watching the Oscars with you all the other night! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Captain Howdy
            • richelieu jr

              Thanks, I’ve heard of this.. how difficult is it to use? Do you know?

            • richelieu jr

              Thanks, Captain! I haven’t used it yet, but when I first replied I couldn’t see your link (I get email updates and respond like that, usually..)

              Cap’n, I salute you!

        • richelieu jr

          Merde! Even when I spoof that I’m in Sweden!

        • blissfulldreams

          could someone explain this statement please it was in the comment section from the video is michael smith Hubbard?

          [Tracy Morgan 16 hours ago

          On 12/21/2012, the truth of life and death was revealed to the world. What people thought was the date of the end of the? world was actually the start of a heaven on Earth. This information was written by L. Ron Hubbard under the pen name “Michael Smith”. It’s called “The Present” and is free on something called The Truth Contest. Google it and check it out, it makes sense. He didn’t reveal it in his lifetime because the time had to be right. Now, the time is right]

          • This little cut “The Present” is trying to piggyback on Scientology. The same kind of spammish comment has been frequently added to random videos about Scientology, whether pro or anti, recently. If you Google it as requested, you will find that it consists of stereotypical New Agey woo-woo.

            • blissfulldreams

              ty did not want to Google just in case it sent me down the rabbit hole again i always end up in either Egypt or with the aliens

          • You mean “Michael Smith” as in “Valentine Michael Smith” the protagonist in “Stranger In a Strange Land” written by Robert Heinlein??? In the book, Michael started the “Church of All Worlds”, which has some aspects in common with hubbard’s creation.

            • blissfulldreams

              don’t know who he is thats why i was asking the comment on the link said he was Hubbard

          • monkeyknickers

            I’ve been seeing that everywhere, too! I think it’s something manky and weird. I should Google.

          • grundoon

            L. Ron Hubbard did not write under the pen name Michael Smith.

    • Ziontologist

      You want to out Scientologists, so others can disconnect from them? What’s wrong with you, man? Have you been listening to the Eagles or something?
      I can understand your frustration, because you are a good man.
      I get frustrated with the church as well ย … and I have experienced it’s “thuggishness” first hand!
      But I am against “outing” rank and file Scientologists. I got out of Scientology over 30 years ago, but if you google my good name, it shows up on Kristi Wachter’s “The Truth About Scientology.” She justifies this by claiming my involvement was a matter of public record, because my name was in Celebrity magazine. I don’t agree, because that magazine was an in-house publication. There was never anything “public” about my involvement in Scientology, and I don’t think it’s anyone’s business that I checked it out … over 30 years ago! I could lose work because of that.
      People on this blog can be ignorant, judgmental and outright psychotic. If someone doesn’t believe that there are those of us who (at least initially) benefitted from Scientology, then they haven’t even begun to understand how it works, or how evil it really is. In a sense, it just goes to show that Scientology is always worse than you thought … at least for me it was!
      But don’t attack those who are or were exploited by this fucked up cult.
      Focus on the crimes of Scientology, and prosecute those who perpetrated them!ย 
      Otherwise, you become a person who is as bad as those bad things we hate about Scientology.
      Way back when, in the 70’s, I spoke with Mario Feninger on the phone once. Nice cat. He was as nice a person as you could imagine talking to,ย as were most of the rank and file clams I knew.

      • i hear you but there is really no way to separate the crimes of scientology from scientologists . i mean it’s not like they sub contract the dirty work to the wiccans .

        • Ziontologist

          When I was “in”, the average Scientologist didn’t know about the crimes, and when they found out, they left ….

          • jensting

            if any average scientologist has “disconnected” they have contributed to the fundamental breach of the human rights of its victims perpetrated by the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology. Just because the average scientologist (who contributes money without REALLY asking where it’s going, but we’re leaving that by the side) is a victim does not mean that they’re not also misled to being victimisers.

            It that’s a judgemental attitude, so be it.

            • Ziontologist

              Even when I was “in,” I was horrified at the idea of disconnection.
              They try to say that “handle or disconnect” is a just a “tool” to keep yourself from getting stuck in a bad situation that’s bringing you down – fix it, or cut it lose.
              But the kind of disconnection, as it is discussed on this blog is dictated to you by the church. You are told to disconnect, and this is diametrically opposed to any idea of personal freedom.

        • monkeyknickers

          No, you can’t. But you have to decide what your goal is when you assess that blame. If you want to get people out of the cult, you have to use compassion. I’m not saying that because I’m a Christian or pollyanna or whatever. I’m saying it because it is plainly the most efficient method possible. Jumping all over them is not. It inspires defensiveness. They are conditioned to respond to anger in a very specific way.

          I hate Scientology – they stole my life savings and my sister. But I honestly believe that before these people can fully take responsibility, they need to be in a sane, safe place.

          From what I’ve read, the ex-scientologists on this board even are practically riddled with guilt, and their hearts are heavy finally understanding just what they had dedicated their lives to, and how they contributed to it. Most people are truly victims, desperate, scared, and bullied. They will spend the rest of their lives sorting out their “guilt”, whether it’s valid or not. Personally that depresses the fucking hell out of me. I wish that on no one – especially these victims had to bear that burden.

          In the meantime, for the cult to be disbanded and those “prime movers” in the management structure brought to justice, we need to use compassion. Who’s to say what you or I would do if we were born into such a system, or were conscripted to its service as a child.

          • i understand what you are saying but i think there are times when scientologists actually should be on the defensive. i think they should have to defend what they do to families…what they do to weak and vulnerable people …what they do to children. they need to defend it out loud to people who do not believe what they believe and be grown up enough to accept what comes back. I really think that what they do is actually indefensible …i grew up catholic and boy oh boy …try to get them to defend anything and they realize that they just can’t. I am not really concerned with getting people out of the cult …they don’t want to leave. If the love of their own kids/ families is not going to do it ..i sure am not going to be able to . My issue is not with the ex scientologists …it’s with the ones that are still in ..and the indies who lounge under the shade of other peoples pain

            • monkeyknickers

              I feel you, Kim – it’s INFURIATING watching people you love – people you know are smart, kind, and useful – look the other way when the cult is so blatantly abusive to themselves, to children, to critics. Just one unbiased Google search, if they have access to the internet at all, and it’s all laid out in black and white. I wrote MANY desperation filled letters to the church trying to get my money back – it was my life savings, and I was going to put out my second indie record – and in return I got a HAND DELIVERED disconnection letter from Layla. Most of me wanted to find her and bundle her into my truck, but part of me really, REALLY wanted to just smack her upside the head. I’m not proud of that, but it’s the plain truth.

              BUT – and I’m thinking about Paul Haggis when he said he was ashamed of his own purposeful blindness here – it would be pointless. Honestly, they LIVE on the defensive. So many Scientologists aren’t even WILLING to admit that they even ARE scientologists. The entire cult is built on deception and hiding. Until they reactively lash out with complete bullshit . . . I offer the ridiculous, see through website they created about Lawrence Wright as an example.

              THAT is how ludicrous the atmosphere is there, that is what Layla is living in every single day – I’m sure her higher-ups are frantically screaming at her to improve her stats as we speak . . . I guess what I’m suggesting is that Scientology is BUILT on the defensive. They categorically deny every single accusation leveled against the church without exception. Then they do something awful and reactive. I can only assume that this trickles down – shit, DELUGES – to the “public” scientologist. They are threatened, harassed, and tricked. They are constantly on the defensive even at the hands of their own church. I totally get you with the catholic church – they ruined my father’s entire culture with their nonsense. And I’m an active anti-theist because of that.

              Just like Paul Haggis found his way out via his love for his lesbian daughter and her rights, I honestly think that the quickest, most EFFECTIVE way to topple the cult is by showing people that we love them, that we are there for them, that they don’t HAVE to live defensively any more. Regardless of whether we see it as judicious morally doesn’t matter. It is what is and THAT is what we have to realistically deal with.

              I know I sound smug because I DO hold Miscavige responsible for ruining lives – logically I’d have to extrapolate that he is a victim too. But I’m not that evolved. I hate him. The more I learn, the more I want him put underground with Hubbard’s lame-ass titanium plated bullshit for the rest of his life. I want him to eat leftover rice and raw cabbage from a slop bucket for every meal, the menu that athrue said was the norm. I’m obviously not a perfect person.

              But the way out of this, imo, is jerking his base out from under him. And that has to be done with love and compassion, no matter how difficult it is for us to find that in our hearts. We must.

            • i really really really hope that your sister can get the hell out of there. you do not sound smug at all …and i join you in being an anti-theist ( i miss hitchens ..would love to hear what he has to say about what is going on in rome right now ) Sometimes though ..i just want to “shake the baby” so to speak . You have an emotional connection and investment literally sitting in the church in the form of your sister. I do not and i know i can sound very bitchy and tough . I pretty much told our priest he was a lying sack of shit when i was around 8 so i am a cynic for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really do hope the best for your family …truly.

            • monkeyknickers

              You don’t sound bitchy to me, Kim. You sound pissed. And you should be. We all are I think, tho I suppose I shouldn’t speak for anyone else on this board. Plus I’m new here and clearly catching up. We all want to draw a line that makes sense to us. And at least for me, that line keeps moving and I have to adjust it every day. Maybe I’m selfish, but I want what I want. I want Layla out. And the more I find out, the more that emotion flows to all the other people in the same situation, including the public. I’ve spent a lot of nights thinking about it, and my heart & gut agree – compassion is the way to get these people out the most quickly (quickest? idk! shit) so that’s the way I’m going to play it and , jesus, “disseminate”. I actually said “flap” the other day in casual conversation and obviously had to immediately find a nice, hard post to bang my head against.

              They need a soft place to land.

              Don’t get me wrong, I’m MAD. Very mad. Suddenly my life’s work has turned into confronting the Church of Scientology. I sure didn’t see that coming. I like educational foreign films and archery and knitting. This is not the hobby I wanted to cultivate. But – well, shit I’m repeating myself. I’ll spare you. ๐Ÿ™‚

              I miss Hitchens every single day! He was boorish and boozy and sometimes dead wrong, but thank god he was here. This is one of my all time favorites.


              I do so love a solid ass-kicking when it’s appropriate.

            • oh dear …please do not tell me that you are a Marty fan . The” soft place to land ” saying is a big theme over there. Regardless ( or ..irregaadless” as they say in my hometown of Boston ) i hope you will be reunited with your sister. I have a sister and I can’t imagine what you are going through . I can’t cut and paste right now but the one with Hitch and Stephen Fry debating against the catholic church being a force for good ( or not ) for IQ Squared ( i am sure you have seen it ) is freaking brilliant. There is even a debate between Hitch and the douche from the Catholic League …think his last name is Donohue …is also one great hitchslap after another . My aunt is a Mother superior …another one is a nun …uncle went to seminary yadda yadda . On one side i am Irish Catholic …the other is Italian Roman Catholic …thus my anti-theism . LOL

            • monkeyknickers

              I watch that debate frequently. I totally find it soothing. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m not a Marty “fan”, that blog makes me sad.

            • monkeyknickers

              And I forgot ! thanks, Kim for the good vibes – I hope for the best, too, and it helps when people reach out like that. I’m in totally new territory here. And I’ve never ever posted on a user board before. I follow Marty Rathbun’s blog too and it just makes me really sad. I heard on some documentary that it takes scientologists 12 years to fully process their indoctrination – I reckon he’s about 2 years from realizing Hubbard was a con, plagiarizing methods and ideas that can be quite valuable. And if Marty Rathbun is able to make people feel better using those methods kindly, then fine. And you were a radical 8 year old. Hitchens woulda been proud of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Dean Tucker

            Ya what he said.

            • monkeyknickers

              Dean! Thanks for the vote of confidence! But I’m a girl! Well – woman. Sometimes. Mostly a dizzy girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Missy Wog

            +1 and the more time I have spent at ESMB I have learned so much compassion.. I can’t wear their shoes but I can imagine trying them on a little better.. Cult makes your mind scramble!! Logic as I know it is out the window. But when they heal they are amazing role models and we can all learn a lot from their advice on how us wogs can help with this situation.

            • monkeyknickers

              “I can’t wear their shoes but I can imagine trying them on a little better”.

              That’s such a great way to put it MW! Thanks for that.

            • DodoTheLaser

              Your presence and input on ESMB is very appreciated. Thank you, Missy.

        • monkeyknickers

          Kim – I just saw this and thought you would dig it. The “creationist” section had me laughing out loud.

      • John P.

        Z, while I may have stooped low in thinking about a “wog disconnection” fantasy, I assure you I haven’t lowered myself to listening to the Eagles. I did laugh loudly enough to disturb several of my neighbors on the trading desk at the expression of your righteous revulsion, however.

        I have long been appalled by the tactic of “outing” as originally employed by gay rights activists. While I’m a flaming heterosexual, I have long supported gay rights due to a reasonably high number of relatives and friends who are. While I don’t personally know anyone who’s been outed, I have witnessed the fear many people have felt from worrying that they might be next. The defining characteristic of that kind of “outing” seems to me to be that someone decides for you how to present personal information about yourself, information which in an anti-gay era (which appears to be drawing to a close in many quarters) could be career-ending in some circumstances. The “outee” would not necessarily have to be mixed up in doing anything wrong in order to be damaged. And that form of outing almost by definition involved sharing information that is not intended to be discussed publicly.

        I can understand your feelings about being “outed” by publication of your name in Kristi Wachter’s list. While legally your name published in a magazine circulated to tens of thousands of Scientologists would not confer any expectation of privacy at the time it was printed, I can understand having a problem with the release of information about something you did innocently decades before, particularly if you were not a party to any of the abuses that have come to light as common practice of the cult. I can especially understand your having a problem with release of that information if you left the cult because of the practices that are so roundly criticized. Guilt by association is unpleasant, to put it mildly.

        But I think what this person did in their Facebook post was not comparable to your circumstance or to gays being outed, or other similar circumstances. This person actively spouted the cult’s line about disconnection, a lie that is probably easily refuted given their own experience — the e-mails announcing that so-and-so has been declared a supressive person and the “suggestion” that you un-friend them and delete them from your contact list, e-mails that often have CoS personnel or e-mail addresses, and the like. The consequence of this particular defense of the indefensible could be the premature and preventable death of someone.

        I would think that an ethical decision to “wog disconnect” from a Scientologist should be made on the basis of affirmative action that they have taken in supporting cult actions that are clearly immoral. Simply staying an “under the radar” member of the cult shouldn’t warrant such treatment. But attempting to defend the cult’s interference with a man’s generosity to help someone they respect certainly is immoral and repugnant enough to justify such a thing, especially when the circumstances suggest great harm is possible.

        • Ziontologist

          Thank you JohnP for your tolerance, kindness and wisdom.
          P.S. I laughed SO loud when I got to the words, “righteous revulsion.” LOL!

          • blissfulldreams

            who you was 30 yr ago is not who you are now, kirsty is in the wrong to keep your name on her list and any other people who left the cult, a person should not be punished for learning their mistakes

            you admit you was in it you admit you left it a long time ago people change i am not who i was 30yr ago and i doubt that kirsty herself is the same person that she was 30yr ago

            kirstys problem is if she took all the long time ex’s of her list she would have a very small list left

        • N. Graham

          In a nutshell, don’t friend Grant Cardones.

    • It is framed that way, as a personal choice.
      To my sorrow, I at times disconnected believing it was a personal choice.
      But the context of it being officially a tech “handling” for being connected to a ‘potential trouble source’ or ‘suppressive person’ makes it anything but a choice. It becomes the thing you must do to ‘remain on the bridge’, ‘continue on services’, stay in contact with your friends, stay in contact with your family, even many times still have your job. Ethics officers will enforce the choice, making you study the tech and policy and showing you how it is the kindest thing to do, because the SP may then wake up and return.
      It is never a ‘choice’ when so many pressures are brought to bear.

      • DeElizabethan

        It is no one person except lron who wrote those policies. The members follow it as scripture and can not change it. Only those bright individuals who wake up to the truth, know the only way out is to leave.

    • Disconnection and Fair Game WILL be the final destruction of the “church” of $cientology…along with their “Leader’s” endless abusive and stupid actions trying to stop free speech. Since $cientology is TOTALLY fixated on “Control”, now they are trying (and failing miserably) to LIE their way out of these very abuses…with their age old “It’s a person’s Choice to disconnect” (BS–proof not true by EVERY SINGLE PERSON RE-CONNECTING once they are out of there).

      Also, I loved the Australian’s LATELINE exposure ..the show on holding Alice Wu against her will and $cientology trying to say they never hold s/one against their will. “That’s nonsense…she was there at her own will…people can exit at their own will”.(NOTE TO THOSE LOCKED UP: THIS IS YOUR “CHURCH” SAYING YOU *CAN* LEAVE. Do it!!) My sympathies to Alice and her family. Tragic, horrific and DM should be put in prison for these abuses, in my very personal opinion about $cientology’s Medical Abuses I live with, daily.

