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Scientology Sunday Funnies: Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Fights the North Koreans!

On Sundays, we reveal the latest Scientology fundraising mailers that get sent to us during the week. And we have some good ones to show you this time. But first, we wondered if you had noticed, like we did, that Connor Cruise’s big action-movie debut is coming up!

Tom’s son appears in the remake of Red Dawn which opens on Thanksgiving. (Connor’s only other film credit was his appearance as Will Smith’s younger self in 2008’s Seven Pounds, which New York Times reviewer A.O. Scott called “Among the most transcendently…crazily awful motion pictures ever made.”) Take a gander at the Red Dawn trailer in all of its survivalist-porn goodness, and keep your eye out for Connor aiming a really big gun.

Connor takes aim!

If Connor, who is 17, looks surprisingly young to you in that shot, your eyes are not deceiving you: this Red Dawn remake was supposed to come out in 2010 but then was shelved while MGM got through some financial troubles.

And there are other reasons for this movie’s bumpy journey to your local cineplex. We have to say, the first time we heard a remake was coming, our initial reaction was, RED dawn? As in the Commies?

Sure enough, it turns out there has been some controversy about who’s invading the United States this time. In the fun, paranoid right-wing fever dream of the original, our mountain heartland became a land of concentration camps under Cuban forces and their Soviet allies. But today? Fidel Castro’s forces aren’t really the stuff of American nightmares anymore.

So the remake’s filmmakers decided that Washington would substitute for Colorado, and this time the invasion would come from the Far East, in the form of Chinese troops.

But once news of that leaked out, there was such a hue and cry, the bad guys were turned into North Koreans in post-production.

North Koreans? Would they even have enough food to survive the ocean crossing?

Well, we’re sure the country’s stockpilers will come out of their compounds in droves to see this one, and we can only hope Connor’s star turn works out for him. It may not be War of the Worlds, but you have to start somewhere.

One question: has Connor’s interview with Matt Lauer been set up yet?

And now, let’s take a look at this week’s trove from our tipsters…

First up, we have a breathless report about the Basics being translated into Chinese. Taiwan will apparently never be the same. But what really caught our eye, after the usual rah-rah about Scientology’s inexorable expansion, is the extremely creepy attempt to solicit information for recruiting Scientology kids into the Sea Org. Shiver.

For our second item, we have the text of an e-mail that went around to church members in the LA area last week. Apparently, Big Blue — the former Cedars of Lebanon hospital that forms the worldwide admininstrative headquarters of Scientology in downtown Los Angeles — is going through some kind of renovation. (Is it being “Ideal”-ized?) Have any of our readers noticed something going on there this weekend?


So the day has finally come – ASHO IS MOVING!!!

For Foundation students, Saturday morning, the 10th of November at 9:00 am, your roll call will be in your new temporary course rooms. For Day students, your first roll call in the new temporary spaces is Monday morning, 12 November at 9:00 am.

Things to know:

— The entrance to the new spaces is up the steps on Fountain Avenue, directly under the SCIENTOLOGY sign!

— You may park in the north lot by LA Org, but take into account you will have to walk all the way around as there is no through route. Easiest is to park in the parking structure on Fountain and then just cross the street.

— Come in a few minutes early to get oriented so you know where you are going and you are not late for roll call!

— There will be signage and maps and many staff on hand to help direct you.

— If you have any items in the ASHO student closets such as personal packs, materials, books, e-meters, etc. come in before 10 pm on Thursday evening to pick them up as anything left will be disposed of or donated.

The spaces will be fully emptied for the Ideal Org construction crew coming in right after that! This is a unique once-in-a-lifetime chance to come for FULL-TIME intensive service through November and December. The historic Fountain Avenue side of our base was the original “grand entrance” of the Cedars Complex and is where ASHO will reside for the few months that our home is being renovated. It will be appropriately decorated for the holidays and we will be in full-swing operation moving YOU up the Bridge! If you are not currently enrolled, make your reservations to come in and start NOW, your chair and Supervisor are ready!

ARC, The ASHO Day and Foundation delivery team

Don’t you wish you were “Full OT”?

Also going on this weekend — the Jive Aces! Scientologists can’t get enough of them, apparently.

And finally, we’ll share with you this photograph that came to us from one of our South African readers, who noticed that a sign for Dianetics had popped up on a local highway. (Note the newspaper headlines on placards below it.)

Our reader later sent this second photo of those newspaper placards after, um, taking matters into their own hands…


Once again, we want to thank our excellent tipsters for another week of good stuff. Keep it coming!

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  • Boson Stark

    Now that all that BASICS crap is in Chinese, the rest of the planet is soon to be clear in no time, with the re-release of Hubbard’s pulp fiction “sweeping the Arab world” and all. The latter being Miscavige’s claim at a rally a few years ago. Except they couldn’t even fake a group of Arabs, and showed one lone Saudi guy sitting at a table littered with Hubbard’s pulp.

    They should try selling Dianutty in Chinese here too, instead of English, since for 99.9% of the American public, it might as well be written in Chinese.

    Their Taiwanese roll out shot of the audience looks suspiciously shallow, and I suspect they told those 40 people to show up and sit in the front to get a free gift, including cash, or they included a boxed set of Tom Cruise movies or something.

    • Is there anyway to get some of the actual text of the first page…. I’m sure running it through google translate would give up some lulz.

  • I guess sine the Jive Aces were outed as scientologists in the UK tabloids they can’t get any bookings over here. Which is nice.

    Interesting name for a vets ULTRA DOG…. I’m guessing they specialise in guard dogs….

    Re the Chinese translations, wouldn’t it be great if there was a mole who worked on them and changed “thetan” to the Chinese character for cocksucker or something… tattoo artists do that shit all the time.

    • Mrs Mutton Chops

      Ultra Dog is a Holistic dog food company (and brand).

    • Dee Fogger

      I met a friend coming out of the locker room at the gym with the biggest grin on his face. We started walking to class and he explained that a really large white guy was lifting weights with a big Kanji tat on his arm. He asked the guy what he thought it meant and was told “warrior spirit” but it really said “stupid white boy”.

    • Zenusnotters

      Yes, except they are playing at Saint Hill in a couple of weeks, along with he who cannot confirm or deny anything – Mr. Chill EB. Maybe a little blockade at Heathrow would stop them coming in??????? One can but hope,

  • I am an ex-scientologist and have been in Taiwan for the past 12 years. I can tell you the translations are hopeless. They recruit people to translate who have very poor English. I know many Taiwanese people who just can’t understand these translations they are so bad.

