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Fact-checking Danny Masterson’s remarkable Paper interview about Scientology


By now you’ve probably seen Danny Masterson’s interview with Paper magazine, which was posted online Wednesday evening. The piece is getting a lot of attention because Scientology’s celebrities are usually very reluctant to talk publicly about the secretive organization.

The last time an actor said so much about his involvement in Scientology, and as aggressively, it was Tom Cruise in 2005, and it backfired on him rather spectacularly. But now, with Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary, based on Lawrence Wright’s book Going Clear, airing on HBO on March 16 after its successful premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Masterson has been set loose, and with pretty remarkable results.

He trashed both Wright’s book and Gibney’s film version of it, and we’re not going to say much about that. The people who have read the book and the many people who will see the movie starting next month will be able to judge Masterson’s criticisms for themselves.

We’d rather look at how the interviewer and Masterson discuss the details of Dianetics and Scientology. According to Paper, the interview took place in Park City at the Sundance Festival, which is disappointing — we were there at the time, and we would love to have taken part and helped the writer ask some better questions about Scientology. Masterson is allowed to get away with a lot of vague, and even nonsensical responses, and a really good opportunity was missed here. But let’s take a look at the actual facts and compare them to what was said.

Masterson, who was a regular on That 70’s Show, is a second-generation Scientologist — he was born to Carol and Peter Masterson, who later divorced, and Carol then married former Australian rugby player Joe Reaiche, who talked to us about raising his children in Scientology for a story in 2013.

“At that time we were living in one room that didn’t measure more than 20 feet by 15 feet and I was working all the hours under the sun for $20 a month, the roof over our heads, and dinners that were just beans and rice,” Reaiche said. “I paid for my kids to go to private Scientology school but it’s a total fraud — just endless looking through dictionaries,” he added. “My kids have taken courses on the Scientology mega yacht called the Freewinds that cost $650 an hour — and recently Alanna gave them $35,000 because they told her they could give her superpowers. That’s on top of the normal 50- to 100-grand a year she pays in fees.”

But if Danny’s half-sister Alanna Masterson paid for upper level courses, we don’t see signs that Danny did as well.

It took us only a few seconds to look up Masterson’s Scientology record online. (Something it would have been nice for Paper to have done.) Unless Masterson has done a lot more studying recently, he doesn’t appear to be very high up on the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” Some in the church might even call him a “dilettante.” (It’s one of the things they do to motivate people to buy more courses.)

Danny was raised in Scientology but it doesn’t look like he’s even “Clear.” So he’s not qualified to talk about the upper levels of Scientology, which involve people like Tom Cruise paying about $1,000 an hour to have unseen alien entities removed from their bodies with the help of an E-meter.

But let’s stick to what Masterson would know, or has already experienced. According to an online completions database — which is drawn from Scientology’s own publications — Danny has completed a course called Grade II Expanded, for example.

Grade II Expanded is a mid-level course that a Scientologist would normally take on their way to Clear. And it’s not cheap.

“Most of the courses cost 20, 50 bucks,” Masterson said in his interview, but here’s an actual Scientology price list from 2001 which was entered as evidence in a federal lawsuit. The prices have risen since then, but it gives you an idea of what Danny paid for going through Grade II Expanded…

What the list indicates is that Masterson paid $8,470 per 12.5 hours of auditing (Scientology’s version of counseling) while he was on Grade II Expanded (or $6,776 per 12.5 hours if he qualified for a discount).

Claire Headley helped us go step by step through Scientology’s courses in our “Up the Bridge” series, and she told us that a typical case would take longer than 12.5 hours of auditing. She estimated that a normal outcome on Grade II would cost about $30,000.

And we want to emphasize, this is not top secret stuff. For decades, such price lists have been available, and hundreds, even thousands of former Scientologists have attested to the contents of courses like Grade II Expanded.

So what’s in Grade II Expanded? Claire explained to us that it is during Grade II that a Scientologist first encounters the dreaded “Joburg Sec Check.”

This is an intense interrogation — a “security check” — that was first issued in Johannesburg in 1961. Here are some sample questions that Danny Masterson would have been asked while paying thousands of dollars for the privilege…

6. Have you ever blackmailed anybody?
16. Have you ever told lies in Court?
20. Have you ever peddled Dope?
23. Have you ever raped anyone?
24. Have you ever been involved in an abortion?
27. Have you ever practised Homosexuality?
28. Have you ever had intercourse with a member of your family?
32. Have you ever slept with a member of a race of another colour?
37. Have you ever done any illicit Diamond buying?
38. Have you ever betrayed anyone for money?
43. Have you ever been a spy for an Organization?
44. Have you ever had anything to do with Communism or been a Communist?
45. Have you ever been a newspaper reporter?
46. Have you ever had intercourse while under the influence of drugs?
52. Have you ever had anything to do with a baby farm?
53. Have you ever been a spy for the Police?
57. Have you ever done anything your Mother would be ashamed to find out?
78. Do you feel Communism has some good points?
81. Do you know any Communist personally?
82. Have you ever injured Dianetics or Scientology?
86. Have you ever had unkind thoughts about LRH? [L. Ron Hubbard[
88. Have you ever had any unkind thoughts about Mary Sue? [Hubbard’s third wife]
94. Have you ever used Dianetics or Scientology to force sex upon someone?
95. Do you know of any plans to injure a Scientology Organization?
96. Are you upset about this Security Check?

