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Bruce Hines Joins Us As Claire Headley Keeps Us Moving Through Scientology’s OT Levels!

Bruce Hines

Bruce Hines

Claire Headley is taking us on our journey to train as Scientologists. She and her husband Marc were Sea Org workers who escaped from Scientology’s International Base in 2005. She spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Go here to see the first part in this series.

Claire has brought us all the way to the “OT” levels, and last week she introduced us to “Operating Thetan Level One,” consisting of L. Ron Hubbard’s handwritten 1968 notes. We had all sorts of fun with Hubbard’s instructions to go outside and “count bodies,” at hundreds of dollars an hour!

Some time in the 1980s, we believe, those handwritten notes were replaced with another set of instructions known as “New OT I,” and we wanted to take a look at them as well as welcome a new member of our team as we continue up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Bruce Hines, thanks for joining us! How about a little background for our readers.

BRUCE: I got into Scientology in 1972 and left it in 2003. I joined the Sea Org in 1979 and was in it up to the time I left. From 1979 to 1987 I was at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, where I was an auditor for people on OT levels. From 1987 to 1995 I was in what was called the Office of the Senior Case Supervisor International, which was part of the Commodore’s Messenger Organization International at that time. There I mainly served a quality control function, and was also ordered to audit some celebrities and other people who were considered important. I knew Marc and Claire there, though we did not cross paths much. I did do a security check on Marc that allowed him to come to the Int base for posting. Then I fell from grace and was on the Rehabilitation Project Force (the Sea Org’s prison detail) from 1998 to 2001 at “Happy Valley,” a property near Int Base which the church no longer owns. Then from 2001 to 2003 I was in New York City at the organization on 48th St between 8th and 9th, and was involved in renovating the org on 46th St in the early stages of the Ideal Org program.

THE BUNKER: Wow, that’s an amazing background. And last week, in our comments section, you gave us some history on OT I.

BRUCE: Yeah, through the years there have been three different versions of OT I. Originally, like in 1967 or so, the level consisted of auditing more of the “Clearing Course” materials (this was also solo auditing and it was the only way to go clear before “Dianetic Clear” came out in 1978). Next was the Hubbard handwritten version that consisted of processes done solo while out walking around (as described here last week). Then much later, an entirely different version came out, and it was now called “New OT I.” This is the only version that a person would do these days.

THE BUNKER: Let’s take a look at “New OT I” and how it works. In this version, an e-meter is used as the subject goes through solo auditing, asking himself questions and reading the results on the machine.

In our copy of the New OT I materials, several examples are given of sample processes to be run, and they use as a subject, “mother.”

“Does mother have an ARC Break with me?”


“Does mother have a Present Time Problem with me?”


“Does mother have a Withhold from me?”

We’re told to keep questioning ourselves about these matters until we have a “big win.”

We asked Claire to give us some idea of what such questioning might result in.

Up_The_BridgeCLAIRE: From my own experience, when I first started my own auditing, I was of the view that I could see that it might help to talk about certain people in my life who I’d had issues with. However that didn’t last long. I talked about it, felt better, worse or the same, and then moved on. Maybe by the time others hit OT I, they had a new list of such people to talk about. For me, it was a repeat of things I’d already covered, only now I was doing it solo.

In other words, this kind of auditing was nothing to write home about in my books.

I can’t say that I really had any earth shattering realizations from doing OT I.

Maybe I felt some relief that I wasn’t having to regurgitate to someone else now, I was only having to do it in my own head.

BRUCE: I don’t remember anyone being “blown out” from doing OT I. That is true for the latest version and for the walk-around-and-count-bodies version. I believe people viewed it more as a warm-up. It is the first time that one runs a “real” process on themselves. (On the Solo Auditor Course Part 2, the person runs some rudiments on themselves, but it is known that it is for practice.)