      • monkeyknickers

        I completely agree – I am totally in love with the Australian media for keeping the pressure up, and I’m pretty sure I’d marry Brian Seymour just on principle . . . they are amazing. And now I shall have a Foster’s in their honor. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • EnthralledObserver

          I don’t know about that… Brian Seymour is a dish all on his own, and with ‘anti-scientology’ journalism is extra saucy… but I only heard about this situation with Alice Wu through this blog. No headlines or articles anywhere else other than Lateline (which I didn’t watch ’cause I don’t have t.v. – dodgy t.v. arial and some such). I’m rather annoyed this went down in my country and the media isn’t more over it, actually.

          • Well let’s face it: TONY O ***IS*** the bomb and shall remain so. With that said, Brian Seymour and Lateline have been kicking $cientology’s ASS for some time now. Granted…it isn’t exposed ENOUGH yet—but it’s WAY more than it used to be, and it’s only going to get BETTER! Tick Tock, Tick Tock….Time is on **OUR** side! (The more that leave, the more speak out–the more that speak out–the more shall leave: It’s a proven FACT) ::Cheers:: TLC

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      I agree John. Let’s give the cult a taste of their own medicine. Let Society Disconnect from them. Worlwide Fair-Game on Scientology! We should start with Tom Cruise. I will never pay to see a Tom Cruise for the rest of my life. His films should be boycotted. After all the slave labor he benefited from and the women he tormented through marriage, he deserves to be ruined utterly. He is guilty by association every crime Miscavige has committed and he spreads Hubbard’s toxic gospel to the uninitiated. He is a dangerous moron. I pray for his ruination.

    • I feel the same, John P…that pissed me off SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!
      Bottom line is this: Yes, when “in” you are given a “choice”…but it’s with a VERY HEAVY HAND…
      and I’ve heard these days it’s “Disconnect or be declared”. Sadly, the person doesn’t find *that* out
      until it’s their turn. Also, the proof is in the pudding: EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW WHO
      I rest my case. DISCONNECTION is forced on people and it does SUCK BIG TIME.

  • LongNeckGoose

    I was fortunate to hear Mario Feninger play at a New Year’s Eve event on my last visit to Celebrity Centre about a decade ago. His performance was wonderful. He mentioned that he had met L. Ron Hubbard personally, and said that, in his opinion, LRH was more than a regular human being. (Of course, the ex-Messengers who waited on Hubbard hand and foot have a lower opinion of him.) If you had that level of hero worship towards someone, you would probably defend his reputation, too. It might be easier than admitting to yourself that you were so wrong.

    • Missionary Kid

      Good insight.

  • 1subgenius

    Did not know that about our favorite weasel Grant Cardone.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Yeah, I did not think it was possible to think even less of that slimeball. And yet now I do.

    • richelieu jr

      Check out Tony’s article on him and what he did… Sorry I don’t have the link, but it’s int he comments for the one where he’s chanting horribly with that harpy of a wife of his… I think I’d disconnect willingly from my own eyeballs rather than watch that again…

      • monkeyknickers

        really? I can’t STOP watching it. I realize there’s something wrong with me, but I seriously can’t get enough of idiots making asses of themselves on purpose. And these two are in a league all their own! I wonder if Eminem has seen it?

    • Captain Howdy

      Here’s Tony’s article about Cardone and Milton Katselas.

  • EnthralledObserver

    So, let me get this straight… the ‘church’ encourages one, by providing a ‘tool’, to disconnect from other people who are trying to help you? And this ‘help’ is construed as ‘harm’ because their beliefs about their religion differ. I have got this straight, right?
    Did dumb arse, selfish slag offer to financially aid Mr Feninger herself, her being in such good standing and ‘understanding’ better??? No, I thought not. Fuckwits.

    • FistOfXenu

      “The death cult orders one TO ACT LIKE A TOOL to people who are trying to help you.”

      • EnthralledObserver

        Yes, yes… the ‘tool’ comment did occur to me, but I was too lazy to construct a sentence using it – thanks for taking on the mantle! AGREE!

  • Let’s be CLEAR about a few things, Scientologists LIE LIE LIE LIE to preserve the lies and utter asinine bullshit written by their founder LRH and perpetuated by their current tyrant DM.

  • Patty Moher

    One of the side effects of being a 27 year fully mindfucked Scientologist was that I was unable to experience grief.

    HE and R aka Human Emotion and Reaction, was thought to be a bad thing unless you were displaying the delusional high toned Scio personality.

    I just forced myself to read this article. It was painful. It made me cry for the first time in 13 years. And it also gave me hope.

    • HeatherGraceful

      Patty, I’m so pleased for you. I think of emotions as being like a pendulum. The wider the range of grief we can feel (one side of the pendulum swing), the wider the range of joy we can feel.

      Much love.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Hugs. Warm hugs, Patty

    • richelieu jr

      Scientology attracts psychotics, but not only psychotics. And when it gets someone who functions ‘normally’ it begins quickly to densisitize them and try and deaden any normal human reactions to things.. Congrats for getting out with your soul intact…

    • SandiCorrena

      Being a breast cancer survivor and now involved with fighting the evil C word disease; I always say that any tears I shed are just bullets in my fight back arsenal, I shed a lot of them-some right here reading these stories. I know it was painful for you; but your arsenal’s probably never looked better! God Bless You!

      • nessness

        As the daugther of a breast cancer deceased person, can’t say victim won’t say victim and the survivor of a 6 in a million eye cancer disease, shedding tears is endemic and useless and lovely and anytime smoking Kools comes up, I am pissed, even tho that may never have had any impact on me or mine. I was never cool when smoking, regardless of the universe’s view at the time. Peace

    • jensting

      Patty, that must have been tough. Thanks for sharing (as they say ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Recovery does look like a formidable challenge to this outsider.

      The criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology may not be the only one that practices shunning in some form, but in using it explicitly as a tool for keeping errant victims in the fold (according to Tommy Davis, in his day varyingly directly reporting to David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige and the head of Anonymous).

      • Snippy_X

        ‘The criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology’ – I love your mantra (and your dedication to it) more and more. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • jensting

          One of these days I’ll get ’round to programming it into a keyboard macro or something ๐Ÿ™‚

    • i-Betty

      Huge love to you, Patty. Crying is so healthy; it’s nature’s release valve. Bottle up the emotion and it comes out in other, less helpful ways. Love and hugs ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxx

    • Chocolate Velvet

      “HE and R aka Human Emotion and Reaction, was thought to be a bad thing unless you were displaying the delusional high toned Scio personality.”

      Patty, this reminds me so much of my upbringing as a born-again X-tian. Those people can be so creepy! Wearing forced smiles and refusing to acknowledge any human frailty or suffering, because “with Jesus, I know nothing but victory”.

      If you are a good x-tian, then “God will bless you”. If you suffer, it must because you have strayed away from the path of righteousness.

      Once, I was in a bookstore and I overheard a woman telling her friend: “…and then, God saw fit to bless us with a beautiful home”. Such smarmy self-satisfaction!

      I wanted to march over and smack her upside the head, and say: “maybe God saw fit to TEST you, lady, by giving you money to see what you would do with it. You greedy cow! Which part of the gospels espouses having a beautiful home! What is wrong with you?! Gahhh!!”

      I didn’t, of course. But I realized, once again, that my mistake was being sincere myself, and expecting other x-tians to take any of that bullshit to heart in the first place. I really related to Jenna Hill’s bio, on that level.

      • Derek Lockhart

        You know, God does bless us with a lot of things, and maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t self-satisfaction the woman was displaying, but genuine humble gratitude. Yes, there’s MUCH more to Christianity than wealth and in fact nowhere is it a promised result, but that being said, that does not mean that it’s God’s desire for us all to be poor and needy. I’m born again, and honestly I find that it’s nothing remotely similar to what Scientology is being described here as enabling: what I would call the dismemberment of the human psyche. The evisceration of emotional capacity. Yes, through Christ I do have victory, but that doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen, I’m just grateful I have Christ to supply my strength, as Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ” Another thought is that the Bible DOES say that every good gift is from God (James 1:17) so should we not thank Him for what He has given us? I don’t mean to demean or tear you apart in any way, but perhaps you’re a bit hard on those who have truly accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior? Another thing I just thought of is that her definition of a “beautiful home” could be more humble than you or I realize. Perhaps it’s not an indication of wealth, but of contentment with less? Just a thought.

        If I may also take a moment, the model for Christianity you’re proposing is more of a “Prosperity Gospel” message, and that is not truly Christian. The notion that if bad things happen it must be a lack of faith or God is punishing you was proven false by Jesus Himself when He demonstrated to those listening that the tower which had fallen some time previously and crushed twelve men were not killed because they were some form of horrible sinners. In other words, because we live in a fallen world, bad things are GOING to happen. In fact, sometimes it’s because we DO have faith that bad things happen. Christ promised that those who love Him and follow Him for real would be persecuted, did He not? The model of “just have faith and you’ll get whatever you want” is not Christianity, nor is the “you’re not allowed to be upset” model. Read some of Paul’s epistles. Romans chapter 9, about how he is so distressed over the fate of his people, the Jewish nation, that he wishes he could be accursed for their sakes if only they would repent. Is that “I’m always in a good mood?” Of course not. We all have our ups and downs, it’s a part of life. We’re not talking about emotional cauterization here, as is the case with Scientology, but merely having a best friend who’s All-Powerful (a nifty thing, I think we’d all have to agree!) and who loves you that you can lean on in times of distress, and who WILL help you with the hurt.

        You know, God does love you , though from the sound of it (and I admit I have only your post to go on, so please do not think I am judging you, I am not) you may be rebelling from Him a bit? In any event, may God bless you and I hope that perhaps I was a bit informative in some way on the issue. If not, well, I tried my best. ๐Ÿ™‚ To God be the glory.

    • 0tessa

      You are very welcome to cry. Here we value real human emotions, because these make us human. Scientology makes people inhumane.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean. Me too, unable to experience grief, unable to cry, unable to have anything like normal empathy and emotion.

      It gets better. I cry a lot about things now. I feel connection to my friends, to beauty.

      Sometimes the emotion is all out of proportion to the trigger. But that’s OK. At least I’m feeling it.

      I’ve met Mario at Mo Budlong’s house at parties. Wonderful man. Sad this.

      • grundoon

        Mario Feninger can never again see or speak to his dear friend and student Allen Barton, without disobeying the dictate of L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology. But the Chruch is happy for Mario to party all day and all night, if he chooses, with convicted felon, and Scientologist in good standing, Mo Budlong.


        The United States of America respectfully submits this Sentencing Memorandum to aid the Court in imposing sentence in this case.

        The defendants, Jane Kember and Morris Budlong, were each found guilty, following a jury trial, of nine counts of aiding and abetting burglary in the second degree. The evidence which led the jury to return these guilty verdicts revealed that during the years 1973 to 1976 the
        defendants ordered the commission of brazen, systematic and persistent burglaries of United States Government offices. Their purpose was to ransack these offices of all documents of interest to the organization which they led — the Guardian’s Office of the Church of Scientology —
        in order to secure total exemption from taxation and to protect Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. In the process, from their headquarters in East Grinstead, England, they challenged and attempted to undermine the judicial and governmental structure of the United States….

        Moreover, a review of the documents seized from the two Los Angeles, California, offices of the Guardian’s Office — including log books of messages from these two defendants — show the incredible and sweeping nature of the criminal conduct of these defendants. Indeed, Guardian
        Program Order 158, and some of the other orders in evidence, have already provided the Court with a glimpse of this conduct. These crimes included: the infiltration and theft of documents from a number of prominent private, national, and world organizations, law firms, newspapers, and private citizens; the execution of smear campaigns and baseless law suits for the sole purpose of destroying private individuals who has attempted to exercise their First Amendment rights to freedom of expression; the framing of private citizens who had been critical of Scientology, including the forging of documents which led to the indictment of at least one innocent person; and violation of the civil rights of prominent private citizens and public officials. These are but a few of the criminal acts of these two defendants which, we submit, give this court a glimpse of the heinous and vicious nature of their crimes.

        • This is A W F U L!!! I have been against “Disconnection” from back when I was “in”, certainly since I escaped out. LOOK AT MY SIGN: “SCIENTOLOGY: STOP HURTING FAMILIES”
          To think that Mario, who I’ve known most of my adult life…now needs money and food? OH MY GAWD THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. We have to fix this! Can we take up an “anonymous collection” for him? Would that work? Would he take the money? That’s what needs to be found out, first. God this makes me sad. : ( Scientologists IF you see this, PLEASE WTFU!

    • I love you lady!!

      • Patty—-OH MY GAWD! Thank you!! For literally Y E A R S I have not been able to read “L Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman (despite Bent-the author-being a good friend of mine), A Piece of Blue Sky or a skillion other articles or books. I finally was able to read “BLOWNFORGOOD” (as it’s funny and I knew Marc Headley-the author, and due to he being newly out-somehow I was able to read that book), and now Lawrence Wright’s book—I’m slowly reading, and loving. However I too had to force myself to read this, and with tears in my eyes I can say I couldn’t even read all of it: IT’S TOO PAINFUL. I’d totally forgotten about that built in mind control of “H E and R” (Human Emotion and Reaction). I’d always say: “I lived it for 30 years–who cares?” WOW. :::sigh::: One more layer flying off…of mind control. Thank you to you, and Tony and Allen Barton. Mario—I’ve known you for years: I pray you WTFU and get out of there. Peace and love, Tory/Magoo

        • PS: And for the record, I have cried for years since escaping out of $cientology…so I definitely can and have experienced many emotions. It’s just I have not been able to read about Hubbard….and I think THAT is part of that mind control. Lawrence’s book is THE FIRST time I’ve read many stories about Hubbard I did not know. Out for 12 years….yet just coming up for air. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That was powerful.

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Auditor and CS training reinforces this Vulcan-Wannabe-Stoic-Society. Sorry, this is an insult to the Vulcans of Star Trek since they’re more humane and peaceful than any Scilon. Anyhow, the TR course starts everyone on this path. I used to compare Scientologists to the ‘Pod’ people of the classic sci-fi film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Just remembering the blank emotionless stare from a Scilon is an indicator that they’re mind was compromised. I was ganged up by 2 Scilons when I was on staff. They were forcing me to do something against my will(I think it was about me staying late to do an ‘All hands’ clean-up). They were so persistently stoic and callous. I never gave in to their demands, but I did break down in tears. I was an emotional wreck that evening. This incident and a few more finally snapped me out of this nightmare and I walked away from the cult forever.

    • MarionDee

      Patty, my ex became a LaRouchie, and I didn’t cry for decades. But, no matter how much you shut yourself away from it, the pain doesn’t vanish. It just goes underground. I’m so glad you could express it for the first time, and I hope it gave you some healing and relief. The hope isn’t false; there are better, sweeter things ahead, as so many people here have expressed.

    • DodoTheLaser

      You are loved and understood, Dear Patty.

      I used to listen to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” on repeat when I was in,

      to keep myself from being so, as I see it now. And it’s just a really good song, full of emotions.

      “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders is another fave of mine. Amazing lyrics too.

      I’m gonna play them both in a minute, for You, Mario Feninger and all of us.

      Loving Hug
      Comfortably Numb by Ani DiFranco
      I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders

      • Chocolate Velvet

        Nice, DTL.

        Don’t forget Floyd’s “On the Turning Away”. That one moves me every time…

    • Chocolate Velvet

      “No more turning away
      From the weak and the weary
      No more turning away
      From the coldness inside
      Just a world that we all must share
      It’s not enough just to stand and stare
      Is it only a dream that there’ll be
      No more turning away?”
      Pink Floyd — “On the Turning Away”

      Patty, DTL inspired me to share this song with you. ย There are many versions on you tube, but this is my favorite. ย It is beautiful and powerful:

  • Peter Robinson

    If nothing else tells you what Scifiology is and does to people then this surely must. SCUM. Filthy dirty nasty mean lowdown excrement. The only people who can help eh Tom?

    • Missionary Kid

      My favorite word for $cientology is smegma.

    • FistOfXenu

      Yeah, right this very moment TC is telling the guy to word clear “food” by clay tabling it.

  • whingeybingey

    Another great deed brought to you by the most ethical group on the planet.

  • mirele

    Hell is not hot enough yet for the guy who came up with disconnection (Hubbard) and the guy who enforces it today (Miscavige).

  • BuryTheNuts2

    This disgusts me so much I can’t even think straight.
    Human rights? Really?
    Whose? Which humans? Certainly not the Scientologist’s.
    I despise L.Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige and Scientology with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.
    And this is only one of the thousands of reasons why.


