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Scientology’s mecca wants you to come to Florida and run circles around a pole

SciChapelWe’ve seen a lot of Scientology testimonials over the years. There’s something really interesting about the way Scientologists talk to each other in their jargon-filled language when they try to convince other members about their big “wins.”

But we don’t think we’ve ever seen quite the success story like the one that was published in the latest issue of the Fort Harrison Hotel newsletter.

It’s so remarkable, we thought it was worth a post of its own.

We’ve excerpted the success story, but we’ve also included the newsletter itself — the last time we posted one, it turned out to be particularly popular. It is fun, after all, to see what’s going on right inside Scientology’s mecca itself in Clearwater, Florida.

And what a time to be at “Flag” — the Flag Land Base, which is the spiritual home of Scientology. So much has been going on there recently that we really haven’t said much about one new development there in particular.

On the sixth floor of the new Super Power Building, according to the schematics we have, there’s a massive circular room with a high domed ceiling, and in the center of it all a lighted cylindrical column. The purpose of this giant circular room is for something called the “Cause Resurgence Rundown.”


More informally, it’s known as “the running program.”

Scientology’s former spokesman, Mike Rinder, pointed out recently on his blog that he went through the running program back in the day — it was primarily used as punishment. In fact, many former Scientology executives have testified to being forced to run around a pole for 12 hours a day, and remembering it specifically as a form of torture.

But now, for the price of $2,500, Scientologists are being sold the running program almost like it was an OT level — in other words, as one of the highest forms of Scientology processing available. Rinder himself scoffed at the notion in his blog post, but predicted that it would be touted as the most effective form of counseling ever.

“Some koolaid-drinking brown-nosers will do the Running Program and proclaim it has given them powers beyond OT VIII or the L’s or Dianetics or TR 0 and it will be touted like crazy,” he prophesied.

Wow, was he spot on.

Please, with Rinder’s words in mind, enjoy this testimonial which came out this week. And keep in mind, this person is talking about running around a pole in a room with no windows. That’s it. Just running around a pole…

This rundown was the bomb! My life has changed to a very large degree. I have a clean slate. I gained abilities. I had a lot of intention to complete this rundown. My flows are now straight, and I can now control them. I lost a lot of ridges and engrams. I became a powerful thetan. I began to be cause over my life. I can control my life. I can control all my dynamics. Right now, I can speak with people and I can SEE their tone level. Ideas and thoughts come to me all the time.

I started to have a lot of games. For a long time, I was quiet. But right now, people see me as a completely different person. I can control my body. I feel every single breath of my body. I’m a thetan, not a body.

The color of my eyes changed. Everything in me has changed. I am now DOING and I am in present time. I set targets for the future. And this is magic.

Every day, I wrote success stories, and I understood that I was doing that, not somebody else. I set a bunch of targets that I will achieve over the next year. I began to write the next chapter in my life. I also now remember my past lives. And I know that what I am doing right now will exist in the future. I was exterior a lot of the time during the day. I saw our planet from far outside of it. I lost a lot of charge. And right now, I am not in my body. I can tell my body to go, and my body goes. I say, ‘Stop’ and my body stops. I can control the MEST universe; it is totally under my control.

While I sleep, I also see this process. My sight increased. My perceptions also improved. My flows began to be bright and clear. I no longer have any comm lag. My ARC for people increased as did my ARC for everything.

Right now, I have more friends. I have a reorientation in space, which I never had before. And I KNOW where I exist. I no longer have a lot of attention on my body because I can exist in infinity. I began to see and understand when someone is an SP or when there is a third party, and I can see people for who they are.

Every day when I wake up, I start a new day without my past. I stopped thinking about my past. I’m no longer in it. This has just left my universe. I don’t have any confusions anymore. I only have a lot of targets that I have set for this life and next life.

I am 14 years old! As a pc, I can work with my bank and am no longer under its control because it’s the reactive mind. I tell the bank to stop, and it stops! I want everyone to have these huge wins, purposes and targets in their lives and to overcome the barriers to achieve them. I want them to regain their own abilities as thetans and to no longer live in other people’s life continuum.

This rundown was super amazing, and I don’t have any other words to describe it. Thank you to the delivery staff of this rundown; they are magical. Thank you to the registrar and thank you very much to my mom. Thank you to the Case Supervisor too for helping me get through this. And finally, thank you very much to LRH for giving this technology to us. — R.A., Russia

This is what Scientology is reduced to. Selling running around a pole for $2,500 with the use of testimonials from prepubescent Russians.

You can practically see the sands running out of Scientology’s hourglass.

Here’s the full newsletter. We look forward to reading your thoughts on it.

Fort Harrison Newsletter Dec 2013


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Posted by Tony Ortega on December 23, 2013 at 07:00

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