On OT I, one supposedly is doing something that will result in “case gain.” But everyone knows that it has nothing to do with gaining supernatural abilities as a powerful, immortal being. Both versions of OT I were something relatively simple to get the person’s feet wet and give them some confidence as a solo auditor. Nonetheless, your are led to believe all the way up the Bridge that every step is vital, and that Hubbard carefully laid it all out. One must walk each step in order to make it across the Bridge, there are no short-cuts, and Hubbard with his great wisdom knew that the next step (OT I in this case) was necessary, even if it is not immediately clear to those of us more aberrated beings. This kind of mind-fuck is drilled in over and over and over. So in my experience, people would just do OT I in order to get to OT III, which was always promoted as the real mind-blower.

CLAIRE: Bruce reminded me of what I expected OT I to be, having grown up in Scientology, having heard countless people sharing their “wins” from OT I and also from reading hundreds of “OT phenomena” success stories as published in Advance! magazine.

Doing the level was a much different experience than what I’d envisioned, as I’ve already described.

BRUCE: OT II is much more bizarre.

THE BUNKER: Oh, well now we can hardly wait to get there. Until next week, Bruce and Claire!

(Our cost so far remains the same this week: $262,133.25)


Scientology Asks for Another Garcia Filing to be Stricken

It’s getting hard to keep up with all of the motions being filed in Luis and Rocio Garcia’s federal fraud lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. If you’ve been following along with the case, you know that Scientology is trying to convince Judge James Whittemore to dismiss the case in favor of the church’s internal arbitration system. The Garcias argue that Scientology’s arbitration is a sham, and it’s designed so that a former church member can’t get a fair hearing.

Before he decides on the matter, Whittemore asked Scientology to submit a short description of its arbitration scheme, limiting the church to only five pages.

The Garcias then submitted a response, saying that what Scientology had described was a system that was never intended to work. They attached a declaration from Mike Rinder, who had long overseen legal matters in Scientology before he left the church in 2007. Rinder said that he had never seen anyone receive a refund through Scientology’s arbitration system.

But now Scientology is unhappy, filing another motion which says that Whittemore never asked for a response to the church’s 5-page description of arbitration, and also that the Garcias used more than five pages to include the declaration of Mike Rinder.

Well, we can’t blame them for squawking about it. And all we can do now is wait to hear from Whittemore. Let’s hear it, judge!

Meanwhile, in Texas, there was a new motion filed Friday by Scientology in Monique Rathbun’s harassment lawsuit against the church and its leader, David Miscavige. Monique’s attorney Marc Wiegand tells us that the new motion was submitted by two of the defendants in the case — Steven Gregory Sloat and Ed Bryan — who asked to join with the Church of Scientology’s anti-SLAPP motion, which we described earlier.

And so an admitted hired spy (Sloat), and one of the Squirrel Busters (Bryan), have joined with the church in claiming that Monique’s lawsuit is insincere and is only meant to keep them from doing what they believe are First Amendment-protected activities — namely, spying on the Rathbuns and following them around town with head-mounted cameras. How’s that for chutzpah!

The next hearing in Monique’s case is still scheduled for December 11, and at some point before the hearing former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis and actress Leah Remini will be deposed. But Wiegand cautioned us that dates in the lawsuit are still pretty fluid, so we’ll keep checking to see how things stand.



With Scientology’s “Super Power Building” opening this Sunday, we’re counting down the days with some of the wild schematics of contraptions that were planned for the space-aged fifth floor. Check out this breakaway of the “Sound Room,” which another architectural drawing says will be where Scientologists go to test their sense of “Sound, pitch, tone, volume, rhythm, and sound direction.”



Posted by Tony Ortega on November 12, 2013 at 07:00

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  • jenx88

    ” the “Sound Room,” which another architectural drawing says will be where Scientologists go to test their sense of “Sound, pitch, tone, volume, rhythm, and sound direction.”

    A Super-Power Karaoke room? 😉

    • Whoknew

      That makes it sound too fun. No doubt it will be some awfully repetitive drill in which they have to make or listen to the same sounds a million times until they are much less sane.

      • jenx88

        ♫ “It’s a small world after all…”

    • Sydjazz

      Ohh hang on sounds are used for hypnosis right? Hmm super zombies.

  • MaxSpaceman

    Since Super Power processing was devised by Hubblar for SearOrg RPF’ers, this is not O/T. Posted by Dean Blair. May 2013. Drilling, ordered by Dave Miscavige. Int base.