    • monkeyknickers

      I’m lit up right there with you. I hate them. I hate their stupid ass faces. (which only makes sense if you’ve seen Waiting for Guffman)

    • Observer

      And you know Tiny Dave, with all his slushy billions, won’t give a dime to help the faithful Feninger, because after all, he pulled in his advanced age and penury, so he obviously deserves it.

      MWM got it right: DM is very esleaziastical indeed

      • ParticleMom

        And the worst part…you know the sleaze ball is reading this and taking sadistic pleasure in our grief and anger.

    • FistOfXenu

      I’ll apologize now, I’m going to rant. Either I rant or I’ll have to disappear for a while to cool off.

      Watching $cientarCONon year after year is like watching a newsreel of someone drowning babies while everyone else around the pool sipped cocktails and played bridge.

      First it was news about $cientarCONon’s latest escapade into almost McPhersoning another poor girl, now this. This sad and terrible story highlights something that’s annoyed the hell out of me like forever. Barton wrote on Facebook: “My 90-yo piano teacher of the last fifteen years just sent me a note saying heโ€™s cutting all communication, because his church doesnโ€™t like me.โ€ And Tony comments “As Bartonโ€™s friends began to react, it was clear some of them didnโ€™t know which “church” was being referred to.”

      Yeah well, what do we expect? We keep repeating their lie to each other that $cientarCONon is a “church” until we forget that normal people use the word to mean something different. $cientarCONon isn’t a church it’s a fucking death cult. They suck the life out of anybody they get their hands on, then they throw them away. They’re spiders that trap prey in webs, poison the prey, suck the prey dry and cut the empty shell loose so it falls in the dirt. And they’ll keep doing it until they’re forced to obey the laws and dumped in the slammer every time they break them. No more covering up for them and no more letting them skate. Even $cientarCONonists should be embarassed to call it a church when they talk to outsiders.

      And I just love how $cientarCONon bots sent to spread confusion on his Facebook just flat-out lie about disconnection AGAIN, but what do we expect. As long as our news doesn’t tell the whole world every time they do this shit most people still don’t know the lying liars tell lies. They assume the Demented Midget traveling circus is what they claim just because they’re a “church”. And as long as our cops and courts and politicians refuse to nail $cientarCONon hard and public for their crimes in the most obvious ways people won’t realize the difference between this death cult and other cults and religions.

      Sorry but it gets harder all the time to keep watching these bastards and knowing they still have too much juice with the people that oughta be locking them up and broadcasting every one of their crimes across the news. $cientarCONon is a gold-plated turd and it’s time the gold was stripped off and turd was flushed.

      PS Tony, I agree with you, the LA Times and a lot of other papers should be doing this like they used to. Makes me wonder how $cientarCONon got control of them.

      Rant over. But I think I need to get away anyhow.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        I completely understand. And here I was still giddy about you coming back!
        These last two days have made us all rant…with good reason.

        Sometimes this shit is just too heartbreaking and infuriating.
        I think I am going to need a break soon too.
        Time to clear the head of all things Scientological for a bit.

        • q-bird

          yes. I concur… perhaps another important part of healing is to escape what hurts so hard totally & completely on occasion… go & get rejuvenated in other ways, enough so as to be able to gain enough strength to be able to withstand these shocking hits. Maybe go shoot some clays eh?! BTN !!! Me, for my part, I pick myself up, dust myself off, wipe my eyes, blow my nose and go on. Turn up the music LOUD. Finish some chores and then I’m gone fishing. I take/make moments; I close my eyes & when I open them up again, I will to see what is beautiful and perfect about the world given me – once again – I try. I keep looking & seeing & seeking.

  • Observer

    omg … heartbreaking indeed.

    Message to David Miscarriage, which also applies to the creator of the disconnection policy, L. Ron Hubbard:


    No one proves Scientology is evil more efficiently and effectively than Scientology itself. COB is FAIL.

    Allen Barton is further evidence that Scientologists who truly do care for others and actually help humanity find they have no place in the “church” and leave.

    As for those poor blind dupes defending it, I only hope that whatever needs to happen to wake them up happens soon.

    • mirele

      You are so right. If there was ever a story that deserves a hearty YSCOHB! directed at DM, this is it!!!!!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      I believe the term that is now getting traction is “willful blindness” “willful denial” “willful irresponsibility”.

      Listen, I know very well how scientologists hide reality, and how the organization hides everything. But that was long, long ago and most of those still inside, Mario, for example, have witnessed Extremely High Volumes of criminal activity, if only in the financial fraud frame, have seen thousands upon thousands of families ripped apart, the early deaths, the suicides, the mental breakdowns, the foreclosres, the bankruptcies, and most of all, every single one of them has seen literally thousands “disappear”.

      There are no more poor blind dupes left. There are only Willful Accessories.

      • Observer

        Point taken.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Sorry for my rant today. It’s just that I Know, you know (lol, the scientology, is still drips out time to time). But I have lost so much and so many for too long. Momma said there’d be days like this. Now I really need coffee.

          Thanks for Listening! ha

          • Observer

            Rant on. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • BuryTheNuts2

            Hole, have a third cup today….(even though you aren’t supposed too).

          • Ze Moo


            Why did Feninger tell anyone he got money from Barton? How did the CO$ find out? Only Feninger could have told them. Making a 90 year old man starve speaks an incredible amount of control over the guy. Next they’ll be telling him to ‘drop the body’.

            Tony, did the LA Times get this story and not print it?

            • DeElizabethan

              One of the problems. Scio can lie to wogs but not to the org. This is something they must learn to do, as in survival, before they will be able to see clear.

            • Ze Moo

              Once they can start lying to the org, they are 1/2 way out the door. How can these people have no idea what is their best interest? You really have to drink the kool-aid deeply to be willing to starve for ‘saving the planet’.

            • DeElizabethan

              I suppose I’m thinking more of the public persons who feed the org. Without feed the org will die. I remember I used to lie to wogs but never the org. Until after a reg just would not accept my answer that I didn’t have the money, (nor the desire) and it went on for two weeks until finally I said Yes, I will start the course and that ended it. Then I disappeared for years. First out and out lie and it felt good. This is what I’m hoping for in the feeders.

          • Missionary Kid

            No need to apologize. It’s on the mark.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        At some point you cross the line from willfull ignorance, blindness, denial, etc.
        To just willfully being an Asshole.

  • JonnyJacobsen

    Truly sickening. My heart goes out to Allen Barton — and to Feninger. He plays like an angel.

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    Wow, I have quite a different reaction than the others who have already posted. Perhaps it’s because I’ve already gone through my grief period. I’ve even created a tellis fountain corner in my garden to remember those who have lost their life or their family to scientology and I put in a new plant each time I uncover a new name on my long list.

    So I’m full blown in the Friggin’ Pissed Off as HELL stage. Not at some ambiguous “scientology” organization, not at a Miscavige figurehead dictator that few ever even see, and not even at the Hubbard man, long dead and fish bait.

    I’m disgusted with the individuals who perpretate this mafia. In this case, I don’t feel sorry for Mario, I am enraged. In other words, there are No More Excuses. Why is Mario broke? Did he turn over his life savings to human rights abuser? Why can’t he get help from his pretend friends, other scientologists? Oh, that’s right, because they are Not friends to Anyone.

    So why’s he doing it? Why do any of them continue enabling the abusers? They each have their own volumes of reasons, but I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore. scientology is a mafia style Human Rights Abuser. If that’s who someone chooses to support, then as far as I’m concerned, you are an accessory to their crimes, and implicit in their terror and damage. end of rant, going for coffee and a shower

    • EnthralledObserver

      You do have a pretty good point here. Feninger himself went to Allen initially, and all Allen did was say yes, and send him the help he needed and had requested. Doesn’t even seem to be a question of whether Feninger thought Allen was a good person or not – it’s clear from every direction that he is – so what reason would there be to ‘disconnect’ – NONE. He was obviously TOLD to do so, and for a man with so many years experience (well into life) it seems unfathomable that he chose not to listen to his own opinion. WTF?… Feninger really has to look inside himself to explain this one.

    • Captain Howdy

      Totally agree with your sentiment, Ms. Hole.

    • I am right with you on your feeling about this one. How many people did Mario serve up to scientology during his years? No one ever sees DM, LRH is way dead and if someone has a freaking Facebook page …how do they not know what the hell is going on ? And when you are old get to tell people to fuck off and do whatever you want.

    • Missionary Kid

      Stop holding back your emotions! ๐Ÿ™‚

      The fact that you are able to be empathetic and caring about the victims of Co$ separates you from the narcissistic evil that the criminal enterprise called Co$ which doesn’t care about anyone else.

    • I don’t think Mario is a totally pure victim — but on the other hand, I don’t think people have to pass a purity test before I can feel bad for them when they are victimized. And he is definitely being victimized.

    • blissfulldreams

      Here Here!

    • DeElizabethan

      Exactly how I feel too.
      Will join you for coffee.

    • I would like to know exactly who got to Mario and how. Did a gang of Sci’s show up at a 90-year old’s house at midnight and read him the riot act? Yes, Mario is to blame, but I’ve taken care of elderly parents, 87 and 84, and they become more emotionally dependent than you might imagine. Whoever in Sci who was tasked with contacting Mario and frightening him into disconnecting is a bad person(s).

      • mirele

        This. My dad is 78 years old, in mid-stage Alzheimer’s and I am thoroughly glad that he has a live-in caretaker and is not involved in some greedy, blood-sucking CULT.

    • coonellie

      As my teenaged daughter would say, “And, how do you really feel about that?” ;p

  • HeatherGraceful

    Kudos to Allen Barton for not taking this lying down. Allen, I hope you don’t give up on your relationship with Mr Feninger. I wonder if he’s dependent upon others to cash cheques for him. Perhaps you could get cash to him instead of a cheque. Make it easy on him.

    Just an idea.

    • mirele

      Gift cards. Anonymously. You know, to grocery stores, or wherever.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        How about instead, gift cards to the victims of scientology, like Miss Wu’s family, struggling to take care of her after scientology damaged her, the Australian girl from the story in Tony’s post yesterday.

        How about to the family of Valeska Paris, or any of the exscientology kids?

        How about a gift card to Victoria Britton, the mother who lost her son, Kyle Brennan. She could probably use a hand.

        • Captain Howdy

          Yes, charity for the victims, especially the children, not for those like Tom Cruise and Mario who used their celebrity status to entice untold numbers of people into the cult.

    • HeatherGraceful

      Plus, you can highlight the difference between the church and the so-called SP.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Or call up his utility company and just pay the bill. Most of them will even let you post a credit to the account.

  • MO Mom

    This breaks my heart. The COS is supporting elder abuse. Mr Feninger’s financial situation reminds me of something a high school teacher talked about in class. He said that Wednesdays were very common days for the elderly to go grocery shopping (for whatever reason that escapes me now). Many of them purchase canned cat food. My teacher then leaned over his desk and said ‘they don’t have cats’. As the meaning sunk in, we were so horrified.

    I would be ashamed to show my face if my father or grandfather was in this situation. How can we help, so that Mr. Feninger could accept the money?

    • mirele

      The first Wednesday of the month here in Phoenix is “Senior Wednesday” at Basha’s. My brother, who is my parents’ caretaker, makes a grocery list and then grabs himself a parent to take with him so he can get the 10 percent discount. It’s apparently a zoo.

      And yes, the Co$ is supporting elder abuse, but we shouldn’t be surprised, on top of the slave labor, child labor, holding people against their will, etc., etc., etc….

      • sugarplumfairy

        Nothing co$ does surprises me..

        And wow! Good idea.. Wonder what my Grammy’s doing tomorrow..

    • sugarplumfairy

      Mr Feninger needs to man up and tell co$ to go f*ck themselves.. You can only help so much.. At some point the victim has to take off his mask and look his abuser in the eye..

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        If Mario has family, they might have a good case for reporting elder abuse. In California, the laws protecting seniors are pretty decent. State authorities would seriously question why any 90 year old in dire need and in his right mind would refuse help because his “church” [spit] told him to. They would investigate I am pretty sure.

        But I’m with Tony on this. This should be Big Story in L.A. Put the spotlight on Scientology: “Does Scientology Abuse it’s Senior members?”

        • sugarplumfairy

          I doubt they’ll investigate.. And if they do, Feninger will just say it was his choice.. Most churches have special funds to help parishioners with emergent needs.. Co$ stockpiles bullies to go do it’s dirty work..

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            The elder protection laws in some states have progressed. Think of it in terms of domestic violence cases. It used to be that the woman had to say she was abused. Now, there is more understanding of the mechanics and problems involved. This is beginning to happen with the elderly. Ripping off senior citizens or taking advantage of them is included now in the abuse in Calif and FL. If they are saying things that are in obvious against their own survival and interests, then investigation of what’s going on can sometimes happen. Of course, if Mario is in sound mind, then I go back to, the hell with him.

            • sugarplumfairy

              I’m glad to hear that is happening in some states.. Not yet happening in my neck of the woods, but I’ll look forward to it..

      • 1subgenius

        Once, a victim.
        Twice, a volunteer.

    • MarionDee

      Elder abuse. You’ve nailed it. To deprive and isolate a person of that age is depravity, pure and simple.

  • Tony, I can’t thank you enough for this article, I have been watching Allen Barton at PJMedia and on PJTV for along time. He is libertarian in his politics and an exquiste classical pianist.

    The cruelty of Scientology is unspeakable foremost to his 90-year-old mentor Mario Feninger but also to Allen himself.

    PJ Media is one of the most important sites for information, analysis, and commentary in the center-right new media.

    It was founded by Jewish Hollywood detective mystery writer Roger L. Simon, who is its CEO/ Among the most influential figures in PJ Media is Glenn Reynolds, who is a libertarian professor of constitutional law.

    He is known as the Blogfather because he started his blog Instapundit in 2001 and opened the way to what has become a vast blogosphere on the center-right.

    Everyone on the center-right reads Instapundit about twenty times a day because Glenn frequently posts that often.

    Philosophically PJMedia and Glenn are sociallly liberal, fiscallly conservative, and minimalists about the role and scoop of government. In this they have an affinity with Reason, which is the leading journal of liibertariam thought.

    I hope Allen’s story will be a first step towards increasing interest on the center-right to vigously oppose Scientology.

    There has been exactly zero comment Scientology on the center-right in the last five years since the rise of Anonymous.

    What some of us in the anti-Scientology movement have come to realize is that there is a Scientology War On Society, and not just against psychiatrists and individuals. Germany is foremost in understanding this.

    Dismantling the totalitarian Church of Scientology demands cooperation across every sector of society and the formation of non-partisan and cross-ideological alliances. Nowhere is this task more urgent or the effort likely be more effective than in Hollywood.

    We need a cross-ideological Hollywood anti-Scietnology alliance of Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans, and Jews, Chrstians, atheists, and agnostics.

    Part of the importance of Larry Wright’s book besides being a superlative account of Scientology history, doctrine, and practice is that he sees vrery clearly that shattering the suppression of Scientology must be done through calling to account the Hollywood celebrities of Scientology for its manifold cruelties such as visited on Allen and Mario.

    I don’t know who might have the courage and activist zeal to form such an anti-Scientology alliance in Hollywood, but it is work that needs to be done.

    I hope that Alle and Mario’s experience will be an opening for that to begin to happen.

    I have just tweeted your article to PJ Media, Roger L. Simon, Instapundit, and Reason, and I will continue to do so with every major outlet on the center-right.

    The antii-Scientology movement consists largely of political liberals, secularists, agnostics, and atheists. Jewish liiberals form a powerful if not the most powerful segment in the Holly wood power structure leading to such spectacles as the Simon Wiesenthal Center giving its humanitarian award to Tom Cruise in 2011. whose “church” spent fifteen years terrorizing Holocaust survivor Paulette Cooper.

    I wncourage eveyone on the center-right to send messages with a link to this article by Twitter, Facebook, and email. And, if they have the stomach for it, those on the center-left as well.

    I encourage everyone to send messages to Allen and encourage him to keep speaking out particulary to those on the center-right and to network with other ex-Scientologists in Hollywood.

    • Captain Howdy

      Ha Ha, good luck with that alliance pal. As someone who is living on what you reactionaries call ‘entitlements” — you know those things you social darwinists want to get rid of — you people are more of a threat to my existence than the clown cult of scientology could ever delusionally dream of being.

    • villagedianne

      In Oklahoma both parties are united against Narconon.

  • richelieu jr

    The thing that strikes me here (other than the obvious, human cost of this nonsense) is that the nasty little woman lying in public about her religion is obviously internet-savvy enough to have a FaceBook account and therefore has doubtless heard the truth and not processed it.

    Either that or she is one of the hard-as-nails propagandists or even a mercenary who is sent out to Entheta-Land (the Happiest Place on Earth, if you ask me!) to deliberately spread misinformation and muddy the waters so that more innocent people can get snookered and screwed.

