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The Declaration of Independence: When Did You Join the Sons of Liberty?

DeclarationOfIndependenceHere in the U.S., it’s a special day. We hope our American readers have found a relaxing way to celebrate the independence of this great nation.

We have a full day planned here in the bunker, and so we’re hoping to turn things over to you on this holiday.

We’d love to hear from the former members of the Church of Scientology who read this blog: Please tell us about your own declaration of independence.

Whether you consider yourself an “independent Scientologist,” or someone who has left Scientology behind entirely, we’d like to hear about those first stirrings that convinced you that something about the church didn’t seem right. What was it that ultimately led you to walk away from an organization that lays on heavy layers of conditioning and control?

As for our readers who were never in, what first piqued your interest about this subject? And how did you make your way to the bunker?

We look forward to your testimonials as we celebrate this monumental day of liberty and freedom. And drinking. Lots of drinking.



Posted by Tony Ortega on July 4, 2013 at 09:00

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