And here’s a portion of our conversation with Claire about this interrogation…

THE BUNKER: What happens when you admit to something during the sec check?

CLAIRE: For the sake of an example, let’s say the answer to one of the questions is “I stole an apple.” The next questions will be: When was it? Where was it? Is that all of the overt? [“Overt” meaning an immoral or unethical act.] Have you justified the overt? Over and over again until you have no more answers. Then, you’ll be asked, Who missed it? What did he or she do to make you wonder whether or not they know? Those two questions are asked over and over again until no more answers. If you have a floating needle you’re done. If not, you’ll be asked: Is there an earlier similar time you committed an overt? And you’re back at it. And then when you’re done with all that, the original question will be checked again until you have a floating needle on it.

THE BUNKER: So let us make sure we’re understanding you. What you seem to be saying is that the questions of the Joburg are just the beginning. If the needle reacts to any of the questions, then it could have you chasing down whatever it is the interrogator thinks is there, even if it means tracking down a transgression in a past life (an “earlier similar”)?

CLAIRE: Yes, you are understanding this correctly. And the Joburg is just one sec check that is done on Grade 2. There can be a number of others added, as programmed by your case supervisor.

Claire also told us, “This would be most people’s first experience with sec checking. And it will be one of many. Any time they get in trouble of any kind — admit to wanting to leave, or don’t desire further auditing, just to name a couple — you will be sec checked.”

Danny Masterson didn’t say anything about Scientology’s intense interrogations. He also didn’t talk about its high-pressure snitching culture that has children turning in their own parents if they express any doubts about the organization.

When Joe Reaiche had doubts about Scientology in 2005, his entire family turned away from him, including his stepson. Danny followed orders and “disconnected” from Reaiche as Scientologists are instructed to do. Reaiche has heard from none of his children in the last nine years.

Paper didn’t ask Danny about disconnection, which is a shame. It’s disconnection that is tearing apart so many Scientology families and helping to drive down the church’s membership.

Those who remain inside are well-drilled on what to say to outsiders, and Masterson followed the script dutifully.

Masterson: “In Scientology, there’s no belief system or anyone who’s worshipped or whatnot; it’s all sort of like college of the mind.”

Scientologists will tell you that they consider themselves “skeptics,” and that what interested them about Scientology to begin with was that it was not a belief system but an “exact science.” But Claire showed us how nearly every course, particularly the “Keep Scientology Working” dogma that members have to repeat countless times, burns into their psyche that only Scientology has the answers. If your life is going great, it’s because of Scientology. If it’s not, it’s your own fault for not applying Scientology correctly. Belief that L. Ron Hubbard unlocked all the secrets of the human mind, the nature of reality, and the fabric of the universe itself is not only closely held, it’s ruthlessly enforced. We’d like to have asked Masterson, name one thing that L. Ron Hubbard got wrong or that you disagree with.

Masterson: “[At 15] I finally was old enough to read Dianetics, which is an unbelievably not-easy book to read because it was written by somebody with a much bigger vocabulary than most of us, in 1950. It just blew my mind…It would be hard for me to explain to you, having not read that book.”

Yes, it’s a shame that so few journalists who interview Scientology’s celebrities are familiar with the organization’s bible, L. Ron Hubbard’s 1950 book Dianetics. We blogged it from cover to cover, and we can tell you that it’s filled with completely ludicrous and misogynistic ideas that we would have loved to ask Masterson about. Did he really believe, for example, that the most impactful, traumatic memories that he still carries around with him (if he really hasn’t reached “Clear”) are from his time as a sperm and a zygote?

Masterson: “There’s no religious holiday of LRH’s birthday.”

Oh really?

Masterson: “You will not find a Scientologist who does not fucking hate psychiatrists. Because their solution for mental and spiritual problems is drugs…Scientology handles those things, those mental problems that people have. It gets rid of them. It gets rid of them by that person doing it for themselves. That’s the solution to depression.”

As we showed recently, Scientology’s attempts to handle mental illness have produced disastrous results.

Masterson: “I mean, dude, there’s a fucking ton of gay Scientologists.”

Masterson can’t change the fact that officially, Scientology is wired as a gay cure. Homosexuals are “1.1” on L. Ron Hubbard’s “tone scale” — which means they’re “covertly hostile,” and not to be trusted. (In Dianetics, Hubbard calls homosexuality a “perversion.”) So gay Scientologists not only have to stay closeted, they must pay for auditing in order to raise their “tone level” above 1.1 — in effect, curing them of their homosexuality. We told the story of Keith Relkin, a gay Scientologist who tried, and failed, to make the organization more gay-friendly.