    The thing is any Scientologist knows she is lying. The all do. Why do they all stay silent (cuz you don’t air your dirty laundry in public, presumably– That’s Scientology for you. A bunch of dirty little bastards sitting in shitty diapers and warning others not to air their dirty laundry in public…)

    Either way- Screw her. I hope she gets cancer in the most painful place and tries to cure it with her super-powers, then finds out the only doctor with the cure is an SP and he won’t see her because this guy was his uncle or something.)

    • I think that it’s pretty evident that all Scientologists know that disconnection exists. Whether at one time its mechanics and its consequences for families were not widely known is possible, although that can no longer be credibly claimed. At this point any Scientologist who publicly makes a statement like this woman did is doing more harm to him/herself than to the public. Consider – She did disconnect from Barton two days later despite her claim that the policy didn’t exist. If a person had business dealings with her this statement followed by her immediate contrary action would raise questions about what else she comfortably lies about.

      • richelieu jr

        Well (and I can’t believe I sound lie I’m defending this woman), to be sure she said that it was a tool that you could use if you liked. So, she used it (she would say.)
        The situation with the old man is clearly different- He needed help asked for it and got it, then had to send the money back. Clearly that was done under duress (unless he had a brain transplant int he meantime.)
        What a ‘church’ better that old men starve and freeze to death alone than talk to someone who has the temerity to think for themselves. Pretty much the exact opposite of what they purport to be.
        He’s old, can’t play at their ‘benefits’ anymore and his bank account is cashed out. Kick him to the curb: NEXT!

        • You’re right that she characterized it as a tool. She could be so indoctrinated that she’s like the residents of “the hole” and is incapable of independent thought. I don’t think this would change my view concerning being cautious in business dealings with her, though, just that it would mitigate the level of her culpability in acting dishonestly.

          • richelieu jr

            Yeah, I wouldn’t touch that one with at ten-foot restraining order. She’s a liar and an active propagandist who has every reason to know better. A nasty piece of work, even if she thinks she’s doing it for the greatest good for the greatest number of goobers or whatever…

      • villagedianne

        Once I was bamboozled by a leader of a political group. I continued to defend him right up until the minute I woke up. In my case, I woke up when this leader verbally attacked a friend just for questioning him. Sometimes the truth is bubbling under the surface and just needs a shock to make it boil over and you say to yourself “How could I have not seen this before, it was so obvious?”.

    • is obviously internet-savvy enough to have a FaceBook account and therefore has doubtless heard the truth and not processed it

      People are good at this, and not just in Scientology. Back when I was still on Facebook, I was “friends” with someone I’d known growing up who remained exactly the same willfully ignorant loser he’d been when we were teenagers. I ended up blocking him rather than seeing more of his hateful spew. Then there was the woman I’d gone to high school with who claimed there was a War on Christmas because someone said Happy Holidays to her.

      Being on the internet is no longer a mark of being able to learn much, and I don’t know if it was ever a mark of being able to learn much about the way the world works. Just technology.

      • richelieu jr

        I didn’t mean it was mark of anything except for someone who wasn’t following the Scientology rules not to go on the internet. Listen to Ann Archer or Juliette Lewis talk about the Internet (“Oh, I don’t waste my time on that. There’s just a lot of nonsense on there”, or “Where did you hear that? On the internet?”)
        INternet use and generally all media contact are greatly frowned upon in Scientology and formally banned for those in SeaOrg, unless something has greatly changed (and it may ahve: There were requests to write fake Amazon reviews of the right book, for example…)

  • Missy Wog

    I’m really at a loss.. He is 90! How much more work can he do on his case anyway? It’s not like he is damned to go to hell bc he is sinning and not repenting..shit I hope even Christians have a loop hole for that lol

    • Roger Larsson

      The road to freedom is the road to hell and the way to happiness is the way to sadism.

      The trip to hell can be happy but at the arrival was the happiness not happiness, the happiness was sadism.

      • Missionary Kid

        Since $cientology is a scam and its goal is to bring in money, those still in are taught not to care about anyone else. It is intrinsically narcissistic, evil, and deceptive, so it doesn’t care if anyone is destroyed, happy, or sad, as long as they conform and the money keeps coming in and the con continues.

        • Roger Larsson

          The goal to conquer the world, human beings I, isnโ€™t done in groups with sociopaths at the top not to be questioned.

          Fakers with their heresy guides mankind backwards.

          If Hubbard had told scientologists to smile because he conned them they had made the discovery that he guided them to poverty instead of to recovery.

          • Missionary Kid

            Hubbard, I believe, never wanted to conquer the world. His whole declaration of wanting to save the world was to give an unattainable goal to his followers and to lead them to bringing in more suckers to the con game. It is a grand vision, like liebensaraum was for the Germans, that motivates people to join and do evil in the name of the “greater good.”

            Not many ex-$cientologists became wealthy, did they, at least on the level of LRH or DM. The goal of crating a Super Power building or purchasing any other property is to make the church, which is, through the shell corporations, now Dinky Misbehaver, wealthy.

            • Roger Larsson

              So if Hubbardโ€™s mother had done a blowjob on his father we had all gone jummy-jummy
              instead of basic-basic.

              She had done the greatest good for the dynamics.

            • Captain Howdy

              You’ve out done yourself Roger.

            • Roger Larsson

              It’s worse to be dumped by the easy goingness than it is to be dumped by a dick or a cunt.

            • Roger Larsson

              Babalon and the Beast. 666, LRH and Crowley?

              Life becomes more shining thanks to critics. Ex-members, critics and individuals conquer the world by giving away the whole story to others on a common planet and recieves flowers and honour mentions in history books for their courage to expose the whole truth and nothing else but the whole truth about Co$. They are the REAL heroes to all people living on this planet.

              Celebrates in Co$ have to drag on Co$ and still have successes on this planet. They have to work more hard to feed this criminal organisation not leaving them alone.

            • Missionary Kid

              There are a lot of good people on this list who are fighting to expose the truth about $cientology

            • Roger Larsson

              Yup! Not to forget Anonymous.

              Life goes on with or without $cientology.

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    Okay, just a little light hearted link and interesting footnotes about scientology celebs, some who stayed for 60 years, Mario mentioned, and some who ran right after the comm course. Interesting tidbits: Ron Serling of The Twilight zone was baited. Woh, that would have been hilarious. Oh, and in Lawrence Wright’s book he mentions John Travolta giving credit to scientology for landing the role in Welcome Back Kotter, but here is a mention where he gives credit to Peggy Andrews of the 40’s singing group Andrew Sisters, for her advice that landed him the role. There’s more…

    • The part that really intrigued me was this:

      “Richard Kiel – Jaws – Before I was in Scientology, in the late 1960’s, I was working for IBM and we were on site at Jet Propulsion Labs in Altadena, CA very near the Rose Bowl. This guy, Larry whom I knew said he went looking at Ford cars at a dealership in a district of Los Angeles called Highland Park and his car salesman was a guy who was 7’2″ tall and was a talkative and friendly guy. Much to my surprise, this guy showed up at Celebrity Centre about 3 years later when I was on staff and I think he had just done his first James Bond movie where he played an evil henchman working for the main bad guy in the movie and his name was Jaws since he had been fitted with metal teeth to play his role in the movie. He went through the comm course and graduated and routed onto HQS and was wining there and it looked like he was going all the way with Scientology and then one day he was not there and he was gone for good. I never found out what happened and could only guess that he might have divulged that he was dealing drugs or engaging in some squirrel practice or something and was ordered to immediately route out. He was there one day and gone the next and nothing was ever said about what happened.”

      Any old timers here know more about this?

  • The mainstream media is a gutless paper tiger. Important news gets the short shrift. Of course they have mostly become mouthpieces for one party or another and still a great way to line a bird cage, and wrap fish. I am glad this blog has not been “sold” to special interests. Who wants to bet that the church is not feeding the man? There are ORGS to build!!!

  • Sherbet

    Barton says it best: “Outright thuggery.”

    • DodoTheLaser

      Hubbard created that machine.
      All machines eventually do break though.
      As we watch.

  • “CODA” Nice touch, Tony.

    And yes, the LA Times is a horrendous rag that only seems to want to splash stories about illegal aliens that are deported and their sob stories. They were once a great organization but now they are schizophrenic at best.

    • Missionary Kid

      Actually, they have done some expose’s that have done some good. Their recent series on doctors who are over prescribing drugs, incompetent, and the poor disciplinary system has been good.

      • They are beating the “prescription drug” horse to death, though. They have a fascist organization that thrives in their own backyard but they still refuse to do any detailed research on it.

        And they didn’t ask the hard questions of Mahoney for years, and look what happened there.

  • 10oriocookies

    This is like the gun companies having a sale on uzis for criminals and the mentally unstable only and then claiming no responsibility for the mayhem that is sure to enuse (scn being the gun companies and criminals and mentally unstable being its parishoners). “What disconnection policy? Our “ethics officers” never coerce people or force them to disconnect. Umm definition of an officer stupid.

    • 10oriocookies

      Scientology is a weaponized spiritual philosophy.

  • Sherbet

    As for the woman who parrots the party line about disconnection — I’m reminded of the scns who say the Operation Snow White convictions resulted only from the stolen paper used to copy the Government documents. Nothing about the bigger issue of FBI office infiltration or copying dox in the first place. Says the cos, it was the stolen copy paper that tripped up the operation. The church says it, and the members believe it.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Hey, It could happen!
      I am still training my 400 future operative’s on how to steal office supplies from the Corporation…because we all know that the BIG MONEY is selling stolen used paper clips and copy paper on e-bay!
      OK, no seriously. How could anyone (no matter how brainwashed) be stupid enough to believe that the “church” would train people as operatives to infiltrate medical and government offices to steal copy paper?
      It is so beyond ludicrous it is amazing.

      I am having one of those days where my consciousness is telling me this is all a surreal dream because it can not possibly be reality.
      But then maybe reality isn’t real?
      Yeah…that’s it. I feel better now.

      (It was either that cognition or the Xanax)!

      • Sherbet

        Xanax?? Nooooo!!! Evil psychs have taken control of BuryTheNuts!!!

        Anyway, to clarify, I think the scns understand there were other sneaky things going on in the FBI offices, but none of it is considered illegal or non-ethetical because it was for the good of the church and, ultimately, the good of the planet, EXCEPT that Government paper was used to make copies. So, in its usual diversionary tactics, the true crime was ignored, as the cos admitted to the paper theft. And that’s how Mary Sue ended up in prison.

        If I’m wrong with my interpretation, maybe someone smarter can straighten me out.

        • BuryTheNuts2

          Your interpretation is correct.

          It just pisses me off that they (scientologists) get handed a line of not even thinly disguised nonsense and told to swallow it and they willing do so…KNOWING it is bullshit.

          The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics…..blah blah.

          • Missionary Kid

            Deep inside they know it’s bullshit, but because of the desire to belong to a group that is “saving the world” and to conform and ignore any dissonance, they ignore that little voice inside their head. $cientology is all about suppressing emotions counter to what is being handed down.

        • Captain Howdy

          Did somebody mention Xanax ? how many mg ? how many you got ? can I get a deal ?

          • Sherbet

            Somehow, I think you’re relaxed enough without the stuff, Howdy.

      • Missionary Kid

        The whole message of $cientology is that reality isn’t.

    • grundoon

      Scientologists would totally believe the Chruch infiltrated government offices to steal TOILET paper.

  • sugarplumfairy

    I llistened to Feninger’s Chopin while I read the article.. It’s beautiful and it was heart wrenching accompaniment to a heartbreaking story.. How proud these good scientologists must be of their bullying church.. I’m hoping the names in this story will attract lots of attention and that this turns out to be a big co$ foot bullet..

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Wasn’t it lovely?
      I am with John P. …I think all of these jackasses names should be publicly listed as CULTIE’s.
      They sure are happy to take WOG money.

      • Missionary Kid

        The difference is that the money goes to Co$, not a needy individual, who they could care less about.

        When was the last time that Co$ returned a check made out to it? Where’s their pension plan, or their plan to take care of anyone but the executives?

        • BuryTheNuts2

          You are making my point. The Scientologists are constantly on the scam with the various front groups (and any other bullshit they can come up with), and are more than willing to take our wog money under whatever hidden guise they can pull off.

          • Missionary Kid

            I agree with your point. I’m just pointing out that the Co$ rarely, if ever, pitches in to help their own. They may get other clams to pitch in, but not the church itself, I believe.

            • BuryTheNuts2

              True that!

  • scnethics

    I’m seething. Let’s hope that “uber clear” facebook poster has this wonderful “tool” used on her one day.

  • BosonStark

    At 7:30 you can see Mario Feninger being interviewed by Mike Wallace in Clearwater, as one of the three head-in-the-sand clams who doesn’t give a damn about what his cult did to Paulette Cooper or anyone else.

    Incidentally, in his youth, Feninger had a very slight career in Europe as a concert pianist, and in that clip of Chopin, it’s nice old man playing but quite odd too (interpretively), and while he may have been a fine teacher, his playing never amounted to anything in the concert world, although he was big stuff in the Hollywood clam scene.

    Are there any clams who, in my mind, can really play classical piano? Cyprien Katsaris, a French-Cypriot pianist is an avowed clam — doesn’t hang out in Hollywood though — he’s a wonderful pianist of the highest caliber. He has lots of recordings on YouTube that are amazing.

    • sugarplumfairy

      Yah.. Victim or perp? It all depends on the day.. So Fenninger helped spread the hubbard virus in France.. He’s prob really proud of that..

      • 1subgenius

        Victims become perps and vice versa.
        Those that can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
        Once, a victim. Twice, a volunteer.
        Since BosonStark pointed out the video with him in it, I have no sympathy. And he’s probably broke because he gave it all to Miscavige.
        Like any addict he’d probably spend any money given to him on more auditing. His begging was probably due to regging.

        • Missy Wog

          I have sympathy.. He is in a cult. Seriously, at 90 he has what to loose by taking the money? What is the power they have over him? That is brainwashing. At least they gave it back and didn’t cash it for the church I suppose.

        • BuryTheNuts2

          Like any addict he’d probably spend any money given to him on more auditing.

          ^^^This is most likely the case unfortunately.

      • Sherbet

        Whether he’s a nice old man or a devout scn with a nasty history, the fact remains that a 90-year-old man who needs money is forced to live in poverty so that his philosophical world will remain “pure.” You can’t eat philosophy or pay the rent with it.

    • Bob

      Boson, I agree having observed this over the years. I hope Cyprien is out for he is a genius at the piano. Mario is a sweet man and I thought he had more integrity than that but there is more to this than meets the eye. Way too bad, as I know Mario needs the money and friends like Barton.
      Also the disgusting treatment of Milton Kitsalis is reprehensible. He was beyond a great acting teacher and his results live on. I will refrain from stating my view of what should be done with the motivational worm Grant Cardone. It is unbecoming even to his fellow worms.

    • The Dark Avenger

      My mother saw Rubenstein play in San Francisco in the late 1940s. Far from “an effortless touch”, he used his shoulders and upper-body weight when playing pieces like the Sabre Dance of Khachaturian that required loud dynamics.

  • CoolHand

    I am so sick of the self-righteous uninformed idiots who close their eyes tightly to what is happening around them while listening to the orders commanded by their “church” leaders.

  • Dean Fox

    From my understanding of the disconnection policy good scilons should disconnect from people causing them problems that they cannot handle and from people the church deems to be a problem to them, aka those they declare suppressive.

    It’s funny how good scilons can at once not understand their policy, they forget the 2nd part, while at the same time following it to the letter upon command. They probably think that when the church tells them to they independently make up their mind to disconnect, the church didn’t tell me they just suggested it and I decided (all by myself) that disconnection was “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      That’s the thing about these people still in. I consider scientology died off for real 4 or 5 years ago, maybe just 3. The moment an auditor stepped out of session and bullied their pc (customer/patient) for money, right after he audited him, That is when it scientology became non existent. and the employees and customers stopped being scientologists. And now most of the “auditing” has even stopped. It’s just interrogations for intel and cash and a 24/7 Drooling Fanatics’ Sales Convention that never ends.

      Miscavige is running an entirely new scam. He just didn’t change the name. The leftover members don’t even know the scientology tech anymore. Some staff are from third world, others are not trained anymore so they don’t know even know what scientology polices are. Public have to do these Basics course, but just memorize for the moment and forget, but they certainly don’t know the policies. All anyone seems to know is to Just Follow Orders. Seems they stick around so they can get some super powers and live forever and are willing to f*ck over anyone and anything to get it for themselves. Even their families can go to hell and that’s just fine. Any member of the Scientology Party who would just hand over cash to Mario Feninger would be written up for a Crime and punished, and made to pay cash to Miscavige for this crime, and get the money back. It’s sick.

