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SPMotionWe’re still pinching ourselves that this Sunday, after all this time, Scientology’s “Flag Building” — better known as the “Super Power Building” — will be opening up, 15 years after it was begun.

Back in January 2012, we gave the most comprehensive peek inside the project, publishing renderings from every part of the city-block-sized, seven-story, 300,000-square-foot behemoth. From the Sea Org food hall in the basement to the elegant offices of Scientology leader David Miscavige on the seventh floor, but especially on the fifth floor with its space-age “perceptics” installations (like the fancy equipment you see above), this thing is a marvel.

And finally, on Sunday at 1 pm, it formally opens!

We’ve been told that events will also be going on Friday and Saturday as Scientology leader David Miscavige launches the Golden Age of Technology Phase II. We’re sure it will be a humdinger of a product roll-out.

With these big events looming — and the road and sidewalk closures they’re going to bring — we’re hoping that our Clearwater readers will observe every precaution to make sure they run afoul of neither church members nor local police. However, we would like to get reports about what things look like. So please, send us your reports via e-mail, and we’ll post them as the weekend progresses.

As for what this Super Power folderol is all about, please take a look at a couple of our previous stories. First, we learned about the surprisingly simple and repetitive process that lies at the heart of one “rundown” in the Super Power experience. And earlier this year, Independent Scientologists tried to spoil Miscavige’s big roll-out by putting online the entire Super Power rubric.


In those stories, you’ll see that we’ve been told by people very familiar with the Super Power processes that they contain a lot of low-level and repetitive tasks. But we’re sure the 15-year wait — and something like $200 million in fundraising — will all be worth it! This planet will be cleared in no time!

As we begin our countdown, we’ll choose just one of the many contraptions waiting for wealthy Scientologists who will be lining up to get their 57 “perceptics” fine-tuned. Today, let’s look at the “Water Wall”!


We’re not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it looks to us like water will cascade in a thin sheet across a pathway. Will your eager Scientologist be required to walk through it? The possibilities are mesmerizing.

Anyway, we’ll let you ponder the greatness of the Water Wall as we look forward to Sunday. What fun lies ahead!

UPDATE: The Big Bow is in place!!



An Attorney and His Client

Karen de la Carriere, J. Swift, and Angry Gay Pope take us inside the Church of Scientology with another of their clever send-ups….



Posted by Tony Ortega on November 11, 2013 at 07:00

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