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Scientology Desperately Wants Your Children: The Cruise Ship Come-On

One of our tipsters forwarded to us an e-mail the Church of Scientology has sent out asking its members to consider sending their kids to a convention on the church’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds.

We immediately thought of the Freewinds experience of Ramana Dienes-Browning. Last year, we told her story of the hard sell she got as a 15-year-old when her mother took her for a visit to the ship. Ramana was hounded by Sea Org members until they broke down her objections and pressured her to sign the Sea Org’s billion-year contract.

With that in mind, take a look at this friendly come-on that members received this week.

Dear Young Scientologist or Scientology Parent,

I wanted to make sure you were informed about an incredible convention we are holding for young Scientologists.

Below is an email about it. Please read through it and then please respond to the following questionnaire:


1. If you are a parent and having read the data below, are you interested in sending your child/children to attend this convention?

2. If you are a young Scientologist and having read the data below, are you interested in attending this convention?

3. Do you need or want more information about it?

Thank you.

Michael Sander
Freewinds Advance Scheduling Registrar

Get ready for the OT Experience of a lifetime!

Attend the Freewinds
Young Scientologists’
Tools for Life Convention
13 – 20 December 2012 aboard the Freewinds

Enjoy 7 days of action-packed, fun-filled excitement in the Caribbean while you attend specially created seminars designed to help you achieve your goals more easily.


• How to talk Scientology with your non-Scientologist friends.
• How to achieve your goals more easily using a precise LRH tool design for this purpose.
• How to create a successful second dynamic that forwards your expansion across your dynamics.
• How to motivate yourself in life and actually achieve what you want without too much effort.
• How to handle suppression and suppressive elements in your environment.
• How to maintain high ethical standards when you are surrounded by out-ethics.
• How to be a successful leader in any area and exactly what the attributes of a successful leader are.


• You learn about The Bridge and about the most effective ways to get up The Bridge fast
• You will get to do exciting and fun drills that bring the data you learn to life so you can see the results of the tech right in front of you.
• You will get the opportunity to watch some incredible films that help make LRH tech much more real and applicable in life.
• Experience the excitement of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao with tons of activities including snorkeling, swimming with sea turtles, beach excursions and much more.

This is the best opportunity to really set your goals in motion and actually start achieving them for real.

Special Package Price: $1,650

This includes 7 nights in a B-Deck shared cabin, the Young Scientologist’s Tools for Life
Convention, the Personal Efficiency Course and a Basics course. (Excursions are not included)
Accommodations include all your meals, afternoon breaks with refreshments and a late night buffet.

For more information, contact the Freewinds Advance Scheduling Registrar at
(727) 445-4309 or by email at

Just yesterday, we published another appeal to church members about their children that was sent out with a mailer that boasted about Scientology’s outreach in Taiwan. We’ll post that here again and ask our readers this question: Is the church increasingly sounding desperate to get its hooks into Scientology kids?

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