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The Mother and Child Reunion: Another Dianetics Nightmare

MotherChildWelcome to our ongoing project, where we blog a 1950 first edition of Scientology’s bible, Dianetics, with the help of ex-Scientologist, Bay Area lawyer, blogger, and author Vance Woodward. Go here for the first post in the series.

We’re finally getting near the middle of this book, Vance, and L. Ron Hubbard is pretty well unhinged at this point.

Did you notice how, as we move into the chapter “Contagion of Aberration” that the word “unconscious” is suddenly showing up in quote marks?

We’d earlier pointed out that in Hubbard’s 1950, people seemed to get knocked cold more frequently than they do now. But at this point in the book, people are also picking up engrams when they’re “unconscious” — which is to say, not unconscious at all. This kind of rule-changing is shot through the next couple of chapters.

For instance, now Hubbard tells us that engrams are contagious, and can be spread around like they were the flu virus.

In one of his stranger examples, Hubbard is drawn once again to childbirth. The experience is so awful, it not only imbues the child with a whopping engram, but the mother as well — and from then on mother and child will “restimulate” those engrams by simply being in the presence of the other…

This engram is remarkably destructive in several ways. The mother’s voice can restimulate the birth engram in the child and the presence of the child can restimulate the giving-birth engram in the mother. Thus they are mutually restimulative…a later life situation can cause them each to suffer simultaneously from the engram. If birth included a slammed window, a slammed window may trigger birth dramatization in both, simultaneously, with resultant hostilities or apathies.

So, in other words, a relationship that world cultures usually consider one of the most crucial and rewarding — mother and child — Hubbard sees as essentially antagonistic and harmful. He goes on to say that this everpresent threat of engram contagion lies behind most human mistreatment and even war.

Vance, did the Scientologists you know consider their mothers to be infectious aberrations to be avoided at all costs?

VANCE: What do you mean, “consider”? Hubbard proved it. Dude, have you already forgotten everything we read in the earlier chapters? This. Is. A. Science.

THE BUNKER: You’re killing me.

VANCE: As for the changing nature of “unconscious,” so far as I could tell, most Scientologists believe that any amount of pain necessarily creates an engram (even without the full knockout). Say you hit your thumb with a hammer, the supposition is that there must be some instant in which you were kind of “knocked out,” so brief that you didn’t notice it.

But I see what you mean. It never occurred to me before, but yeah, I guess Hubbard was moving the goal posts there. Good point.

THE BUNKER: Let’s push on into the next chapter, Vance, which is titled “Keying-In the Engram.”

Can you please explain Hubbard’s fascination for this concept of an engram “keying-in,” which comes off like some early computer term that Hubbard got hung up on?

We get the feeling that he’s saying any number of engrams can be recorded by the reactive mind, but additional events must happen to activate them. Or something.

VANCE: Yes, that’s exactly right. Until an engram gets keyed in, it lies dormant like a land mine, causing no harm. One could theoretically have a huge number of engrams but, because none have been keyed in, be quite normal.

According to Hubbard, once an engram has been keyed in, it can more easily be keyed in later. And key-ins have names. The doozies are called “secondaries.” The little ones are called “locks.” The distinction is fundamentally arbitrary, but these secondaries and locks cause a person to lose their mythical “life force” and cause us to move down the tone scale. And yet it’s the hidden engrams that anchor all the emotional pain in place. Without engrams we wouldn’t carry our grief forward, act insane, or even suspect Hubbard’s credibility.

THE BUNKER: You make it all so clear. Anyway, we want to get to one more example from this chapter, and it’s really something.

Hubbard, apparently, wants to hammer home the point that it’s only through his therapy that we can get at the true source of engrams, of memories that are haunting our present lives. Sex, naturally, is a subject that’s fraught with issues and can put in some pretty damaging engrams. But this next example is so bizarre and disturbing, we’re not sure what to think…

It may be that a patient is urgent in her insistence that her father raped her when she was nine and that this is the cause of all her misery. Large numbers of insane patients claim this. And it is perfectly true. Father did rape her, but it happened she was only nine days beyond conception at the time. The pressure and upset of coitus is very uncomfortable to the child and normally can be expected to give the child an engram which will have as its content the sexual act and everything that was said.

Can you imagine this playing out, Vance? A woman tells Hubbard that at nine years old she was raped by her father, and the great scientist shakes his head and wags his finger and says, “You’re mistaken, dear. What you’re actually remembering is your father vigorously screwing your mother while you were hanging on to her uterine wall for dear life as a nine-day-old blastocyst.”

We might puke.

VANCE: While I was in the Church, nearly everybody I met who’d personally met Hubbard had been very deliberate in telling me how compassionate the guy was. They always used that word: compassionate. There must be some semi-secret “hatting” given to those who met the guy instructing them to convey that view. And that’s supposed to be the same guy who wrote those sentences you just quoted. The implications, intended or not, are inescapable. Hubbard’s callousness and inhumanity certainly burn through. (That said, the auditing of such a woman wouldn’t have played out that way. A Dianetics auditor, including Hubbard, would never tell the preclear what “really happened.”)

THE BUNKER: We take your point. But the example still sucks.

Next week — In Dianetics, the Uterus is a Frightening Place



Rep. Jason Murphey

Rep. Jason Murphey

This week, we’re eagerly anticipating news out of Oklahoma regarding a bill which, if it becomes law, could make things dicey for Scientology’s flagship drug rehab facility in that state, Narconon Arrowhead.

The Narconon center has been mired in controversy after three patient deaths in only nine months, the last in July 2012, which has resulted in multiple criminal investigations and civil lawsuits. And according to the facility’s former president, Luke Catton, there’s a long, contentious history over Narconon Arrowhead’s licensing, which he says was obtained through a loophole in state law.

It’s closing that loophole which state senator Tom Ivester said he wanted to do when he introduced a bill that subsequently passed the Oklahoma senate in a unanimous vote. It then went to the House, where its sponsor there, Rep. Jason Murphey, told us he was confident it would also find strong support. But after our interview with him, another state representative, Brian Renegar, publicly announced that he’d changed his position, and after initially raising questions about the Narconon controversy, had decided to back the facility and oppose the bill.

Murphey, however, tells us he isn’t worried.

“Renegar’s a member of the minority. He doesn’t have a lot of clout because of that,” says Murphey, a Republican in a very red state (Renegar is a Democrat). “He’s caught in a political pinch. The Narconon center is in his district. And he’s in a tough spot.”

Murphey says that Renegar’s seemingly surprising about-face is really pretty common for this kind of situation, and he expects Renegar to put on something of a show when the bill is discussed in the House.

“I expect a lot of wackiness from his point of view,” Murphey says. “He’ll ask questions, and he’ll debate against it. But he’ll probably end up voting for it in the end.”

If the bill does pass the House, it will go directly to Oklahoma’s governor, Mary Fallin. Ivester and Murphey both say they don’t expect her to veto it.



Carol_Nyburg2Yesterday, we marveled at Carol Nyburg’s escape narrative that she posted to Steve Hall’s blog. A Sea Org worker for 26 years, Nyburg was a familiar face at Flag, the Church of Scientology’s spiritual mecca in Clearwater, Florida. Her story of getting fed up with church leader David Miscavige’s methods of control made for a gripping tale.

We talked to her last night, and she told us that she actually wrote that narrative a year ago, and it had taken that long before she had the nerve to give Hall the go-ahead to publish it. But even though she held on to it for so long, she said the act of writing it paid off for her immediately.

“The day after I wrote it, my life changed,” she told us. Within a day, she’d gotten out of a bad relationship and had accepted a new job offer. It felt like a new life, she says.

And now that her story has gone public, there are other rewards. She heard from a man who had worked in security at Flag and had come off as something of a villain. Yesterday, she heard from the man, who has since left the church. He apologized to her for what he had done. “It was amazing. It was really going full circle,” she says.

She says that former church spokesman Mike Rinder also called her up to apologize for his role in her story.

Nyburg says she’s written a second part to her story, and expects Hall to post it soon. In it, she reveals that in fact her daughter has disconnected from her since they were reunited.

Nyburg found out that despite routing out properly, she was declared a suppressive person (church jargon for excommunication) in September, and her daughter then cut off all ties with her. So her story doesn’t have quite such a happy ending. But like so many others, Nyburg can hope that with more and more people ditching the church, her daughter may some day be among them.



We are happy to see that Mike Rinder is joining the ranks of Scientology bloggers and giving us a run for our money. We’ve always enjoyed Mike’s contributions at Marty Rathbun’s blog, finding them well-written and informative.

He gave this blog a shout-out (but no link — hey, learn to link, Rinder) and pointed out that while we cover a lot of ground here, we tend to cover subjects that aren’t going to endear us with “indies” or other people just coming out of the Church of Scientology (today’s entry, for example). We look forward to Mike’s daily dispatches, and hope it can recapture the flavor of Rathbun’s blog back when it was exposing church secrets.

Today, Rinder has another slice of Sea Org hell in the horror story of ex-church member Jason Barclay. It’s long, but what a nightmare.


SMERSH Madness: Sowing the Seeds of World Domination!

As we announced on March 1, we’re joining bracket fever with a tournament like no other. It’s up to you to decide who should be named the new SMERSH, the traditional nemesis of Scientology. Cast your vote for who’s doing more to propel the church down its long slide into oblivion!

Continuing with the Sweet Sixteen! We have another tough match.


David Miscavige is the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, but don’t let that confuse you: Miscavige rules every corner of the Church of Scientology with absolute authority. He would say he’s just carrying on the wishes of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, but the large number of longtime members leaving the church these days tend to blame Miscavige for turning them away and putting the church into crisis. Some would say he’s driving it into the ground with extreme fundraising and harsh “ethics.” But what do we know. (Previously: Miscavige defeated Vance Woodward in the first round.)

Tory Christman left Scientology after 30 years in a very interesting way. (We were fortunate enough to tell the story, more than a decade ago.) Since then, she’s become well-known for her indefatigable use of online video to get the word out about the church and its abuses. In some ways, she’s the face of the ex-Scientology movement, and if we could just figure out how to harness her energy, she could power a city. (Previously: Tory barely edged Karen de la Carriere in the first round.)

