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Rhino horn isn’t Chinese Viagra — it’s for the hangover the next morning

 How do we get Chinese and Vietnamese cretins to stop treating their ailments with pseudoscience that is causing the decimation of whole populations of animals like rhinos and []


Patriot games: Killing a rhino for the good old red, white, and blue!

 OK, so you’ve hunted down one of the most targeted species on earth and ended its life with some high-velocity projectiles from a safe distance. You have your trophy, and maybe you get an erection from it or []

Park rangers nice enough to retrieve rhino poacher’s skull for his grieving family

 Family is family, and even if your family member is the lowest form of life on earth — a rhino poacher — relatives are going to want his remains, even after he was crushed by an elephant and eaten by []

Can sandwich maker Jimmy John Liautaud shake off his big game past?

 You probably know the backstory: Sandwich maker Jimmy John Liautaud, proprietor of the Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches chain, got a ton of heat when some photos from a 2010 African safari turned up online, showing the Chicago businessman celebrating over the carcasses of a couple of elephants, a rhino, and a []

It’s simple: we get to kill exotic animals because we are the superior species

 At some point, all of the defensive posturing by trophy hunters that they are conservationists with the best interests of animals in mind really does get old and it’s time they came []

Sly Baboon hilariously takes the wheel on safari — oh, wait, it’s dead

 Trophy hunters are so tragically misunderstood. No matter how much they explain to people that they are dedicated conservationists, supreme lovers of animals, and not people suffering crippling inadequacy issues, there’s another side to these champions of the natural world that rarely gets the credit it deserves: Their sense of []

Woman who went viral as giraffe hunter reveals mindblowing taxidermy

 Last year, a photo of Kentucky woman Tess Thompson Talley pointing skyward as she posed with a large, black-coated giraffe she had shot in South Africa went viral and brought her a worldwide wave of media []

Guy Gorney reveals trophy hunting’s eternal appeal: The stopping of a beating heart

[Like catching a ride on Aslan]

We want to thank retired Illinois power plant executive Guy Gorney for conserving so much exotic wildlife over his long career as a trophy hunter. By his own count, the dedicated conservationist and animal lover has conserved something like 70 different big game, including elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and []

Remembering a mighty hunter who became one with the animal kingdom to honor us all

 This is Scott van Zyl, a South African hunter who really knew how to show off a customer’s attributes, like Mr. Lion here and his magnificent gums. []

Alaska father and son unfairly persecuted for bagging hibernating bear mom and her cubs

[Alaska man Andrew Renner]

Well the whole dang country is in an uproar over a viral video that shows an Alaska man named Andrew Renner and his son, Owen, dispatching a hibernating bear and her two shrieking, panicky cubs and then high-fiving each other in []