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Monthly Archives

Nxivm judge isn’t in a mood to approve post-trial relief from convicted defendants

[Judge Garaufis and Nancy Salzman]

Judge Nicholas Garaufis has denied Nancy Salzman’s motion to have her ankle monitor removed and her curfew lifted as she awaits sentencing for her part in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise. According to the New York Post, the judge gave no explanation and simply wrote “Application Denied.” []


Nxivm judge decides not to release juror names to the media: Here’s why

[Judge Nicholas Garaufis, Nxivm leader Keith Raniere]

Citing concerns for their security, Judge Nicholas Garaufis has opted not to release the names of the jurors in the Nxivm trial. The New York Daily News had filed a request with the court that the names be released, and it was joined by other press organizations, including the []

Sentencing delay for some Nxivm defendants: What does it mean?

[Prosecutors roll in evidence during the Nxivm trial. Photo: Dianne Lipson]

On July 1, Judge Nicholas Garaufis adjourned the sentencing hearings for Nxivm defendants Nancy Salzman (July 10), Clare Bronfman (July 25), and Kathy Russell (July 31). He didn’t give any explanation, and didn’t set any new dates for the []

After the verdict, the Nxivm prosecutors — men and women — wept

 Dianne Lipson, who kept us so well informed during the Nxivm trial, sent us these observations of the scene when the jury’s verdict was read []


[Keith Raniere, convicted cult leader.]

Dianne Lipson came out of the courtroom long enough to tell us that the jury in the Nxivm trial had found Keith Raniere guilty on all counts.

After 25 days of testimony and closing arguments, the jury deliberated for less than five hours to reach its lightning-fast verdict.

Dianne has gone back in []

Nxivm prosecutors got one last shot at Keith Raniere before the jury starts deliberating

[Mark Lesko]

Dianne Lipson was in court Tuesday afternoon as the prosecution rebutted the closing argument of Keith Raniere’s attorney Marc Agnifilo. Speaking for the prosecution was assistant US Attorney Mark Lesko. Here’s her impression of what occurred. Jury deliberations start Wednesday []

Keith Raniere’s defense sums up the Nxivm trial: ‘A disgusting lifestyle is not criminal’

[Keith Raniere and his attorney, Marc Agnifilo]

Dianne Lipson was in court to witness Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, make his closing argument to the jury in the Nxivm trial. But first, her account starts with the end of the prosecution’s closing argument on Monday []

Prosecutor’s closing statement: Nxivm leader Keith Raniere was a ‘crime boss’

[Keith Raniere]

Closing statements in the Nxivm trial began this morning, and Dianne Lipson was in court. She has the morning session, when prosecutors began their summing []

Final testimony concludes in Nxivm trial. Judge calls it a most unusual case.

[Judge Nicholas Garaufis, Nxivm leader Keith Raniere]

Dianne Lipson was in court Friday and Saturday for the final testimony in the Nxivm trial and a conference before the judge. Here’s her wrap-up of the testimony in this bizarre []

Photos and emails take up final days of testimony as Nxivm trial wraps up

[Attorney Paul DerOhannesian]

It’s hard to believe the Nxivm trial is wrapping up already. Today we have for you Dianne Lipson’s report on Thursday’s testimony. As we said when the trial started, the defense planned to call no witnesses, and Keith Raniere himself would not be testifying. Dianne said she’d be giving us a report later []