Go to our March 1 post for the latest tournament results.


Posted by Tony Ortega on March 21, 2013 at 07:00


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  • 0tessa

    I voted for Tory. She is one of the champion apostates!
    Without the champion apostates Miscaviges will never be brought down.

    • 1subgenius

      Loves me some Tory, but as she points out Miscavige is doing everything wrong.
      I believe if someone else, like Broeker, had taken over after Hubbard’s death, they would be going strong, wasting lives in a quieter, more subdued fashion as they had for years, and we all wouldn’t be here.

      I keep having to go back to the ground rules here:

      “Cast your vote for who’s doing more to propel the church down its long slide into oblivion!”

      Gotta go with DM to go all the way.
      Even though I had quibbled with the issue of intent when Katie was in it, she only did one thing, and DM does something everyday. At some point gross negligence and intentional acts become indistinguishable.

      • Johan

        If Broeker were the man in charge we would still be here, albeit a mite more frustrated for lack of footbullets

        • 1subgenius

          All speculation, but without DM probably no “SP Hall” or Tom Cruise, among many things. And without trying to censor Youtube, no Project Chanology. And no “we”.
          Even though there were anti-scio exes before DM, the number of them now is due mostly to DM.

          • Johan

            Ya good point

          • Roger Larsson

            Pat Broeker an owner of 15 million bucks in purpose to shut up; A warrior for the total freedom?

      • FistOfXenu

        “I’m probably putting too fine a point on it, but Its interesting to see the difference of one word here. “To”. If it read “…who’s doing more THAT propels the church down its long slide into oblivion”, this would be a different competition.”

        You just captured my dilemma perfectly! The Demented Midget is the gift that keeps on giving and we can count on him to keep sabotaging $cientarCONon unless somebody arranges for him to drop the meat body so he can “do more advanced research”. It’s not unheard of as a method of regime change in $cientarCONon is it?
        But he doesn’t mean it. He thinks he’s making the cult expand straight up and vertical.

        Tory, beautiful Tory, I still remember when she came out on ARS and it was magnificent! And Tory’s been magnificent ever since. And she’s done it all deliberately. And she’s a beautiful human being and proof that life begins when you walk out the $cientarCONon door and keep walking.

        But I’m still nagged by the question who’s doing the most damage? The Demented Midget is driving cult members to the windows to see if they could survive in the big wog world but when they look they see Tory and think “that’s not surviving, that’s real living”

        TonyO, we need 2 contests. 1 for the people killing $cientarCONon from inside, and 1 for people killing it from outside. Doing it this way ignores that the 2 work together. It’s a partnership between the DMs and TCs and Rons inside and the Torys and Coopers and Armstrongs and Atacks outside. How about a do-over?

        • jojo neal

          Yes, a do-over! Cannot…choose…aaagh!

          • Ahhh fear not! I am **totally** for David Miscavige WINNING as THE Merchant of Chaos!~ I left because of David Miscavige! My guess is it’ll boil down to Gerry Armstrong vs Davey boy…and there it’s a tricky one as Gerry was PRE-DM in his exposures. I think we all know Miscavige IS **the** Suppressive these days. However, Gerry has kicked their ASSES for many years now! I’m laughing that it’s me vs Davey boy! LOL He’d gotta be gritting his teeth just that he’s even up against me. ::Pfft:::To “Dave”: you schmuck: Karma shall be your Final Judge. And never forget “Dave”: You can RUN but you CANNOT Hide~!

            Love you all 🙂 Tory/Magoo

            • jojo neal

              Well, Magoo, if that’s your call, i’ll so vote. but you’ve got my vote for Prom Queen or Queen of the May or the Queen of Sheba or just whatever you’d like.
              You don’t need a tiara – you’ve got a crown full of stars already.

            • awwwwwwww thanks, jojo neal 🙂 It’s not just my call…it’s THE call. 🙂 Thank you for your very kind words 🙂 I love that!

            • Maybe we have to vote for you after all. Only the true SMERSH denies her Smershianity!

            • I never denied anything. I’m just saying in this round…my opinion is “Dave” or “Uncle Dave” to Jenna Miscavige Hill, has done MORE Damage to C of $ than any one person could have, except possibly Gerry Armstrong, as he was pre-“Dave’s rule”. We’ll see how it rolls out. 🙂

        • Roger Larsson

          “A neurotic is a man who builds a castle in the air. A psychotic is the man who lives in it. A
          psychiatrist is the man who collects the rent.”

          Sociopaths are men building Super Power buildings. Group members finance these buildings. Psychiatrists are the scumbags of the planet Teegeeack.

          Tory makes a different in life, LRH and DM makes A difference.

          • Captain Howdy

            Love the Jerome Lawrence quote. Did you know he co-wrote the play “Inherit the Wind’ about the Scopes Monkey Trial ?

        • Ze Moo

          I want to vote for most admired anti-scieno and most despised scieno.

          • FistOfXenu

            I like that idea. Maybe TonyO could do that next if he won’t switch to it now.

      • Trustmeonthis

        Katie serves as a shinig example of how much better life is outside. Suri looks like a normal little girl now. Katie has done more than one thing. I get that people wish she would spill what she knows, but she totally lost on a sentiment vote.
        This one is tougher. Miss Cabbage vs Tory! Jeez.

      • Agreed, 1subgenius! I would NOT be out…if it were not for “Dave”, so I say: “Vote for Dave the Slave Master and King Weasel”…in this round at least, he IS THE Merchant of Chaos.

    • Me too. This one is no contest for me. Positive and energetic, respectful and compassionate. Tory shows the human virtues that we are fighting for for all of those still trapped. She lives a great life as an SP and is a living example of a big being. Tory’s videos are a first watch for many coming out of Scientology, or understanding it. So extremely accessible to all. She is a human face that you know if you call her she will do something tangible to help.

    • FistOfXenu

      I had to go for Tory in the end. I know DM is a walking breathing clusterfuck but he can’t help it so I can’t credit him for it. If he was the Good Humor man he’d scare away all the kids and piss on all the ice cream and and then blow up all the trucks just to be sure.

      Tory’s the real deal. She took aim and hit the bulls-eye. Then she did it again and she’s been doing it all these years. I’m probably fighting a losing battle but for me her courage and determination wins over the derangement of that pissy little spoiled brat.

      • 0tessa

        Like the word ‘clusterfuck’.

      • Thank you very much, tetloj and FistOfXenu! I greatly appreciate your kind words. You are correct, re helping people, I am one of many who helps peeps wake up and leave, and helps TONS not join. BUT>>>>that being said, “Dave” IS the reason I’m out. He, and his abuses, are THE reason I’ve kept speaking out. More than once I’ve been about to move along…and he’ll do *something* that pisses me off, and bingo! I’m back. So my suggestion is: “Vote for Dave the Slave Master and King of Cons”

    • Thanks, Otessa 🙂 I appreciate your kind words. However, in THIS game of who is THE Merchant of Chaos, I’d have to say: “Vote for Dave the Slave Master and King Weasel”<<<as that IS who he is. Love 2 U 🙂 Tory/Magoo

      • That got seriously screwed up: Sorry about that. I think my message was “vote for Dave the Slave Master and King of Weasels”….he IS that. Love to all 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  • Cymboli Starsong

    What I find interesting is that Rinder is promoting Jenna’s book while Rathbun has ignored it like the plague.

    • Observer

      Rinder seems to be re-humanizing faster than Marty.

      • 1subgenius

        I agree with you even though he says this: “I have been a Scientologist all my life and have no intention of changing.”
        He may be more human because he has children. Children who are disconnected. Pain and loss can be very humanizing. And just having children adds a lot of perspective to people.

  • MarionDee

    I find it peculiar that the LaRouche cult (my ex is a member of thirty years standing) also attributes a powerful negativity to mothers …. even to the point of teaching that most classic art is really meant as an indictment of mothers. (And yes, that includes, most particularly, the Virgin Mary. You’ll never look at a Leonardo da Vinci the same way again). This may be just coincidence … but I’d be interested to know if other cults than Sci and the Rouchies have equated motherhood with “Bad Influence.” There’s something primal in the connection between mother and child, and a canny cult leader would want to break it and fill the void himself.

    • 1subgenius

      Someone I knew was in the “Mankind Project” cult, and they have bizarre beliefs about mom and dad.
      They turned him into actively hating them. Probably a way of substituting the cult for parents.

      • Henk de Vries

        In 2011, an undercover exposé aired into the Dutch branch of the Miracle of Love cult. Amongst a lot of other very scary stuff, it featured a young man screaming how much he hated his mother.

        In 2008, a television interview was aired with the leader of a local Dutch cult and a fifteen year old girl. The leader had the guts to set up the girl against her parents even during that interview. Unfortunately, the interviewer did not catch what was going on.

        • Captain Howdy

          Canadian libertarian/internet cult leader Stefan Molyneux employs the same tactic. He targets young people.

          ” Molyneux published a controversial conclusion on maintaining relationships with parents based on his and his wife’s evaluation:

          “Does this sound too radical? Do you think it extreme for me to say that almost all parents are horribly bad? Perhaps it is. However, if you look at the state of the world – the general blindness and the slow death of our liberties – the challenge you take on by disagreeing with me is this: if it’s not the parents, what is it?”

          • Trustmeonthis

            Classic culty “logic” there: “I say this is so! And if you don’t believe me, yer wrong!”

    • Speaking of LaRouche, when I encounter the LaRouche people on sidewalks – I make it a practice to say, in a loud voice that invites others nearby to hear – “Ahh, Lyndon La Rouche, the L. Ron Hubbard of politics!”
      This never fails to get smiles, nods, laughs and thumbs-up, sometimes from the LaRouchies themselves.

    • richelieu jr

      It stands to reason that if you are trying to get someone to break all ties and become subservient to you that you would want to break perhaps the strongest tie to something outside of themselves, i.e; Mother.