    Oh, by the way, there are only about 300 active Scientologists in the whole of Taiwan anyway. The Sea Org here give the impression that it is flourishing, but I know the truth. Scientology is so insignificant in Taiwan the press can’t even be bothered with it. Scientology booming in Asia? I don’t think so. It is more like going bust in Asia.

    The largest Scientology organization in Taiwan is an Independent Group run by Helen Chen. She makes all the rest here seem so pitiful ~lol

    Phil de Fontenay

    • Dean Fox

      Thank you for this insight in to the truth. 🙂

    • Thanks for this post. I am just giddy hearing about how bad the translations are.
      The Co$ has been lying for so long they forgot to check their lies at the door.

    • Observer

      Thanks for that! It confirmed what I thought when I saw those pics–that the vast empty spaces have been carefully cropped out. If that auditorium had been packed they’d have shown more than just the first four rows.

      • sugarplumfairy32

        “bringing lrh to 1.3 billion people..”

        Sounds like it was written by OT8isGrrrrr8..

        • It sure does!
          Maybe thats why OTVIII is so brilliant. Maybe he is really Dan Sherman.

          • What are your crimes?

              You realize we are gonna give Capt. Howdy a minor stroke!

            • I ADMIT MY CRIMES…and sorry I keep changing my clothes today.
              But DINA LOHAN was a crime….
              If seeing that AV was making any of you as sick as it was making me……..I am profoundly sorry.
              But since the Scions are a gift that keeps on giving………..tada………

    • One other little oversight that shows they are out of touch with reality. They mention these Chinese basics can now reach 1.3 billion people. But, there are only just over 23 million people in Taiwan! I guess they mean China, but hey wait a minute, China uses Simplified Chinese and will not be able to easily understand the Traditional Chinese characters used in Taiwan.

      Knowing the Chinese, they probably already have Scientology on their list of banned books so good luck getting in there. The Way to Happiness didn’t go down to well there because they didn’t like some of the wording ~he he

      This cult will NOT do well in asia at all!

      • In Spanish: “The Guey to Happiness”.


          I love it.

        • Jorge Diaz

          It’s ja-pi-nes, “Guey Tu Japines.”

      • Boson Stark

        Good translation demands total fluency in both languages, but especially the target language which should always be one’s mother tongue. It’s never good enough to get some English speaking person who speaks Chinese quite well, and a Chinese person who speaks good English together to work on a translation.

        Some publishers, like Günter Grass’s, employ a team of translators, just to do the English version of his novels and short stories.

        That is hilarious about the bad translation causing people to snicker at TWTH, because that’s what bad translation does. People simply can’t take it seriously, if they understand this big important organization didn’t bother to do a good translation. If they blew in the “Way to Happiness” pamphlet, imagine the mistakes in the entire BASICS.

        Of course, the cult can always use that as a pretext to raise funds to revise the Chinese translations in the future.

        The whole, “buy into this and the planet will soon be ours,” is just too silly. It makes Tom Cruise sound almost conservative in saying Teegeeack would be SP free in a hundred years.

        • flunk123

          Maybe it was translated by an OT who knew Chinese in a past life … you know, when he was Confucius.

          • That was pretty damn funny Flunk!

          • Jorge Diaz

            I thought $cientologists only got *Confucius* rite after going past a word they did not fully understand

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you for pointing out that these books are unreadable by most mainland Chinese because they’re not in the Simplified Chinese character set.

        Typical Scientology, celebrating a Big Win that’s actually much less than what it appears on the surface.

        • flunk123

          In the photo of three Taiwanese women checking out “The Basics”, one of them is covering her mouth.
          Isn’t that a traditional mannerism in China, for a woman to cover her mouth when something makes her laugh?

      • Dee Fogger

        Won’t do well in Asia at all? How can you say that they’re FINALLY bringing “true wisdom” to Asia. An uncredited *cough DM cough* Asian public said so and how can we doubt that? Seriously, thanks for the insight. I don’t see a future for Scientology in China either having seen how segregated other religious groups, like Muslims, are there. LRH is difficult to understand in ENGLISH let alone translated by non-professional volunteers into traditional characters that Chinese can’t read. All that time and money spent on something without the least bit of research into it’s effectiveness. Sounds like Scientology.

    • victoria

      Hey man the stats don’t lie! 17,325 man hours; (no women were involved) 4,002,433 words translated, resulting in 6,003,649 Chinese characters! This means 1,300,000,000 people could read this mish mash even if it didn’t make any sense! That could all circle the earth and go to the moon and back if you laid it all side to side like one big cluster of body thetans!
      I gotta start using that same logic in my little art studio. I just realised my things are available to over seven billion people now! I’m planetary!

    • Does that mean then, that the thousand dollar leatherbound with gilded gold etching on the cover editions that Author Services Inc sells as vanity “collector” copies, are thus solely fundraising activities?

      Any new editions, give Author Services Inc the opportunity to have the gilded leatherbound editions manufactured, and then fundraising done for those leatherbound editions.

      Hubbard policies for the book publishing echelons of Scientology, just want his name on books, and those books out there, as adverts for Hubbard, and thus for Hubbard’s fiction religion, the high volume dead space alien soul exorcism, “handle the effects of the 4th dynamic engram by Hubbard’s exorcism, religion.

      Hubbard books equals royalties, and it minimally equals getting the Hubbard name out there.

      There’s an ever expanding audience of new people who haven’t heard about Hubbard’s 4th dynamic engram (the Xenu engram), and the Hubbard solution, the Hubbard high volume exorcism to rid us all of the dead space alien souls that infest our bodies, which only the Sea Org staffs of the “Advanced” (exorcism delivery) churches of Scientology offer to solve the world’s real problems!

      It’s all in our minds!

      It all makes sense, when you see Hubbard as the ulta multi cultural instituion author, utilizing the fiction publishing world, and the religion publishing world, two worlds that his bureaucracies have manned up!

      Authour Serivces Inc, and Galaxy Press are manned with Sea Org members, on leave from the Sea Org, and the Bridge Publications and New Era Publications organizations are manned with Sea Org members,

      Hubbard’s about books, his books, that just advertise the Hubbard name.

      Miscavige is doing the easiest of Hubbard’s church policy orders, which is publish the Hubbard books, fiction and religion.

      Hubbard’s goal of smashing his name into history so hard, blah blah, LRH’s Admissions are worth a re-reading.

      • Quite regrettably, he has smashed his name into history.
        For, well, you know…..

    • Theo Sismanides

      Phil, I have been on translations for many many years. I know what you are talking about. As a matter of fact there are some bulletins by Hubbard where he mentions the way and the sequence the translations of materials are to be done. And most importantly by… who. But those were never applied since that would be good translations and we don’t want that. We just want PR, PR, PR and people to understand jack shit about scientology. The DM formula! Overwhelm everybody.

