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Sunday Funnies: The Grant Cardone Is An Asshat Special Edition!

Grant_CardoneOn Sundays, we love to bring you all the best that Scientology has to offer. The fliers and mailers and announcements about its good works around the globe.

It’s become a highlight of the week here at the Bunker, and we hope you enjoy this week’s offerings, which are brought to us by our tipsters near and far.

This week, we ponder the theta environment at Saint Hill Manor, cogitate over the miracles of the Bridge to Total Freedom, and of course get a vital update from the Library Campaign.

Also, we get some inspiration from a motivational speaker who is in a league of his own. We think you’ll agree with us on that one.

First, we have to express our disappointment that we’re going to miss the OT Reunion happening next month at the English estate where L. Ron Hubbard communed with tomatoes.



We’re even more disappointed that we missed this whole track event last month. With so much emphasis lately on Ideal Orgs and the IAS and buying encyclopedias, we had almost forgotten that there’s a man who wants to sell you a bridge. What a refreshing reminder.


Thankfully, there are still places on the map that have yet to receive copies of the Ron Encyclopedia, or what would the church’s fundraising elves do with themselves all day?


Hey, you try to work 100 hours a week for 40 cents an hour and see if it doesn’t affect your spelling.


We can’t wait to read your thoughts on this latest video from the NatGeo “Turnaround King,” wealthy Scientology donor, and David Miscavige errand boy Grant Cardone and his wife Elena. This video has been floating around for a couple of weeks, and it apparently represents the Cardone brand of business consulting.


Like we said, that one isn’t new and you might have already run into it. But have you seen Elena Cardone talk about ball-scratching?


She’s a natural, isn’t she? We understand that the Cardones are hard at work looking for more reality TV opportunities. Surely America will be the worse until we can see more of this couple.

Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep sending us your best stuff!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 17, 2013 at 07:00


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