      I would chalk it up to that and just the general tendency of new boyfriends to badmouth old ones…

  • Observer

    Oh, man, this one’s torture. It’s like voting for whether the light or dark side of the Force is more powerful. I’m gonna have to think on this one for awhile.

    Every account I’ve read of Hubbard’s childhood indicates that he was well-treated and loved by his parents and extended family. Doted on, even. Where is all this hostility toward family, particularly mothers, coming from? He must have been born with some kind of kink in his psyche. His pontifications on the family are among the most disgusting of all his repellant teachings.

    • 1subgenius

      We will never know for sure, but sometimes it is just a “kink”, not only in the psyche, but in the actual structures of the brain.
      Sometimes parents can do everything right and the kid’s messed up.
      And every variation of that scenario.

    • jojo neal

      I’ve often wondered that myself. Tho his family was very doting, apparently his parents put their foot down, trying to get him through college – Navy dads can be pretty stern (as I know personally.) Their concern and disapproval would have been unbearable to his bloated ego.
      Maybe they sensed that there was something wrong with him; maybe they saw, with an anxiety they could not hide, that they had a pathological liar on their hands. And sociopaths cannot bear to be seen through.

      “His pontifications on the family”- Oh, yeah. The man had an incredibly nasty, squalid mind. He saw only ugliness – no, I think he chose to make everything ugly. He must have thought it gave him power.

      As James (“The Amazing”) Randi said bluntly, “He was WILLFULLY evil.”

  • 10oriocookies

    Argumentum ad Vancinum!!!! Dissecting Stoopinetics is one on of my favorite parts about this blog (and the snarkiness). Thanks for making my morning transition from unconsciousness to living more enjoyable. Coffee + creamer + bunker = yummy

  • It’s depressing that so many otherwise sensible and intelligent people could have fallen for this clap-trap psychobabble. Why didn’t they think for themselves and demand proof of this exotic nonsense?

    Focusing perhaps unfairly on just one country, America; has the proportion of credulous and gullible individuals fallen in the past 60 years?

    This would seem unlikely when looking at the statistics for those who believe the Earth was formed 8,000 years ago (give or take a few thousand) and hard evidence to the contrary is dismissed as a devious plot of Satan.

    Or, as a member of the Congressional Science, Space, and Technology committee put it so succinctly ” the Theory of Evolution is a lie straight from the pit of hell”.

    I stormed off in a huff when my candidate lost to Debbie, vowing never to return, but have changed my mind and voted for Dave. He’s ‘the man’ whose leadership, demeanor and breathtaking awfulness is doing most to destroy Scientology! Though a pale simulacrum of Ron, he’s the best we’ve got and I urge readers to ensure he gets through to the finals and claim his rightful victory.


    • 1subgenius

      “Or, as a member of the Congressional Science, Space, and Technology committee put it so succinctly ” the Theory of Evolution is a lie straight from the pit of hell”.”

      I went ballistic when I first heard this.

    • sugarplumfairy

      Broun is an embarrassment.. The good news is he has a big fat mouth and he’s never had an unuttered thought.. thanks to this, chances are he’ll get creamed in 2014.. The reeeeally good news is Todd Akin is history..

    • I’m with you all the way, Andrew Robertson! If it were not for the abusive actions of David Miscavige, I would not be “out”. His abusive actions ARE why I continue to speak out, also. “Vote for Dave the Slave Master, King of Cons, and Merchant of Chaos”! 🙂

  • Del Ling

    Mike. Rinder. called. to. apologize. Something just flew by my window going ‘oink, oink!’… Good going Mike! Gerry Armstrong next?

    Choosing between Tory and the small violent guy in this context was tough (Yin and Yang anyone?), but it’s voting *for* someone, so I’m going with the person who uses smiles, humor and tries to spread empathy! 🙂

    • Gordon Freeman

      Wake me up when Rathbun admits his crimes. No, I don’t mean whatever that fucking garbage that scientologists mean when they say “admits his crimes”: I mean the actual felonies he committed in beating people, imprisoning them, torturing them, and helping to destroy lives. But no, he won’t. He’s too busy comparing Hubbard to Buddha and Hubbard’s trash sci-fi novels to the Tao te Ching.

      • Cymboli Starsong

        Holy crap that is hilarious.

  • BosonStark

    Slammed window during birth triggering resultant hostilities or “apathies” — all very Sciloontific. A slammed window probably caused 99.99% of the public to be apathetic about Dianutty too?

    Like so many things, the medical community followed Hubbard’s scientific lead and today you will not find operating rooms with windows.

    Doors are another issue and will be covered in Dianutty II, when Hubbard comes back. Send in $10,000 to reserve your copy today.

    • Observer

      Would there even be operating rooms?

      • BosonStark

        Operating rooms are only a vestige of the Evil Psychs needing a secret place to perform lobotomies. When Tom Cruise seizes control of the government, people will seek treatment at their local Org which will by then comprise one in ten public buildings. The Orgs are open to everyone.

        • Missionary Kid

          The Orgs are open to everyone, but they’re modeled on Hotel California.

    • Makes you wonder why Orange County even WANTS doors for their new ideal morgue.

  • Patty Moher

    I’m very happy about Mike Rinder’s blog. It’s a great stepping stone out of the cult for those sitting on the fence or in doubt and it’s a soft landing into the wonderful world of entheta! As the Ex head of OSA, he’s just perfect for the job. Who’d a thunk! Ex head of OSA now running blog exposing Scientology. Life is good.

    • I’ve already applied for a position there!

      I’m waiting to hear back on my CSW right now!

      (not kidding)


      • Patty Moher

        If you get the job with access to all those billions, will you please hire me as you decorator.. I have great ideas. Also, I’ll be happy to run your inaugural ball. I throw great parties.

        • Done!

        • Patty Moher

          Oh silly me, I just realized you’re cswing for the Head of OSA job. Nevermind.

          • Here’s my CSW to him:

            Welcome to the Interwebs, Mike Rinder!

            You are an excellent writer of English, Mike. And your blog is already looking very good. Just off the bat, I have to tell you that It is very impressive to me that you are promoting Jenna’s book. That speaks LIBRARIES for me.

            You may not believe me, but I would love to help make your blog a huge success.

            Especially if you really mean what you write here:

            “It is my intention to do everything I can to:’

            “Expose the abuses ongoing in the church, through this blog, other media, law enforcement and elected officials to bring the abuses to an end.’

            “Help provide information to anyone looking for the truth about the church.’

            “Provide a forum for the exchange of information.’

            As you know, I believe that the abuses in the Church can not be fully exposed without also exposing LRH’s policies and tech which bring about those abuses. I believe that “spotting Source” on these things is the ultimate therapy for those who have been abused by Scientology.

            Ultimately, because so much is hidden in Scientology, my intention is to provide the information necessary for people to make informed decisions about their own involvement in it.

            For me, that must include exposing things like LRH Network Orders and Advices (which I am sure you can help out with), the resources and capabilities of OSA (which I am sure you can also help out with), illegal and abusive acts of fair game, LRH’s true biography using first person stories of LRH such as Sarge’s, Bill Franks’, Gerry Armstrong’s, (plus many others), and the harm that standard Scientology ethics, tech and admin has caused to people.

            When I do the above in an open debate type format, with articulate and intelligent practicing Scientologists, it allows everyone to see both the good and the bad in Scientology and this raises everyone’s ability to make informed decisions about Scientology. Thus, I need a social environment like the above to achieve my purpose.

            Anything I write can be disputed, and evidence given for why I am wrong. People can decide for themselves, based on the strength of the evidence, and the reasoning with which it is presented, what to think for themselves. I can certainly be respectful of you and all the rules you have for your blog, even while being “controversial” in this manner.

            I have noticed in your writings a real desire for intellectual honesty and a respect for reasoned debate. I think your own example and promotion of that kind of behavior on your blog can be an excellent “bringer of eyeballs”. And I think it can also be a bunch of fun.

            Also, I would like to get to know you a little better. I believe that I have had very good reasons not to trust you in the past. But maybe that belief of mine is from a long gone time and has now grown false. I’m willing for that to be true, too.

            So whatdya say, Mikey Baby?

            Given the above, can you handle “Alanzo” on your blog?

            Allen Stanfield
            cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

        • FistOfXenu

          Don’t forget the monkey wall paper and a gigantic portrait of Ron.
          And an oiliness table.

        • Me too, as the Social Director! I have great ideas for the West Coast and how to Nail Int. 🙂

          • If Mike places me high enough on the Org Board, I’ll use the first Exec Council to get you in, Tory. I’ll ramrod the whole meeting to ensure it!

            Alanzo ;>

            • LOL You’re ON, Alanzo 🙂 I got rid of Richard Tinney in Clearwater, Fl (Trying to run from City commissioner to Mayor in 1979)…doing just that: Social Director type of stuff. Why not use the same abilities against this insidious organization? 🙂 Tick Tock Davey boy…..

  • Shannon

    I’ve been a follower of the Scientology controversy since I lived in a major city during the Anonymous movement in 2008… I have followed the Village Voice and now Tony’s blog coverage, among other sources. Am I the only one who has just now heard of the contentious baby/mother birth issue? I know that silent births are used because babies can get engrams which affect them for life, but I never heard that L. Ron Hubbard also said that a mother could have a similar issue back. It to me screams justification for separation of parents and child in say, sea org situations. I think that any controlling group will try to make these social separations, but is this the LRH policy then enabled that, or were they just being dicks?

    • 1subgenius

      Hubbard was a dick so its kinda hard to separate.

      • Shannon

        Definitely fair enough, I guess I’m interested in former members takes of it…

        • I could see mothers being one of their biggest headaches if they so much as got a hint of the sleep deprivation and standard malnourishment that goes on as a matter of course on staff. Seems like moms just don’t have much of a sense of humor about that sort of thing, even if you are “saving the planet.”

          • Trustmeonthis

            Indeed. And mothers often object to their teens being recruited for SO without having completed high school. It comes up again and again. Mom wants the kid to get an education and this is inconvenient.

          • Shannon

            Yeah they do work hard to separate that Parent child bond don’t they? It’s one of those things that will endure and make you say “fuck off” to anyone no matter who they are.