      • Missionary Kid

        Co$ was always doing it from the beginning. It just got taken to a new, more explicit level. The evil was always there, but they were able to fool you with a measure of subtlety that vanished as Devious Midget took charge. LRH was always reinventing $cientology to keep money coming in. He never cared what happened to anyone else.

        The directness caused you to wake up. It’s not really a new scam. It’s the old scam in newer clothes.

        Looked at one way, it almost seems like you are complaining about the decline in Co$ when compared with the old days. I’m saying that the old days were morally and ethically (not in the Co$ definition) just as bad Before Miscavage because the tech itself has very little or no intrinsic value, and the bridge really doesn’t exist.

        It really never mattered if people just memorized the Basics course and forgot it, because all that ever mattered was that the clams conformed and kept on giving.

        Half Pint happened to come along when the stream of Co$ funds were falling off because of the internet or whatever reason. Like any wog CEO, he ordered belt tightening and a harder push for revenues. The problem is that Dianetics and $cientology are at the heart, a scam, and any value given for payment was and is illusory.

        Please realize that Co$ has always been sick. The incidents you cite are horrific and a measure of its decline, It’s difficult because in a perverse way it’s good to see these things happening, but bad because they exemplify cruelty to people.

        • Captain Howdy

          Are you an ex-scientologist ?

          • Missionary Kid

            No, but I’ve been aware of LRH, Dianetic$, and $cientology since the middle 50s when my sister was briefly involved. When she rejected it, I was more amused than alarmed because of who she was and is. I went to one Dianetic$ seminar with her.

            I didn’t really look into it further until the late 60s, but I took a real dislike to it because of its deceptive practices that start at recruitment.

            • Captain Howdy

              I was just wondering because “TheHoleDoesNotExist” was in CoS for decades and knows as much about how it works and it’s history as any of the famous ex’s that contribute to this forum.

            • Missionary Kid

              I agree that they know how it worked for all those years. I agree that they have seen how it’s gotten worse. I also sympathize with their despair at the human toll it has taken and is taking and that it took on them.

              My viewpoint is that at the root, it never was about helping anyone. Even before “TheHoleDoesNotExist” ever heard of Dianetic$, its sole purpose was to make money for LRH. Everything else was window dressing to suck people in and keep them there with a web of lies.

              Early on, according to my neighbor who saw him in Phoenix, LRH was selling Dianetics as a way of making money for everyone. That sales pitch changed when he realized that it could be better sold if it were presented as saving the world or self-improvement and wrapped in the cloth of a religion. The basic goal was always to make money for the person at the top.

              When DM took over, the only real thing that happened was that the money went to a different person who was not as skilled at money extraction, but who managed to get an IRS exemption.

              It died to her when the pressure to bring money in increased and she started to see the light.

              I am not attacking “TheHoleDoesNotExist” for being in and getting out. I am saying that the organization is essentially evil. It did not die off just a few years ago, it was dead from inception.

            • Captain Howdy

              I guess you missed the part where “THDNE” wrote “Miscavige is running an entirely new scam. He just didn’t change the name.”

              She meant that CoS died as a going concern, not as a moral entity. CoS reached it’s peak membership in the late 80’s and started to decline once DM really started to implement his management style. The only people around here who don’t think the “Tech” is a scam are the Indies.

            • Missionary Kid

              I stand corrected. I apologize to you and TheHoleDoesNotExist.

            • Captain Howdy

              No need to apologize. You’re doing just fine. Sometimes it sticks to the wall, sometimes it don’t. Just keep cooking.

            • Missionary Kid

              When I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Otherwise, my credibility suffers. Thanks.

            • FistOfXenu

              And there we see the difference between inside the death cult and out here in what they call the religion-hating, nazi, suppressive, wog world. We have a misunderstanding or difference of opinion out here and nobody gets a beatdown or RPF or sec-checking or even a reaming by a Demented Midget. We aim at patience, explanation, mutual understanding, and acceptance of each other and we usually get it. Damn I love you guys!

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              No need, truly. I was just talking about the current members in, most of whom have been around for decades. There are certain key, basic foundations and policies that make scientology what it is. They are no longer sacred or used. And yes, I know it’s evil and a scam from the beginning, believe me.

            • Ze Moo

              In the early and ‘middle’ years of scamatology, Lron actually paid commissions and those who ‘owned’ a mission or ‘church’ could earn some real money. By giving the local ‘leaders’ of scamatology a piece of the cake, they got the new meat in the door and into courses. Mission owners could make some decent money. I have heard that they could get incomes up to 1/2 million per year in the really big missions. This was big money in the mid 60’s. I have no way to verify that income figure. This was the time of the multi level marketing scam that started and filled up CO$ membership. Lron made millions at this stage of the game, and eventually he wanted more.

              Around 1983, Lron saw how much the mission owners were making and he wanted those bucks. Miscavige ‘made his bones’ (old mafia term) by getting the mission holders to sign over their missions to the central organization without recompense. The torture stories about those mission holder ‘conferences’ have been widely reported here and at the clambake.

              After Lron died in 86, Miscavige continued the ‘centralize the revenue’ projects that Lron started. The higher levels of OTness could only be taught at the ship of fools or at Clearwater (LA too?). This cut off revenue to the locals and has slowly resulted in the actual slavery of the local “ideal Morgs” to the central organization. The central org owns the local ideal morgs and the locals have to pay rent to them even after raising the money to build their mOrg themselves. The local ‘body router’ may make 10-15% commission on services sold to their ‘meat’, but then they have to kick more back to the IAS and other scams like ‘stupor powerz’.

              There is little incentive to bring in ‘new meat’ these days. All the fingers in pie are Miscaviges and he doesn’t share squat. DM just continued and expanded Lrons scam, he is not an especially brilliant organizer or great accountant, he just has control of the purse and the billy club that fills it.

            • Missionary Kid

              Interestingly enough, there’s a parallel in restaurant franchising, which destroyed at least one chain. It was caused by the corporation removing manager incentives as well as making sheer expansion the goal.

              The people who started the chain went public, and that brought other board members into the corporation who were not willing to reward managers who first opened and established restaurants as had been done originally.

              Corporate saw how much the managers were making and decided that they wanted that money. They removed incentives for the managers to do outstanding work and watch the bottom line as closely. Tied with this was a push to expand the chain.

              One good downturn in the economy and sloppy operation of new restaurants, and the chain collapsed, to oversimplify it a bit.

              I can only hope the same happens to Co$, but the human cost that will come in addition to the damage already done by the evil org. makes me sad.

            • N. Graham

              Good sum-up. That is pretty much the way I understand it also. Especially the part about the individual missions and orgs making $$$ and LRH of course wanting a bigger cut.

        • Roger Larsson

          Hubbard never cancelled this policy.


          – L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384

          A cult making VGI’s, making more VGI’s, making other people produce so as to make more VGI’s could make a living in the world.

          If a SP wants to create VGI’s in a 90 years old man he’s forbidden to do so.

          A cult making money, money and money instead of Very Good Indicators and smileys commit suicide.

          • Missionary Kid

            It’s a Ponzi scheme of the worst order. They’re peddling worthless stuff, but because it is in an imaginary world, they have been able to get away with a lot of it.

            • Roger Larsson

              Numbers influence….. the truth behind the numbers is the interesting. People don’t buy things not existing in the reality just like that any more, they want to know the truth behind the numbers.

            • Missionary Kid

              In counterpoint, it could be said that there are people joining the Catholic Church or Moonies or any other religious group for imaginary rewards every day.

            • Roger Larsson

              Do they take care of their old folks or not?

            • Missionary Kid

              As far as I know, they tend to take care of their old. People don’t join for the health care. People also don’t join to have their kids molested. They join for the rewards in the hereafter. There’s no scientific evidence of what is there, other than what the faithful tell. Those rewards may be real, but they may well be as illusory.

              The difference is that we know that the Co$ rewards are illusory, and the whole cosmology came out of the twisted mind of LRH. The new recruits don’t.

            • Roger Larsson

              Heber Jentzsh sended the mob of scientology on me on the first IAS event in Copenhagen. He told scientologists that psychs do things to people.

              What psychs do to people is nothing compared with what psychopaths as LRH and DM do to

              Heber Jentzsh is my saviour from scientology and he is worth days in freedom before he dies.

            • Missionary Kid


        • villagedianne

          Revenues fell off because of Miscavige’s actions. According to Jeff Hawkins, Miscavige presided over an org boom caused by soaring sales of the book Dianetics. But then Miscavige fixed what wasn’t broken, dismantled and re-assigned the marketing team, and killed the goose that laid the golden egg.
          The little man doesn’t like others to be successful.

          • Missionary Kid

            Book sales of Dianutty certainly aren’t the major source of income, are they? i assume they own the printing plant and distribution system, but donations, and the cut from selling courses and auditing should be much higher than just one book.

      • Missionary Kid

        I stand corrected. I misunderstood your post. Please forgive me.

        I guess that I have looked at Co$ as such an evil, voracious entity that Dinky Mind’s new scam only appears to be a modification. It really is new. Hopefully, it destroys Co$, but I’m sad at the further cost in human lives it will bring.

    • Missy Wog

      Don’t they disconnect from SPs because an SP does damage to your own progress on your case? So how much case progress can he have left at 90 anyway? Jeez! I’d love to know what was said to him. Did he tell about the money from Allen in an auditing session? Didn’t come up as a withhold? How did the CoS find out to begin with?

      • DeElizabethan

        My guess is that it was just written up as one of these KR, knowledge reports, after talking with a friend and telling them about how nice the help was and who gave it. Then it goes up to ethics and he gets reamed.

  • AS a trained scientologist Ethics officer at the CCLA-in the 70’s,I sure was interned on this disconnect policy.Amy one that say s they never heard of it is in denial-just simple denial. Fear is the lid for which the pot is covered over.

    • Missionary Kid

      Not just denial. Lying.

  • AnonymousSP

    It sure does bother me that so-called media outlets like the Los Angeles Times have no balls and don’t report on The Cult in their midst. Journalism? lol Thanks for doing it right Tony et al.

  • Sherbet

    Tony, do you know if Tommy showed up last night?

  • danlocke

    I have been declared SP and there have been many old pals who have disconnected from me. One thing that I have realized is that I don’t have to (if I don’t want to) disconnect from them.

    I have met and talked with Mario several times, although it was always at his home when there was a party. Ten years or so ago, he had a big place in Los Feliz area of LA as I recall, and he was living there with another very accomplished classical pianist/teacher, Ian Brooks. The house was huge and beautiful but quite ramshackle, with a grand piano and lots of well worn furniture and mismatched chairs, wooden floors and lots of big windows. These parties were very popular and would attract very accomplished musicians and singers. I heard that they had been throwing these parties for years. They might still be. On the few occasions I was able to visit, I easily heard a dozen or so wonderful impromptu performances by different artists each evening. Mario would often accompany at the piano and would be encouraging to every performer. All the guests had a wonderful time.

    I am not a close friend of Mario’s, but have been good friends with some of his closest friends, all of whom I have not talked with for years. I don’t know Mario well enough to know if he has the sort of temperament which would have have him being discreet to a fault or not; it may be that this article will be the best way of informing his friends that he could use a hand.

    But I’d like to encourage Allen not to disconnect. The policies and demands of Scientology can be ignored by Allen. There’s plenty of ways that Allen could continue to send money to Mario and have the money not be traced back to Allen. Allen could help, Mario could be helped, Mario could say to anyone who wanted to know, “I have no idea where any of this has come from. I guess I have got an angel!”

    But I think he’d know in his gut!

    Mario has spent most of his life in Scientology. Allen is right, Mario ran an organization in Paris for a long time. If I recall correctly, in one or two of the Briefing Course tapes, he is audited by Ron, and it’s apparent that they were friends. Ron talked about Mario in lots of Scientology lectures over the years. Mario’s stuck with Scientology, right or wrong for over 50 years. And, in 50 years, you see a lot of wrong. Mario would likely have been close to John McMasters (Scn’s first clear, their first public spokesman and later ignominiously given the boot) and a goodly percentage of all the original Sea Org members (97.5% of which were eventually declared, I think). Each time he sighed and went back to his piano and played.

    In other words, like too many Scientologists, he let the organizations tell him what to do, even when it entirely contradicted his good judgement. Entirely and completely. At 90, I don’t know what might get him to change his operating basis in that regard. I won’t find fault in that as it won’t better anyone or anything in doing so. It’s just a fact that unthinking allegiances like that are part of life. Pushing against them too hard… I don’t know that it gets anything to change.

    But he is still a very good guy. I don’t think he has had enough money for years to buy much auditing and it’s unlikely that he will be wanting to sit in a course room very often or for very long. Celebrity mag used to put him on their cover every so often… I think that and his friends and going to an occasional event might be the extent of his current involvement.

    Used to be that Scientology would have “Field Ethics Counselors”; usually ex staff members who had done some thorough study of Scientology ethics and justice pls and would often know that stuff better than the current ethics officers in the orgs. I would imagine that there are still lots of these. Amongst the things these people would do would be to go out and look for people who felt they had been wronged by the organization and see what they could do to tidy things up a bit where the person would be willing to go into an org again and the org staff members also persuaded to lay off for a bit.

    Another “ex” might help here with finding the right references if anyone cared to look at them. Many things in Scientology policy are very ambiguous and subject to wide interpretation. But there have been people who have argued successfully that you only have to be disconnected from a suppressive person during a period of training and processing. And that when you are not being trained or processed, it is ok to remain in touch with such a person if it is your intention to “handle” them. That is, to resolve their animosity and get them active again.

    There are also a few policies that suggest that handling a person antagonistic to Scientology is best done by remaining in communication with the person and not talking about Scientology and whatever the injustices might be, but employing “good roads, good weather”: only discussing benign, friendly subjects in an effort to find common ground.

    If Mario is not getting trained or processed currently, he might find a field Scientologist to help champion that sort of idea: that Mario is doing his best to handle Allen’s upset, he is going about this by applying good roads, good weather and that they do not talk about Scientology. And things seem to be getting better: Allan’s not said any bad stuff about Scientology, blah blah blah.

    But I want to thank Allen for his offering help and hope to encourage him to not give up. He seems like such a good guy and Mario certainly deserves his ongoing friendship.

    • scientology is bad so he should get some more scientology ? Huh? applying good roads and good weather?? LOL…at this point i just want to point and laugh at anyone who thinks that this shit makes sense because honestly , all i can think of is a gerbil in a wheel thinking he is actually getting somewhere .

      • danlocke

        I am not saying he should get more Scientology. I am saying that it is unlikely that he would be. I am saying that the organization does have policies that people have used as the basis of an argument to dissuade over zealous people from demanding disconnection as one’s only choice.

        I am imagining that Mario won’t change his mind about his allegiance to the church. Not saying that is right, just saying that it most likely “is”. And suggesting some ideas that might allow Allen to help out a friend in spite of these obstacles.

        Point and laugh if you like. Fine with me. But, once you are done with that, if you find that you might like to help out the guy, there’s an idea or two in what I’ve offered, I think.

        But even if Allen decides not to do any of this, I think Mario will probably be OK food and shelter wise. There were a hundred or more people at those parties and some Scientologists are very good people, even as they defend their church. They are not all gerbils, not by a long shot.

        • You know what ? How about scientologists help the guy ? Don’t you have all that knowingness and stuff ? Can’t you leave your body and go check on him ? Scientologists are very good people my ass . You might be able to sell that shit to someone but not to me .

          • Bob Adams

            What a bitch. He’s not trying to sell anything to anyone, but fwiw there are plenty of scn, ex, indie or corporate, who would want to help him. All you can do is make snarky comments.

            • really ? PLENTY of scientology people are willing to help ? is that why he needed $$ for food ?!! Seems to me…when you scientologists need help …you reach out to us bitches with cries about “doing something” gimmie a fucking break .

            • Davka

              I know you are only going to blast me for this, but I just have to say, can you take it down a notch? You may not like what he has to say, but there are ways to say it that don’t contain such vitriol. Whether you agree or not, what I read were the words of someone who was trying to think of a way to address the situation in way that would resonate with someone who was still “in”. You may reject all things Scientology, but clearly this 90 year old man hasn’t, so why not try to speak to him in language he understands as a way to reach him and find another way to defeat the disconnection he thinks he has to do, and get him support. So it’s enabling, so it’s nonsensical Scientology, so what? Where did helping someone out become a travesty to be mocked?

            • Yeah …where is the harm in enabling scientology ?? I mean …what could possibly go wrong ? It’s not like you would wake up one day and be 90 without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of or anything . It’s not like a person would track a woman down at the airport and drag her back to a prison camp so she could then die from cancer …it’s not like people would ever kick their kids out of the house or con people out of their $$ or salute a dog or anything …i mean jeez…vitriol is so much worse .

