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Underground Bunker Night at The TomKat Project — Get Your Tickets Now!


Hey gang, tickets are still available for The TomKat Project‘s first evening show at the NYC Fringe Festival, at 7 pm on Wednesday, August 21.

For only $15, you’ll get to see this smash new comedy that pokes fun at Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, and also meet the cast and crew for a drink afterwards — with a rare above-ground appearance by your proprietor!

Playwright Brandon Ogborn and his producer Dein Sofley are setting things up for us — you just have to show up! So grab some tickets and let’s have a fun night at The Player’s Theatre in the Village.

If you haven’t already, please read the interview of Ogborn that was done for us by Synthia Fagen. Then go here to order your tickets!



Class-Action Plaintiffs Name David Miscavige on Witness List

Last week, we told you that attorney Jeff Harris had bolstered the class-action lawsuit his clients had filed against Scientology and its drug rehab network, Narconon, with a slew of exhibits intended to show that church leader David Miscavige and the Religious Technology Center wield total control over the entire Scientology empire. This week, Harris has filed additional documents which appear to be mostly procedural about the scope and nature of the class action, but we noticed something we thought readers might find interesting.

Harris submitted a list of witnesses with “discoverable information” — in other words, people that he may intend to depose — and it includes Miscavige.

Now wouldn’t that be something, to see Miscavige probed about his various statements about how key Narconon’s growth is to Scientology’s overall expansion?

RTC and the other defendants — the Association for Better Living and Education, Narconon International, and Narconon Georgia — have all filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit.


Senator Nick Xenophon Still Making Things Tough for Scientology in Australia

Thanks to the sharp researchers over at WWP for noticing this June 27th speech made by Senator Nick Xenophon, advocating on behalf of a bill that would create a public benefits test for charitable status in that country. At the end of his speech, he leaves no doubt which particular group he has in mind that he’d like to see held to account by the new act…


“This is not about belief…it’s about making sure that an organization that abuses the privilege is held to some measure of reasonable account, and having a public benefits test is important…I became interested in this field because I was approached by a number of victims from the Church of Scientology and I believe that all organizations, if they’re behaving in an abusive manner, ought to be held to some measure of account, and a public benefit test is a useful measure of that.”


Posted by Tony Ortega on August 2, 2013 at 07:00

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