      • Roger Larsson

        The ones carrying a tattoo of Hubbard portraited on their butt tell the true story to the world. If it isn’t gaseous clouds coming out from his mouth it can be something heavy he’s up to.

      • Actually, per his own “Admissions” he was quite a limp Dick, at that.

  • Hubbard, master misogynist of all time.

  • FistOfXenu

    Is it me or did Hubbard maybe have a thing about parents having sex? Makes me think his father was inclined to having vigorous sex with his mom and maybe wasn’t too quiet about it. Little Ronnie’s in the next bedroom hearing the headboard bouncing off the wall and the springs squeaking and maybe his mom’s a bit noisy and he thinks “that sounds violent”. His always active imagination never was hampered by too many facts so he’s got no idea of anatomy and he imagines that if there was a baby in there it would be getting poked. Years later that image is still in his head and that’s how he writes this chapter of Diarrhetics.

    • Maybe he was knocked unconscious while his parents were doing it?

  • BosonStark

    The average 1950s husband would often slam the bedroom window shut while his wife was giving birth, same as he would before he went at her with a coat hanger. While it may not help the fetus, it saves the neighbors from a lot of re-stimulation.

    • 1subgenius

      Also raises a point about whether there are any good things people hear when they’re “unconscious.” Aren’t there any good engrams?
      (Your post made me think of closing the window so the neighbors don’t hear you having vigorous, guiltless sex. My favorite kind.)

    • Sherbet

      Don’t forget the part about being knocked out cold. We know definitively now that, during sex, birth, or failed abortions, people often got knocked to the floor and lay there, unconscious, for however long it takes for engrams to dig their little hooked misogynistic feet into a thetan’s brain. lrh believed in a whole lot of unconsciousness-knocking, remember. Slamming windows now add another piece to the 1950s puzzle o’ wackiness.

      • Observer

        Really, how great can thetans be? They’re fragile, neurotic, dysfunctional, extremely susceptible to suggestion, easily knocked unconscious, unable to work through past trauma on their own, overwhelmed by even the mildest of adversities, have no resistance to enturbulation … I’m much better off as a degraded wog.

        • FistOfXenu

          And the littlest thing can enturbulate them because even though they can communicate freely with anybody about anything it doesn’t work if somebody asks too many questions or wants to check the facts.

        • Captain Howdy

          It’s not the thetans fault. It’s the genetic entities, the body thetans and the Xenu/Macarbian implants that are to blame. Get it straight.

          • Observer

            Bah! If the thetans were half as powerful as The Great Bloviator insisted they were, they’d be able to throw all that off with no problem. Xenu should be no match for a thetan.

            • FistOfXenu

              Don’t underestimate my power!

        • Sherbet

          Oh, Observer — but they have MONEY!

          • Observer

            Well, I don’t, so I guess I can’t be one anyway. lol!

      • FistOfXenu

        No wonder Ron didn’t like sex. he was doing it wrong. Somebody should’ve told him not to get so stoned he passed out while he’s doing it.

  • CoolHand

    It seemed that Hubbard detested sex, or at least that others enjoyed it, and his aberration was definitely contagious in Scientology. Sea Org members continually would look down on people for having enjoyable sexual experiences simply because they weren’t allowed to (unless they were married, and then it was still a stretch). Hubbard wrote a bulletin called “Pain and Sex” that said the act was an ancient frequency used to enslave people, or some such shit.

    • Observer

      Judging by his Affirmations/Admissions he wasn’t very good at it, so of course he had to turn it into something that only degraded beings would enjoy.

  • “There are invisible pink unicorns at the bottom of my garden and In the full moon they come out and dance polkas.”

    “What do you mean, you can’t see them? Of course you can’t see them. They’re invisible!”

    Meanwhile the Voyager-1 spacecraft, a shining example of American technological brilliance, launched in 1977 has just left the Solar System and is still transmitting important data back to Earth.


    • sugarplumfairy

      If I sign over my condo, will you let me see your invisible unicorns?

  • FistOfXenu

    Oh yeah, and does anybody know how Ron got along with his mom and dad? Did his mom “restimulate” him? Did he hate his dad? Did they slam doors and windows a lot in his house?

    And did he think his father raped HIM just because his father had sex with his mother while she was pregnant with him?

    And staying on that subject was he building in an excuse for himself with this story, so if he decided to rape one of his own kids he could dismiss it as the kid’s engram of him having sex while his wife was pregnant?

    How much of Ron’s writing is just his own insanity projected onto the rest of the world? I guess it’s a lot.

    • Missionary Kid

      I keep saying that Ronnie was a sociopath, and as much as he tried to cover it up, his writings are clues to it.

      • Captain Howdy

        I think Miscavige is more the classic sociopath and that LRH was flat out bonkers. Hey, can we get a mental health professional for a clarification ?

        In “Bare Faced Messiah” I recall Miller writing that when LRH et al were hiding out in NYC sometimes Hubbard would go into a trance and his eyes would roll up in his head and he would start speaking in tongues.

        • Missionary Kid

          Read up on glossalia [speaking in tongues] in Wikipedia. I forgot about Miller writing about LRH doing it. To me, that doesn’t mean he was bonkers, just practicing some of the weird shit that he’d seen or heard about.

          My opinion is that LRH was a dabbler, and he also liked to put on a show so that people would think he was capable of extraordinary things.

          Dinky Mindfuck never got a chance to dabble. He spent all his youth sucking up to LRH.

          • FistOfXenu

            Maybe Ron thought if the Feds got him and the whole $cientarCONon racket went down in flames he could fake a conversion and become a holy roller. 2 birds with 1 stone. He could repent the evils of his old cult but keep making money as a ripoff artist in his new cult.

            And before anybody gets upset I’m not saying all Christianity or all religion is a con on a parr with $cientarCONon. That’s not possible and anyways I’m not here for that. I’m just saying if he wants to be a con artist in the church he has to master 2 skills, hypnosis and tongues. We know he had hypnosis down so he just needed tongues for a career move.

            • Missionary Kid

              Look at my avatar name.

              I will say that there are plenty of cons being run in the Christian community interspersed with the legitimate charities and ministries. Some of the oldest cons are the ones on late night radio, where there were pleas for money to “keep them on the air,” where a gift of a “prayer handkerchief” or “anointing oil” would be returned. The result of a donation would be getting a name on a sucker list. The cost of a 15minute or half-hour radio show late at night was minimal.

              Those have morphed into televangelists on late night cable television, where there are pleas for “Bibles for Russia” or China, or North Korea. Some are legitimate, and some are cons.

              Peter Popov, the faith healer, was exposed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson by The Amazing Randi, and he’s back on late night cable.

              Sam Kinison couldn’t take the hypocrisy of being a fire and brimstone preacher, and turned to standup.

              One of the most lucrative is the orphanage scam where the preacher flies in and hands out a bunch of branded bibles, pencils, notebooks, money for the operators, and a sign with their name on it. Pictures are taken, videos are made, and then the preacher flies home.

              The Philippines are supposedly one of the worst places, where there are supposedly competing recruiters hanging around the airport to route tourists to show off an orphanage.

              Most of these hucksters believe what they’re doing is good. They’re doing very well off their listeners/viewers.

              Pat Robertson is worth over $30 million mostly because of the sale of the Christian Broadcasting Network to ABC. He no longer calls himself a minister.

              Ron could have gotten “saved.” He’d have a great story, but he would have taken a cut in pay.

              Caveat emptor.

            • FistOfXenu

              Yeah, MK, that’s the kind of thing I had in mind. I remember you talking about your upbringing so I figured you’d know what I was talking about.

            • Missionary Kid

              I have a tolerance for legitimate charities. It’s a tolerance, because what’s often involved is a form of cultural imperialism. There’s also a matter of, as missionaries in the Far East would call it, “Rice Christians” who were Christians if you were handing out rice. That’s different than rendering aid.

              Enough of a rant. That’s probably why I dislike LRH and DM so much. I hate seeing people getting fleeced.

            • Captain Howdy

              Likey Likey ^^^

            • Casabeca

              Pat Robertson also recently responded to a letter writer that her thrift store sweater might be demon-possessed. Lots of silly and truly damaging stuff coming from some of the TV preachers.
              Caveat emptor indeed!
              PS My hubs is a PK.

            • Missionary Kid

              Robertson is silly (I’m glad to have him around: he gives televangelists a high profile bad name). Then there’s the late, great, Oral (I often refer to him as the other end of the alimentary canal) Roberts, and Jerry Lee Lewis’ cousin, Jimmy (I have SINNED) Swaggert. Those are just the old-time ones.

              Being a MK, I’m also a PK (Preacher’s Kid). I got to see how a lot of PKs lived when my dad was traveling around and preaching here in the U.S. As a PK, regardless of what the kid in the family was like – rebellious or conformist – I was always taken into their inner circle of friends as another PK. It’s an exclusive club because we all understand the pressures and scrutiny that PKs are under.

              I was lucky that I didn’t have a congregation watching me as closely as some kid in a rural community in the Midwest, but we understood each other.

    • Karen715

      That is a question I sometimes struggle with. How much of Hubbard’s work is an attempt to come to grips with his own pathologies and how much of it is a deliberate con? (There is lot’s of speculation as to what his pathologies actually were; my opinion is that he was a paranoid schizophrenic. I’m not a mental health professional, though, so take that for what it is worth.) The only answer that I can come up with is that it is both, and that the two facets are inextricably combined. And I do know, from personal experience, that it is possible to be both mentally ill, *and* an asshole.

      • Trustmeonthis

        My take is bipolar, paranoid, pathological liar. I am also not a mental health professional (ha!)

      • Missionary Kid

        I believe he never wanted to come to grips with his own pathologies. As a sociopath, he thought he was always right.
        Mentally iff and asshole fit perfectly.

      • EnthralledObserver

        Narcissistic Personality Disorder… that’s my (also not professional) guess. But it could easily be a mix of a few others plus arsehole, I shall not dismiss the probability.