      • Agreed Theo,

        And way more, LRH realized just having his name, remember how his name on the books was always to be printed in larger type style to even the book’s title policy by him?

        Books are adverts. It’s all laid out, all the reasons, in the green volumes, too numerous to quote, but I quoted a few of the ones I remembered, and some history about how ASI sells leatherbound editions of ANY new published works, any language, as calling cards for the richer Scientologists and opinion leaders of those language countries to put on their bookshelves, also for advertising purposes.

        Get those leatherbound nice looking books on opinion leaders’ bookshelves!

        No matter that the translations didn’t do anything.

        The most curious, will somehow find editions in languages they can manage to understand.

        I always try to include in the Hubbard story re-telling, the fact that the ‘goodies” one gets, are a whole lot of exorcism, from OT level 3-7, today, if one gets hooked in these intro Hubbard Scientology books.

        Too bad the NOTs Indoctrination Bulletin Number 1 isn’t translated in all the world’s languages, for people to see what it is they will be dealing with, and see what is their real spiritual problem, namely the body thetans and body thetan clusters!

        • LRH should have stopped short of that OT shit.
          He might have left a ‘somewhat’ more credible legacy and maybe a modicum of less damage in his wake.
          He should have left the OT’s with his “GOD” crowley.

          • junojones

            Even Crowley was not so bad. In his biography (as written by Israel Regardie) he boasted of being perfectly capable of starting a cult. But he didn’t: OTO wasn’t his originally and you can probably count the number of living, breathing Thelemites on fingers and toes. All of Crowley’s associates were rather disparaging of him, unlike the glowing continued worship of Elron. I think Crowley was perfectly happy fucking up his own life and relationships in relative privacy and for that I give him kudos of a sort.

            • sheepherder

              You make an interesting comment. Christopher Isherwood (author of the memoir “I Am a Camera” which became the basis for “Cabaret”) knew Crowley, and said of him that all he really believed in were the drugs he was addicted to.

              I’m sure the bio mentioned that he did try to start up a cult community in Italy, but was forced to leave after a girl died under questionable circumstances. The murals he painted there still exist, I think – at least there are photos of them – pretty creepy. But then, Crowley’s schtik was being creepy. But there was real creepiness under the stagy creepiness.

        • victoria

          It appears to be working somewhat Chuck. Yesterday, I heard a podcaster decribe religion as a philosophy that survives its founder, and he used Scientology as an example.With caveats though.

          Today, I was listening to an interview with David Weinburger, author of the book; “Too Big to Know”, (can’t wait to read this one), he was discussing the dewey decimal sysyem and how it compares to the internet, and once again brought up the subject of SCN. when comparing what would have it’s own religion section in that system as compares to the internet.
          Scn. has made a name for itself, one way or another. Although, people do seem to utilise it when they need an oddball example of something:)

      • Yes, exactly Theo! They threw out the correct method for translations here years ago. The blind leading the blind ~lol

    • grundoon

      Doesn’t matter if the translations are no good.

      This is what matters:

      China has 2925 public libraries, 1,100 libraries in institutions of higher learning, and more than 8,000 libraries housed in research institutes!

      Every library in China should have a full set of the newly translated LRH Basics! Get your checkbooks and credit cards ready, your phone will be ringing soon!

    • deselby88

      The hardest part of the translation was changing every occurance of LRH to RLH.

    • Cheers to you in Taiwan.
      Thanks for the input.

    • sheepherder

      Should have thought of this sooner. As I understand it, foreigners are not allowed to proselytize in Red China. They can answer questions about their beliefs, but no missionary stuff. So good luck with that one.

      Of course these useless books are just an excuse to steal more money from the rank and file. They could be in Swahili for the Inuit of Greenland. If a single library in Asia takes a single copy, well, I’m just wrong and Co$ triumphs again.

    • Slappy

      I’m sure the 20-something Grad V auditors proofreading this stuff is a load of crap, as are all the statistics about number of words, etc. I was a volunteer word clearer for the “translators” and can vouch for what Phil just said: a lot of them have very poor English and are in no way bilingual, which is implied in the word “translator.”

      The “translators” were for the most part public scilons in Taiwan, and occasionally they scrounged up someone who wasn’t even a scilon “yet.” The deal was that they would work for free (where have we heard that before?) and would earn “training awards” so that they could get Scientology courses for free or for a discount.

      • Slappy

        I had asked for something in exchange for my many hours of work with them and never got anything but christmas cards and “commendations” that I could send to the “ethics dept.” of my nonexistent “org.” In addition to no exchange, they wanted me to sing a bond – one of those confidentiality gag agreements. Oh yeah … there was one thing they did for me – they hacked my facebook account.

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  • Pingback: Der Gag des Sonntags: Sehr zur Freude von Tom Cruise bekämpft sein Sohn Connor Nord-Koreaner und ist auf dem besten Weg, bei der nächstjährigen „Goldenen Himbeere“ abzuräumen … | Blog gegen Scientology()

  • Derfty

    Mary Jane got married. She used to be Mary Jane Graf.

  • Observer

    I was surprised to see a comedy group mentioned on the Full OT flyer, seeing as how Scientologists tend toward the humorless, so I Googled Laughworks and found, to my utter not-surprise, that it’s a group of Scientologists. Also unsurprisingly most of the hits were to things and videos they had posted themselves. I tried to watch one of the videos (the one taken at the “Gourmet Food Truck event” which, incidentally, appeared to be attended by fewer than 10 people), but it was so horribly unfunny that I was overcome by my Vicarious Shame Syndrome and had to stop.

    Here’s a link to an old but relevant thread about them on OCMB:

    • Jean

      Here is an example of Laughworks mastery, where they are ironically pretending to be mobsters:

      • Holy Crap!
        No…. I mean really!
        There should be a warning label on this kinda stuff Jean.
        Yeah, I know…I know…I should have known better….but its like a car wreck…and I thought I was the only one who could help.
        I was WAY wwwwrong.

        • DMSTCC

          Could the bimbo be Noelle North, the notorious Subway creep?

          • Homer

            Yes, one and the same. According to this high-production value trailer, the “mobster” video is about 10 years old, which would account for her looking slightly older while depriving Anon of their tasty sandwiches.

            Speaking of which, this Youtube channel is new, this trailer is new, but all the videos are old. What gives? Looks like someone is planning a marketing push for this stuff, and the trailer looks church-produced.


            • Homer

              Oh, and the trailer says they entertained “millions.”

            • Observer

              Millions of body thetans, maybe.

            • Typical Magical Thinking Scion Statistics!