Masterson: “I haven’t had a conversation like this about my philosophy — I don’t think ever. But I love doing it and have no problem doing it.”

Hey, if that’s the case, Danny, then let’s have a real conversation about Scientology and the issues that are brought up in Going Clear. We’ve read Dianetics, we’ve read the materials in the Grades that you completed, and we’d love to ask you some real questions about KSW, shattering suppression, and disconnection. We think it would also be fun to ask you what you know about the Sea Organization and the conditions people in it work under. You also seemed to resist the idea that Scientology is actually a religion (and good for you for being honest) — so why do you think Scientology should qualify for religious tax exemption?

See, there’s a lot to talk about, and we’re glad you’re suddenly being so open. Let’s have a chat. You can reach us at


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Posted by Tony Ortega on February 12, 2015 at 07:00

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  • Frodis73

    Interesting discussion about the future of sci over at the Back in comm blog.

    • Ella Raitch

      Interesting just to read the characterisation of Scientology in novels by Peter James, John Sandford and James Pattersons. Of course this is invisible to the cherch because Dinky Miscavige doesn’t read books.

      • Frodis73

        I also thought it was funny that they alluded to the fact that this was just a small sampling…Lol…there is a lot of stuff out there that pokes fun at the Co$-and I love it. I was happy to hear those 3 mentions as I hadn’t read them. Black PR will follow them everywhere. 😀

        • Ella Raitch

          Just those few books have a few readers between them *wink*

  • To Scientology Media Productions – nice TV news set! I’ve heard Jon Stewart is available…

  • Frodis73

    I totally have to get to bed…but, is it me or has our fav smoking Baby been a bit quiet lately? She okay?

    • Super Power Wog

      Yes she has been quiet. Haven’t seen her much, and I have been scrolling and trolling

      • Frodis73

        Thanks, I wasn’t sure if I had just missed her in the mornings or something. Shout out to Baby! {waving}

        • Nat-lificent

          She gave us a heads up a day or two ago that she was having guests for the next week(s)

          • Vaquera

            Oh, sure. After I write up and post a mini-paragraph about Baby’s whereabouts, I look 3 comments below and, boom, your comment does it earlier and better. I haven’t had my morning tea. 🙂

            • Nat-lificent

              Oh tea, black? Chai?

            • Vaquera

              Chai in the morning.

            • Nat-lificent

              I’m thinking from switching to tea from coffee. Less bitter

    • Vaquera

      Early last week (or was it late last week…my MESTy powers are on the fritz) Baby said that they were going to be having guests for three weeks. A series of her husband’s friends were coming to visit and, therefore and forthwith, her Bunker time would be very limited at best. Baby described it with more aplomb, as is always the case, but that’s the gist of the story.

  • Super Power Wog

    Not sure if Pierrot will be here this morning

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    Good morning Night Owls and EarlyBirds,

    Please see the stats and other information at WWP:

    (including :how to complain to CL about spamming and other misbehavior by co$)

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  • Super Power Wog

    Last post of the evening guys. I personally do a lot of scrolling through some of the pages you guys have suggested on D. Masterson. A bit of advice Bunkerites:

    You may want to be careful about commenting on the boards through your Facebook pages. I was able to identify a few posters here with their real names, all your friends and other websites you post on. If you don’t care no big deal. I am by no means highly intelligent, a computer hacker, or have any extensive knowledge with computers, and I was still able to get enough info about a handful of the people that post here as well as a list of your friends and figure out your “other” poster names here too. I don’t name drop so don’t ask me who. Saavy??? Gnite.

    • Super Power Wog

      Edited to make some logical sense. It’s late nighty night : )

    • SkyBill40

      I’m not concerned in the least. Is there going to be some invisible Xenu drone strike in the night or something? Let them come. It’ll be more fun to laugh directly in their faces than doing it behind a computer.

    • Bob

      Thanks for the heads up.

      • Super Power Wog

        No problem : )

  • 1subgenius

    Everyone loves Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” bit, don’t they?
    “Thank you Danny Masterson…..for showing us how to revive a dead acting career.”

  • Michael Fairman on Danny’s fiasco..

    • 1subgenius

      This is the moment of decision for Hollywood.
      Part of the problem/part of the solution?

    • Ella Raitch

      Thank you Michael (via Dodo)

    • Missionary Kid

      That is sad that someone who was in so long, at least they finally found the truth.

    • Bob

      What Michael said is 100% true. That’s what I commented yesterday. Danny is in a bubble, inside a bubble. He’s clueless and it has already backfired on him big time.

  • Imagica

    Danny is one of the less cool “celebrity” Scientologists, unlike Beck, who used his OT powers to detor a certain Kanye West from his thank you speech. That’s how you use Dianetics, son.