    • Bob

      The interesting thing is the complete dirth of stories about Hubs mom and dad. He talked about everything else under the sun. Very strange. Did he really have a mom and dad? Or was he dropped on the planet by aliens?

      • Captain Howdy
        • Bob

          Thanks. I contend that he was delivered by aliens to his would be parents. Wikipedia does nothing to dispel that notion.

      • FistOfXenu

        Not a complete dirth. It’s just that the stories he did tell don’t really say anything and what they say is full of lies like most of the rest of what he says about his early life.

    • Mrs Libnish

      I’ve thought about this myself. Or…did he concoct the “rape theory” to get out of having to have sex with his own wife(s) while she was pregnant?

      • sugarplumfairy

        Lol.. Lrh, busted..

    • Missionary Kid

      One of the syndromes that I’ve seen in missionary kids is the one where it is too dangerous to have one’s children with them. Some kids thrive living with the grandparents or at boarding school, and some, it leaves with feelings of abandonment. I never lived away from my parents, but my sibs did.

      Reconnecting with parents can be difficult.

      LRon could be one of the latter because of the time he lived with his grandparents. I could be, too, that he started lying to create a fictional background for himself as he moved from school to school to make himself interesting.

      That’s just conjecture.

  • Skydog

    Today’s match up was a tough choice. Tory is rock star and despite all she has done to expose the lunacy of the church, Miscavige is the face of that lunacy. It helps that he bears a remarkable resemblance to Alfred E. Newman and his “what me worry” indifference to all that is right ad decent makes him the bigger SP in my opinion. Sorry Tory, you still rock.

    • No Sorry’s needed, Skydog: I’m with ya all the way! “VOTE FOR DAVE THE SLAVE MASTER AND KING OF WEASELS” …he IS the Merchant of Chaos, at least in this round. I wouldn’t be out, except for HIS abusive actions that started me waking UP. If you’re lurking and “in”: “DAVE ***IS*** the SP on your lines!

  • EnthralledObserver

    It really hurt to vote against Tory… she’s such a darling and been hitting CO$
    where is hurts for years, but you just cannot trump the absolute idiocy of this
    man micro-managing this ‘church’ to its death.

    These parts about Mother and Baby that Tony quoted are the bits I’d like to
    slap in the face of Marty Rathbun and ilk where I demand to know just how many
    babies he’s birthed, or witnessed birthed, or raised from newborn. No matter
    how many ‘revisions’ of this book have been done since, this fucking lunacy
    came from his hero’s ‘brilliant’ mind… and it alone speaks volumes. What a
    fucking crackpot, chauvinistic, selfish and damaged dropkick! How can Marty
    possibly endorse anything this man wrote, let alone revere him??

    Mike’s new blog is marginally interesting… will keep an eye on it.

    • 1subgenius

      He’s got a little project exposing the idle org scam that I’ll be watching. I already sent some info on Detroit.

      • EnthralledObserver

        Yeah, that’s what I found interesting too. I hope there are more such articles to keep an eye on there.

    • EnthralledObserver: Don’t feel like you’re “Voting against me”….as you are not. You are voting FOR **the** Merchant of Chaos, and DM IS that!~ I would NOT be out…except for his abusive, creepy actions. (and the help from some *great* friends). FU DM: “Vote for Weasel DAVE” 🙂

      • EnthralledObserver

        Hey, Tory! Yes, I know precisely what you mean… I just feel like you are doing a fantastic job chipping away at the CO$ yourself, so I hate to knock you from the comp at this stage, that’s all. Up against another your efforts would have taken you further, but I know Demented Midget is going to end up only second to LRonny hisself if not trump him.

        Gawd I wish I could meet up with you in person… you seem so fun. *girly fan moment* 😀

    • Mrs Libnish

      Marty wrote recently that he recalled being subjected to electroshock therapy while in the womb. Family members confirmed that his mother, while being treated for mental instability, did receive shock therapy while pregnant. His mother subsequently committed suicide when he was 5. So, I don’t think you are going to get him to budge on that one. The only reason he posted this on his blog is because dumbass Mismannage released Marty’s PC files for a little round of black PR. Whether this was true or not and maybe he heard the adults talking when he was younger and filed it away in his subconscious….I have no idea.

      • sugarplumfairy

        my mother once ate liver and onions while I was in the womb.. And then went to a Barry Manilow concert.. I still haven’t forgiven her sorry butt..

        • FistOfXenu

          Liver and onions I can understand but BARRY MANILOW? What kind of woman would do that to her unborn baby? Did you report her to the authorities yet? When you’re ready to sue ask here about a good lawyer.

        • Davka

          Well said, SPF. (except for Barry Manilow – him I could take or leave 😉

        • That’s unfair, as her behavior was caused by restimulated engrams from her own childhood.

          Having to wear a purple gingham pinafore and a pink cardigan to school even in the hottest weather and being forced to listen to her mother’s incessant playing of both Liberace and the Mantovani Cascading Strings recordings on the gramophone.


          • sugarplumfairy

            You obviously know nothing about the fashion sense of little girls.. A purple gingham dress and a pink sweater would be first choice any day.. Ok, second choice.. Anything with a tiara would be first..

      • EnthralledObserver

        I don’t believe he ‘remembered’ the shock treatment… prob was some random memory/imagination that happened to match with the reality of what his mother received that was confirmed for him. I just don’t believe it’s possible. But yes, I know the story, but thanks for pointing it out again.

  • sugarplumfairy

    I adore you, Tory, and you’ve done an amazing job of exposing the lies and abuses of co$.. But miscabbage forced his executives to play musical chairs to Queen.. I’m sorry, Tory.. There’s just no topping that..

    • Captain Howdy

      You’re absolutely correct, and the fact that people are voting with their heads and not their hearts today has enabled me to vote and not spend the rest of the day feeling guilty. Thanks everybody.

      • Thanks, Captain Howdy—-I’m totally cool w/ peeps voting for “Dave”…as he IS THE Merchant of Chaos…certainly in this round. They (C of $/OSA) would love to have me win. I’m happy he that’s the truth 🙂 Love you…never feel guilty…it’s ALL wasted energy! Love you, CH 🙂 TLC

        • Captain Howdy

          Actually I would have voted for McSavage but I saw that he was going to win so I voted for you so I could claim the moral high ground in my head.

    • sugarplumfairy—-thank you! I agree with you, 100%! “Vote for TD Dave” 🙂

  • Observer

    As much as it pains me, I ended up voting for Termite Queen Davey. He’s wreaking havoc on Scn from the inside in a way that no outsider can possibly match. Tory is positive and constructive; DM Is negative and destructive, and destruction is always much faster than construction.

    I still wanted to vote for Tory though. 🙁

    • Thanks, Observer! Fear not…I’m with ALL who “Vote for Dave” ROTFLOL!~ As I’ve said since I saw I’d be up against David Miscavige, first off, that alone is hysterical to me. Secondly, no question HE should “Win”. I’m OUT Because of David Miscavige and his abuses I observed. That IS what *started* my waking up. “Vote for Dave” LOL! He IS *the* Merchant of Chaos….certainly he’s done far more damage to $cientology. I’m an educator—he’s a weak, slimy, true merchant of Chaos who gets off on F*** people Up. To Lurkers: He IS the “SP” on your lines. Love you ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

      • Sandy

        Ms Magoo. You are magnificent.

  • FistOfXenu

    So I’m reading these comments and with what people are saying, I’m amazed Debbie Cook beat LRH. After all Ron’s batshit craziness and pigshit stupidity and destructiveness is the heart and soul of all that makes $cientarCONon really suck. Without Ron DM would be another nobody. He’d have no evil to unleash on the world and there’d be no $cientarCONon for SMERSH to damage. How did Ron lose? He created $cientarCONon to implode.

    If we use today’s arguments we should’ve ended up voting between L Ron Humptydumpty and David “He Is Not Insane!” Miscavige, but that can’t happen now.

    We should push the restart button.

    • Dave was behind it all along. This should clear it up.


      When I say that, I don’t mean this is not real fiction, I
      mean IT IS NOT REAL!

      Well not that I know of anyway.

      The Xanu Plan

      Ron discovered the means to the
      end of MEST entrapment. For 36 years he pride and coaxed the secrets out of the
      universe. He naïvely believed he was the first and only one to see through the
      veil. Unbeknownst to Ron, Xenu had been working toward these very same
      discoveries some 75,000,030 years earlier. Now trapping Xenu and leaving him
      alive was the biggest fubar ever made in the all of evertime! Leaving Xenu with
      nothing to do but develop this science to a height that all the great minds
      that ever were and ever will be combined, excepting Xenus of course, could ever
      even hope to rival. So by the time Ron came up with a dim understanding of
      these techs, Xenu had mastered them to beyond what beings might consider
      perfection. Making Ron seem like a mere embryo infused with engrams.

      Xenu, even though he could not
      escape his prison physically, found he could project his thoughts beyond the
      electronic barriers of his prison. He mastered his mind science, practiced his
      thought control projection, starting with lizards and, controlling his way up
      the food chain, started introducing controlling thoughts to man.

      Xenu kept a close eye on Rons
      timetrack and after 75,000,000 years he saw his chance when the personality Ron
      entered was filled of the ego and the fear of rejection in just the right
      combination that would make him perfect puppet material. Xenu using thought
      control nudges gave Ron the ability to be somewhere and do great deeds without
      Ron even having to be there or having done that. Xenu was finally enacting the
      plan he’d been working on against his ancient nemesis.

      For 39 years Xenu nudged this
      amazing feat and that exciting place into Rons head. Then at just the right
      moment Xenu nudged Ron the Engram discovery! Ron was titillated that he had
      happened upon this amazing, never before even come close to, discovery! Xenu
      and his clones slaped each other on the back and laughed. After this Xenu
      nudged Ron into a discovering frenzy. Xenu was heading a mass mind manipulation
      that would eventually come to light and Ron, his ancient nemesis, would be seen
      as the perpetrator.

