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Cheering Up Will Smith, and A Survey For You SPs!

CheerUpYou’ve probably heard by now about the brilliant Scientology parody “Cheer Up Will Smith.” Pulled off by (we’d guess) some Times Square stand-up comedians (the place is lousy with ’em), the parody consists of a website, numerous videos, and even some in-real-life fliers posted in Times Square itself.

The stunt appeared in the wake of Will Smith’s dismal new movie After Earth, which not only performed below expectations at the box office on its opening weekend, but endured a shellacking by critics who couldn’t help noting its thematic similarities with Scientology.

Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are generous contributors to Scientology-related causes, but they’re on the down-low about their own involvement with the church.

As we pointed out last week, however, the surly character Smith plays in After Earth sure comes off like Scientologists we’ve known — maybe he’s Kendrick Moxon of the 22nd century.

Anyway, the jokers & degraders behind “Cheer Up Will Smith” have hilariously pounced on the moment. Go to their website and just explore. You’ll run into gems like this…



And who couldn’t love the free movie ticket they’re giving away…



Hey guys, we’d love to talk to you about pulling off this beauty of a send-up, which has been getting a lot of raves from the press. Let’s get in comm!



Over at Mike Rinder’s blog, the former spokesman for the Church of Scientology has launched a new initiative. If you’re a former church member who was declared a suppressive person, he’d like you to take a survey about how you learned of your excommunication.

We’re interested in learning the results of his survey, and that’s why we’re encouraging the SPs in our audience to head over there. Fill in the bubbles, SP!


Posted by Tony Ortega on June 6, 2013 at 17:00

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