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WORLD PREMIERE: The Shrinking Cult of Scientology, A Video By Tiziano Lugli

Yannus_SufandiThe Underground Bunker is privileged to debut a new video by Los Angeles music producer and ex-Scientologist Tiziano Lugli. We’ve shown some of his previous efforts that feature ex-church members talking about Scientology. But none of them have quite had the impact of this four-minute film.

We expect that regular readers of this website will recognize most of the people who appear. Some of them are less familiar. All of them are telling their own stories. One face that we haven’t seen in Tiziano’s previous films is the one you see to the right. That’s Yannus Sufandi, the only person who appears in the video who was never a Scientologist. But if you read our story last month, you know that his nine-year relationship with dancer Manuela Oliveira ended when she decided to join Scientology’s “Sea Org” after spending only a few months in the church. The Sea Org takes total dedication. After Manuela signed its billion-year contract, she moved out, leaving Yannus wondering what he’d done wrong.

Let us know who you recognize in the video, and what you think of Tiziano’s latest effort. And please, play this at full screen…

For our new readers, here’s a still from the video of its maker, Tiziano Lugli…




Fight Brewing Over Tommy Davis Subpoena

We called Monique Rathbun’s attorney Ray Jeffrey to ask him about the latest in the big depositions brewing in Monique’s harassment lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. He said that because the church responded within three days, it was able to quash the subpoena which ordered former church spokesman Tommy Davis to be deposed on October 14. (Jeffrey explains that the quash is automatic in those initial days.) But Jeffrey now has a court date, October 8, during which he’ll get the opportunity to convince Judge Dib Waldrip to reinstate Tommy’s subpoena. Jeffrey says he also expects Scientology to try and quash the subpoena for Leah Remini, who has agreed to be deposed in Los Angeles on October 15, and Jeffrey says he’s prepared to fight for that one, too.


Posted by Tony Ortega on October 4, 2013 at 07:00

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