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Super Power: No Signs of Construction for New Hall

L_Ron_Hubbard_HallOn Tuesday, we noted that Scientology not only has still not opened its “Super Power” Building — which it started building almost 15 years ago — but that it says its Clearwater, Florida “mecca” won’t be complete until it builds a major new auditorium — the L. Ron Hubbard Hall — on Super Power’s south side.

The Hall was always part of the plans dreamed up for the mecca in the 1990s, but we wondered if waiting for the Hall to be built will set back the opening of Super Power even further. We don’t know about that yet, but one of our tipsters did us a favor by visiting the site of the future Hall to snap some photos yesterday. After the jump, our tipster’s report on what the place looks like.

Writes our source…

I took a spin around the Flag complex this evening. Little has changed in the past few months other than the front of the Super Power building looks more finished. The lot you were interested in has seen no change. In fact it looks remarkably like the current Google Earth pic which is a bit under a year old.

Otherwise, Flag was pretty active tonight. I hung around the local Starbucks for a while and watched the Sea Org people walk back and forth. They didn’t seem to be mobbing them together as they’ve done in the past. I watched a steady stream for about 45 min.

Our shutterbug sent us four photos as well as this legend, which shows where the four shots were taken:



Here’s the first, labeled 3345J on the legend, from south of the lot looking north…


The second, 3345U, from the southeast looking northwest…


The third, 3345X, from the north looking south…


And the fourth, 3345Y, from next to the Super Power building itself, looking south…


As you can see, there’s little sign that construction on the L. Ron Hubbard Hall is imminent. Will Scientology leader David Miscavige hold up opening the Super Power Building itself until work on the Hall begins? We don’t know. But we’ll continue to keep an eye on things!

Later today: We expect to have another update on Scientology drug rehab controversy in Oklahoma.


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 21, 2013 at 09:00


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