            • I’m still waiting for my comment to be approved……..

              “YOU GUYS DO KNOW THAT THERE’S A MISCAVIGE WITH CRUISE SEX-TAPE OUT THERE, DON’T YOU? ….. now that really would be funny to watch!”

            • “and the trailer looks church-produced.”

              nah, this is just one of the credits/trailer themes from Apple’s iMovie…. a trained chimp could do this.

      • Unbelievably unfunny!

        • Homer

          It’s the opposite of funny! Just like Hubbard’s philosophy is the opposite of wisdom.

  • sugarplumfairy32

    “ you have kids? if so, how old are they?”


    • “In your opinion, what would be the most appealing aspects of being in the Sea Org?”
      Gosh, it’s so hard to choose! Pushing peanuts around the deck with my nose till it bleeds? Or being thrown overboard while handcuffed? Sleeping in lice-infested quarters with other smelly Sea-Ogres, while they fart rice and beans all night long? That’s one way to clear the planet real fast!
      Oh I know! Wasting my youth stuck at sea while breathing asbestos and listening to the babblings of $ciloons ad nauseum! Yeah that’s it. Imma go with that one for the win!

      “What, honestly, do you feel needs to be handled on the most immediate basis as far as planetary problems or social ills?”

      Well, I have run out of wine at the moment, so that would be most pressing. Then, I suppose we could make some burlwood lifts for Mismanage’s shoes. He’s looking kind of short lately.

      • “Have you ever taken LSD, PCP or any other derivative?”
        Doh! I had to take copious amounts of LSD in order to wade through Elwrong’s horrifying prose. Does that count? I did it for the good of the planet!

  • A Red Dawn remake. Survivalist Porn Goodness.
    I love it.
    Tony served up some serious cheese for breakfast.
    It tastes great with my morning coffee.

    • OMG! Love the new Av! Wish I’d have seen that one first.

      • I gotta replace it though!
        Because I want to go post at Marty’s and on iSci….and I don’t want to offend them.

        Hmmmm….I am becoming “nicer”……….this is worrisome!

        • NOOOOOO. Don’t replace it? Or if you do replace it, can I steal it? I never go to Marty’s since it makes me want to cry.

          • I will bequeath this AV to you just as soon as I can come up with something brilliant to replace it with.
            By the way, I like those shoes, can I borrow them?

          • Go to the Rodeo and PM me your email and I will send you the file.
            I found an equally disturbing fake blonde to make fun of.

            • OMG! Is Dina Lohan a $cion too? I didn’t think they’d let you in if you did LSD. Maybe it’s different for celeb Moms.

            • No, she is just an idiot.

            • Thanks muchly for the new grav BTN. I feel so special with my two eyes.
              Now come here and let me audit you

          • Dee Fogger

            I want an avatar. I’ve got one I use elsewhere, how do I use it here? Thanks for any help I’m not a computer wiz.

            • Go to your account at the top right of this blog and click on it.
              You will see a blue link on the right side of your account info page to your gravatar profile. Click that and you will be able to upload an image.
              Have some fun.

            • Dee Fogger

              Perhaps it’s my browser but I don’t have any type of account showing. I guess I need a blog account. I’ll try and figure it out. Thanks for your help.

    • Mrs Mutton Chops

      I saw a commercial yesterday that Connor Cruise is going to be the House D.J. for the week on Kelly and Michael LIVE! (The Kelly Ripa – Michael Strahan talk show). I wonder if he’ll see little sister Suri while he’s in town?

  • D.Geiger the 1d

    Why does the fear of death cause so many people to believe in nonsense and spend all their money.The fear of death is what allows all cults to make a fortune and I do mean all including the christian cult.Anyone can get rich just by selling any type of never ending life period.Everyone here could do it if we so wanted.

    I would encourage everyone to google Sam Harris and learn what a philosopher as well as a neuroscientist has to say about this.This subject is complex but it is worth the study time not to mention the hate of others that are convinced of something that just seems delusional to any free thinker.

    • sugarplumfairy32

      I think of death as a new adventure.. In my next life imma be tall..

    • Jean

      You are so superior. Congrats!

      • Jean

        OK – I have to retract my post. I’ve investigated Harris- while he is a militant atheist, he approves of spiritual practices common in Buddhism and Hinduism which are non-theistic. So I enjoyed reading about him. Thanks for the reference.

    • Artoo45

      I totally concur. All my new age ramblings and magical thinking were fueled by existential angst and fear of death. Once death became demystified and become an ordinary, normal part of the life cycle to me, I could never go back to torturing reality to fit in with my no-longer-necessary fantasy world of afterlives. Finding people’s “ruin” usually means death.

  • Gosh… ASHO finally being renovated, lol. No offense but this is one ideal org that should have been done years ago. Just for health reasons, alone.

    I remember the place from back in the late 70’s early 80’s. I used to have nightmares about the basement, part of which was once the morgue when it was owned and run by Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. The sauna for the Purification R/D was put down there in the early 80s, nearer to LA Org ( as it was all one building, really) but if you walked down the hallway to ASHO from LA Org, and walked right and down the back hallway of ASHO, there was a door to stairway. People went down here or were directed here for various reasons. If you went down and kept walking you’d come to the scariest part of the building. You’d find dark spaces without working light fixtures. Water leaks all over the place and no money allotted to fix ’em. There was also a huge pool down there where some of that water ended – and so much mold. Lots of old files, many ruined because of the moisture. Rats the size of cats running around. It was a place you didn’t want to get lost in that building!

    Back then, most staff didn’t have a reason to go down there. I believe the maintenance crew ( usually one guy for each shift) had an office down there. And IIRC, the printing was done down there, too. I can’t imagine those Sea Org members lived a healthy life because of that unhealthy environment. I’m sure they fixed some of this up over the years but most likely they just did a cover up type of renos. The place should have been condemned just for the basement condition, alone.

    Re: The sign. Love what was done to it, lol!! Thank you, Thank you!

    @Phil de Fontenay ^^^ …..Thank you for clearing up the lies and misconceptions about the the East Asian promo ( propaganda ). Always nice to be kept informed on the facts 🙂

    Re: Connor Cruise and Red Dawn : I was turned off on the movie as soon as that lead actor, Chris Hemsworth, started to speak. I hate when actors sound like they are reading a script for the first time. Same with the girl… then the father….there must be a lot of bad acting if these clips are highlights of the film! What little Connor Cruise has to say or do in the film, he may well get a feather in his cap in comparison. ;p

    • It doesn’t matter what Chris Hemsworth sounds like. He doesn’t have to speak. All he has to do is to stand there to command my attention.