  • 1subgenius

    Wow, it wasn’t a dream, he really did do that.
    And Google News really looks like that.
    I don’t recall that the Tom Cruise leak was as big.

    • Nat-lificent

      Less blogs back then. Now there is near true democracy in publishing.

      • 1subgenius

        And not as juicy “sound bites”.

  • “I finally was old enough to read Dianetics, which is an
    unbelievably not-easy book to read because it was written by somebody
    with a much bigger vocabulary than most of us, in 1950”. Oh dear.

    • 1subgenius

      It really is an incredibly not-undifficult thing that has paper with printing on it, written by some fucking guy who doesn’t not know a not-so-un-huge counting thing of mouth noises represented by little squiggles.

    • KNMF

      Ron’s vocab was enhanced because he made up words. “dumbasterson.”.
      See, it’s easy, and all based on logic.

      • 1subgenius

        Can’t really compete with Hubbard or Dr. Seuss.

    • Ella Raitch

      Howdy TEP

  • 1subgenius

    OK, we’ll try “Guess the Unlikeliest Bunker Headline For Today”
    “Danny Masterson Gives The Bunker Exclusive Interview!”

    • Rita Gregory

      “Kirstie Alley Leaves Scientology”

    • “John Travolta wins a spelling contest!”

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      I’d settle for “Danny Masterson answers tough follow-up question.”

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      “David Miscavige issues massive refund order”

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      “Jaden Smith tweet makes sense!”

    • FromPolandWithLove

      Tom Cruise saw car crash and called ambulance

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        Makes you wonder though.

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      “David Miscavige gives nickel to beggar on Hollywood Boulevard. Agrees to a selfie.”

      • I don’t even… that’s funny!

      • Nat-lificent

        Wow. This gets my vote for best one. It’s all in the details

    • Walter Mitty

      Tony Ortega – secret OSA spy!

      • 1subgenius

        I never did like that guy.

      • Nat-lificent

        Yeah . . . funny how he’s always “breaking” stories and scooping everyone. Finding docs in the “trash” — a likely story

        • Walter Mitty

          Ha, we got him! (I know, this guy was too good.)

    • This is fun, 1sub!

      “Jim Meskimen orders Jenna Elfman to leave scientology, in Al Pacino voice.”

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      • 1subgenius

        Don’t get it at all, so makes me want to read further.

    • Walter Mitty

      Ron Hubbard – his secret humanitarian life.

    • Walter Mitty

      David Miscavige agrees to long, uncensored interview.

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      “Tom Cruise to play Gerry Armstrong in biopic”

      • I have figurative orgasm right now…..

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    • Walter Mitty

      Marty Rathbun returns to Scientology. David Miscavige: All is forgiven. My good friend is back!

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          I remember one (real).
          Headline: “Miracle Machine Turns Trash Into Energy”
          Underneath: “Only problem is it doesn’t work.”

          • KNMF

            “”Operating Thetan displays powers”
            (ashtray laughs and says “no thank you, I’m fine, here on the table”)

    • hansje brinker

      “Carla Moxon story made into a film”.

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        In 3D

        • Because 2D is getting sec checked..

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            Beat me by a nanosec.

      • KNMF

        I see Dana Carvey in the lead role.

    • Graham

      “After embarrassing 24 days of begging Meghan Fialkoff finally gets someone to donate to her Drug Free Heroes appeal”.

      You can check here for how likely that is:

      • 1subgenius

        Geez, she can’t even get ONE Scientologist to donate ONE dollar.
        KSW, Meghan, KSW.

      • 1subgenius

        Wow, past awardees include

        “2013 – Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, Founder, Queens Chapter, Foundation for a Drug Free World”

    • Graham

      “Tom Cruise accepts James Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge. ‘It’ll be like taking candy from a baby’ says confident Hollywood legend.”

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      Miscavige Recognizes Reincarnation of Hubbard; Steps Down

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          “Detective Miscavige is on the case…”
          ..and can one again see over the podium.

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          “Enlists OJ to help”

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      “DJ Mom Jeans Booked For Gig: Bingo Players Protest”

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    • hansje brinker

      “Miscavige found lost tech: Exteriozation whole planet by R2-49” (refresh)

    • NOLAGirl

      First in a 3-part series: Tony Ortega sits down with David Miscavige.

      • KNMF

        Miscavige’s last words: “I’m melting I’m melting, what a world, what a world”

      • On what island?

        • NOLAGirl

          Unlikely Island, because we KNOW this would never happen. 🙂

          Maybe when he’s behind bars?

        • Missionary Kid


        • PoisonIvyHerself

          Maybe Rikers? (A girl can dream.)

    • 1subgenius

      Sorry, game over (almost 7am)

      And the winner is (selected by a panel of independent judges), me!

      “HBO Announces Withdrawal of Scientology Documentary Due To Masterson Complaints”

    • Missionary Kid

      “L. Ron Hubbard returns to Teegack, Miscavige gives up reins to Scientology.”