      Now anyone with any true knowing,
      knows that an OT can clone her/him self. Well Xenu had been cloning for
      millions of years. This is something over looked by the prison builders all
      those many years ago. An idea had come upon Xenu as he cloned and it proved to
      be an epiphany. Xenu cloned and cloned and cloned until the entire prison was
      jam packed full of clones. So full not one more clone would fit in the prison.
      Standing room only. Then Xenu cloned again! Nothing known to any race of any
      time can keep an OT from cloning. So the clone was cloned and the only place
      the clone could come into existence was of course outside the prison! The clone
      of Xenu was finally out! No one knew, except Xenu of course through his mastery
      of the mind science that clones are in actuality roaming Thetans, and thus can
      attach to a newborn body. Well Clone Xenu looked around in his far seeing
      OTness and spotted a newborn in the right time and place that would be ideal for
      furthering his schemes.

      On April 30,1960 (Clone Xenu)
      David Miscavige was born to two very concerned parents, because not two minutes
      after he was born and handed to his mother, he punched her in the face! Well
      Clone Xenu had not counted on this -Clone in a body- side effect, but quickly
      realized it was the nature of the beast in the body syndrome. Clone Xenu also
      realized that the punching of someone in the face acted as a release for the
      pent up energy the beast in the body would generate, and took it all in stride.
      Besides he kind of liked it.

      Now it’s not known to many but if
      one were to ask Ron to timetrack back 75,000,000 million years to the time he
      trapped Xenu, he would tell you Xenu wasn’t all that tall, not really tall at
      all, about 5 feet from head to toe, but quite muscular. Well Clone Xenu David
      grew up just like that, although David was just a bit shorter I believe. That
      did nothing at all to deter, discourage or dissuade him from gleefully punching
      faces. His sister would steal his doll, punch in the face! His mother would
      forget to give him two choices for breakfast, punch in the face! A girl at
      Clear Water would smile at him, punch in the face! Ron told him you are off
      cameraman position, swing and a miss! (Ron was the only one he ever missed by
      the way).

      Now towards the end Ron started
      to realize that there was something odd going on. He never really quite figured
      it out because it had been with him all his life, but when he recalled the
      OTIII material it just seemed he was recalling Xanu a bit taller than should be
      and he(Ron) a bit shorter. He seemed to be looking up to Xanu. Was that right
      or was it the rum and cokes he’d had that morning? Who knew? “Messenger, get me
      another rum and coke, go easy on the coke, and you light my kool.” He had
      almost had it there. But not.

      Meanwhile back off the ranch,
      Clone Xanu David was preparing his seat of power with an occasional punch in
      the face every few hours. “Sir the Org didn’t 5.4x their in-ethic this month!
      What do you want done?” punch in the face!

      It is a little known fact that no
      two Thetans can occupy the same place at the same time. It is an even lesser
      known fact that a Thetan and a Thetan Clone CAN occupy the same place at the
      same time.

      Then in 1986 Ron dropped the body
      and began OTIX training out near Mercury. To Xenus immense delight once Ron
      dropped the body and became a Space Thetan it was even eaiser to nudge thought
      into his head. Xenus Thetan Think, urged Ron to the events leading up to the
      termination of the barriers that were his prison walls. By 1987 Ron and a few
      OTVIIIs that had dropped the body, using the OTIX tech, created solar flare
      electromagnetic pulses that disrupted the electronic prison barrier and Xanu
      was free at last!

      Xenu went straight away to Gold
      Base and occupied the same space, Clone Xenu David was occupying. The only
      noticeable difference to those around Xenu David was that he started punching
      people in the face twice as much. Oh and he needed a third again as much income
      as he had been taking in before. He was eating for three now after all.

      • Captain Howdy

        Davey should get you to write OT IX.

        • Lol that reminds me of (Oh Brother Where Art Thou) “Pays you to sing into his can huh? How much he pay?”

    • Captain Howdy

      I was shocked to see Cook beat LRH. But it was on a weekend and I wasn’t around. I have an alibi.

      • FistOfXenu

        Alibi? HA! That won’t help you. WHAT ARE YOUR WITHHOLDS?

        • Captain Howdy

          I don’t have any withholds. I’m part of that 47% that Mittens goofed the floof on.

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            Missed Withholds of NOthing? That’s even worse, Cap’n.

      • Sherbet

        This is a hoot: Tony started the SMERSH tourney for fun, and the Bunker echoes with the sounds of disagreement as we clobber one another over the choices. This IS fun!

        • FistOfXenu

          Clobber each other? I thought it was all innocent good fun. I didn’t know we were supposed to audition to be DM’s successor.

          • Sherbet

            Wait — I have to start playing Queen for musical chairs. Hang on.

            • FistOfXenu


              YOU!! SLAP HER AS HARD AS YOU CAN!

              You know, maybe it's a side effect of free air but I just can't go there. You can have the job Sherbet.

            • Sherbet

              Fist, when you describe the perks that come with the job, who WOULDN’T want to be the Pseudo-Pope of the Unholy Alleged Church of Scientolonuts?

            • FistOfXenu

              Okay then, it’s yours.
              Please don’t gang-bang sec-check me! Please don’t! PLEASE!

            • Sherbet

              Oh, you wish.

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist
          • Captain Howdy

            “I didn’t know we were supposed to audition to be DM’s successor.”

            Yes, this is a competition and the winner shall receive this beautiful trophy, ‘The Palm de Slappy”

            • noseinabk

              From Slappy is a ventriloquist’s dummy that comes to life when the words “Karru marri odonna loma molonu karrano”, which means “You and I are one now.

            • Awwwwwwwwww shucks! Now that changes things….I want “The Palm de Slappy” 🙂 Now I feel like ALL the peeps who write to me saying they want an “SP Declare”. I always tell them: “Make one up: that’s ALL $cientology does anyways”. = D

  • In my biased opinion, LRH is one if the most disturbed, psychotic and utterly cruel bastards ever to exist.

    • FistOfXenu

      You’re not biased, you’re observant. And somehow we’ve voted like a bunch of indies and removed LRH from this contest already. Truth is he really is Source when you’re talking about the evil and sickness in $cientarCONon. And he’s Source of it’s destruction.

      • 1subgenius

        He shouldn’t be in it. The premise is “…who’s doing….”
        Present tense.

        • FistOfXenu

          Ron’s very present tense. His writing is still unalterable scripture even though DM’s altering the hell out of it and even though not all $cientarCONonists follow DM they ALL follow Ron. And Ron is still the anchor of the fundie $cientologists of the indie movement. And a lot of people still put up with DM’s bullshit because they’re afraid they’ll be lose their eternity by being cut off from Ron’s horseshit. And it’s Ron’s policies especially fair game and disconnection and Ron’s inventions the Sea Org and GO/OSA that keep tearing $cientarCONon apart. They prove how $cientology is Teh Crazy no matter who’s in the big boy’s chair, and without them DM wouldn’t have the biggest weapons he uses to keep wrecking the cult. To top all that off, if you go here

          you can see that L Ron Humptydumpty is what makes steps 4-10 work. What I mean is that for a person to REALLY leave $cientology all the way and not just get stuck in Rathbunlandia they have to look at Ron. It’s really understanding Ron that make you take the whole journey out.

          I know why you say what you did 1sub, but I don’t think you can stick him in the past like that. LRH wasn’t just the big bang that created $cientology’s fairyland, he’s also the big suck that’ll collapse it again.

          • Sidney18511

            I agree with you FOX. I remember LRH was number 1 a while back when tony did something similar while at VV. I remember the indies were SHOCKED, just SHOCKED that their beloved LRH was at the top of the list.

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            Hub the Hoover

            love it

          • Missionary Kid

            Amen. Arnie’s got it right.

          • That was not true for my, FistOfXenu: I left because of the abuses and insanities of David Miscavige (and no, I’m not an Indie–I’m just telling you how it went down, FOR ME. I didn’t even learn about Hubbard’s abuses and lies until I’d escaped OUT. So for me, yes, Hubbard IS “Source”…but “Dave the Slave Master” is crushing this organization at a rate never seen when L Ron was alive. However, without “Ron’s writings”…would we be having this discussion or game? I doubt it. So it IS tricky. I still say, in this round: “Vote for Dave” 🙂 I love saying that! He IS *the* Merchant of Chaos, certainly in this round. Love 2 ALL 🙂

            • FistOfXenu

              I know you’re no indie, Tory. And I was lurking on ARS when you left so I’ve been reading bits and pieces of your story since the beginning. But after you came out how did you go from blaming everything on Raving Dave to seeing Ron as Source of Teh Crazy? And how quick did you do it?

              Don’t answer if you don’t want but I’ve always wondered because it seemed like you got to that End Of Process pretty fast.

              EDIT – sorry Tory, too late. I voted for you already.

            • FistOfXenu

              I just tried to reverse my vote and it won’t let me. It just says my votes’s already counted. Sorry again Tory. 🙂

            • Don’t be sorry, FirstOfXenu….Daveyboy Should win this round: He IS the Merchant of Chaos!~

            • I had the **great** good fortune of escaping out into the hands of Jesse Prince, Stacy Brooks, and Bob MInton and TONS of Critics, including Andreas, of course— all who “brought me up to speed” rather quickly on things I did not know. I’ll always be thankful for those friends who helped me, way back then…as well as ALL who have helped me since. 🙂

            • Bob

              Yes. Dave is certainly source on abuse, excessive waste, cruelty, fear, lies and exploitation for his own super power trip.

        • stillgrace

          In LRH’s case, it’s the smear he left behind, that keeps on “doing”.

          • Missionary Kid

            Smear is too polite. 😀

            • FistOfXenu

              Try “skidmark” – but I bet DM will hate that nickname.

            • Missionary Kid

              That’s what I had in mind. 😉

            • FistOfXenu

              Happy to oblige. 😉

  • Your almost up to where i stopped reading Dianetics.Now i’m going to have to finish it, but at least it’s only a chapter or two a week.

    • FistOfXenu

      Be careful there George. If something in the book starts to make sense PUT IT DOWN! Go for a walk and talk to a normal person for a few minutes until the fog clears. If you wait til your ears and eyes start bleeding it’s too late.