    • Mary,

      In the 90s and 2000s, us RPFers cleaned those basement hallways all up and even reno’d the heck out of ASHO’s basement, you wouldn’t recognize it today.

      The backlines ASHO in the basement is totally now re-walled, carpeted, all re-painted, the infamous Central Files ASHO long long room, all neatly nicely reno’d by us RPFers, all new office furniture, desks, special modern filing cabinets. Years of renos have taken place in the 1990s and 2000s down there.

      When I left the complex in 2003, 9 years ago, the only scary parts left to reno, which I’m sure they kept up the renos, were under Leb Hall area and under the main building sections.

      RPFers in “bad”, like when I was in the RPF’s RPF for 15 months, from Dec 2001 until March 2003, we mainly worked still, down in the un-reno’d basement hallways under Leb Hall and the complex main building, , chipping paint as punishment, and cleaning the pipes, over and over, so much so, that those hallways were kept spick and span! Fun.

      Chuck Beatty
      LA RPF (Nov 2000 Mar 2003) out of my 1975-2003 Sea Org career.

    • I know that ASHO and also the ASHO that followed. Around about ’96; it got a thorough renovation from the basement on up; it actually was a very nice renovation. lots of wood trim and wood furniture, upholstered with light blue denim. Remember the old Briefing Course Courserooms that had been the maternity area? Nicely dolled up with lots of wood paneling and furniture and nice curtains. Compared to the very lavish renovations we typically see in these newer “ideal orgs”; the renovations at ASHO were practical and tasteful. The only thing I objected to in the design was the bronze “training lion” sculpture at the top of the front steps.

      I guess they probably want to put a bunch of bas reliefs of DM and RTC symbols and Scn crosses and all, and there’s probably a half dozen Golden Age of Something-or-others that need to be installed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was “discovered” that course supervisors were messing things up there and that they have now all been replaced by robotically controlled cameras that pipe the video streams all the way up to some super RTC representative in the sky who is remotely critiquing the meter drills and flunking floating needle calls.

      (Believe it or not, that last paragraph might actually make some sense and get a laugh from the exes here. If you are not an ex, you probably went blank before this paragraph anyway and wouldn’t even know it if I attempted an apology here, but I’m “sorry about that” anyway.

      • Dan,

        Great details, thanks!

        I saw Mr. Bill Schrivers still hanging in there, he was a genuine good Course Sup, and was standing there in an ASHO promo piece I saw the other day.

        ASHO delivers the Briefing Course,(where Class 6 students listen to almost 450 lectures by Ron as the main chunk of the course) and the Briefing Course has the Isaac Hayes “Why TRs” Hubbard training film on it, and that film is a huge must to leak to the internet someday. One can only do the “Why TRs” movie at ASHO (or in the higher Sea Org orgs above ASHO in the Sea Org pecking order).

        That movie stars the now dead Johnny Lewis, as the 14 year old future lives Scientologist who is starting Scientology on a future planet out in the cosmos, being the founder of Scientology there, by memory (the lesson on this Hubbard film is to really get his ideas, because they only way they’ll be able to have the tech of Hubbard’s on far flung future civilizations on other planets, is from their memory, so study that Class 6 course and the basics really really hard!)

        Dan, please verify, for history, how many times on the RPF, we listened to the “Why TRs” film, as well as the other LRH tech films! Many of those films have some future lives implications, like the advertisement, in house advertisement in the one film, showing a young spiffy 12 year male Scientologist walking up to a space age science fiction looking future Scientology church, and proclaiming “I’m back!” The in house advert narrator tells us to buy our “Scientology Passport”, which is a special Scientology parishioner passport, to mark into it, all the books and services we have completed this lifetime. So that next lifetime, we show up, tell them who we were last lifetime, and they dig up our passport, hand it to us, and then we don’t have to repeat any of the things we did in our last lives!

        My gosh, Ron had it all figured out for us!

        • Wow, any examples of the passport anywhere?

      • deElizabethan

        I’d say your guessing right, particularly about the cameras, unbeknownst to members. It’s the way of their world.

      • Thanks, Dan. As I said to Chuck, that was encouraging to read about the renos. I was long gone by then 🙂 ASHO was always the ‘forgotten by upper management org’ back in the late 70s-80s. Selling training didn’t bring in the big bucks like it did at the other orgs. No toilet paper for ASHO for years. On ARS, poster Warrior ( M Plummer) explained what was happening during those years, about the financial planning aspect and how the monies in were spent. See his 2 posts on this thread.!msg/alt.religion.scientology/kO63ZT_2GPw/KacAFRWVKacJ

        I would have objected to the Bronze Lion on the stairs, too. Didn’t like it at all when I saw it on the promo. It took too much space away from where students regularly congregated on breaks and obscured the view.

        Loved the paragraph about the bas reliefs etc, lol

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      “Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats And ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes”
      – David Bowie.

  • I wonder when they went over the shooting scenes, if they offered Connor a 50 caliber to shoot on full auto, ,to give him a chance to do a similar scene to Tom’s breakout role in the movie “Taps”, where Tom goes wild shooting his full auto gun.

    Reminds me of James Cagney “I’m on top of the world mom!” Going out in a blaze of automatic gun fire.

    • Oh gosh Chuck…..I remember that scene in Tap’s now.
      I hated Cruise even then.
      Now I need to scrub my brain with steel wool to get rid of that memory!

  • Jean

    North Koreans? What a joke. It’s too bad – I liked the trailer. But North Korea? A movie like that should be ever so slightly believable.

    • sheepherder

      Am I too late to rant on this one?
      They filmed this gem in upper Michigan – hardwood forest. Nothing like the NW forest, with which btw I am intimately familiar. Spokane is east of the Cascades, in open, rolling wheat country with no trees to speak of, on the Idaho border nowhere near Seattle. No strategic importance whatsoever and nary a forest in sight.
      Now if they’d set it in Idaho – North Koreans vs. skinheads, that might have been a movie….

  • Re survey questions:

    1. In your opinion, what would be the most appealing aspects to being in the Sea Org?

    After doing a 27 year stint,the upside I noticed is you get a lot of apprenticing in how to act like a workaholic. Once you quit the Sea Org, it’s like stopping hitting your head with a hammer, and the rest of life is like a vacation.

    2. What, honestly, do you feel needs to be handled on the most immediate basis as far as planetary problems or social ills?

    Nothing. Humanity fixes itself, when it finds itself going too far in any one direction.

    2. What actions do you think will need to be done in order to handle this?

    Let the world figure it out itself. Hubbard’s high volume dead space alien soul exorcism is certainly NOT relevant to any of mankind’s problems. The Sea Org mans and runs the Advanced Orgs (exorcism delivery churches) and the Sea Org runs Flag.