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      You morning crowd people are a hoot. I’m going to start setting my alarm to go off an hour before new story posts just so I can begin the day with a smile.

    • Scream Nevermore

      Scream Nevermore and COB David Miscavige Announce Their Engagement. Groom Confirms he WILL Convert To Paganism.

  • Walter Mitty

    OT IX and OT X are released! (Edit: post belongs to post below)

    • 1subgenius

      Sorry, no coloring outside the lines.

  • Missionary Kid

    Tony Ortega converts to Scientology.
    I’m going to hell for that one.

    • Tony is s true Senior Sec Checker. It’s all good.

      • Missionary Kid

        Pope Missionary Kid grants himself an indulgence on that one.

        • Vaquera

          It was worth it!

  • SkyBill40

    When reading through some of the comments over there at Paper in relation to this story, it’s hard not to laugh and shake your head. It’s almost an involuntary reaction rather than the opposite. It just happens on its own. It really saddens me to see someone so deluded as Patricia Headden-Rasmussen is, too. Such a complete shame.

  • Lone Star

    Toward the beginning of the interview Danny says, “…..I wonder if Sundance would allow a documentary of, like, eight
    people who hate Judaism. But you know, my religion’s fair game, I guess,
    ’cause it’s new”.

    Then for the remainder of the interview he diminishes the idea that Scn is a religion. Typical. It shouldn’t piss me off after all these years, but it does. The double speak. The deception. They call critics “Religious bigots” and compare them to Hitlerian Nazi deathcamp guards, but when disseminating they say, “Oh it’s really more of a workable philosophy than it is a religion. Oh it’s not a religion at all.”

    Other than that annoyance, overall one truly gets the impression that poor ol’ Danny Masterson isn’t a very smart feller. In fact, he seems pretty damn dense to me. I’m betting an IQ that is much closer to 100 than 150. It’s not surprising that his career in acting has been pretty much dead in the water since That 70s Show. He obviously doesn’t have much depth. He’s sorta the male version of Jenna Elfman. LOL….

    • aegerprimo

      That is a good point Lone Star. L Ron Hubbard contradicted himself, and so do $cientologists.

      • PoisonIvyHerself

        I’ve learned in my own recent experience that there is a certain kind of sociopath/con artist who is typically a virtuoso of extemporaneous lying. Like Hubbard, who was quite amazing as he stood up in front of his acolytes and spewed hour after hour of tall tale after tall tale. Ditto his writing, which he never reworked or proofread (take it from me, real writing is at LEAST 50% rewriting). But the thing about this type of sociopath/con artist is, their gift is also their curse. They are so skilled at coming up with on-the-spot lies without stopping to think, blinking or breaking a sweat, that it rarely occurs to them to compare today’s lie with yesterday’s lie with tomorrow’s lie. Hence the constant, ridiculous contradictions. As Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” A statement that was anathema to Hubbard.

  • ScooterLibbby

    “Have you ever had anything to do with a baby far?”

  • peakofelephants

    I haven’t been able to watch the Simpsons for years. Keeping the Faith? Used to love that movie, now I can’t see it without thinking about how Jenna Elfman is thinking about dead space aliens all over her body while acting. Thanks for taking away That 70s Show from me too.

  • peakofelephants

    If you’ve ever wondered “Human rights? What are those?” then you are probably in Sea Org.

  • Valhalkarie

    Hold the phone! They say fetus is not a Thetan there for it has no soul,so aborting to clear this sector is acceptable, but they say you have trama and bad memories from your time as a sperm before you even hit an egg to become a person? Omg! Why do these ppl. Put up with this Bullshit? Omg! Redicilous,I am ABSOUTLY fascinated with this subject it’s taken over my lea sure time I can’t get enough of it,strange,I can’t understand how so many put up with this shit! Well at least I know there are still kind passive non combatant people around. Amazing the inteligence of scientologists but don’t put elementry things like that together. Gosh!

  • Mymy88

    Maybe someone can help me find a video (most likely was Youtube) that I forgot to bookmark. It’s a satirical video that had different people mocking the way a lot of Scientologists, including Tom Cruise, make these funny explosion like noises when expressing their amazing realizations and accompanying wins or whatever you call that kind of thing. Noises like kerfumph! Boooooph! Booom! ffwoo kaboooph! Or something like that. I’d appreciate it a lot if anyone remembers where to find this video. I saw it a couple months ago. Thanks!

    • And a few more on Youtube. Hope it helps.

      • Mymy88

        I appreciate it very much DodoTheLaser but alas, it was not among these, though I highly enjoyed watching them. One I hadn’t seen before! lol

        I spent a bit of time looking for it, today also. I’m pretty sure it was not one of those Funny or Die ones. It’s driving me crazy, naturally.