            • Davka

              Never said it was worse, never said that any of those reprehensible things didn’t happen, since I know they do and did, just really, that a 90 year old man with no resources and stuck in a particular mindset might need a communication in a way that speaks to him, even if it doesn’t to us. I don’t think finding COS reprehensible and trying to help a 90 year old man as mutually exclusive propositions.

            • someone did try to help him and he cut them off because someone told him to. None of those people who told him to are helping him …they would take the gold out of his teeth before the body was even cold . scientology just goes round and round…abuse, abuser , abuser abused etc. My compassion goes to the kids …and this guy did not get to be a 90 year old scientologist without seriously screwing over and hurting other people . That sounds harsh but it’s true.

            • blissfulldreams

              kim it’s the poor me syndrome some people just love to feel sorry for the bleeding hearts
              and i personally i have got to the point of thinking that its like watching a domestic abuse victim continuously returning to their partner time after time.

              when i first got interested in the abuse of Scientology i never realised just what my loved ones went through each time i went back to my partner just how soul destroying it is constantly sitting round waiting, watching for the abuse to start again until one day he shot me in the leg, so i’m laying there in hospital and my mother and sister walk in my mom just sit’s in the chair and asks me
              “do i want to be buried or cremated when the time comes” my reply was WTF no how are you she said i can see how you are and “could you put it in writing who’s going to have the kid’s when you” mom don’t be like that i said she said ” i have done all that i can and as you obviously like being treated like this i just need to know what to do after ”

              sometimes people just LIKE being treated like shit otherwise they leave!

            • good for you sista !! i am proud of you . that must have been an awful conversation for your mother to have with you …i am glad you are here and alive !! hugs

            • blissfulldreams


            • Captain Howdy

              Some of these folks take their “moral fag/social activist” persona way too seriously and more often than not they don’t even have a dog in the race and they just discovered WWP last month. They’re dour and treat the subject with complete reverence. OK, begin marking.

            • villagedianne

              I prefer to think of it as a self-maturing process. Many of the ’60’s protesters were the same.

            • Chocolate Velvet

              Much respect to you for telling your story. All I can say is, I celebrate your survival and escape, and it must have been like a mouthful of ashes for your mother to say what she said. And, it got through to you — so she obviously found the right thing to say. A Mother’s love and wisdom has saved so many so often. Me, especially.

              But, she could have spit out those ashes, written you off as a fool who wanted to suffer, and just never showed up in the hospital at all. I have known mothers who would do just that.

              To feel that you deserve to be treated like shit, that it makes you feel ok to exist, is not the same as “liking” it. It is more of a sick need, like addiction. Addicts often hate their drug of choice, ultimately. Doesn’t stop them from doing it.

            • blissfulldreams

              thanks CV true about the addicts my choice of drugs was coke one of the reasons i stopped doing it was because i liked it to much lol but just like any addict i had a choice and it is what i choose to do with that,that empowered me and gave me freedom

            • Captain Howdy

              “When I mount the scaffold at last these will be my farewell words to the sheriff: Say what you will against me when I am gone, but donโ€™t forget to add, in common justice, that I was never converted to anything.” – H. L Mencken

            • OMG just quoted H.L. Mencken …..seriously …i love you right now .

            • who the fuck down voted that ?? LOL ..

            • AstroLadyBoy

              It may have been an error Kim. (Wasn’t me anyway lol.)

            • sizzle8

              Well said Davka.

            • Captain Howdy

              Perhaps you would feel more comfortable moving on up to a higher place? In fact I believe I hear Marvin Rathbun calling your name.

            • Chocolate Velvet

              Steady on, Cap’n! That factional, us vs. them orientation is no way to navigate.

              In fact, I find the comments on Marty’s blog to be a bastion of petty, factional bitchery. Marty had to eliminate the up/down arrows in order to restore a bit of sane discourse.

              Dan is commenting here, and I take that as an effort, on his part, to let his POV be a part of the conversation on a blog with a more balanced approach.

              I love Kim, she is a no-bullshit Denver homegirl; but she can be really fucking brutal and she makes no apologies for it. I say, good on her for it. Strong medicine brings a quick cure — but not everyone is going to be happy to get a dose. We still want them to stick around for the treatment, you feel me?

            • i am a teddy bear ๐Ÿ˜‰ i even cried at a commercial the other day

            • Chocolate Velvet

              Tee hee… You crack me up lady! :). A Teddy bear with claws, for sure.

              And weed. But that’s ok, it’s legal here…

            • BuryTheNuts2

              Was it the budweiser horse?
              I cry every time that damn thing comes on the TV.

            • Captain Howdy

              I cried the other day when I was watching Gunsmoke and I thought Festus’s mule was going to die.

            • BuryTheNuts2

              We are wusses, aren’t we?

            • q-bird


              it’s true.

              y’all are.

              don’t worry none too much tho. funny. i’m in. ME-2.
              always on your 6.
              ‘it takes one to know one’ (no glibness intended.)

              We’re all working it on out using whatever we can…
              For me, some songs… with lyric or without… it is music that can & has dropped me to my knees, overwhelmed at times, moving me to tears.
              today, quite a number of stories posted have done the very same thing…

              OK – so, what’s XANAX? (wtf -another one of those things ๐Ÿ˜‰

              Does it involve Xemu? (lotsa X’s in that, I’m leery.)

              Is this some sorta kinda magic happy-like pill? (sure ’nuff. probably.)

              & yet, more importantly, does it work BETTER than Festus mule, Bud Commz & teddy bears?


            • BuryTheNuts2

              Xanax is a big pharma happy pill. Actually I have never taken it…but I have watched my mother in law get whacked on it a few times.

            • Sandy

              I have never gotten the attraction. I have had a scrip for years. When in trouble ( like when my father-in-law died this summer), I took one per day. No weirdness for me… just calming. Must be diff for other folks …

            • BuryTheNuts2

              hehe…it make my MIL goofy drunk like.
              It entertains the shit out of me.

            • q-bird

              yup. Big Pharm happy-pill = whacked… got it. Mine come as a non-prescription and is called……………….. pinot noir. Red for good conversation. White for cutting loose & dancing atop the bar. Xanax for when a good long dreamless nap is in order… possibly after the talkin’ & dancin’. hahaha.

            • sugarplumfairy

              Well, who wouldn’t?

            • Sandy

              I CAN’T watch that damn thing, BTN!!!

            • monkeyknickers

              Actually, BTN, you mentioning that around superbowl time made me search it out – seriously, I thought, how touching could it be? Even though I’ve grown up with horses and am kind of dedicated to dressage. Then I watched. Then I cursed you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I happened to be with my dad and we were both blubbering. THANKS A LOT.

            • BuryTheNuts2

              You are welcome! I grew up with Horses too. I think that “cinches” the deal (so to speak).
              That commercial is a freaking killer!

            • monkeyknickers

              I’ll never drink Bud again just on principle. What the hell. ๐Ÿ™‚

              Are you a jumper? Western? Dressage?

            • BuryTheNuts2


            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              Tony’s messin’ with our hearts today big time. I have a crying corner in one of my zen garden areas and today I’ve made a special Bitch Bench by the Bird of Paradise plant. There’s plenty of room here!

              I know Dan Locke very well, or did. Eons ago, so doesn’t count today. But he’s a teddy bear too, Kim. It looks like he’s still an idealistic dreamer, but I heard him tell that he’d been on the RPF for years and years (and yes, Dan, I shared a few Weeks with you, Weeks). That has got to profoundly change a person forever. But he describes this romantic vision of scientologists coming out to your home to help out. There used to be folks like that but it is ancient history. It seems those stlll in fall into that Love me sum Abuse or Abuser’s Heaven, fanatic victim or fanatic violators. See above info that Mary Mcconnell mentioned. Mario seems to have some of those fanatics sucking the life out of him. Don’t know what they have on him, but it’s likely something. But if word could get out to the musician’s community, Amer Music Assn, if he is a member, which he must be ?, they might be able to give assistance as well. But scientologists? No way.

            • danlocke

              Actually I am more of a stuffed giraffe.

            • Captain Howdy

              I was only reacting to this dude calling Kim a “bitch”, which I feel is unacceptable around here. People can be as ‘snarky” or mocking as they want to be, IMO, but using obscenities is verboten !

            • Chocolate Velvet

              I am with you on that. I don’t want someone doing that to me. Although I do swear like a motherfucker. It must be the x-tian upbringing… ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • monkeyknickers

              Hahahaha! Me, too! God stuff = a potty mouth. And I DO love my cuss words!

            • grundoon

              fuck yeah

            • EnthralledObserver

              I for one would love for some of the Indies to come on over and have a proper conversation, where I can speak my mind without fear of suppression or disconnection and say precisely my own opinion, and they can state theirs. I’m not afraid, I know I have a logical viewpoint; but Indies don’t want to confront logic, because it invariably goes against what they ‘want’ to believe which is often in opposition to the truth. To see one here is rare, so no, we don’t want to deter one… agree.

            • Missy Wog

              it was just a misunderstanding.. Kim is not a bitch

            • blissfulldreams

              that would of sounded better coming from bob not you

            • sometimes i am ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s ok ..i own it ~ but i appreciate you for saying so

            • SP ‘Onage

              Calling one of our comrade commenters, “a bitch,” is kinda over the top, dude.

            • EnthralledObserver

              Mario went to an ex for help, and not just an ex, an ex who is publically critical of Scientology and has been declared ‘Suppressive’ – Mario initiated the contact – that should speak volumes about how many Scilons are willing and able to ‘help him’ – none, clearly.

          • sizzle8

            That was helpful….

            • well ..i am just a wog and we all know that ONLY scientologists can help …

    • Chocolate Velvet

      I hope Allen reads your post and takes your suggestions seriously, Dan.

      All other matters aside, there is a very old man who seems to be in bad circumstances. At some point he did not have money for utilities and food, AND he has craven shitheads around him encouraging and facilitating self-destructive decisions on his part.

      If Allen cares, he should be encouraged in every way to keep trying to help. When I worked in a hospice with elderly dementia patients (fieldwork in my MA program) I found that often, the only way to get them to do what was good for them — such as eat, bathe, or come back inside from the freezing cold in their slippers and pajamas — was to speak the language of their delusion. Your suggestions seem to be well-aimed, from that point of view.

      In responding to someone in circumstances such as this, it is important to remember one thing. We do not, and can not, define others with our behavior; we can only define OURSELVES. I am a bleeding heart, I know, but my experience has confirmed this.

      The old people in the hospice, and other mentally ill people I have worked with, could be mean, racist, even physically violent. One woman would suffer breaks where she would suddenly try to bite you, hard, if you got close enough. A human bite is serious business; feeding her on those bad days was a challenge. Another woman made a point of letting me know, as I wiped her ass for her because she could not, how humiliating it was to be touched by a black woman. (!)

      Even though it appeared to be volitional, I could not harden my heart against these people. Not because they were heroes or saints who “deserved” compassion, but because I wanted to be a compassionate person. The only reason I was there, in a position to react to them, was because of my intention to help and heal. Why be around such people, if you can’t get past their bad behavior enough to make a difference?

      I am rambling, I guess. But this story takes me back to my fieldwork days and those old folks. They were so clearly lost and confused, perhaps never to be recovered. Unlike the COS, I believe no one should be abandoned to their confusion…

      • danlocke

        Hardly rambling! You are speaking from your heart. Your words warmed me very much. I am pleased to meet you. I will contact a mutual friend and make sure he’s doing ok.

        • DodoTheLaser

          “I will contact a mutual friend and make sure he’s doing ok.”

          Please do Dan and thanks again.

          • danlocke

            Called the friend, left a message, but no response back yet. Thinking who else I might be able to reach.

            • danlocke

              My friend has replied. I have Mario’s number. I am in communication with various people and it looks as if something is being done to coordinate actions and bring about some better circumstances.

      • q-bird

        wow CV – thank you for this ‘ramble’. To understand & to be understood… to end confusion, to not be abandoned, I agree. THAT is what we all really want & need, is it not?!. Each of us, All of us. Here Today, and everyday. To help & to heal… omg, yes, yes… that IS what we all want WANT & NEED also. I speak only as myself, I feel… we serve each other, in any way that we can. We help one another – in any way that we can. It must always be a possibility, to have the personal strength to, well, to elect to overlook the bullsh*t & get right into the heart of the matter, which is, usually: see the need and address it forthwith! In whatever opportunity that is afforded you, even though you may get bit (yikes!) or insulted ๐Ÿ™ … or not see right-quick an appreciation for your kind service, as you are dealing with an actual asshole… Ah! You know far better than I because of your work — the aging process is not kind to us, is it CV? These older folks were hurting bad & within their suffering, they lash out, it happens… to all of us. What you do prove to me here however (and in past posts too btw) by your witness, By your words, is that true love & compassion does in fact exist in this world. TYVM. Q

      • monkeyknickers

        Right on. We’re just a mess of synapses up there. And they wear out. You are awesome.

      • DodoTheLaser

        CV, you are an every day hero. People like you inspire me to be a better person.
        With love, white Russian.

    • sizzle8

      The only problem is that Scientology Ethics has evolved into a form of domination and has nothing to do with sanely handling a particular condition.

    • DodoTheLaser

      What a heartfelt and informative comment, Dan. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • dbloch7986

    The LA Times doesn’t keep up with anything interesting anymore.I don’t know what they report on these days. It does bother me that we don’t see a more regular feed of Scientology-related stories in the larger publications. It just goes to show how much influence that Scientology still carries here in LA.

  • BosonStark

    Uh, Tony — I’m not sure that Chick Corea was ever a student of the “legendary” Mario Feninger. First of all, if Feninger were a legendary piano teacher, there would be a wiki on him. He was neither a legendary teacher or especially performer, except in cult world.

    Second of all, no where in Chick Corea’s biographical information (I checked out a few places), even where it is lengthy, say that he was a student of Feninger.

    Corea was a student at Columbia U. and then went to Juilliard, neither which had anything to do with Feninger.

    Here is the quote that can be confusing:

    โ€œ Mario Feninger is one of the 3 classical pianists that I consider my
    teachers and the only one I’ve ever had the honor to actually meet. The
    other two are Glen Gould and Vladimir Horowitz. But Mario is my favorite
    of all.โ€ (Chick Corea)

    And no, Chick Corea did not study with Horowitz or Gould either — he never met either. He says that in the quote. Horowitz took very few students and I know the list. So, Corea chose to elevate Mario Feninger to that class because he was a clam. It’s what clams do for each other.

    The question is, did Corea ever take even a lesson with Feninger? Maybe Barton knows. I suspect he didn’t.

    This was probably some mutual clam stroking that was going on among Scientologists in LA.

    • Chick Corea put Feninger over Glenn Gould? I hope he means in personality because no one could touch Gould’s virtuosity. I actually never heard of Feninger before today and I was quite involved in the classical music world (classical piano, in particular) for many, many years so I have to agree with you BosonStark.

  • Windhorse

    Heartbreaking to me. Actually Mario Fenniger is the reason I got INTO scientology. As a young hippie living off 8th Street I was walking distance to the old Celebrity Center. On Sundays there would often be concerts. One afternoon while walking my dog, I heard classical music. Having grown up hearing classical on our family stereo, I went inside (leaving my dog tied up outside). And there was Mario and someone playing violin. I became friendly with several staff who were very kind to me and fairly soon, left my addicted boyfriend and found an apartment and roomates and the rest became my scientology history. This is so very sad. Mario is a wonderfully warm man and Yvonne Jentzsch for one loved him. Surely this can be made public without hurting Mario.

  • The last time the LA Times did a story on Scientology (which was not a book review) was probably in 2009 when Riverside politicians tried to stop protest at gold.

    • Captain Howdy

      How are things at the conclave going ? What do you think your chances are ?

      • Sherbet

        Just watch for the smoke, Howdy. No, not THAT smoke!

      • considering the stories coming out this week ..i would say his chances are looking pretty good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mary_McConnell

    As long as Mario Feninger has Tom Solari, his wife Jan and actor Michael Duff on his lines, which he does in more ways than one, he’s never going to stand up to the church on this issue. Or ever leave it. These people are his Celebrity Centre OSA directed handlers.

    • SP ‘Onage

      Thank you for the links, Mary. I’ ve learned so much from your posts. You’re such an asset to the war on scientology and narconon.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      6 Degrees of Less of scientology leads to OSA, or Narconon or …

      that last link shows Tom Solari attempting to raise funds (website from 2012) for a video project showing Mario’s works. Tom said he needs $101,028. Wonder if it was raised and if so, how much did Mario get out of it, if any? Can’t believe the Solari’s are still ticking. And Solari partnered up for a while with Narconon’s Clark Carr.

