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LeahTommyLeah Remini and Tommy Davis will give depositions in Monique Rathbun’s harassment lawsuit against the Church of Scientology after Monique’s attorney, Ray Jeffrey, successfully convinced Comal County Judge Dib Waldrip this afternoon to allow their testimony.

Jeffrey had subpoenaed Tommy Davis more than a week ago, and had also announced his intention to depose Remini in this initial part of the lawsuit, which has to do with jurisdiction over Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Scientology had moved quickly to quash both subpoenas (Remini’s has not even been served), but Judge Waldrip, in a court appearance today, worked out a new schedule in the lawsuit that will allow Jeffrey time to subpoena and depose both the King of Queens actress and the former Scientology spokesman.

Jeffrey had initially scheduled to depose Tommy Davis in Austin on October 14, Leah Remini in Los Angeles on October 15, and a representative of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office on October 16, all just days before the next hearing in the case, which was scheduled in Comal County courthouse on October 18. Now, that schedule has been moved back.

The hearing on jurisdiction over David Miscavige has been moved to December 11. In the meantime, the two sides will draw up a protective order for information that will be gleaned in the depositions, and then Tommy Davis and Leah Remini will be deposed when some new dates can be worked out. (The protective order will allow Scientology to ask that certain things Davis and Remini say will be kept under seal, but Jeffrey will be able to appeal to Waldrip to keep them public.)

Scientology indicated in the hearing that it plans to depose three rebuttal witnesses to Leah Remini’s testimony, but didn’t identify those three witnesses.

Also, defendant Monty Drake, a Dallas private investigator, filed his answer to Monique Rathbun’s complaint, and asked for a transfer of the lawsuit to another county. When we have more information on that, we’ll post it.

We should have video from today’s hearing posted soon.

UPDATE: And here’s video from Michael Bennitt, who attended today’s hearing…


A couple of notes after watching the video. At one point, the attorney for Steven Gregory Sloat stands up to complain about how he’s in trial or something and what an inconvenience this all is. But Ray Jeffrey then objects in an interesting way, suggesting that all of the many attorneys on the defendants’ side are all being paid by one source — the Church of Scientology — and none of them objects to that characterization.

Judge Waldrip himself seemed to be losing patience with the same thing, noting that scheduling is a nightmare when you need to set up a hearing and you’re “waiting to hear back from lawyer number eighteen…”

Also, at the end of the hearing, CSI attorney Les Strieber seems to suggest that the Leah Remini and Riverside County Sheriff’s office subpoenas are being quashed, and Jeffrey then says they’re being withdrawn, but we think each of them are just going to be rescheduled. We’re checking on that.

After we called Ray Jeffrey, he confirmed that all three of the depositions — Remini, Davis, and the sheriff’s office in California — are on: “The depositions are not cancelled, they’re rescheduled to fit everyone’s schedules.”


Lori Hodgson and the Sea Org Recruiters

Another disturbing chapter in Lori’s saga, brought to you by Karen de la Carriere, J. Swift, and Angry Gay Pope.



Tory Christman on Media Mayhem

Allison Hope Weiner interviews Tory Christman, whose story we know really well



Posted by Tony Ortega on October 8, 2013 at 17:40

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  • Miss Tia

    Morning y’all! Back to tweeting! The top one I’m particularly pleased with, I hope Kirstie enjoys it! πŸ™‚

    For someone in a church that says they’ll make U totally happy &
    sane, U seem really bitter. UR the grumpy cat of twitter @kirstiealley

    Good Morning Sea Org! @scientology Doubts are not crimes, it’s intuition!! Call 1-866-XSEA-ORG & they’ll HELP you get home!

    Why does @SheriffLeeBaca pander 2 @scientology & ignore their crimes? FOLLOW THE MONEY! Can @FBILosAngeles have INTEGRITY & do his job?

    Where is Shelly Miscavige? @SheriffLeeBaca might have egg on his face when the truth is found out & his badge further tarnished!

    Human trafficking, OK; Extortion & Fraud, OK; Brainwashing,
    intimidation & harassment, OK. Hey it’s great to be TAX FREE @scientology !