    “Years ago in 1987 there was this guy in the Sea Org named James Byrne. His wife was Enid Byrne. He was a lieutenant left arm rank and a rather mediocre auditor.

    “James was ordered by the executives up at Int to run close order drilling on everyone in the PAC area. He loved doing it too. Every morning we all had to wake up extra early before post to go up to the top of the parking structure and do these fucking drills. You know the ones. Attention! Left Face! Right Face! Forward March! etc. etc. Everybody pretending to be an army man or something. It might have been fun as a kid especially if they would have given us some armaments but we were grown adults with no armaments and we weren’t going to be going to war.

    “That was one of the dumbest activities ever ordered by a church. I don’t even think the Salvation Army does that kind of shit and they have the word Army right in their name.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to tell James Byrne “You suck!” and whoever had that “great idea” to begin with sucks too.”

    • KJP in Portland

      Yes that sucks, and coming from a bona-fide veteran!

  • Aslansown

    I went back to The Razz Line (the, the scientology equivalent of Craigslist. I found this house for sale by Dr. Megan Shields, the doctor who signed Mary Sue’s and LRH’s death certificates and rabid scientologist.

    For more on her see

    • Charlotte

      That house is what we’re looking for. But without any $ci-taint, obvs.

      • KJP in Portland

        If I ever hit the huge Powerball jackpot(s). I’d buy all these Sci-infested homes and bulldoze them and build mixed-housing units for all incomes. Those houses are going to have an evil haunt for centuries to come.

    • Casabeca

      Verrrryy interesting!
      Thx Aslansown.

      • KJP in Portland

        As is continually interesting to me (even on the PDX housing market here), they don’t even mention the listing price because the market is so fluid once again, Prices change almost every day.

        • Casabeca

          Could make and lose so many $$$ a day, it is crazy out there for sure.

  • woodrose

    I just finished reading Janet Reitman’s book.
    Marty Rathbun should be in jail for destroying evidence in the Lisa McPherson case. I’m ashamed, as an American, that the ‘church’ of Scientology got away with negligently killing her, and so many individuals committed such wrongdoing in the coverup that was never prosecuted.
    Mike Rinder was (is?) a family-destroying, mean SOB. And now his family has been destroyed by Scientology. Karma works.
    As a married person, it’s disgusting to read about the ‘church’ encouraging divorce from SPs and tattling on one’s spouse. Why do they even bother getting married if it means so little, I guess just for the sex.
    If they insist on being called a ‘church’, we should call them the Church of TattleTales. They are like a bunch of 6th graders tattling on each other, writing ‘Knowledge Reports’ on each other’s ‘crimes.’
    The good news is that no new victims join the cult in the time of the Internet. Hubbard’s tech has been beaten by REAL technology.

    • woodrose

      2 downvotes. Is that a record?
      I can see who upvoted the post, but not the downvotes. Is that how Disqus works for everyone?
      Don’t worry, I’ll be gone soon. There are many more important issues in the world than a small cult.

      • edge

        No, 2 downvotes is not a record, not even close. There are easy-to-spot Scientology trolls on this board (cough, SignsOfSuccess, cough) who get far more downvotes. Also, at certain times of the week we might even get visited by a Sci troll whose sole purpose is to downvote and get their stats up.

        • KJP in Portland

          Hell, even I racked up several on a couple of bad nights I was having. Most everyone here is pretty forgiving.

      • Jimmy Threetimes

        Don’t feel like you cannot share and have to leave. Many people here support Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, as they are aligned against Mordor and the CoS. Indies and LRH lurkers read the posts here as well. Perhaps those are your downvoters.

    • Charlotte

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Some people downvote when they disagree. Some people upvote even when they disagree, just to acknowledge they’ve read. Try not to worry too much about the voting and instead focus on the positivity of being able to express your opinion. At least, that’s what I do.

    • Snippy_X

      I can’t say I agree with you 100% on all your points, but I do agree that it is outrageous and infuriating that they get away with their unethical treatment of people and these criminal acts, time and time again.