  • SandiCorrena

    This March Madness business is stressful; Tory is the Queen of Hearts in this movement and it would be so fun to design a SMERSH tiara for her that she could wear at the protests….but against the one of the nastiest, evilest, vilest pieces of work on the planet?? grrrrrrrr

    • FistOfXenu


    • stillgrace

      A SMERSH tiara??! What a great idea! Maybe we could design one for her anyway?

      • Trustmeonthis

        Totally! There’s no rule saying we can’t.
        I want an SP bracelet too. Why should the clears get all the good swag?

        • Missionary Kid

          How about the $cion cross with a big red circle and slash over it, meaning “No $cientology” with the phrase, “I love” or “I love Xenu or I love under it?

          We can even have a cheer:
          Let’s all enturbulate.

          • Trustmeonthis

            I’m envisioning something much more classic – a simple medallion with “SP” in Davey’s fave scriptey font, on a burly chain that a man could proudly wear. Basically a knockoff of the Clear bracelet (and at a fraction of the price!)
            Although, if you want to do Xenu (or Tony Ortega and Ron) merch, don’t let me stop you! (In fact, let me know where to order.)

            • Love both: The simple medallion with “SP” in Davey’s fave scriptey font and you could have a girly chain for girls, the burly chain for guys AND the SP Bracelets, too! This is a must-do-and we can sell them and use the profits to help w/ legal funds. 🙂 Any designers up for it? My suggestion is we vote on the designs. Thank you ALL 🙂 PS: Love the idea of SMERSH Tiara, too 🙂 You all are, thankfully, way tooooo fun 🙂

          • FistOfXenu

            I’m already feeling the love.

            • Missionary Kid

              My only problem would be keeping Co$ from harassing and suing the crap out of me.

        • SandiCorrena

          I would LOVE to do that, I don’t know how but I wish I did! I know I covet a SP bracelet too!

    • ROTFLOL! Love that, SandiCorrena 🙂 I’m proud to be up against this moron. He IS why I left. “Vote for Dave the Slave Master” 🙂

      • SandiCorrena

        I wish I had the skill to design one on the computer; why oh why don’t I have a pagent connection…….You are the Queen of Hearts Tory!

  • whingeybingey

    I voted for Tory because she is actively working against Scientology and helping save lives while Miscavige is crushing people and bleeding them dry. It’s like lauding a mafia don for the mafia’s unpopularity. I support the courage of the defector every time.

    • Observer

      I’m not lauding him. My vote is an indictment of his stupidity and incompetence.

      • Amen, Observer!

      • whingeybingey

        Yes, lauding is the wrong word.

    • Thanks, whingeybingey! I appreciate your very kind words…what more can I say? I do. I still think “Dave” should “win” As THE Merchant of Chaos. Tony already did one (posted above by FistOfXenu) for the top 25 people most destructive to Scientology–and I am, along w/ tons of other “noisy ExScientologists” #14! I’ll always be proud of *that*. Even this is amazing………me vs “Dave”? LOLOLOL! I love it. 🙂 Thanks!

      • whingeybingey

        Yes, you do have a lot to be proud of, Tory! You are a huge thorn in their side! : ) I am proud of you, too.

        • Thanks, whingeybingey—-! As I’ve said many times: “Your local, Friendly SP!”
          I try…I really do. They MADE ME into an “SP”. Now…I just work to do what they taught me
          to do: Keep my stats UP. ((Grin)) 🙂 Tory/Magoo

          • whingeybingey

            Lol!! Well, you are in power as the local, friendly SP!! VVVVVVVVVVVWD!!

  • Missionary Kid

    Since my parents were born a little earlier than LRH, I find his misogyny to be almost natural for someone of his generation, but that attitude varied tremendously in society. Please note that I said almost, because what I see in his writings are the basic characteristics of what I could call a sociopath: a very mechanistic view of other people.

    In his world, emotions are always caused by specific events, instead of possibly other factors, like adopting the attitudes of one’s parents or the people or society around a person.

    His writings have us wondering what events triggered his attitudes, when I think they’re just a manifestation of his being a sociopath.

    LRH the sociopath was followed by another one who didn’t have his charm: DM.

    • Trustmeonthis

      I agree with the sociopath/seeing others as mechanistic, but Elron does drip with a special loathing for women. Check out the Affirmations for more… for starters.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Hub was terrified of being found out as insane. Dianetics/Scientology was his unholy grail to cure himself mentally and physically. I thought he blamed his mother for both. He was born extreme preemie, sickly very young. I have my own pet theories on what he may have suffered from which would have started showing up symptom wise in his teens, which is what happened with Ron.. His mother was a teacher, and worked with a child welfare agency a short while, and I speculate that in his teens when she took him to various doctors with all his sudden physical and mental symptoms, she may not have had a correct diagnose or any, but I believe she Knew her son had serious problems. Naturally, this meant that the Hub Had To discredit her in any and every way and blame for his troubles. Father was away more and distant when home, so he was a hero, until he got wise along with the rest of the family who didn’t particularly recognize the Ron they knew growing up. Ron never looked back again or visited and didn’t even stop for his mother’s funeral.

        [His story of himself reads like that of an orphan who has invented his own way in the world. One of his lovers later said that he told her that his mother was a whore and a lesbian, and that he had found her in bed with another woman. His mistress also admitted, “I never knew what to believe.”]

        Wright, Lawrence (2013-01-17). Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief (p. 23). Knopf. Kindle Edition.

        [Her death was probably something of a sore point with Ron. He had had very little contact with his family since 1945 and had to be browbeaten by his Aunt Toilie into attending the funeral. His other aunt Marnie later recalled:
        “He organized the burial, ordered the stone, paid all the expenses and made arrangements for a man from the Church of Scientology to come up and accompany the body with Hub and Toilie to the funeral in Helena. Then he flew back to England from Bremerton. I thought he should have stayed for the funeral. I don’t know what could have been so pressing that he had to get back to England.”] [Russell Miller, interview with Marnie Roberts] Chris Owen, Hubbard’s Autobiography

        Picture of his mother holding Ron, looks sweet. Contrast w/pic of him with his father.


        • Trustmeonthis

          Fascinating stuff. Thanks, THDNE.

      • Missionary Kid

        Yeah, you’re right. Elron probably had much more experience with women than his successor. He grew up in a male-dominated society, and he learned to manipulate and discard many of them before he ever came up with Dianutty. Look at the many affairs he had when married.

        I think the funniest story was when his wife discovered outgoing letters to two different women and
        switched the envelopes.

        Elron’s modus operandi was to charm women, then move on when they got wise to him.

        Most of the womanizers that I know don’t have much regard for women. I think his loathing was the combination of the worst of his generation’s misogyny and his sociopathic attitude.

        I doubt the DM had much experience with women before becoming Dwarfenfurer. It would be interesting to see if he’s substituted another woman for Shelly.

  • I have pasted a couple of goof stories on here but I do have
    something to ask about that isn’t for making light of things.

    All these PRF housing
    facilities and the facilities where the children are held and homed, do they
    have any type of funding built up or saved in that facilities banking accounts,
    or are they dependent upon the church for funds to feed the kids? Funds to pay
    utilities? Funds that are brought in by the people there?

    When the church falls and the lords that be cut and run, won’t
    there be all these splinters all over that still have children, youth and
    adults that still need to survive where they are at? It seems that when it all
    comes tumbling down it will get worse before it gets better with all these poor
    folks stuck and the income they survive on cut off if at this time they are
    dependent on the central church for that income.

    I don’t know how these places work their support system but
    from what I have read it doesn’t seem like the central church is going to have
    too much lying around that these places have access to.

    • jojo neal

      That’s a good question. What happens to SO members when it all collapses? All the assets that can be found will probably be seized and tied up in the courts. Meanwhile there’s x number of little kids and adults too, with no place to go and no means of support.
      Any ideas on this? (I’m thinking , the taxpayers will be picking up the tab, as usual.)

      • Ze Moo

        They go on welfare, food stamps and medicaid and then they retrain and enter society. I just hope they don’t go indie and set up their own alien exorcism business. The con has to stop some day.

        • FistOfXenu

          So that’s what Rathbun’s doing? Keeping himself off welfare? Here I thought he was just hanging onto L Ron Humptydumpty. I would’ve been more sympathetic if I’d realized he was looking out for us tax payers.

      • And many of them are visitors to these shores. I imagine the first thing they’ll want is for someone to give them back their passports.

      • Captain Howdy

        It depends on what country they’re in. In the U.S they could apply for TANF (temporary assistance for needy families), food stamps, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Red Cross (?) and last but not least..they could SUE. Survivors of the Peoples temple did and they won. I knew one man in S.F who recieved millions, but he lost 28 family members in the process.

        • jojo neal

          Temple survivors sued? I didn’t know that. Oh, how exciting things could get.

  • Ze Moo

    No contest, Miscavige though his micromanaging endless demands for money and mass SP declares and just plain nastiness has done more to downsize and kill CO$ then anyone. I would buy Tory beers (or any other libation) and chicken wings and enjoy talking to her. Its not a popularity contest, its who is doing the most damage. Tory’s vids on youtube are a must see for anyone researching CO$.

    Dirretics is the psychobabble of the penis envy, potty training, sex is behind every problem in the world philosophy. There is a jewish mother joke here some where, but I don’t want to single out jewish mothers. Apparently, all mothers do this. No wonder Lron drove all his wives and children away, they were the source of all his problems. Talk about projection…….

    • Sherbet

      Well said, Ze Moo.

  • Espiando

    I love you to death, Tory. Because of Chicago, because of your escape, because of your status as Old-School Troll, and because you became a guiding light to those of us behind the mask when we most needed it. But you just ran into a buzzsaw. The Malignant Dwarf is the definition of SP. He is a walking, talking, breathing Demiurge Of Destruction for CoS. All of the humiliations of the past five years can be directly traced to him, his teeny-tiny little fists, and his interpretation of Hubbard’s mindscrew. He is SMERSH at its most lethal. He is attempting to fulfill the actual meaning of SMERSH’s name, “Death To Spies”, and in the process, he’s eliminating everyone but himself from the picture. He has to get my vote.

