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Chiropractor in Viral Video Is Posing In Front of His Scientology Certificates


One of our tipsters knew we’d get a kick out of a viral video that is making the rounds of Mashable and other websites today. It’s an unusual video advertisement for a Los Angeles chiropractor named Ryan Lee. Here’s how Mashable describes it, under the headline “Creepy Local Chiropractor Ad Will Make You Wince”…

Remember that amazing/weird/hilarious/musical local auto ad that set the web on fire a couple weeks ago? The guys who made that, YouTube duo Rhett & Link, are back with a follow-up ad for another local L.A. business.

This time it’s the Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center that gets the duo’s bizarre treatment. The super awkward spot, embedded above, features Dr. Lee earnestly addressing the camera while performing a series of wince-inducing adjustments on prone human models. At one point he even sticks his finger in a woman’s mouth, but we’re not quite sure what that’s about.

What Mashable didn’t notice, however, is that a couple of times in the video, Lee poses in front of a wall of Scientology certificates that pronounce he’s reached the State of Clear and beyond, into the Operating Thetan levels! Here, take a look…



Longtime Scientology watchers know that the church targets not only celebrities, but also chiropractors and dentists, who tend to get lured in by a Scientology front group known as WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises). WISE peddles management “technology” written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and chiropractors and dentists who buy into it then come under heavy pressure to become Scientologists themselves, and also to push Scientology on their employees. (See the recent cases of an Oregon dentist and a Miami chiropractor who ran into legal trouble for doing so.)

We don’t know if Ryan Lee encourages his employees to take Scientology courses, but his wall plaques sure testify to his own enthusiasm. That’s several hundred thousand dollars of investment represented in those certificates, and online records indicate that he’s at least OT IV — which means he’s now spending tens of thousands of dollars to rid his body of countless invisible souls through the use of auditing with an e-meter. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!

Just for kicks, we checked Yelp reviews for his shop, and found this interesting complaint…

It would’ve been nice if someone had mentioned the fact that this is a full-on Scientology center. Every LRH book, video, dvd, and pamphlet ever made are available to you at their front desk.

Well, now you know!

UPDATE: Here’s a less glamorous video that Lee made himself a couple of years ago when he opened up at his new location…



Posted by Tony Ortega on May 15, 2013 at 18:20

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