    • grundoon
  • Lady Squash

    I have two distinct impressions of the amazing abilities one is supposed to gain from OT Levels. One impression is from LRH and Scientology material–OT phenomena–walking on water and all that stuff. The other impression is from a real live OT that I had the opportunity to question closely about all that. He redefined the results this way: he said the ability he gained was over his OWN MENTAL matter, energy, space and time. In other words, he could control his thoughts and that was the magic. He was quite happy about it. As an achievable goal, that one seems realistic. But the other stuff–give me a break!

  • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

    Alexa update for Nov. 12: *refresh for image*

    Tony: US rank #8,898 – down 70 from yesterday.
    Scientology: US rank #42,104 – up 1,259 from yesterday.

    • Nevermore

      LOLing at them having to let some of their people access the Net, just to make it look like they’re getting more popular!

  • DodoTheLaser

    Lisa Marie Presley talks about her last album.

    At 1:20 – “Well, it’s pretty self explanatory!” Yep.

    • Nevermore

      I like the bit about getting the ‘nuts’ out of her life!

  • DodoTheLaser

    Really good article about Roslyn Cohn:

    “DiffiCULT to Leave, a one-woman show”

    Tony’s related post:

    If you are in LA, don’t miss it!

    Monday, November 25, 2013

    Sterling’s Upstairs at the Federal

    North Hollywood, CA

    By reservation only 818-754-8700

    • KJP in Portland

      I read the article that you linked to. It was an excellent article and I am so glad that the chirch and all its lunacies are getting repeated, unwavering coverage ny bigger news outlets all the time! Good for her, her escape and her strong will and humor (after all THAT) to do her show!

      Also, the story on Miley Cyrus has me thinking…her career is over…over…over…mainstream America aint gonna buy into her ‘in your face’ shenanigans very much longer. Pampered little daughter of a famous Dad, with dubious vocal qualities, thinking she’s the next Madonna or something. It was sure my laugh of the evening! She’s gotten so recently outrageous, it’s like, why don’t you just f**k on stage and go for broke there, Missie!

  • DodoTheLaser

    Reminder about The TomKat Project

    Thursday, Nov 14, 2013 7:00 PM PST
    – Thursday, Nov 14, 2013 9:00 PM PST
    IO West Theater, Hollywood, CA
    21 years and over

    Click the link for more dates:

    • KJP in Portland

      Good luck in LA! Hope to see you here one day soon!

  • Sibs

    Just finished Jenna’s book. I am so happy for her and Dallas and for both of their parents and Justin and Sterling and the Headleys and Teddy and everyone else who got out. And I’m glad I know her story now.

    … Now I think I should take this opportunity to sleep and decompress before I…….. shit, I can’t even come up with the word, just realized what time it is, my meds must have worn off. Um, word for putting together all of my thoughts in one place and mulling them over and coming up with further questions and things to ponder. I’m gonna have a lot to ponder tonight and tomorrow morning.

    Also because when I was waiting for the library to open to check out this book, I was thinking about more ideas and… I’m seriously beginning to get the shape of a story idea in my mind. Just… don’t ask me what it is yet until I have something written down, I’m very insecure about talking about what I’m working on.

    Really going to bed now, I’m kinda emotional after finishing the book and very spaced out. G’night, everyone! Thanks for answering me earlier.

    • Sibs

      Of course I don’t think anyone’s on right now… oh well. Do I get a notification email for responding to myself? (Alright, I REALLY need to go to bed.)

      • Nevermore

        Go to bed! Now! 😀

  • koki

    if it has been posted before,sorry…

  • i-Betty



    1-866-XSEAORG – The call is completely free and can be made from any public telephone

    If you’re a Scientologist reading this and you are having doubts about your religion, whether it be the doctrine, the incessant, relentless regging, or the leadership, but are afraid to leave because it’s all you’ve known, or you’re afraid of what to expect on the ‘outside’, please give the number on Glibby’s sign (below) a call; it’s totally free. You can speak anonymously and in strict confidence to somebody who can help you, and will receive non-judgmental moral support, as well as real advice for setting up your new life and getting back on your feet.