    TAX FREE prisons, fraud, harassment, PI’s, human trafficking as a ‘church’ by @scientology because @IRSnews won’t GROW A PAIR!

    Can @TheJusticeDept PLEASE rescue the people @scientology Gold Base’s prison section? GROW A PAIR! @FBILosAngeles you too!!

    Ur a ‘hero’ in movies, but you won’t RESCUE people enslaved &
    imprisoned by ur own ‘church’! Their illegalities are NOT OKAY! @TomCruise

    How moral & ethical is it to brainwash people, imprison them, abuse
    them, and refuse to let them leave? YOU promote this cult! @TomCruise

    NO ‘church’ regularly beats it’s workers! PLEASE call 1-866-XSEA-ORG @scientology to get out! You have done nothing wrong! It’s THEM not U!

    Will @TheJusticeDept PLEASE shut down @narconon b4 there’s more deaths? + the ins. fraud & it’s a front for @scientology GROW A PAIR!

    • Nevermore

      Stealing them! πŸ˜‰

      • Miss Tia

        Steal away! πŸ™‚

    • NOLAGirl

      Just followed you so I can get them here and there!!! πŸ™‚ I’m a huge Miss Tia fan!!! Keep tweetin’ girl!!! πŸ˜€

      • Miss Tia

        Aw thanks! I’ll follow back! πŸ™‚

        • NOLAGirl

          I tweet A LOT of football stuff, so if you don’t want to follow…I’ll understand. LOL

          • AsthmaticDwarf

            Football, NoLAg? I’m thinkin’ LSU and Saints. No doubt, right?

            • NOLAGirl

              Absolutely. πŸ™‚ I love my home town NFL team and I’ve always supported my alma mater. ; )

            • Nevermore

              Ah, now I know what NOLA stands for!

          • Miss Tia

            it’s okay, i tweet A LOT of anti-CO$ stuff! πŸ™‚

            • NOLAGirl

              And please, don’t ever stop. πŸ™‚ (((HUGS)))

            • Miss Tia

              I shall not!! ((HUGS))

    • AsthmaticDwarf

      Ms Tia– you do so Rock the Twitter House !! Rock On !!!

      • Miss Tia

        Awwww thanks AshmaticDwarf! πŸ™‚

  • EnthralledObserver

    Not that it’s important anymore, as we’re about to move to a new story (I hope), but, Tony, there is a typo in Leah Remini’s name in the paragraph about the protective order… just thought you may want to know.

    • EnthralledObserver

      Ah, you fixed it… good-o. πŸ™‚

  • media_lush

    From Rinders Oct 6th Voldermort piece I noticed something intriguing:

    “some good movies were released and Dear Leader had to see them on Friday nite in order to keep himself up to date with the latest CGI technology…. he got a preview showing of Gravity this week so was able to squeeze in some time to brief the adoring masses).”

    …. Tiny Fists gets movie previews? …. I wonder how he gets those and whether the studio heads might be interested of this fact.

    I can’t ask this question myself on his site with my iPad so wondered if someone else could….. Feel free to copy and paste or word it yourself:

    Can you confirm that Miscavige gets movie previews? How does this happen and how longer has he been doing this? Does he have private viewings with his BFF cruise for example?

    • EnthralledObserver

      I knew I’d seen reference to “Gravity” somewhere $cieno related these past few days. I didn’t know anything about the movie when I read it, so didn’t think anything of it, but now that does prompt a huge question – wtf is this ecsleaziastical leader, who has so much work going on, and so many legal problems to deal with that keep piling on, doing getting granted a preview of a potential block-buster movie like he’s even in that industry????
      I want fucking answers!

      • Miss Tia

        It’s probably via Tom Cruise…..a lot of times a movie will be previewed for fellow celebs so they can then mention it in an interview somewhere……and since TC & DM are BFFs, of course tommy boy would let him see it….

        but yeah, why IS a ‘church leader’ watching movie previews???? dafuq?

        • Krew13

          Ha! We must be on the same wavelength! Hey, that must mean we’ve got superpowers and we got them without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a pyramid scheme scam run by a midget loon!

          • Miss Tia

            Super powers!!! YEAH!!! πŸ™‚

        • Nevermore

          Maybe Tommy Girl took him to a preview as his date…

          • Miss Tia

            They make a lovely couple! πŸ™‚

        • EnthralledObserver

          My replies to Krew apply to your response too… cheers!