    The Sea Org members guard and deliver all of the high volume exorcism “OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.”

    I wonder myself, what Ron would do, now that there’s been so much exorcism done, and nothing has changed on earth!

    Maybe Ron, if he came back, would discover a 5th Dynamic Engram, and even a 6th and 7th and 8th dynamic engram, to get to the bottom of what’s reallly wrong on earth and in the universe!.

    4.What is the one thing that matters to you more than anything else?

    Reading smarter writers than Hubbard.

    5. Have you ever been interested in becoming a Sea Org member?
    Yes, in PT — No
    Yes, Earlier – Yes, I did my stint, 1975-2003
    In the future – Not gonna happen, since we are not coming back in future lives.
    Never – Well, technically, when the universe recycles itself, I’m sue the Sea Org, like everything else, will be coming back, in some future reconfiguration of time of space, but that’s just eternity for ya.

    Do Not Qualify — Yes, I don’t qualify. I technically snuck into the Sea Org, during a time in Sea Org History in the 1970s when Hubbard held the LSD requirement in abeyance

    Have you ever taken LSD, PCP or any such derivative? – Yes, I got in the Sea Org during that window of history when so many people had taken acid, Hubbard allowed acid takers to join, in the 1970s for 5 or so years

    Hey, that gives me a thought, maybe it’s because so many of us took acid, that the Sea Org boomed in the 1970s!

    • “Once you quit the Sea Org, it’s like stopping hitting your head with a hammer, and the rest of life is like a vacation.”

      Chuck, this is priceless! Everyone who leaves the SO should get a certificate with this quote in gold-embossed type.

      “Hubbard’s high volume dead space alien soul exorcism is certainly NOT relevant to any of mankind’s problems.”

      This too, is great. I am so glad you consistently reiterate the exorcism aspect. It cuts straight to the heart of the matter, for people who wonder what scientology is all about.

      I’ve said it before, Chuck, but it bears repeating: I deeply admire your courageous, direct approach. You rock!!

  • mimsey

    This is all very interesting since in the ’80’s ASHO had something like 200 Briefing Course students on course on foundation alone, and over the decades of unprecedented expansion, it had dwindled to about 30. When ASHO was in it’s hayday, the foundation org training department occupied the second and third floors, and the place was packed. Day was similar, but had less public. Several years ago, in an attempt to keep stats up, the day and foundation orgs started overlapping their delivery times ( fdn could also deliver during the day, day could deliver on day hours) and so ASHO/d training was moved into the second floor and ASHO /f training was moved on to the 3rd floor. This was an attempt to solve the crashed stats by doubling the delivery hours.

    So now, what is up? If they can fit all of ASHO/d & /f into cedars entry delivery area, where they put LAO previously during those reno’s, one can only say wow – can they count the students they are delivering to on one hand or two?


    • The Auditor Mag shows about 5-10 completions in total, every couple months, for the various BC levels, I’ve noticed.

      The BC is the biggest course in all of Scientology, and takes years, on and off again attendance, to complete.

      Do you remember Bob Azevedo? He was a kinda long term famous BC Course Sup for a while in the 1980s, then he was promoted to INCOMM (computer unit of the Sea Org), where I think he is still today.

      BC students get a really good understanding of Hubbard’s “tech”, in their long studying.

      I imagine if Scientology, really longrange, is to go anywhere, organized Scientology that is, it will be when Scientology really mans their Sea Org positions, top to bottom, with people who are first through the BC.

      The BC is probably closest to seminary in terms of the transformation and dedication and deep understanding effects on a Scientologist’s role in the Hubbard Scientology movement. The Dukes of Tech, are what ASHO makes.

      I’m pretty sure Hubbard would want the whole Sea Org multi echelon setup to stay intact, and not to splinter into what the independent movement is today splintering into.

      Hubbard didn’t wish his “routes” into Scientology to be ultimately leading to what is happening today, which are “routes” to the independent Scientology field.

      The “routes” are laid out at the bottom of the Hubbard red wall chart “Bridge to Total Freedom”.

      In reality, there are today unofficial unmarked exit routes off the Hubbard Bridge, to the independent splinter movement setups.


  • Sherbet

    I misread that first question as “…what would be the most appalling aspects to being in the Sea Organization?”

    It’s going to take a while to answer that.

    BTW, does anyone else add another “s” and an “le” to the acronym ASHO? I do, every time I see it. It’s just automatic.

    • Sidenote related joke, is the abbreviation for the Truth Rundown, our in house abbreviation is TRD.

      And U was our inadvertent mental insertion to TRD.

      The TURD rundown.

      • Sherbet

        I love it! And I love knowing there was a bit of comical blasphemy going on while you were still in.

  • Jean

    “This release means that true wisdom finally arrives in Asia.” LOL. That Lao Tzu was a lazy thinker, and the Pali Canon is filled with misplaced semicolons.

    I wonder if the Scientologists really believe this – we know Hubbard was contemptuous of Asians (and just about everyone else).

    • Mrs Mutton Chops

      The term “wog” will go over well.

    • sheepherder

      “True wisdom” finally, after 4000 years, arriving In Asia!
      The Chinese, a people for whom I have always had the greatest respect, will be so thrilled.
      Every time I think the kids have reached the depths of human stupidity, their OT powers take them where mankind has never gone before.

    • Dee Fogger

      Yeah, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism really lack any type of wisdom as well. Asia should feel really lucky to FINALLY have the wisdom of LRH.

      • Homer

        In fact, no spiritual or philosophical advances could be made until the widespread availability of 120AC wall sockets.

  • Jean

    This is going to be a huge generalization, but I’ll put it out there anyway. Even if the translation was intelligible on mainland China, scientology wouldn’t have a chance. Unlike Americans, the Chinese are very careful to save their money. Spending on luxury items tends to be more for public display and status. For instance, a BMW or a Rolex would be more desirable than nice kitchen appliances. And status has a lot to do with image control – it would be a risky proposition to be associated with scientology in China.

  • Ron Hubbard says:

    “…Promote and sell books to an ever-widening sphere, give excellent service [pseudo-therapy and dead alien soul exorcism], increase the org’s [church’s] stability and we’ll make it like a walk in the park.

    “”That’s what I mean when I say ‘book-sales bring in the org [church] income.’

