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Dershowitz for the defense: Only Giuliani has debased himself more zealously

[Alan Dershowitz]

Attorney Scott Pilutik wrestles with the news of the day, from a lawyerly perspective…

[Regarding this story: George Conway: Why Trump had to hire this legal odd couple]

I was never a Van Halen fan but nevertheless found myself wincing at a video of David Lee Roth in Las Vegas from a few weeks ago. He was always more flash and bombast than talent but seeing him bumbling around on stage mumbling every third word to the song, wholly oblivious to how badly things have gotten, was sad.

Similarly, Alan Dershowitz was always more flash and bombast than legal sage, but he wasn’t an embarrassment to the profession until a few years ago. In the celebrity legalsphere, only Rudy Giuliani has debased himself more zealously.

George Conway is kinder to Dershowitz in this Washington Post piece, but not much, describing some of his recent arguments as merely “indefensible.” One of Dershowitz’s recent unsupported notions is that as a Constitutional matter the Supreme Court could step in and prevent the impeachment trial from moving forward.


Conway’s point is that Trump is getting a freakshow defense team because the right attorneys for the job won’t go near him, afraid for their reputation and because Trump has left a trail of unpaid legal bills over the decades. Depraved attention-junkies like Dershowitz and Starr won’t mind getting stiffed because they’ll be able to sell books at some point. Trump would be better off with David Lee Roth.

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