      The scientology HollowWeird Club is shrinking down. Jeez, is there anyone left who Isn’t OSA? Do they have some kind of session blackmail on the guy or what?

      An interesting side note: Margary Wakefield comments on OCMB about a couple of her characters in her book, “Road to Xenu”:

      โ€œThe character of Aileen was Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch. The character of Antonio was Mario Feninger, both of Celebrity Center.
      Most of Road to Xenu is not fictional but is based on my memories.โ€

      • DeElizabethan

        That is a fantastic book and others she wrote too. Thanks for the link.

  • Jefferson Hawkins

    For any Scientologist to claim “there is no Disconnection” these days shoots their own credibility down. Everyone knows about Disconnection, inside and outside Scientology. Anyone who claims it does not exist is either an idiot, willfully blind, or complicit. Or all three.

    • Chocolate Velvet

      Well, that cuts right through the bullshit, doesn’t it?

      Thank you, Jeff!

  • jensting

    Barton is right. I just hope Fenninger gets to realise this before it’s too late.

    Actually, making a stink about this sort of thing has been known to have an effect. David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige appears to be afraid of bad press, if a lot less afraid than he is willing to violate the basic human rights of his victims. So, Tony, please keep at it!

    • AstroLadyBoy

      Jensting, the “he is not insane” rings bells, (laywer’s letter to Vanity Fair?, a shrieking Tommy Davis?), can you remind me of its origin?
      P.s Always cracks me up to see you reference it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jensting

        John Sweeney’s “The Church of Fear” location 3989 out of 4912 in the Kindle edition

        “The Church and Miscavige deny that he is insane.”

        • AstroLadyBoy

          LMAO ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  • I worked with both Allen & Mario when I was at Golden Error Productions, the Scientology Media Production Company. Mario was the goto guy for whenever we had some old timer interview type video. Mario was great and has this little pad right off the 101 freeway in Hollywood. Mario was one of these guys that was so cool and talented that you just tried to pay attention when he was talking as you did not want to miss anything he had to say.

    We used Allen on a lot of videos and instructional films. He was very funny and always the consummate professional when working with us. We would usually be behind schedule and even with on set problems and technical issues, Allen did his job without issue.

    After reading this article I had to mention this one story about a shoot we did with Allen. We were shooting a “Dianetics Documercial.” Grant Cardone was the narrator. Allen and a girl named Erica were the main actors that would demonstrate the Dianetics auditing technique.

    We had scenes lined up with both the narrator and the Dianetics auditing team over a few day period. We had a full day with Grant lined up for the first day and Erica & Allen would be the second day. We had them show up at Gold the Day before so the could go through costumes and make-up and get everything ready & prepped for the next day.

    All three actors would hang out in the “Talent Lounge” at the Castle. (this is the same room where Tommy Davis and Jenny Linson told press lies) Anyway, Grant, Allen & Erica would take their meals and breaks in this area.

    After a the full day shooting with Grant he was pretty much done and stuck around that night in case we needed any reshoots with him the next day.

    We got out on the set the next day and started shooting with Erica & Allen. Allen was awesome, he knew his lines and action and there was not a single problem with him. After taking extra time in Make-up Erica showed up on the set and could not remember a single line she was supposed to deliver. Not one. She was horrendous. She was so bad that Allen would do his line AND THEN deliver her line so she could parrot it back to him on camera. Allen saved the day and did all of her lines for the entire day so we could get the shots in the can.

    This went on for the whole day and we were amazed. We had shot with Erica many times before and we had never had this problem with her. I remembered this whole thing as these guys had pages and pages of dialog. Remembering useless dialog was hard enough for one of these guys. Somehow Allen had managed to know all his pages of useless dialog AND Erica’s!! And this was all Dianetics mumbo jumbo technical stuff too!

    It was a total disaster on Erica’s end. She was in big trouble. For people who pride themselves on being the most ethical people on the planet, most Scientologists gossip more than Perez Hilton on good day. Other Scientology actors would hear about this…

    So back to Grant. At some point he and I were having a conversation in the lounge when I was going over his schedule, and he had made some reference to being a bit tired as he had been banging Erica all night long. Mystery solved! I did have one question for Grant. I asked him how he was able to last all night long and if that was even possible. He said he had some little blue pills that helped him along…

    Not well versed in this area, I just shrugged my head and as Allen had already saved the day for the most part it was useless getting into it with him. Hillary, the PR person had overheard the “little blue pill” part of our conversation and Grant ended up getting his hands slapped for “taking prescription drugs while at the base” or some such shit.

    So the moral of the story? Grant Cardone is the moral compass for all scientology activity in LA and he is very active in this area – as long as he has his little blue helpers…

    • Chocolate Velvet

      Man, Tony O is right — Grant Cardone IS an asshat! Blechh!

      Marc, you are a such an amazing source of stories from Gold that are funny, surprising, and telling. So glad you comment here, and I cannot wait for your next book!

      Big hugs to new mama Claire, and give each one of your three boys a little bitty kiss on the cheek from Aunty Chocolate! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Agreed…Marc has since the day I read his posts on and later met him in person…his stories are always fantastic and filled with excellent and educational FACTS. Tick Tock…..:)

    • SP ‘Onage

      Priceless! I’m in stitches! I love it when that Cardone bitch gets exposed. Thanks Marc!

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Grant learned from his master and fat old drug-addict, L. Ron Hubbard. Drugs were a necessity for Fatty’s ‘research’ otherwise he would have never discovered The Wall of Fire, Xenu, Body Thetans, etc.

    • Poison Ivy

      Was Grant married to Miss Maxim Hot 100 at the time?

    • BosonStark

      Grant Cardone is practically a saint — is it his fault the ladies can’t get enough of his ecclesiastical dickishness? He uses drugs only to expand space while servicing humanity, same as L. Ron.

      • SP ‘Onage


        Q: What are the two main ingredients in Viagra?

        A: Miracle Gro & Fix-a-flat!

    • SP ‘Onage

      I wonder if Grant’s wife, Elena knows about Erica? She will now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • BuryTheNuts2

        She knows, but she isn’t worried. Erica’s credit score is only 216.

        • That was good! Laughing at this end. The funniest part is that Erica’s credit score is REALLY bad!!!

        • N. Graham

          Like X 10

    • sugarplumfairy

      Now, when you say ‘banging,’ I’m assuming you mean he was vigorously drilling her on her training routines.. all night long..

      What a fine, selfless scientologist cardone must be..

    • Still_On_Your_Side

      Every story about Grant Cardone that I hear makes me more sure that he is the king of scuzziness. Add the video with his wife, where she looks to him often and he doesn’t look at her once, and the video where he extols the necessity of finding a spouse with a well rounded credit score, and you have a sickening mess of a human being.

  • InTheNameOfXenu

    Being protected by the First Amendment, Scientology will continue to tear apart families, abuse the legal system and get away with human-trafficking. Our government’s permissiveness is what prolonging this treacherous cult’s never-ending torment on it’s Sea Org, staff members and followers. This is just another heart-breaking story to add to the pile.

    The L.A. Times lost it’s stomach years ago to report on this cult. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    • coonellie

      The First Amendment does not protect a religious entity from every type of behavior. There are a number of examples to the contrary (JWs having to allow blood transfusions for their children when death would result otherwise, FLDS Warren Jeffs conviction, the Followers of Christ parents sentenced to prison, independent LDS polygamist Green prison sentence, etc.).

      Unfortunately, the lack of will on the part of federal and state agencies to investigate and prosecute claims against Scientology is glaring in its consistency. I’m not into conspiracy theories and have an aversion to the, “they’re everywhere and out to get us” paranoia, but I think that they’ve got some well-placed people and baksheesh passing hands.

  • 0tessa

    And another sad story about how Scientology cuts family ties and those of old friends. Love and friendship are of no importance to this so-called church. They are totally subordinate to her (financial) interests. That’s why it is a inhumane church. It is fascistic really. I have no other word for it. It kills everything people care for: love and friendship. It urges even to kill your unborn child, if you happen to get pregnant while in the Sea Org. This is the Church of Death. And it is no science fiction, unfortunately. No Sea Org – Death Org.

  • Unfreakingbelievable. I have never heard a bad word about Mario Feninger and this is how the clowns at DM & Co. treat him. I hope Chick Corea and Gayle Moran hear about this. Makes me sick.

    • sizzle8

      Go to Chick Corea’s web site and email – I did.

      • DodoTheLaser

        Thank you!!!

  • Older members are an embarrassment to scientology. The older and the longer the member has been in, they become proof that scientology doesn’t work. By disconnecting Feninger from those who can and will help him is their way of making sure that he dies, thus getting rid of the proof of scientology not working. Also scientology doesn’t have to out lay any money to help their elderly members.

  • SP ‘Onage

    The Taiwanese girl story and now this…Tony, you’re killing me. I viscerally hate their disconnection policy! My nerves are raw from anger. I have to hold my tongue because I am ready to lash out at people. ๐Ÿ™

  • This just makes me want to cry like a baby. I wonder why the church can’t help this poor man. Oh yeah, because all their money must go to fighting the good fight against all those horrible SPs out there and bringing “Super Power” to us helpless people that need to be saved. Forget the helpless people that belong to their rank and file, people who have given their lives AND life savings to their “church”. I just wanna scream……..

  • Is there a way to pay a person’s utility bills and rent as an anonymous gift?

    • N. Graham

      If you send the utility company a check with the account number on it, I bet they cash it. Especially if it’s PG & E.

      • The Dark Avenger

        He’s down south, i doubt he’s in PG&E’s service area.

        • Meh, I bet any utility company is used to seeing delinquent accounts paid off by some family/friend and wouldn’t bat an eye at seeing a 3rd party check.

          • The Dark Avenger

            Yes, they don’t care where the money comes from, as long as the check clears for them.

  • Poison Ivy

    Disappointed in LA Times a lot lately; this kind of thing is only one of the reasons.

  • Completely depraved and absolutely disgusting. It’s actually a bit sad that these deluded people can’t see how evil they’ve become.

    This cult can’t die soon enough.

  • BosonStark

    Allen should answer the phone, “Allen Barton, Suppressive Person, how can I destroy you?”

    In that way, he could avoid any uncomfortable situations when dealing with clams.

    • villagedianne

      “Allen Barton, Suppressive Person, how can I destroy you?”

  • Chocolate Velvet

    Hey! The Master is on cable today, and I have the afternoon free until I pick up my young ‘un from school.

    Later, y’all!

    • mouseyhair

      Ya!! I was just going to look on my local cable too! Working tonight but will have big screen to myself after!! Party!!

    • stillgrace

      I have a listing for “The Master” on pay per view. Unfortunately, it’s not the one I want. It’s the 1984 movie with Lee Van Cleef and Demi Moore. How cruel of my cable company.

    • SandiCorrena

      what channel?

      • Chocolate Velvet

        It’s in the movies on demand menu.

  • RandomSP

    I feel ya, Allen. I recently found out that I have been declared – in absentia, as it were. This is creating problems for my “in” friends and I see that my Facebook friends page is showing the strain. I have been informed by at least one friend that they must disconnect from me. Under protest, but they must disconnect. I thought about showing them remarks by Scientology spokespeople like the one posted here that the Church “has no official disconnection policy” but that will serve no purpose because that is a lie. There are two official disconnection policies in Scientology.

    1) Scientology states that the SPs “only terminal” is the International Justice Chief. While I believe it is a misinterpretation, that is interpreted as “no Scientologist may speak to the SP.”

    2) Even more damning are the PTS Types A-J. PTS Types A-J cannot be accepted for training or processing. “PTS TYPE A, a person intimately connected with persons (such as marital or familial ties) of known antagonism to mental or spiritual treatment or Scientology.” While theoretically the PTS person has the option of “handle or disconnect”, I doubt they would be allowed to take the “handle” route due to the above “only terminal” requirement.

    In other words, the Scientologist might have the option to remain in communication with a declared SP but they would be ineligible for further training or processing. To the Scientologist, that communication will cost them “their eternity”.

    • Sorry to hear this is happening to you, RandomSP. May you have twice as many new friends as old ones.

      • RandomSP

        Thank you. I have been blessed with many good friends since leaving Scientology. I also still value my Scientologist friends – even if they can no longer speak to me.

        • BuryTheNuts2

          Hopefully some of those Scientologist friends will be joining you sooner rather than later.

    • Missy Wog

      What does eternity look like to a Scientologists? Eternity to a Christian is in the kingdom of heaven yadda yadda.. I’m still so confused about this for Scn.
      Tony, maybe one day do an I depth article on this?

      • RandomSP

        I imagine it is a future of floating around the universe without need of a physical body and helping Ron clear this sector and all the sectors of this universe. Followed by a wonderful eternity of artistic endeavors creating new universes and what-all. With coffee and cake.

        • What kind of cake?

          • Espiando

            The cake is a lie.

            • EnthralledObserver

              Oh, bloody hell, I would have been only in it for the cake…

      • 10oriocookies

        A billion years of fair game, disconnection and fraud. Sounds good eh? After that you come back as a clam for another billion. The next billion, well, if you an answer to that, you must wait, because the answer hasnt been released yet.

      • This link from Jeff Hawkins blog may be of interest Missy

    • blissfulldreams

      if a person can just walk away from a friend partner loved one with out a backward glance all for the sake off a so called “Religion” that abuses them constantly then they themselves are not worth having in your life and sadly to say your the only one who really cares that you will have lost love and contact, a day will come when they realise but by then you won’t give a dam

      “Hug’s” it will get easier just like AA “one day at a time”

      • RandomSP

        Thanks for the hugs ๐Ÿ™‚ but I will always care and always be here for them if they need me.

    • aquaclara

      Sorry for your loss…wishing you all the best, and many new friends who understand. Disconnection is hurtful and sad, remaining a damning legacy of this evil cult. And as far as your Facebook-post away! It is possible some will see that and be encouraged to take the next big step.

  • mook

    can we get a hint as to who the Scibot actress is? (I have an idea who it is, but I may be wrong)

  • sizzle8

    If I were in LA, I would see about organizing a fund raising concert for Mario.

    • blissfulldreams

      why so he can give it all to the church

      • sizzle8

        So you wouldn’t show any kindness to a 90 year old who can’t pay his bills?

        • blissfulldreams

          from what the story said:

          [โ€œSix weeks ago, he came to me, needing money. I was glad to provide it. He said they were shutting off his utilities, and he needed food. So I put a check in his hand and told him Iโ€™d send money every month,โ€ Barton says. He also offered to get others to help, but he warned Feninger that they, like Barton, were people who had left Scientology.

          โ€œHe said, โ€˜that may cause problems for me.โ€™ So I told him, if that causes you problems, then I may cause you problems,โ€ Barton says.

          โ€œHe said, โ€˜I understand. Letโ€™s try this.โ€™ So I sent him another check since then.โ€

          On February 10, however, Barton received a card from Feninger. Inside it were the two checks, uncashed, and this message: โ€œI can no longer communicate with you. Please come back [to the church].โ€]

          if this guy’s money was not Good enough due to an abusive religion why do you think mine or for that matter yours would be any good, he had someone who wanted to help him out he basically told him to fuck off did you miss that part of the story.

          so no i would not show any kindness to a 90 yr old who obviously does not want it

  • DeElizabethan

    Thank you Allen Barton. I am pissed right along with you. I’m happy that you put this Truth on FB.

  • Johan

    As another commenter here said earlier, sometimes you have to throw in the towel when someone resolutely refuses to see what is blindingly obvious lest you go completely crackers. Reading the delusional aggressive astoundingly stupidly insane Facebook comment from ms ‘รผber clear’, makes my hands do involuntary neck wringing moves in the air in front of me though…..

    • q-bird

      oh! I did not want to laugh today… and you went and made me Johan.

      Gosh thanks!

      • N. Graham

        If you don’t want to laugh, here’s something you should know: Unless you take Scientology very seriously, it is hard not to laugh daily at something in this blog.

    • MarionDee

      I hate how she uses “uber.” It’s an overblown, bullying, bloated word–much like the church itself.

      • 1subgenius

        Never mind the slightly Nazi connotation.

  • 1subgenius

    I’m still freaked by the Grant Cardone involvement.
    I guess I had heard that before, but filed it away. Rabbit hole and all.
    If you didn’t hate him before, this is enough.
    By my understanding Milton K. was not a horrible person (despite being a recruiter), so for a no account low-life, no talent scumbag like Cardone to shit on him is way beyond forgiving.
    Milton K. accomplished something in life.
    Not so for Cardone, other than scamming, which does not count.

    • FistOfXenu

      Freaked but I hope you’re not surprised. I mean look at him. Doesn’t he look like the kind of asshat that would do anything to promote his own interests? And doesn’t he look like the kind of guy that would have to take on somebody weaker than he is? An old man is just about his speed.