          • Miss Tia


      • Krew13

        I don’t imagine it’s that much of a mystery. His bud Tom Cruise can pull strings for his BFF. Hopefully we’re going to see both their careers crash and burn, that’s if you can call what Tiny Fists does a career.

        • EnthralledObserver

          Indeed, the TC connection was prob a bit rhetorical, of course that’s ‘how’ he got to see it, the greater questions for me are, why does this prick feel he has the right? And why did this little turd feel he earned the freedom from his troubles to indulge in such a … well, indulgence, when his arse is currently being nailed to the wall tack by tack?

          • EnthralledObserver

            Meaning, of course, why is Davey Makemerich cancelling events left, right and center because he can’t cope.. but here he is flitting off to a movie, like he’s Hollywood royalty no less!?

            • Miss Tia

              Well, as with most people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, he’s using a movie as an ‘escape’…..he really should get some auditing…..i hear you can answer an ad on craigslist and they’ll help you with those problems…. πŸ™‚

            • EnthralledObserver

              Heh heh… the weasel doesn’t even believe in his own product, just image the overts (crimes) and withholds (lies) that would come pouring out should he ever be convinced to go under the cans again. Nevermind, depositions will get him by default… *chuckle*

            • Miss Tia

              Yeah, he hasn’t audited since I believe 1997 I heard.

            • AsthmaticDwarf

              He’s a Big Being, though, EO. He would **never** allow **anyone** to meter him up for an audit session.

          • Miss Tia

            Because he’s a self-entitled prick!

            • EnthralledObserver

              Yes, that’s certainly it… no question. I’d love to hear his ‘excuse’ from his own lips though.

            • Miss Tia

              I’m sure it would be that he HAD to watch this movie as a preview because he wanted to show it to the hard working members of the Sea Org as a ‘reward’ but had to screen it first to make sure it was okay and didn’t fill their heads with any “entheta”.

  • AsthmaticDwarf

    A nod to J. Swift, Karen De La C., Angry Gay Pope and Lori for the excellent and important video.

  • Guest

    I just want to give a big thanks to all who have been working to bring awareness to the C o S Craig’s List ads, alerting the public to its deceptive posts, especially those dedicated folks who have been working on this far longer than a lot of us realize. Thank you!

    Also, I apologize for bringing up this topic again (it’s not aimed in reference to anyone as a criticism), but to answer a query about posts which get hidden in the plethora of comments here on this comment forum, the thought that all important posts “rise to the top” isn’t the case when a post is a response to someone else’s comment. For instance, if this post gets 0 up votes, even if one or two comments responding to it receive 25 up votes, the responses are a part of the same thread, and don’t “float up to the top” to be noticed, independently. They would be part of this thread and would remain that way.

    Another consideration is that unless you are always logged on to this site, and have already scrolled through every single comment, all new responses to a low voted comment would still be lost in the matrix, since the blue bar at the top only displays new comments made in the time in which you have been logged on to the site.

    Collapsing threads works well if you stay logged on, but if you log off and return later, a response to another comment (made after you left the site) will then get lost if the original comment didn’t receive very many up votes.

    As for new comments appearing on your email account; I have only received comments in response to a thread in which I have left a comment, so if a comment appears on a different thread, it would not show up in the Disqus notification, and that’s not a bad thing, since having a notification for every single new comment here in the bunker would overwhelm our email accounts. Can you imagine having 1400 “new comment” notifications per day to go through? (I know that Tony doesn’t have to imagine that, since it’s an every day occurrence for him.)

    Just some food for thought. (Speaking of food, I brought cider and doughnuts.)

    Shake, shake , shake that fringe and stay smershy, people!

    • Nevermore

      Well, perhaps we need a pinned post, like the ones already there, detailing the ‘important’ stuff. But that would be Tony’s call.

    • AsthmaticDwarf

      It is a massive problem, from a ‘data presentation/data searching’ point-of-view, Guest, indeed. The Disqus software programmers do not have the product as smoothly functioning as it should be — at the same time, I recall downloading from the Internet @ 300 baud, then when 1200 baud came along, that was lightning fast!