    “More than the org [church] income. The sale of books, all other steps being in place, will bring us a Scientology world.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard,, pages 78-79, green volume 2, 1991 edition of the green volumes (church policy)

    “Book sales are our oldest index of future business.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, page 297, green volume 2, 1991 edition, (church policy)

    “It takes book advertising and book selling and tour personal contact work to make booms.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, page 294, green volume 2, 1991 edition (church policy)

    “It takes BOOKS to develop a new field so tours can work…”


    “…..we do know that business has to be driven in on the org [church] for stats to rise greatly or any boom to occur and this is done with BOOKS and TOURS.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, page 295, green volume 2, 1991 edition (church policy)

    Hubbard as a writer prior to Scientology, with his self created publishing sub units of the Scientology church network he’d built for himself, it’s predictable that books, his books, will be the one constant, of organized Scientology.

    It’s a side note, that the whole splinter freezone and independent Scientology movement followers, are thus in this era of Scientology history at least, leeches on the official Scientology movement’s (Hubbard’s foresight for what “works” for him and his movement).book sales, to do the basic promotion of Hubbard’s ideas.

    • Another important side note:

      Author Services Inc, the for profit Scientology Hubbard organizaiton formed in 1981ish collects the royalties for Hubbard (the trust or whatever today is the collection account(s) for the royalties for ALL books by Hubbard’s name).

      Books not only were supposed to cause booms, but books ALWAYS meant royalties for Hubbard, and today for whatever the royalties’ money goes for.

      Extra side note: ASI (Author Services Inc) today funnels a hefty chunk of the royalties’ profits to the CST (Archives project, the bury Hubbard’s legacy of writings and lectures on stainless steel plates and on acid free archival paper books in capsules, in the underground vault sites, at massive expense, 80-120 million of Hubbard’s wealth spent on Hubbard’s hairbrained bury his ideas in the ground for digging up WAY in the future if Earth toasts itself and in future lives future Sea org members come back to earth, to dig up Hubbard’s great pseudo-therapy and exorcism spiritual technology to continue using in the longer long range game of undoing the dwindling spiritual spiral of this whole universe—-all this is deadly serious, not joking, sorry to have to say).

      Chuck Beatty
      ex ASI staffer, 92-95, amongst my 27 year stint in the Sea Org. (1975-2003)

      • Dee Fogger

        Are they planing on including some type of Rosetta Stone for these future recipients of LRH’s wisdom or do they expect any future post-toast Earthlings to magically understand English? Why not write them in the common space tongue Hubbard talked about. You’d think some OT members would have remembered how to speak it since they’re clear on the whole track.

        • Answer: Hubbard did think this same question, and he lamented that “we” (Scientologists) didn’t have any amongst us who could recall the Swahili like “space lingua” (common language used as we speak, out in the cosmos, the common trading language in existence), and thus none of us could translate his legacy of writings into that “space lingua.”

          Alas, he resigned that Scientologists in future lives, would figure it all out, from recall.

          Again, kicking the can down the road, like is usual, for Hubbard and all the problems his fantasy science fiction religion created.

          There’s so much of Ron’s “thinking in futures” and drawing on his past lives past wisdom, it’s a never ending fascinating fiction story he wove around himself and everyone caught in the mess.

          But, should any Scientologists remember “space lingua”, then at least LRH wrote what they should do! They can use Ron’s thoughts about space lingua, to go ahead and start translating!

          Might be another angle for recruitment!

          “If you have skills in space lingua, we need you at CST (Ron’s archives project) for the biggest galactic important translation project of all eternity!”

          • Observer

            I guess LRH was so over-hatted due to his lazy and incompetent crew that he can’t be faulted for not remembering Space Esperanto himself. Or maybe the Wall of Fire destroyed that part of his brain … or was it the pinks and greys?

            • Hubbard was full of glaring non OT abilities and normal human lapses in reality, that long term members were going on hoping until it becomes just too obvious Hubbard isn’t delivering what he’s promising with his pseudo-therapy and exorcism and soul power exercise routines.

              Only in his fiction,did he deliver the super soul goodies.

              In Hubbard’s 1940 sci fi story, “One Was Stubborn”, the cult leader’s name is George Smiley, and George delivers the real god powers to his followers.

              Only in fiction, did Hubbard’s cult leader deliver.

        • Answer 2: Also, the Archive Project (CST Church of Spiritual Technology staff are the ones doing he underground vault archiving for the long distance future digging up eventuality), they archive also Encyclopedia Britannica, Oxford English Diction (the BIG one), other dictionaries, and references needed to explain even what Ron was saying historically, since in the LONG term future eventualities, there would need to be other books archived so the context of Ron’s thoughts are understandable). Separately, I hope someday some of the CST staffers who actually know what all is being stored, in detail, give us the lineup of what Scientology’s burying, for the long long future haul.

        • Ok, so first they have to translate the English. And then they have to translate the Sciontologese which is kind of its own language.
          Um, This is hopeless.

          • For a total laugh, go to Wikileaks, find the Scientology trove. Find the green hardback big dictionary, and find the defintion of “Sea Org Symbol”.

            Endless Scientologese gems are in the hardback Scientology dictionaries (one’s the red hardback, one’s the green hardback).

            Those gems are in the underground faults, of course, to help the finders of this future LOST TECH of Hubbard’s.

            • Sorry,


              “Sea Org Symbol”

              “1. the Sea Org symbol adopted and used as the symbol of a Galactic Confederacy far back in the history of this sector….The star is the symbol of the spirit……2. the star is the confederation and each one of those leaves is counted, it’s the number of stars….”

              No worries. If space invaders find Hubbard’s trove in the underground vaults first, it will be sort of an alternative sci fi movie “Space Odyssey 2001” moment, those space guys will kinda understand they came upon a somewhat enlightened former earthling who was “thinking in futures” in any case.

              I’ve grown to appreciate science fiction having not been a fan, but since being a Hubbardite Sea Org member.

              The space opera side of Scienotlogy, was most enthusiastically embraced by the famous freezone Ron’s Org fellow founder, Capt Bill Robertson. Capt Bill takes the cake for Hubbard’s followers who ran with Hubbard’s science fiction future possibilities as reality.

            • Observer

              I know “Scienotlogy” was a typo, but it was an AWESOME typo, and I think from now on I will always think of Scn as ScieNOTlogy …

          • 😉 Awesomeness Bullshyteness

  • brainslugged

    “This release means that true wisdom finally arrives in Asia.”

    Confucius say, “man who talk shit, probably talking out of ass”.