  • Fuckin’ A, Tony — about everything you and Barton are incensed about: Scientology’s disconnection policies and practices, the stupid, eyes-shut-tight actress who posted on Barton’s FB page, and the castrated L.A. Times. Pussies, all! And to Mario Fenninger – I know you from back in the day when you had gonads. We all get old, but we don’t all lie down and die. Stand back up and be a man. You’re the one who decided to let the cult roll over you. You think you’re ensuring your freedom by letting them take yours away from you?

  • mook
  • Missy Wog

    I wonder if there will

  • Missy Wog

    What are the chances that a Scientologist will be holding a fundraiser dinner for Mario in a few weeks? for the PR, sanctioned Blythe church to proove us and this article wrong?

  • It All Comes Out

    No doubt scientology has got its venomous tentacles deeply entangled at the LA Times and that’s why there’s no effective scientology reporting there any more. I’d love to read an exposรฉ about how they’re controlling that media outlet. Bribery, blackmail, threats, killing pets, stalking the children, spreading lies to damage reputations – what else is in the arsenal?

  • SandiCorrena

    Ya’ll know there is a “David Miscavige Leader of Scientology” Fan Page on Facebook right? No fan has posted anything on it since 2/10 – is it worth it to share stuff there you think? I posted a “where is Shelly” comment there recently that is still there; I was inspired by Tory on that one.
    I just finished Greg Bashaw’s letter to Debbie Cook and others from My Billion Year Contract……had to take a break there; just wow wow wow. And then todays story of elderly abuse!
    Daily with every little bit I learn the loop that plays in my head is TC saying it’s an honor to call yourself a schientologist-and I just want to……well you can probably imagine

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    Mario would have had to join the AFM (Amer Federation of Musicians) in order to perform in the some of the venues he did. Since he was a career musician, he would have built a vested pension fund. Or should. I wonder if Allen can ask him if he has this? Maybe he does and forgot? There are other benefits as well.

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    for those of you who still want to help him, he is still selling autographed piano keys, as well as CD’s and DVD’s.

    He and Ian Brooks still seem to be giving master classes.

    LAist photo gallery of his 88th birthday party at the Feninger-Brooks Piano Institute.

  • Sherbet

    Off topic — Poison Ivy, I left you a message at the Rodeo, under Favorite Commenters.

    And the rest of you — Buy her book! It’s a witty little dish about the TV industry, and I’m lapping it up!

    • I got it too…..I’m loving it!

    • AstroLadyBoy

      Sherbet, I understood she didn’t want to ‘out herself’ on the blog, so I thought the book info was only revealed to a few (privately)?
      I bet it’s a great read. She is an awesome writer and very insightful person.

      • Sherbet

        I thought we all knew “Poison Ivy” wrote a novel, but the details (like author’s name and book title) were revealed only at the Rodeo to interested persons. I didn’t “out” her.

        • AstroLadyBoy

          No, wasn’t suggesting you had – was seeking to clarify if it was still the case as I read her mention that about a month back and wondered if she’d changed her mind.

          • Sherbet

            Astro, PI is still keeping it fairly quiet, but she’ll tell anyone who wants to know, but not here on the blog. If you’re interested in the details, ask her next time you see her on this blog, and she’ll arrange to give them to you privately. I think she doesn’t want to use this venue to publicize the book, since it’s not related to scn and it’s a personal achievement. None of us is here to brag!

            • AstroLadyBoy

              Cheers Sherbet ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Sherbet

              And to you, AstroLB!

  • 10oriocookies

    I got my first taste of disconnection yesterday. I guess true friends stick by you through thick and thin. People’s true colors shine through when you have a disagreement about religion.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Sorry to hear that Eric. Not surprised. But sorry.

    • SandiCorrena

      You got a lot of love here though and you’ve got the might of right coursing through your veins now!

    • aquaclara

      Aah-so rotten. Sorry, Ten. We love you and feel for you as you go through withdrawal of a particularly nasty kind. I do think some of your former friends don’t understand. Yet.
      First taste of disconnection-has to be painful.
      True friends and new friends ARE with you through thick and thin.
      Wish it were better.

      • 10oriocookies

        I went into this whole thing prepared for it so its not that much of a shock. I definitely appreciate all the kind words and warm welcomes. There’s a whole LOT happening on the Narconon front. They dont know it yet, but its coming…….

        • You are doing a tremendous and difficult job. I’m so glad that you are here with us.

        • aquaclara

          I, for one, look forward to this! So happy you are here with us! I am so interested in what comes about on the Narconon front. What a wealth of knowledge you are! Hope your own healing is coming along, too. There are many here-exes and never-ins-who care deeply about your own recovery from the cult. Your contributions to the protection of others lured into the cult are substantial.
          Looking forward to seeing narconon pulled down into the undertow when the storms prove too big for Davy to fight.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          When you remove the invisible wall of scientology you will suddenly be able to “see” your true friends.

    • True friends are ones that stick by you regardless of your religion or political beliefs. Having the same religion and/or political beliefs as your friends may make the friendship easier but it really shouldn’t impede a true relationship with someone.

      • Roger Larsson

        To be Good without a dot behind Good is Good

        Godfathers as LRH and DM in the Crime syndicate of $cientology have dots behind themselves
        and they arenโ€™t Good.

  • XeNude

    Tony, you should google Alice Wu. Girl from Taiwan who CoS Austrailia allegedly held against her will recently. Poor girl even shattered her hand trying to smash a window to escape. Pretty sick stuff. Basically it’s a Lisa Mcphearson situation, except this one lived.

  • Impossible to read through this whole thread– by the time I got to it Disqus was already overloaded to its wobbly state. But wow! This story seems to have rubbed everyone’s emotions very raw. I hope everyone is still friends tomorrow. Love you all, the ones who are very sad and the ones who are very mad alike.

    • sugarplumfairy

      ditto that, Robert..

  • Missionary Kid

    O.K., let me get this straight. $cientology, which claims that it produces superior minds and is able to do all sorts of super-duper mind stuff, claims that psychiatrists are evil and pump patients with all sorts of drugs and use violent electroshock treatment, could do not, with all of its superior techniques, keep a person from trying to commit “suicide.”

    With their superior brains, they couldn’t sense that this was about to happen, and they claimed she was mentally ill. Isn’t $camology supposed to cure mental illness?

    Oh, I see. She was mentally defective or ill when she became affiliated with the Co$. Again, couldn’t they detect this with their super duper powers of observation and control when she walked through the door? Oh, so she was only seen by someone who hadn’t developed all of the power and control that Co$ offers.

    So what $camology really looks for in bringing someone into their warm, cozy (oops, cosy, because this happened in Australia) environment is someone who is neurotic or in crisis or just curious. If you’ve got real problems, go elsewhere.

    Fuck ’em. I hope that the Tiawanese press has been notified, (and briefed on Co$ history) especially any stringers that they may have down under. The Co$ methodology is to isolate a person from their family, which is disorienting enough, but it looks like now they are isolating recruits by dropping them into a completely different culture, where they either don’t speak the language well, or are under the control of their paranoid hosts.

  • sugarplumfairy
    • DodoTheLaser

      About time. Thank you, Fairy! Loves.

  • 1subgenius

    I’ll just leave this here.
    Caption contest?

    • sugarplumfairy

      Proof of life, post-co$?

      • 1subgenius

        His manic grin is creepin me out.

        • Wanna buy a used car? No? How about some non corporate Scientology?

    • sizzle8

      Is this a form of Fair Game?

    • aquaclara

      “I rescued my pooch from the Cult of Scamatology. Now, we’re a happy family once again!”

  • sugarplumfairy

    This has probably already made the rounds here, but I missed it.. So, just in case anyone else missed it as well..

    • DeElizabethan

      Thanks much, I had missed that.

  • dbloch7986

    Thought my new blog post might tie into the idea of lack of compassion in Scientology.

    • DeElizabethan

      I couldn’t put on comment, but will try again tomorrow. I certainly can relate to your well written story. Love you.

  • wannabeclear

    I can completely understand why Allen Barton is angry. I am angry and I don’t have any skin in the game. The most disgusting part of it is that Allen was willing to provide the financial support that Mario clearly needs, but “the church” will not lift a finger or offer any sort of financial support. They’ll instead insist that all Mario needs is to get more involved in their bullshit and all of his problems will magically disappear. It’s sad that he is so deeply indoctrinated that he would disconnect from someone with whom he obviously had been so close and that he will do this to his own detriment, returning money that he needs to survive. How charitable of $cientology. If this is what clearing the planet is all about, give me SPs and disaffected apostates all day long…

  • jensting

    While we talk of scientologists victimising others, let’s not forget that the LRH mind-fuck induces a confused state of mind where the victim victimses themselves.

    Quoted from Marty quoting an obviously delirious clam:

    had lectured in the mid 50s about how he didnโ€™t really know why it
    worked, but when a person who was having trouble with his spouse,
    received problems processes auditing on the spouse, the spouse ceased to
    be trouble. The EP of the modern day Suppressed Person rundown is that
    the terminal antagonistic to the PC originates a friendly communication
    to the PC! The reason for this is that when you have two terminals (or
    even the PC himself with a postulate/counter-postulate) with equal force
    holding a problem in place, when one side of the problem is unbalanced
    through auditing, thereโ€™s nothing (or much less) force to keep the
    problem in suspension. This results in the terminal(s) on the other end
    of the problem feeling compelled to communicate to the PC.”

    In other words, you have to be on the lookout for anyone who’s friendly because they’re probably trying to “suppress” you. It’s this kind of mental prison that the criminal organjisation known as the “church” of $cientology instills in its victims and on which the organisation relies.

    • Roger Larsson

      There must have been a time when suppression didnโ€™t exist. The prior confusion that made suppression to a reality was a when Hubbard barbequed critics on an open fire instead of their criticism.

  • DodoTheLaser

    It’s sadly ironic and very telling how “SP’s” and critics are more concerned about current scientologists and their well-being than their fellow members. Sigh.

    • DeElizabethan

      Hi big Bro! Sure are right about that. What a wonderful bunch of fine people here on the Bunker.

  • koki

    what a sad story.
    Karin will reply (if she do it) : we dont do that,we have never done that, in fact we have stop doing that last mounth!

    sick laying layers that constantly lie!!!

    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  • John Ratcliff

    If every scientologist would do the most common sense thing in the world and simply tell the Church to f**k off every time it tells them what to do with their personal life these problems would be over in short order. If the Church tells you to disconnect from someone, tell them to f**k off. If the Church tells you to clean a bathroom floor with your tongue tell them to f**k off. If the Church tries to ‘sec-check’ you and asks you deep and personal questions tell them to f**k off. This is just simple common sense and showing the tiniest bit of personal integrity and self respect. It becomes difficult to sympathize too much with people so brainwashed they do what they are told to do, blindly, by this absurd cult.

    • Mera

      i agree with everything, except the sec check part – unless it’s being videotaped or the auditor is using “stenographic note taking” instead of what they’re supposed to do and just note the questions asked and the meter reads and whatever other minimal data. then it’s a big f**k off.

      and any cultishness about it is only because the group allows it. it REALLY doesn’t have to be like that. those i call my friends in the church – on staff and in public are far far far from cult-like.

  • HelluvaHoax!

    There is a simple mandate in the mad scripture of L. Ron Hubbard that explains this tragedy playing out around Mario Feninger:

    “We’d rather have you dead than incapable” (L. Ron Hubbard, from the HCO POLICY LETTER “Keeping Scientology Working”).

    Incapable of what, one might ask? Incapable of following orders. Incapable of being a psychological and financial slave.

    I fear that Mario may soon experience to Scientology death sentence handed down to all those who prove “incapable”. Under attack by the cult, artists like Mario and Milton Katselas and Isaac Hayes have a very short life span and seem to vanish from existence within a year or two of disconnection & fair game being employed to literally destroy their livelihood. Didn’t Milton die within a couple years of such attacks? Didn’t Isaac Hayes also die within a couple years of being ordered to disconnect from very gainful employment with South Park after they aired their infamous “In the Closet” Xenu episode?

    Despite the enfilade of lies spewed by corrupt cult spokespeople, the policy really does mean EXACTLY what it says. They really would rather have you dead than incapable. Literally dead.

    Scientology, at its core, is vengeful and hideously destructive. The only people who don’t “know how to know that” are Scientologists.

  • Mera

    i’ve been a scientologist since the early 90s when i was sea org for a couple of years. it was not difficult for me to leave.

    i don’t stay away from critical media because i like to know what’s going on, what my non-scientologist friends are encountering in the media, and because i can think for myself; generalizations in either direction are harmful and lies.

    i’m a basics books and lectures graduate. was the best thing i’ve done for myself as a scientologist; i haven’t done a whole lot else of scientology as i tend to do it in spurts, when i really, really want to, some really fantastic and helpful auditing here, some awesome courses there.

    i’ve been offlines for two years. i have a favorite org, which i don’t live near. dear friends are staff there. one of them helped save my connection to my non-scientologist family, despite the fact one of them is declared SP. a few years after that, i let her know that i am in touch with that family member again. she let me know there is no disconnection policy in the church and i let her know we both know that’s not true. she didn’t push the issue. i trust my friends on staff there and i’ll get back there some day.

    this idea that any emotion is negative is a total and blatant lie that did not come from hubbard. i forgot which lecture he said it in – and i really don’t care that i forgot the name of the lecture but someone else might and accuse me of having a misunderstood; i don’t care – but hubbard makes a point of saying that MISEMOTION is different than EMOTION and when someone dies or there is some other loss, it’s NORMAL to grieve, when something is funny, LAUGH, etc, etc. there absolutely have been suppressive people in the church – on staff and in public – who have, by contagion of aberration – succeeded in twisting the tech and what it means to be a scientologist. any of you who fell for it, boo freaking hoo, get over it and DIFFERENTIATE and come to present time for goodness sake. it was YOUR choice to go along with any madness you’re now complaining about. hell, i did it myself – not the blanket smile and “EVERYTHING’S GREAT!” even when it wasn’t; but there were other things i went along with that i shouldn’t have….but who did it? i did…. There’s this fantastic drill i did as a sea org member years ago that has stuck with me ever since, called “flap your hands” and you stand there and flap your hands like mad, the person who’s running the drill then asks “who’s flapping those hands?” and whoah, i was. eye-opening. and if you don’t get it, think about it for a moment. we all — me, you, you, you and you — at some point adopted the know best viewpoint. we knew better than non-scientologists therefore it’s okay for us to [fill in the blanks] and therefore it’s okay for us to allow ourselves be intimidated by those who apparently knew more than we did – who were more enlightened, of higher rank, etc. but let’s face it. right there where any one of us decided “i know better than the people out there”, we wrote our own ticket to living in a bubble and to being the adverse effect of whatever anyone we decided knew better than us wanted to create. FLUNK. on all of US.

    so, cry, patty, yes, please cry, because this mario-barton story is awful, but if you’re crying, don’t cry for yourself. slap yourself on the forehead and get over it. but don’t generalize. and don’t blame the church for your condition.

    i believe we play games with ourselves and with others and utilize others to carry out the game. this is a very old concept that predates scientology – as hubbard himself acknowledged in his books creation of human ability and fundamentals of thought – by thousands of years. i began to face this during those books on the basics and this truth hit home afterwards, when i did the How to Confront and Handle Suppression course: everyone i had ever
    pulled in, good and bad, were fulfilling a purpose in my life that i couldn’t manifest on my own. honestly, in hindsight, i’ve yet to have met a suppressive person that i didn’t, in my gut, desire in my life for the sake of caving myself in over something. looking back on the various suppressive people i’ve encountered in the church…every single one of them served some purpose i had for myself. yeah. i’ve not had the false purpose rundown. so don’t try to tell me this has been fed to me in some brainwashing during auditing.

    anyway, people, LOOK, don’t listen – not to each other and not to the noise in your head. live and learn, stop being victims, all of you.

  • DeElizabethan

    I don’t think that their is life without music…hope that we music will become free like

  • Dave Gibbons

    Someone may have already mentioned it but one of the innumerable Suppressive Acts a scientologist might commit, per Ethics Policy, is “continued adherence to a person or group pronounced a Suppressive Person or Group by HCO”. Unless you wish to be Declared Suppressive yourself, you MUST, by default, Disconnect from anyone who has been Declared. That is Policy, not something invented by Critics of scientology.

  • Jenni

    When I became a Scientologist in NYC in 1969, I remember hearing Mario Feninger play. Incredible to think he is still alive and playing, and sad that he is having financial problems. It would have been better for him to just decide to leave the church himself, rather than disconnect from Barton. When I told several friends that I had left the church, they disconnected, and I am sure they would not have if they were not afraid of the repercussions to them.

    • beauty for ashes

      I’m glad to hear he’s still alive. thank you for posting this. And I’m sorry about your disconnection.:(