    I promise you, the outside world isn’t the enemy. As in all walks of life, some people are idiots, but most people are kind, hard working, honest, loving individuals, just living their lives. Many, many people have already left Scientology and are living happy, fulfilling, peaceful lives filled with family and friends – old and new – who love them. They, too, felt your fears as they began their break away from the church. Some took a leap of faith and discovered that the landing was soft, welcoming and forgiving. Some needed to take baby steps. But they all moved in one direction: towards the door.

    For them, every day is now an adventure and they are the architects of their own lives.

    You may be feeling:

    Sadness and loss over saying “goodbye” to those ideals in the group you thought you could admire, the fellow members you thought were your true friends, or the time and money spent following something which turned out to be false…

    Fear, that this may have been your last hope for happiness, success, enlightenment, or your eternity; that you are no longer protected by the powers of your leader and are vulnerable to evil; that you will make bad decisions for yourself without the group’s guidance, or that you will be punished for leaving…

    Loneliness, at the thought of leaving intensive relationships, and now needing to reconnect with family and friends who live in a manner that your religion criticized…

    Confusion, about what to believe, and how to make good decisions for yourself and your future…

    Guilt, possibly associated with having broken ties to loved ones, or for having recruited others into Scientology…

    Shame, when realizing you were involved in an organisation that maybe made you behave in a way that you’re not proud of…

    If Auditing and Training are still important to you they are both available outside the church, but without any of the hoops attached which you are currently expected to jump through…it is cheaper, and there will be no sec checking.

    It might help you to hear stories from others who were in your exact same situation. There is a great website called The Big List That Left Scientology. Here is the link: Click on the alphabetical letters across the top to find people you may have known, and to read some inspirational stories.

    You might also like to look at the “Dear Scientologist” series of letters written by ex-Scientologists which are specifically tailored to be free of any reference to OT materials. They are beautifully written and might begin to help you make sense of your questions and confusion. Here is the link:

    Last, but by no means least, the Freeloader Debt is NOT legally enforceable – that means they can’t make you pay it.

    Call the Toll Free number. It might just be the first step to the rest of your life.

    And call your family. Please. They never stopped loving you and hoping that one day you would come back to them. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are near. Give them a call, send them your love. No guilt, no shame.

    We wish you so much luck and love.

  • Django

    1716 comments as of 6:33 Eastern on 11/13, not 24 hours since this post went up.

    Hey David Miscavige: Seems like a heap o’ people are reading Tony’s blog. That’s gotta suck for you, no?

    This weekend, the “parishioners” you’ve threatened and browbeaten to journey to Flag for this debacle you’re throwing are going to realize what a complete con job it is. How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm, once they’ve seen that the farm is a pile of bullshit?

    Watching your cult implode is beyond entertaining, Tiny Davey, and this weekend’s Forced Abortion is going to be particularly sweet.

    Hope you’ve got the plane fueled and the Bulgravian officials caught up on their bribes….

  • valshifter

    off topic, does anybody knows if “PASSAGES OF MALIBU rehab center” is a scientology scam? like Narconon? I went to YouTube and one of the counselors there is doing Dianetics like session with one of her patients, the add on TV is very presumptions and rich like, I wander, . if you know anything can you comment, thanks.

    • Tone

      Hi Valshifter, Googling turned up nothing connecting the two, and the Wikipedia blurb did not mention any connection. Passages though was started not by health professionals but by a real estate developer. Reviews liken it to a posh and very expensive vacation that helps you dry out. They might not be Narconon but then again they aren’t Hazelden either. They cost nearly 3x as much as Betty Ford too. If you have that kind of money why not go somewhere that has established and widely-acknowledged credentials?

      • valshifter

        thanks for posting your findings Tone, ho is not for me, I was just wandering why were they working on the time track with one of the patients, so many scams by this cult I get suspicious about everything now.

        • ThetaBara

          I just recently did some research on rehabs for a friend and boy was I ever cautious and paranoid! (We found a good one and for sure not NN.) It was scary, realizing how vulnerable someone needing rehab is and infuriating thinking about the blatant scams out there (not just NN although they are by far the worst – you’d be better off in a hotel room by yourself).