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See Scientology’s new TV ad before it’s released — and more IAS gala video!

IASAd2Yesterday, we got a look at the first 35 minutes of November’s big IAS gala in Clearwater, Florida. The annual event gives Scientology leader David Miscavige an opportunity to boast about all of the church’s successes over the past year for a few thousand people who have forked over large donations.

We couldn’t help but enjoy it yesterday as our readers did a lot of fact-checking of the claims made by Miscavige in his presentation. And you have even more opportunities today!

Our source has put the rest of the gala online, and it’s worth getting to the end.

In the final section, about two minutes in, Miscavige reveals a new ad that we have a feeling we’ll be seeing on network TV soon!




ChicagoPD_PTomorrow: Jason Beghe’s new series begins!

Jason Beghe’s career continues to climb after his dramatic defection from Scientology in 2008. He landed a recurring role in NBC’s Chicago Fire that proved so popular, his Sergeant Hank Voight will now be the main character of Chicago PD.

Beghe’s Voight is a badass, and those of you who know him know for Beghe that’s no stretch!

We’ll be watching tomorrow night at 10 pm.


Lee_Baca_DMLA Sheriff and friend to Scientology Lee Baca goes down in flames

The Los Angeles Times is reporting this morning that Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca is expected to announce that he’s retiring.

Uh, yeah, retiring.

The scandal-plagued sheriff is being run out of town on a rail as a federal investigation of his jails resulted in criminal charges against 18 of his current or former deputies.

One person we’re sure will be sad to see him go is David Miscavige, who could count on Baca to show up for Scientology events. We never really understood why Baca was such a friend to Scientology. Maybe now that he’s leaving more will emerge about that.


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 7, 2014 at 07:00

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