        The thing is, it seemed very professional as if one of the late night talk shows had done it, but I checked those too. It was short clips of about 7 different people, one at a time, imitating these noises. That’s the part I remember and what I’m after. I have no idea what else was included in the video. I can’t remember. It may have even been one of Angry Gay Pope’s things or someone like him. So I’ve been going through his stuff also.

        Um.. I’m sorry but, it was late at night when I started this post, everybody was in bed, the house was quiet, I had my wits about me, there were no interruptions and it just kind of all tumbled out lol, so I’m sorry that the below turned into a novel.

        Oh God, if you knew how many videos I have watched in the last few months. But it did pay off. If a snap shot of some of the thoughts inside of my head, the first few weeks I started looking into everything, it would have looked like this: At first it was a lot of names jumbled in my head, not remembering who was on which side or what decade. Headly, Devoch, Minton, Tory – Tory is popping up everywhere I go. Bunker… Mark’s Underground Bunker?.. no Underground Bunker… Tony Bunker?… no, it was Mark Bunker wasn’t it?… Oh right, Underground Bunker and Mark Bunker are completely separate things.

        Jesse Prince, Tommy Davis, Julia Lewis! I didn’t know she was a scien. She’s a good actress! Stacy Brooks, Woodcraft and daughter Astra.

        What?.. Anderson Cooper and the inch wives… wth is that?.. I kept seeing that reference (it took a long time before I put that one together lol).

        NANCY MANY! Now I remember her – I saw her story on the Discovery Channel years ago. I just thought that was some rogue CO$ off shoot that went cult, in another country… Australia was it?

        Jeny at LAX, Angry Gay Pope… wait… was that a Miscavige nickname or wait… or was it a protestor? Is Miscavige gay?… no wait… He’s married… to a lady that is MIA and Leah Rimini (now I knew for sure who Leah was) filed a missing person’s report on her, that is to say, the wife of the leader of the CO$… Whaaaa? WTF.. seriously? Leah did that?? for real? This is getting so surreal.

        How did I miss all this stuff while it was happening?

        Marty Rathbun… or was it Mark? Sweeney, Rinder, Something about a sparrow and some squirrels… why all these squirrel references? Defectors, double agents, bitter apostates. A ship named.. what was it?… Crosswinds?… or Fourwinds?… it was full of blue asbestos! GAH!!! Then why is Tom Cruise partying on it? Oh this is all too much. I’ll never figure it out lol.

        Wait, what?… why are so many anti sciens’ first name Anon? Oh! Anonymous! I remember them – they helped with SOPA – well at least I know that much but wait.. .wtf does Tom Cruise have to do with Anonymous? Anonymous seemed like the creepy ones to me except I did support their campaigning against SOPA… Oh, maybe Cruise was a SOPA protestor.. no?

        Then WHAT dammnit! I need a timeline!

        Wha? Largest infiltration of US government including other foreign governments and their US embassies???? Okay, now wait just a dang minute. How come I’ve never heard of any of this stuff? Was I in a coma that I forgot about? How did all this shit get past me? I was born in the 50’s for Christ’s sake. The last time I checked, I’ve never lived in a cave.

        The ONLY person I could talk to about all this stuff that didn’t look at me like I was a blithering conspiracy nut, was my mom, who is in her 70’s. But even she didn’t believe me 100%.

        Our conversation would go something like this, “MOM! Listen to this shit!” then I’d read from the internet about what Operation Snow White was, for example. I could tell from the look on her face she knew it was true because there were a lot of good source references in the article, but it still was not really registering, you know what I mean? Jeeeez, I think anyone that goes done the scien rabbit hole understands that feeling.

        I think my mom just chalked it up to being a fluke that this got by her and I didn’t even try to explain all the other nutso stuff that’s actually the truth about scien, because at the time, I knew I didn’t have a complete grasp on it myself, yet. But I knew I was getting there.

        BUT THEN… da dum dum dum!…. I found out WHY the IRS gave tax exempt to scien in 1993. Okay, now this is the part where for the first time, I started to consider that perhaps there was a lot of conspiracy theory nonsense mixed up in all of this, some way, somehow.

        When I read the legendary 1993 tax exempt status grant to scien by the IRS, to my mom, she didn’t believe it at all. So I looked up some good sources. Yes, it was STILL hard to believe, even after I had plenty of excellent sources for verification, because none of them had detailed info on exactly how scien managed to bully the frickin IRS!… and yank the rug from under them as if the IRS was some feeble old lady that was all to easy to take down… AND THEN adding insult to injury, by nabbing her purse as she lie sprawled on the floor, as if getting tax exempt was not enough, because, get this… they also wanted a pass on a billion dollars owed in back taxes!!! Jesus Christ on a T-Rex! I’m surprised they didn’t plant a few bombs on the way out just for shits and giggles! Now for certain, this is the part where I started to feel personally connected with the CO$ never ending house of horrors, pranks and traps. In other words, it started getting personal.