  • 1. In your opinion, what would be the most appealing aspects to being in the Sea Org?
    Well Hans and Mary Jane, I think it would be their Fashion Sense. You just can’t go wrong with fake Navy uniforms with pretty gold braids. Besides we unnatural blondes look really good in dark blue.
    2. What, honestly, do you feel needs to be handled on the most immediate basis as far as planetary problems or social ills?
    Donald Trump.
    3. What actions do you think will need to be done in order to handle this?
    Well Hans, It involves duct tape, cinder blocks and a huge body of water.
    4. What is the one thing that matters to you more than anything else?
    Well Mary Jane, that would have to be my Kuerig coffee maker…no wait…I take that back….It is definitely king crab meat.
    5. Have you ever been interested in becoming a Sea Org member?
    Absolutely, In present time! I covet my own uniform…is this considered a frock? Not only that… but those stubby low heeled naturalizer type shoes would make my ankles look just super.
    Have you ever taken LSD or PCP or any such dirivitive?
    Why Hans, thank you for asking.
    Yes I have….and it was GRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEE888888888888TTTT
    Hans? MaryJane? where are you going?

  • Artoo45

    Ironically, North Korea is Elwron’s ultimate wet dream . . . with nukes. That’s what a Clear Planet™ would look like.

  • Johan

    I am very amused by the dianetics ad – I took a picture of one too! Love what was done to it…hey maybe we safas should coordinate some sign “activism”

  • Hey South Africa — nicely done!!

    That’s what I call dissemination. Keep it up, and this planet will be totally clear of LRH’s predatory bullshit before we know it!

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  • Dear Connor Cruise,

    As a mother, I have to say I am concerned about you. You are being used and misled by some of the very people you should be able to trust the most. Since they won’t tell you the hard truth, allow me to fill you in on a few salient points:

    •First of all, you are not entitled to act and be a movie star just because that is what your dad does. Your dad has charisma, you do not. You will always have to rely on your last name to get parts, and that is no way for a self-respecting adult to live. Give up on riding your dad’s coattails, get an education, and make some sort of contribution to the world.

    • Your dad is not a “big being”. He is just a guy, who can’t manage to keep a marriage together, or even land a woman without outside help. Stop settling for living in his shadow!

    • Your mom, Nicole, is NOT an SP, and you know this is true. Are you really willing to sell out your mother for access to your father’s fading Hollywood glory? Whatever your choice, know you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. No amount of auditing or your Dad’s scientology bullshit will ever make it ok.

    • Finally, COB RTC David Miscavige is not your father’s best friend. He is a parasite and a hater, who saw Risky Business years ago and wished HE was Tom Cruise. He has co-opted every part of your father’s life, and poisoned his mind. Do you love your father, Connor? Then don’t kiss that parasite’s ass! The reason he sounds crazy with his mumbling and nonsense, is because he IS crazy. Help your dad to acknowledge this, so he can finally have a healthy life.

    Connor, I hope you can take some good advice from a concerned Mom. I only have your ultimate well-being in mind.

    Chocolate Velvet

    • You are Choclatey Goodness personified!
      Hip, Hip, Hooray for CV.

    • Homer

      It would be a disaster for scientology if Connor got an education, and I’m sure they are trying to prevent that.

      In the meantime, however, Connor – can you do one of your techno dance remixes of “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” by Lisa Marie Presley? I’m sure you could add some sick drops to that.

    • O problema não é a religião em si. É o fanatismo que cegas as pessoas. Aqui no Brasil, temos tolerância religiosa e respeitamos as crenças dos outros. Parece-me que Tom é inseguro, narcisista e egoista, complexo de rejeição pelo abandono do pai. Deveria fazer terapia. Toda religião para quem estar de fora parece estranha.

      • Oh man, my Spanish sucks but I still get this was a thumbs up!

        • Homer

          It’s Portugeuse:

          “The problem is not the religion itself. Is the fanaticism that blind people. Here in Brazil, we have religious tolerance and respect others’ beliefs. I think Tom is insecure, narcissistic and selfish, complex rejection by the abandonment of her father. Should therapy. Every religion for those living outside seems strange.”

        • Sherbet

          It’s Portuguese. I ran it through Altavista. Laura really doesn’t understand, but if she hangs around here, she will.

          “The problem is not the religion itself. Is the fanaticism that blind people. Here in Brazil, we have religious tolerance and respect the beliefs of others. It seems to me that Tom is insecure, narcissistic and selfish, complex of rejection by her father’s abandonment. Should do therapy. Every religion for those who stand outside seems strange.”

          • I just knew it slammed Tommy Boy and that made me ZEN!

  • Boson Stark

    1. In your opinion, what would be the most appealing aspects to being in the Sea Org?
    Well, for one thing, I’ve always wanted to be in the dork squad of a pseudo navy created by a nutty science fiction writer.

    • Sherbet

      …fighting some imaginary war against fictional enemies.

  • QuietDisobedience

    Tony, about 6 months ago I received an email around about an “Ideal PAC Base”. I didn’t save mine but I found a copy of it on WWP. Wonder how many tens of millions they’ll be hitting people up for.

  • Oh boy I love the stats. It really goes to show how ignorant Scientologists really are. They believe that everyone in Asia speaks the same language and that “Chinese” is apparently one single language. They are the embodiment of the “uneducated, ignorant” Americans that the rest of the world loves to laugh at.

    If anyone is interested I dropped a new blog post:

  • Ciru

    What’s the Chinese for knowingness and havingness?

    • Homer

      It loosely translates as “oiliness.”

    • deElizabethan

      Khou whine nie and hong whine nie.
      then there’s: ku won too and hoo won too.

  • This is off topic but what the hell, it’s late.  If you have not read Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, you should.  It is a great book with interesting cult themes.  I have been meaning to suggest it here for months, because some parts reminded me so strongly of the COS.  If you like novels, I recommend it.

    Here is the book trailer:

    Here is my review, with some interesting links:


  • scilonschools

    “Big Blue — the former Cedars of Lebanon hospital that forms the worldwide admininstrative headquarters of Scientology in downtown Los Angeles ”

    What is it with the Org, they seem obsessed with locating at and corrupting sites of Water/Religeous names (Biblical variety).

    St Hill,- Speaks for itself

    Los Angelos – Los Angeles means “the angels” in Spanish, but the city’s full name is “La Ciudad de la Reina de los Angeles” (“The City of the Queen of the Angels”).

    Calgary- Colonel A.G. Irvine, the Assistant-Commisioner of the Mounted Police, sought the advice of Colonel James Macleod on the matter. “Colonel Macleod,” wrote Irvine to his superiors in Ottawa, “has suggested the name of Calgary, which I believe in Scotch means, ‘clear running water’, a very asppropriate name, I think.” Ottawa promptly agreed

    Clearwater Fl -The name “Clear Water” is thought to have come from a fresh water spring flowing from near where the City Hall building is located today. There were many other freshwater springs that dotted the bluff, many in the bay or harbor itself.

  • Making fun of Tom Cruise is good because he is not innocent , but making fun of his children is not funny and is not right .