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Kenyan white giraffes killed by poachers in latest confirmation that humans suck

 On Tuesday March 10 the Ishaqbini-Hirola Community Conservancy of Garissa county in eastern Kenya posted the sad news that two of their three white giraffes had been found []


That’s no moon: Earth’s temporary mini-satellites may help protect against disaster

[The unstable orbit of Earth’s temporary satellite]

On February 25, Kacper Wierzchos of the Catalina Sky Survey at the University of Arizona tweeted that since February 15 his team had been observing a small object, now catalogued as 2020 CD3, to ascertain whether it was a natural satellite of the Earth. There is a lot of []

What daredevil ‘Mad’ Mike’s fatal rocket launch had to do with promoting a flat Earth

 “Mad” Mike Hughes, aged 64, died February 22 when his home-made steam-powered rocket crashed into the desert near Barstow, California. A video shot for an intended television show “Homemade Astronauts” to be aired on Discovery, Inc.’s Science Channel shows that the parachute which was supposed to brake the descent deployed prematurely and was torn off []

Kansas justice, where an unpaid medical bill can get you thrown in debtor’s prison

[Judge David Casement]

Coffeyville, in the southeast corner of Kansas, is best known for a botched double bank robbery in 1892 which cost most of the Dalton Gang their []

Protests in Iraq take a new turn, on gender issues

 “Revolution is not nakedness!” is not the kind of slogan one would hear most places. But political protests in Iraq have taken an odd turn this []

New Mars rover delivered to NASA for July launch, 2021 arrival

Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California (the institution founded by L. Ron Hubbard’s onetime colleague in magick, Jack Parsons) completed assembly of the newest Mars rover, provisionally designated “Mars 2020,” on []

Chinese government puts ‘citizen journalist’ in suspicious quarantine over virus reporting

 It is difficult to obtain reliable biographic info on Chen Qiushi. From the videos he posts he looks even younger than his 34 years. He has a law degree, if we can go by a troll who posted multiple times on his videos (denounced as a government hack in replies), saying that Chen is only []

Bad Vibrations: More Beach Boys agita, this time over Mike Love’s trophy hunters gig

[The president with Mike Love]

Brian Wilson is the best-known member of the Beach Boys, the 60s hit group with which he has had a contentious off-and-on relationship for years. Recently a petition was forwarded to him asking people to boycott the Beach Boys, and not even buy their old recordings any more. Wilson signed it, []

Just what the year 2020 needs: Locusts

 Crises from all over the world seemed to be competing to grab the headlines in January: Australia’s devastating bushfires, the impeachment trial in America, Brexit finally becoming reality, and the coronavirus outbreak in China. But Africa, often starved for attention, has a growing crisis of its own: a swarm of locusts, already the largest in []

Why scientists think they have identified the remains of Vesuvius victim Pliny the Elder

 In the year 1900 Italian civil engineer Gennaro Matrone uncovered a cluster of bodies (73 eventually recovered) under volcanic rubble near the mouth of the Sarno River which flows from Mt. Vesuvius down to the Bay of Naples. This was only a few kilometers from Pompeii and Herculaneum, the twin towns famously buried in lava []