        But anyway, as I was coming from a perspective of grand ignorance of the true regime of the CO$, or even knowing where to start to find out, the only thing I knew to do was to start putting it together like a puzzle. Being curious about why Leah Rimini left the church, was the ignition that lit the fuse that became my trail down into the rabbit hole. I just could not stop myself.

        I pulled up YouTube and typed in scientology and whatever and then I’d start clicking and watching and reading too. I was jumping around through decades and events and their big players at the time, as if I was on some kind of crazy YouTube time machine. I knew somewhere, it would eventually start connecting, so I kept going.

        The further I went, the more connections I made, even though they seemed fantastically surreal. Later I learned they didn’t seem surreal, they WERE surreal lol, and stayed that way and still are.

        Around the month and a half mark, a lot of things started to gel, names and faces started connecting, good guys and bad guys, and bad guys turned good guys, and even good guys turned bad guys. Jesus! It was worse than a Jason Bourne Novel.

        I was listening to a podcast recently and forgive me that I can’t remember which one, but the host said “When you hear odd rumors that are waaaaay beyond belief but it concerns Scientology, you will find they always turn out to be true”.

        Now isn’t that a good way to put it? What an astute and amusing, observation. I totally agree.

        At about the 2 month mark I read “Going Clear” and after that, enough things had fell into place that I felt I had a clue. Names, faces and events were becoming easily familiar.

        I am SO obsessed with this now! It’s like the best soap opera ever, only it’s real! I need to be checked into scientology watcher’s rehab lol. Maybe Goldenrod Meadows or some place like that. O_o

        • Impressive. And I understand the fascination.
          Welcome to The Bunker, if you haven’t been welcomed yet!

          • Mymy88

            Thank you. This place is fascinating, or actually it’s the wonderful and intelligent people that post here. I love following the discussions and learning about all the different experiences people have. That’s not to say I don’t feel upset about the horrible terrible things that have happened to SO MANY. It’s incredible. What else can I say? Thanks for helping out. I’ll let you know when I finally do find that video!

        • PoisonIvyHerself

          It’s a hard addiction to kick. Welcome.

          • Mymy88

            Thank you but oh my Jesus! I didn’t realize how long my post was! Holy cow! Ha ha. Sorry about that. Sometimes I get going, and forget to stop lol.

  • Basketballjane is running the Danny Masterson story. I have posted over there and if they are NOT a Scientology front group they will post my comment. But here it is in all it’s glory.

    He is a born in, like me, only he got famous so he has always gotten the Platinum Super Scientology treatment. His parents NEVER pushed him to join the Sea Org or pimped him out to recruiters like my father did to me. So of course everything is peachy keen. When you have people kissing your hairy ass your whole life what’s better than that? Additionally this interview is a joke. Not one single hard question and not one follow up question. He admits he hasn’t seen the film but just tries to discredit it with the usual, “it is only 8 people and they hate Scientology so they are just liars.” There are far more than 8 of us out here that have been mentally and physically scarred by the Cult of Scientology. There are thousands of us and our truth is being heard. Going Clear represents a small fraction of people and tells some stories, there are so many more out there that hopefully will see the light of day and everyone, including Danny will hear them.

    Additionally he says there are many “gays” in Scientology. That is a flat out lie. Here was my experience when I was found out to be gay while working for the Church at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, the very Church that Danny attends. When you are homosexual and work for the church they send you to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force.) Where you work 12 hours a day and study 5 hours a day and maybe sleep 7 hours a day. You get 3 meals of the most mediocre food possible and have only 20 minutes to eat at each meal. That includes lining up with the 320 other people on the RPF to get your food, so really like maybe 12 minutes to eat. 25 minutes for “hygiene time” where you shower and change before bed. Showering takes place in the communal shower room where there are 7 showers and almost 175 women, naked and waiting to shower so everyone gets 3 minutes each to clean yourself. Then when you go to bed you sleep on a triple bunk bed in a room with 30 other men or women and have a locker, a small one like in junior high school to put all your possessions in. So basically a spa and vacation time. Firstly what I did to get RPFed was kiss another girl. That doesn’t violate the 2D (Second Dynamic which is the Scientology Dynamic about sex, marriage and children.) rules of the Sea Org. LRH never wrote anywhere that you can’t be gay and be in the SO yet it was a crime. The FO on 2D Rules states “Out 2D = Beaching” end of FO. So technically if they were going to charge me with out 2D, which would have meant heavy petting or sex before marriage, which I didn’t do, it was just kissing which is permitted, I should have been Beached, i.e. Kicked out of the SO. Not sent to the RPF. So there’s that nugget.
    Additionally you sign a 3 page legal waiver when you enter that says you are there voluntarily and may leave any time you want. ANY TIME you want. So when I told them I wanted to leave and I actually did the proper route out process the RPF I/C held onto my approved fitness board out of the SO for three months. Lied to me every day about it while they plowed into me with pressure tactics and manipulation and physical abuse, until I couldn’t take it any more. Then after being done with the program (which took me almost 3 years of work) the final straw came when I was screamed at an inch away from my face for over an hour straight about what a useless piece of shit I was and how I would be better off dead because I was a burden on the whole world and no one needed or loved me that I tried to take my own life by drinking bleach. I actually believed at that point that I was worth nothing. That my entire life had meant nothing and everyone, including my mother, sister and my whole family would be better off without me.
    The RPF and all its wonder drove me to the brink and I almost died. And then because Scientology is so helpful and wants to save everyone, I was taken to Doctor Megan Shields (a Scientologist). She refused to give me medical treatment. Because I was a “security risk” because I had attempted suicide she broke her hipocratic oath. In Scientology if you are a risk to the church in any legal way they disappear you as FAST as humanly possible. So I had to travel over an hour to a hospital to get treated. At the hospital I was babysat by an officer of CLO WUS Quinn Tauffer. I had to lie to the doctors to tell them he was my cousin. They didn’t really buy it but they couldn’t prove it so he got to stay in the ER with me. Quinn made me lie to the doctors about how I had come to drink the bleach. Because if I told the doctors I had tried to kill myself of course I would have been put on a psych hold and given some drugs and maybe I would have gotten to call my mother. But no I was so terrified, even then, I lied for them. I didn’t want to cause more trouble and I didn’t want to loose my family because I though they would take them from me.