      Which is to say, as all the progression in the computer industry has been, since computers were personalized by people like Jobs, Gates, the Intel people, et al, things start “as is”, then are deemed inadequate, but they’re here. And we can be grateful Disqus does what it does. At the same time, I’m thinking, someday Disqus will have branching comments – to ‘on topic’ and ‘social’ – and ‘easy’ search, to address exactly the problem you describe so well. Appreciated what you had to say ~

    • media_lush

      If there’s a thread you want to follow it really is worth your while to set up a Disqus account. I find the easiest way is to set up a twitter account first with a throwaway webmail address used specifically for various account set ups. This allows you to log in here via twitter rather than directly through Disqus. You can then configure it to show all replies to your posts or any post you decide to follow and then either check your Disqus dashboard or go direct to your webmail account. You can do all of this anonymously, too.

    • aurora50

      You can ‘Right Click’ on the grey-toned time stamp (ie 2 hours ago) then relabel it and save it in your Bookmarks folder. It is not ideal, as it reopens at the top of the day’s discussions, but it is something.
      I have also suggested some system of regularly posted images throughout the day, to establish ‘landmarks’ for scrolled searches…just don’t have the tech knowledge to facilitate that.

  • Krew13

    Heeeeeel yeeeeeah! Popcorntastic! Tombola Davis being forced to appear is just too sweet for words.

  • theoracle

    Great video from Karen and J. Swift! Jesus isn’t that the truth! David Miscavige orders women to kill off their own babies so they can continue to serve him and he sends his henchmen out to steal the children of other women who WANTED them! This is SOOO off policy to run all over people and create more and more enemies. The Sea Org does it now with wild abandon and pure sense of entitlement under “just cause, love and care for mankind” banner. Bullshit. Stat push for more slaves. Sea Org recruiters KNOW what is going on in that place and they CONTINUE dragging others into it. How could anyone with a conscience do that to another human being?

    • AsthmaticDwarf

      It’s not like that, Oracle. Here’s a snapshot of *their* reality. SeaO recruiters do indeed know what is going on in the place, as you say. But– a big one– they, along with all the other willingly-there SO members, truly, believe that all the hardship/RPF/brutal working and living conditions well, in a phrase, each of them believes ‘they pulled-it-in’, they’re the reason their situation sucks. Therefore, they will still go out and recruit — they think they’re bringing someone into the only corp of people, the SeaO and $cientologists, who can save the entire freakin’ world.

      Their entire ‘humanity’, their entire value system, is corrupted and altered by Hubbard’s structured courses and auditing, and the Green Volumes and the Red Volumes that detail every move one makes in $cientology Inc.-land.

      And- Never lose sight of the brainwashing, the ‘cult phenomena’. It’s huge.

    • valshifter

      scientology is like an enemy making machine, every people they recruit will become their enemy at one point or another, after they blow or wake up, so at the end. the end product of scientology is an enemy even if people went in not with that intention. but it ends up being so. and they obviously do not realize that is what they are doing. as always they never see what they are doing, don’t have the brains to analyze the big picture. somehow they think the world is blind and they will get away with whatever law they brake.

  • Cece

    I just want to say to all you guys following this – Thx. The comrade in this take-down is heartwarming to see.
    You are loved πŸ™‚
    (in 37 – out 4.5 ~ thank you to my dear friend who sent me Amy’s book!)

    • tetloj

      I think most people have moved to the next thread, but good to have you here. Amy’s was the first Scientology account I read. Glad you are out and hope you have the company of friends and family.

  • Cece

    ..And all the Anons and reporters and Xs telling the truth to make it safe for me to leave and someday my kids too.

  • Cat Daddy

    I want to have my way with this post

  • theoracle

    Great footage of the courtroom coverage. Call me picky, but I think the Judge’s desk is too big for that room. It rather overpowers the room.

    • theoracle

      So much for the humor………….

      • DeElizabethan

        I’m laughing!

  • QoFE

    Tory! I met her on the street while I was walking my dog by the Celebrity Center. That is one amazing lady.

  • InterestedinCrazy

    Away in Spain for the week and missed SO MUCH…how will I ever catch up???