    Congrats to Mike on getting his blog up and running. Something that Hubbard missed is that if you want to advance a science, it’s better if the functions of theoretician and technician are separated. Hubbard tried to be both, and look at the mish-mash we got. In the Indie world, we now have a separation of function. Marty is the theoretician, trying to find ways to integrate other philosophies into his weltanschauung. Mike is the nuts-and-bolts guy, as he’s always been. Even when he was on the other side, I had a sneaking admiration for him. What he did to John Sweeney was…well, it was evil, but it unapologetically evil and brilliant in its own twisted way. Now that he’s on the right side, I hope that Rinder shows up again, because it’s good to have a Magnificent Bastard on your side.

    Today’s adventure into engrams with Vance was pretty personal for me, and a great illustration of why I could never do Dianetics auditing. I need to get personal on this, and I apologize in advance: I was adopted at birth. My birth mother was 18 and unmarried, at a time when this wasn’t socially acceptable, especially with Catholics (her residence on my birth certificate was the local Catholic halfway house for unwed mothers at the time). I was informed that I was adopted when I was five, and my parents had a habit of using this as a weapon against me when I misbehaved. Can you imagine the sheer quantity of stimulated engrams that I’d have? Honestly, I think Karen or Marty or any other Class XII would probably throw their hands up in the air in defeat if they tried to audit me. And they’re the honest ones. The amount of money that I’d have to spend for any CoS auditor to crack my case could probably buy me a small third-world country. Which, thinking about it, is what DM would probably use that money for…

    • Missionary Kid

      I’m sorry about your parents using your adoption against you.

      One of my children is adopted. I walked into the room when I heard his brother (let’s call him John) sneer at “Sam” in the middle of an argument, “You’re adopted.”

      What came out of my mouth then, from where, I don’t know, was, “If I had to choose between you, I couldn’t. I love you both differently because you’re different people. But “John” I want you to know that I chose “Sam.”

      • Trustmeonthis

        Good job, dad!

        • jojo neal

          What she said. ^^^^^

          • Missionary Kid


        • Missionary Kid

          Thanks, it was my mouth, no, perhaps my heart working, and not my brain. I surprised myself.
          One thing I was really proud of my parents (who were born before LRH) is that they never treated my adopted son differently. That was somewhat untypical of their generation.

    • Captain Howdy

      Great comment. Not to sure about the “Magnificent Bastard’ part though. Rinder reminds me of one of those Limey/Aussie guys they use on infomercials, hoping the accent will bedazzle the ladies. He oozes oiliness to me.

      • Espiando

        When I used Magnificent Bastard, I was thinking more in terms of Rommel vis-a-vis Patton via George C. Scott. He’s a guy you really want to have on your side, because we’ve seen what happens when he isn’t.

        As for the oiliness, that’s just natural due to his position for so long as the main mouthpiece for a highly dubious organization. You have to become that way, if only to suppress the doubts. Besides, his level of oiliness should be shouted from the rooftops as a success story for Scientology. He’s definitely in touch with that particular perceptic.

        • Captain Howdy

          The Rommel thing I can understand. Rinder was really good at his “job”. He still reminds me of Richard Dawson circa ‘Family Feud”.

          • Espiando

            These days, Mike’s more Richard Dawson in Hogan’s Heroes.

      • He IS one of those Limey/Aussie guys, and his oiliness does bedazzle the ladies.

        • Captain Howdy

          : )

    • “The Malignant Dwarf is the definition of SP. He is a walking, talking, breathing Demiurge Of Destruction for CoS” I couldn’t agree with you MOAR, Espiando!

  • Artoo45

    I feel like a traitor, but I had to go with the Tiny Tyrant™. He is the living embodiment of Source turned up to 11. The man is a footbullet Uzi. He must have Kevlar loafers or he wouldn’t be able to walk at this point. Tory wouldn’t even have anything to do with her free time if it weren’t for this terribly disturbed little man. And that’s just the snark talking. The real cost? The body count, the lives ruined and money lost? A distinctly American tragedy that Shakespeare himself would recognize instantly. The awesome Magooski has her own style and flies free, a true SMERSH must live in an underground bunker.

    • Captain Howdy

      Wunderful, wunderful ^^^

    • No traitor in voting for Tiny Tyrant. “Vote for Weasel Dave”…..he IS the Merchant of Chaos, at least in this round, for sure. 🙂 I love you all….have no fear on this one, please. xxx Tory/Magoo

  • wannabeclear

    I have only one thing to say today: Thank you for reading Dianetics, so I don’t have to…

    • mouseyhair

      Exactly my thoughts!!

  • V for Vacation

    Question for Ex-Scns: How many Scientologists (in the last 20-30 years?) actually read Dianetics? If I went into my local Org today or 10 years ago out of curiosity, and ended up signing up for a course to help me with a “bad relationship” or “communication” problems I was having at work or whatever — if I’m put on the course-taking track with the eventual goals of becoming Clear and OT, do I ever have to crack open Dianetics? I’m curious how important it is, since Scientology was sort of invented to replace it in some ways? How many current or new Scientologists are ever going to hear about this toxic mother-child relationship, and all the other zaniness in Dianetics?

    Hubbard was such a looney-toon sociopath, it’s amazing that new nuggets keep coming up to disgust and amaze us. In trying to pick apart this whole childbirth engram nonsense, and wondering which of his mental/social problems might be responsible for these ideas (slamming windows, silent births, sex-traumatized fetuses), I think Hubbard was just obsessed with any and all kinds of “power” in general, but in particular any kind of “power” that he couldn’t master himself, or access at all, take from others, etc. He was obviously jealous of and enraged by any bond between mother and child that he felt he couldn’t be apart of, control, or create for himself… so naturally he has to try to destroy it. No one and nothing is ever allowed to garner any attention, or be more special or precious than himself or anything he personally created.

  • Trustmeonthis

    If you guys think this is a tough choice, peep tomorrow’s matchup!

  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC have thousands of engrams caused by Tony Ortega screwing us as we hang on for dear life.

    And yes, we in RTC get keyed in every time we read this blog, especially when Vance Woodward joins Ortega to create a contagion of aberration. We in RTC usually need several intensives of auditing to handle these ceaseless attacks on our religion and reputation.

    It is much worse on COB RTC David Miscavige because he is such a compassionate thetan. COB asks Tony Ortega and everyone else here to please just listen to thew words of this song in order to understand how COB feels:

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Oops. You must be PTS and riddled with crimes. You made a mistake! This is how COB feels video (and compassionate as hell):

    • sugarplumfairy

      “We in RTC have thousands of engrams caused by Tony Ortega…”

      Here’s to many, many more..

  • Eric J

    Why is everyone so upset at Miscavige? He’s doing exactly what needs to be done, being a bad leader who is shredding the church down to smaller sizes. I believe and pray CoS will eventually become what it naturally is- a black magic occult. The stuff that works in Scientology is the same stuff that works in other black magic occults which is namely hypnosis. Of course I’m not sure other black magic occults are as abusive as CoS but hey, whatever! I will never be interested in learning dark magic and if I ever was I wouldn’t learn it from L Ron Nutty!

  • Unex Skcus

    So tempted to vote for Tory. She heard a polite voice of reason (Andreas), then reasoned freely herself, left Co$, and now offers kind reason of her own. However, Miscavige is “the gift that keeps on giving” – to the failure of Co$ that is. So DM it is today.

    • Thanks, Unes Skcus…I AGREE 🙂 Davey boy IS “the gift that keeps on giving” re screwing C of $ AND Showing it. Thanks for your kind thoughts 🙂

      • Unex Skcus

        You’re most welcome. In Aus, you’re what we’d call “a lady” – and mean it. Cheers, Max.

        • Awww…thanks, Max. 🙂 My Mom would be ***so*** proud to hear you say that! 🙂

  • aquaclara

    I’m mad. It’s no fair asking us to vote for Tiny Fists for ANYTHING. If he wins, he’ll want a big fat tasteless hunk of metal to hang around his neck in recognition of his victory.
    Karen Pouw will spin the “win” into something only she could mangle,like this. “See, all good citizens who have enjoyed their experience in Scientology still consider the fearless leader the ONE inspired leader to vote for.” Shiny pictures will show up with very big capital letters boasting to the world that Davey has achieved victory and cleared a building.
    And the lawyers of all that is illegal will take this into evidence, citing Miscavage’s sacred religious influence over the world as the reason why every sneaky file not yet shredded in the vast archives of Big Blue should be kept confidential FOREVER.
    Then, sadly for all those still “in” that we would like to see out will have to use up all of next week’s miserly alotment of an allowance to purchase REAL imitation versions of the new Miscabby Medal of Victory over the evil SPs.
    It’s just not fair.

  • Francois Tremblay

    Looking at the tournament as it’s been going so far, I think this is gonna come down to whoever wins the upcoming Miscavige v Anonymous (WWP) match. I mean, it’s inevitable. We all know these are the only two real contenders here. That’s the match we all want to see.

    Coming on 03/27!

  • jensting

    Sorry Tory, but David “he is NOT insane!” is tough competition.
    Great for Mike Rinder that he’s writing a blog. I always thought that he should write more 🙂

    • Davey boy is ONLY “Tough competition” with himself. We all KNOW and SEE and Feel his suppression, daily. We can joke about “Merchants of Chaos”..but they (starting with “Dave”) take it VERY Seriously, and it is NOT good, ever. So for he to “win”, as THE Merchant of Chaos…is fair. As I said, jensting, Dave has done MOAR to destroy the organization known as the “church” of $cientology, than any other one person—including Hubbard who wrote the shit he’s “Applying” or abusing people with. Karma is and shall be his final Judge…and I feel sorry for him in *that* game. Tory/Magoo

  • The problem I have with Rinder and Rathbun, is that the ONLY problem they have with Scientology is the way DM is running it. They believe in the philosophies of Narconon and the Scientology school programs. LRH is a god to them. At least Rinder has apologized to some of the people he mistreated.