    Scientology and their RPF almost killed me. Almost. Scientology didn’t kill me. They never will. People did die on the RPF. Others were maimed. And all of us are PTSD sufferers after years of malnutrition, physical and mental abuse. The RPF is an example of what Scientology does for people.

    Once again I am calling out Danny Masterson. We both grew up in the church and are the same age. I will debate him about this subject any where any time. Just name it.

    • I narrowly escaped the RPF because I was under 18 and they thought I was too much of a security risk. Thank god. I am sorry you went through that. Gay ex-Scientologists unite! (lol) Lots of love for you. Sorry I don’t recognize your screen name if I should already know you. <3

  • PoisonIvyHerself

    Oh dear it breaks my heart to think of Scientologists and what they are doing to the wonderful KCET studios building.

  • Alex De Valera

    grade II is not a course! It’s auditing you receive. The course containing the same materials is Level II. Levels are training in Scn tech grades are auditing in which you go through the materials with an auditor and you are the PC. Tony you should be sent back to study all that with Claire! Lol.

  • Alex De Valera

    L. Ron didn’t have much more vocabulaire than most of us, he simply used a lot of old fascinée slang. I suggest Dany should read James Joyce of Thomas Pinchion to expérience what rich vocabulaire really is.

  • Lucy Goosey

    Talking snakes, burning bushes, walking on water, virgin mothers, etc..etc..etc.. I dont want to hear how weird their beliefs are. All religion has unbelievable stories that for some odd reason millions upon millions of people believe, but I digress. Years ago, I had interest in scientology, still do, and what I saw was teachings on how to logically and productively live life. In short, Dont put all of your Eggs in the God basket. Don’t pray for things, go get them. So, sign me up!

  • xstratusx

    Danny sounds clueless like your average Delphian grad.

  • Clementine

    Masterson: “[At 15] I finally was old enough to read Dianetics, which is an unbelievably not-easy book to read because it was written by somebody with a much bigger vocabulary than most of us, in 1950. It just blew my mind…It would be hard for me to explain to you, having not read that book.”

    So Danny, you haven’t read the book? I’m confused.

    I have not read the book, but I have read one paragraph from the introduction. Like that tiny crumb of dried rotten fermented shark I tried in Iceland many years ago, the sheer awfulness of it has stuck with me. Since, based on this interview, Danny seems to have a much smaller vocabulary than most of us, I have no trouble believing that he found Dianetics to be a “not-easy” book to read. I hope he didn’t get into any trouble for calling it that, though, since Hubbard went to weirdly florid lengths to express how not-not-easy the book is:

    This volume has made no effort to use resounding or thunderous phrases, frowning
    polysyllables or professorial detachment. When one is delivering answers which are simple, he
    need not make the communication any more difficult than is necessary to convey the ideas.
    “Basic language” has been used, much of the nomenclature is colloquial; the pedantic has not
    only not been employed, it has also been ignored. This volume communicates to several strata
    of life and professions; the favorite nomenclatures of none have been observed since such a
    usage would impede the understanding of others. And so bear with us, psychiatrist, when
    your structure is not used, for we have no need for structure here, and bear with us, doctor,
    when we call a cold a cold and not a catarrhal disorder of the respiratory tract. For this is,
    essentially, engineering and these engineers are liable to say anything. And “scholar,” you
    would not enjoy being burdened with the summation signs and the Lorentz-Fitzgerald-Einstein
    equations, so we shall not burden the less puristic reader with scientifically impossible
    Hegelian grammar which insists that absolutes exist in fact.

    WTF, LRH? WTF?